Ecom Cash Crusher Review: Scam Or $40K/Month From Dropshipping?

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ecom cash crusher scam or legit

You see a title that reads Ecom Cash Crusher Review and you immediately know that we'll be talking about dropshipping, right?

And why wouldn't we be discussing this business model?

These days, doing dropshipping is one of the most lucrative online businesses you can start with barely any investment.

Building an online store has the potential to bring you a full-time income and then some - if you do it right.

Today, we'll have a look at a system that claims to be the only program you'll ever need if you want to make money online dropshipping.

Is Ecom Cash Crusher legit?  If it is, can it really place you where you're dying to be - on the top of the dropshipping world?

Let's look at the facts and answer all of these questions, shall we?

Ecom Cash Crusher Review - The Basics


Owner: Unknown

Price: $9, Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

Not As Good As Advertised

ecom cash crusher review introduction of the product

Basically, Ecom Cash Crusher can be still seen as a relatively new product.

Launched in December 2018, it managed to draw a lot of attention at the time of its official release.

So many newbie marketers were buying it like crazy, driven by their desire to succeed in the e-commerce field.

Gradually, though, the system started to lose its heat.

That's one of the reasons the people behind it drastically reduced its price.

Originally, ECC was selling for $37, but now you can have it for $9.

You're probably thinking:

"It smells like desperation here!"

Maybe, maybe not - you'll find out the truth before this Ecom Cash Crusher review is over.

What Is Ecom Cash Crusher?

First and foremost, ECC is presented as the smartest tool you can lay your hands on where dropshipping is being concerned.

With that being said, the product is an online training platform that will teach you how to make money dropshipping by developing a kick-ass online store on Shopify.

To clarify, the program has nothing to do with bitcoin, trading, or any similar types of business.

No, it's strictly focused on delivering dropshipping profits for you.

According to the sales page, you can expect an income of at least $40,000/month as soon as you finish the training.

The numbers are delicious, there is no doubt about it.

how to start profitable dropshipping business make money dropshipping

But will you see them in your bank account in no time?

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What Does The Training Include?

Since you already know that this is an online course about dropshipping, let's have a look at what the training will teach you.

So, ECC comes in PDF and video lessons format.

Here is an overview of the lessons:

  1. Setting Up Your Goals - in my opinion, it's great that the course begins with a serious talk about setting up clear goals.  A goal without a deadline is just a dream and the course will tell you the same thing.  Coming up with a plan and working toward achieving it is always the way to go no matter what type of business you would like to commit to.
  2. Foundation Set-Up - the material of this section is spread through a total of 6 lessons.  You'll learn how to build a strong foundation for your online store, selecting a nice, and recommended websites to work with.
  3. Dropshipping - 2 videos here.  They'll show you where you should be getting products to sell and practices that will increase your dropshipping income.
  4. Online Store Set-Up - or how to set-up your newly-created Shopify store.  Including help on the general setting, website themes, shopping cart, etc.
  5. Shopify Apps - this section is pretty much self-explanatory - you'll receive 3 lessons about the best Shopify applications.
  6. SEO With Shopify - 2 lessons on driving organic traffic to your store.
  7. Using Facebook - information about taking advantage of Facebook to advance your business further + lessons about creating graphics in Canva.

Generally speaking, the course is awful, I have to admit that.

If you're a complete beginner who has no clue about dropshipping, you'll learn some useful information.

Still, I'm not recommending this product and you'll find out why is that exactly further in this Ecom Cash Crusher review.

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How Does The Product Work?

Now that you know what the system is and the kind of training it will provide you with, let's talk about how does it work.

In other words, what happens once you purchase the Ecom Cash Crusher?

How the course will allow you to earn the promised income of at least $40,000/month?

what is ecom cash crusher

Well, here is what you'll face as soon as you log into the members'area:

Firstly, it looks like it's a bonus time - you'll be rewarded with your own, "free commission site".

Yeah, it means exactly what you think it means - you'll receive a special website that will generate "free commissions" for you.

Where those commissions will be coming from, who will be working to make them for you...

All that might not be important enough since nobody will bother to explain to you the details.

However, your commission site will be given to you for free, but if you want to keep it, you'll have to pay for its domain name and blog hosting.

But hey, who cares about those tiny expenditures since you'll be cashing in commissions you didn't have to work for, right?

Anyway, next is coming the upsells.

Upsell after upsell, you'll be asked to spend more on "upgrades" that will allegedly skyrocket your online income enormously.

And it all goes downhill from here...

The bottom line is, don't expect to get any additional instructions or training other than what's provided in the lessons.

Because that's not going to happen!

What I Like About Ecom Cash Crusher

Evidently, not that much!

Still, these are the decent facts about the product that deserve to be mentioned:

  1. Dropshipping is a legit business model - and the whole training is based on it.  Make no mistake, the info provided is not the worst you can get!
  2. Cheap Product - the price of $9 is more than affordable by all counts.
  3. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee - your wallet is protected and you won't lose any money if you purchase the program.

What I Don't Like About Ecom Cash Crusher

Quite frankly, a lot.

You see, at a first glance, the Ecom Cash Crusher looks more than decent.

It offers dropshipping training that brings a certain value, it costs only $9, and there is a money-back guarantee attached.

However, once you dig a little deeper, you'll discover truths about the product that can't be ignored.

And considering I've already done that, you don't have to investigate yourself.

Instead, you can see all of the red flags below:

1) The Sales Page Provokes Unrealistic Income Expectations

First of all, I would never say that dropshipping is not a profitable business.

On the contrary, there are tons of success stories online, coming from people who are earning 6-figure income using the business model.

With that being said, there is one big difference between the way those people do their job and the way ECC suggests you should be doing yours:

Above all, building a hugely successful dropshipping business from scratch takes time, a lot of work, and constant improvement of your skill set.

Certainly, it won't happen relying on a product that provides basic training and nothing more than that.

ecom cash crusher review the unrealistic claims of the sales page

Plus, the way that sales presentation is constructed, you're lead to believe that you'll receive some secretive money-making machine nobody knows about.

In reality, that's simply not true!

If you want to learn more about creating a dropshipping business, feel free to read my guide about How To Make Money On Shopify.

2) The Training Is Not That Valuable

As I've already mentioned earlier in this Ecom Cash Crusher review, the training can be considered kind of decent.

But that doesn't change the fact that a lot of its content can be found online for free.

Personally, I think that if you're ready to invest in a dropshipping course, you better be able to get real value for your money.

Currently, there are much better online courses that will provide you with top-notch training and will show you how to make real money from dropshipping online.

For instance, one of those courses was created by Rachel Rofe, you can read the full review of her Low Hanging System.

3) The Testimonials Are Fake

Actually, I lost count on how many products I've reviewed so far when actors from Fiverr are being used to do the testimonials.

That's exactly the situation with the Ecom Cash Crusher as well:

ecom cash crusher review fake testimonials

When are the people behind the low-quality earning systems are going to get it?

By all means, we know what Fiverr is and we know that's where you're finding your "satisfied customers"!

Seriously, when a product has to pay to people that will speak highly of its quality, it always has the opposite effect.

Not to mention, it doesn't help with building trust within the audience, it doesn't help at all!

4) There Are Upsells

Again, you already know that since my Ecom Cash Crusher review mentioned it earlier.

At the time of writing this article, the product is offering 2 upsells:

  1. Premium Ecom Package ($197) - this upsell is supposed to take care of everything and do the whole work for you.
  2. Ecom Cash Crusher Targeted Traffic Booster ($196) - this upgrade claims to teach you how to use effectively Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Just looking at this product and its upsells, there is a strong resemblance to another product I've recently reviewed - the Cash Sniper.

Even though the Cash Sniper is all about affiliate marketing, the sales pages, and even the upsells of both systems are almost identical.

Ecom Cash Crusher Review - Who Will Benefit From The Product?

In my opinion, the only people who will benefit from ECC are its owners.

By the way, we'll never know who those people are - there is no info about them on the website's official page.

They didn't even bother to come up with a pen name - that is probably more trouble than its worth.

By all means, I strongly feel that you should avoid the Ecom Cash Crusher.

The training is pretty basic, the testimonials are fake, the income claims are unrealistic...

Long story short, there are much better sources of information about Shopify and how to use it to make money dropshipping.

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Is Ecom Cash Crusher A Scam?

No, it isn't - and I'm not saying that just because of the money-back guarantee.

Above all, there is a bit of value inside this training course.

However, the value provided is not enough to justify the time and money you'll have invest when you purchase the system.

thumb down

On top of that, when you think about the fake testimonials, the upsells, and the unknown identity of the owner...

Well, you're clearly able to see the big picture, right?

My Closing

This is it for today and my Ecom Cash Crusher review.

Hopefully, you'll keep it in mind when making a purchasing decision regarding the product.

As usual, now is the time to give the word to you:

What's your opinion about Ecom Cash Crusher?

Do you have any experience of using the system?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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