Bulletproof Profits review

Bulletproof Profits Review: Will 7 Clicks Make You $2K/Day?

Hey you all, aspiring online marketers!  Speaking from personal experience, I know that finding a new source of income is always more than welcome.  Therefore, today we'll discuss a product that claims to be just that in my Bulletproof Profits review.

Quite frankly, to say that the program promises to make you money will be the understatement of the year.

Because Bulletproof Profits swears that will deliver for you much more than that!

Let's find out what all the fuzz is about, shall we?

Bulletproof Profits - The Basics

Website:  yourbulletproofprofits.com

Owner:  "Justin Tyler"

Price: $9

Cash Embrace Says:

Not Recommended

Bulletproof Profits review

To sum up, Bulletproof Profits is a brand new money making system that has been released online a few weeks ago.

In its core, this product is supposed to introduce you to a "secret goldmine" with an estimated worth of more than $600 billion dollars.  Even more, it will allow you to grab a piece of that industry which you'll find to be quite delicious!

Above all, the whole idea behind Bulletproof Profits is to get your earning quest online started as fast as possible.

Meaning, with barely 15 minutes of your time, you'll be able to make a 4-figures income from day one.

make money on Amazon

Rolling your eyes, aren't you?  Well, so am I!

Then again, "innocent until proven guilty", right?  Moving on to get to the bottom of this...

Bulletproof Profits Review - What Exactly Is This Product?

First and foremost, I have no intentions to bore you with all the heart-breaking details and personal drama the owner pours into the sales video.

I mean, we've heard this stuff before at least a thousand times:

"My life was over and I was struggling to make the ends meet, with no light at the end of the tunnel.  Suddenly, my friend Alex show me a system that I took and transformed into a better one.  And now I'm super duper wealthy and I'll show you how to become as well."

bulletproof profits review - what this product is about

Yada, yada, yada...

So far, tons of money making system use this marketing trick - provoking empathy in the audience.  The whole point is for you to connect to the owner and see him as an ordinary person just like you.

Truth to be told, that explains why Bulletproof Profits has such a high gravity on ClickBank - the product is selling like crazy!

Anyhow, what you need to know from the start is that this program is all about using Amazon as the source of your insane future earnings.

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How Does Bulletproof Profits Work?

As I already said, if you decide to try out this product, you'll be focusing all your attention at Amazon.

Certainly, Amazon is a "goldmine" for everyone who is interested to make money online.  After all, the amount of people who are spending their cash on this platform is out of charts!

Currently, Amazon is a multi-million dollar company and the sales video is not lying about that.  Moreover, it's possible to secure yourself a slice of that profitable industry - the sales video is not lying about that either.

how does Bulletproof Profits work

However, these are probably the only two points on which I can agree completely with the sales page.

Above all, the way to earn from Amazon that Bulletproof Profits suggest is called affiliate marketing.  And that's a legit way to make a living online - it's how I earn mine as well.

But that doesn't guarantee that you'll reach the level of profits the product is promising you, not even close!

On the contrary, there are too many reasons why you won't and I'll walk you through all of them!

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Bulletproof Profits Review - Why The Product Doesn't Work

Well, even if there is a possibility to work on some level, it will never work at the level being advertised.

Meaning, don't kid yourself:

There is no way for you to make $3,750 with 7 clicks of the mouse in 15 minutes and here is why:

1) The Sales Page Is Totally Over-Hyped

To clarify, it's not just that the sales presentation is misleading, it's completely unrealistic.

Firstly, there is no such system on the web that can make you that amount of money right from the start.  But the product is trying to convince you that what you'll be getting is some sort of magic income machine.  Likewise, with a press of a button, tons of cash will fill your bank account in no time.

Seriously, I can't believe how many people are falling for such a BS, as I'm sure, neither can you!

Bulletproof Profits review - unrealistic income claims

Secondly, the way Bulletproof Profits present itself on the market rely on the promise of huge passive income potential.  Simply said, if all that it takes for you to earn more than $2K/day is 15 minutes than your earnings will become more or less passive in time, right?

Now, the most successful marketers online will tell you that there is no such thing.  

Quite frankly, even the richest entrepreneurs have spent countless hours, working on their business to achieve the level of success they have today.  And if they make thousands of dollars in passive income now, you need to understand that it took them years to get to this position.

2) Affiliate Marketing Works, But Not Instantly

By all means, it's a well-known fact that there is no limit of earning potential where affiliate marketing is being concerned.

Nowadays, a lot of people are making a nice extra and even full-time income as affiliates.

However, to assume that you'll able to earn your first dollar on the same day you're trying it out it's one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes.

Because it will take you time, efforts, and the right education to even call yourself an affiliate marketer, let alone to make a living with it.

First and foremost, you'll need to learn everything about SEO, driving traffic to your website, users intent, building relationship with your audience, etc.

Make no mistake about, if you're a complete beginner, you won't be able to do this on your own from the start!

3) You Won't Be Paying Only $9

As stated on their sales page, the price of the product is set to be $9.

That being said, my Bulletproof Profits review would never be complete unless I tell about what is not visible on that very same sales page - the upsells.

In short, it's a very common practice within all of the low-quality money making programs to surprise you with hidden upsells.  

hidden fees and upsells from Bulletproof Profits

The bottom line is if a product could really make you more than $2K/day, do you believe that its price would be as low as $9?

Basically, the reason why the owner of that system is selling it that cheap is to lure you in with promises of tons of money for almost no start-up fee at all.  Eventually, you'll be offered at least a couple of upsells that would change the final price of Bulletproof Profits in a quite significant way.

Speaking of the owner...

4) Who Is Justin Tyler?

Personally, I have no idea.  And if you try to find out more about his identity, you'll hit an invisible wall.

Again, not a big surprise in here, it's how all the biggest nonsense of products operate nowadays - choosing a random name, so the real person would stay hidden from the online audience.

To be honest, that fact doesn't help at all with the trust factor.  As a rule of a thumb, people avoid buying products and services from people they don't trust.

Considering you could never be completely sure who is behind Bulletproof Profits...

You're getting the idea, right?

5) The Product's Testimonials Are Not Real Either

Well, after everything you read so far in this Bulletproof Profits review, do you expect to find even a hint of honesty within its testimonials?

I didn't, which is why I'm not surprised that the product is using paid actors to try and convince you in its non-existing qualities.

For instance, does this lady here look familiar to you?

fake testimonials from Bulletproof Profits

Actually, she is not nervous to be on camera!  If you ask me, she's not nervous at all considering that's what she is paid for.

Currently, you can hire her to say anything you would like her to say for a few bucks.  All you have to do is to visit Fiverr and locate her profile!

Bulletproof Profits - The List

As usual, here is the moment where my pros and cons list come in and this Bulletproof Profits review is not an exception.

Although I'm having troubles deciding what to write under pros, I'll try hard to find something!


  1. There is a money-back guarantee if you return the product within 60 days (which you most likely will do!)


  1. Misleading sales page, stuffed with unrealistic and over-hyped claims
  2. False expectations about how affiliate marketing actually works
  3. The owner is unknown
  4. Fake testimonials
  5. Hidden upsells
  6. No real training provided

Is This Product a Scam?

Generally, a scam is a system that takes your money without giving you anything in return.

According to that definition, Bulletproof Profits is not a scam.  After all, you'll receive a product for your cash.

However, the value of that product doesn't justify your investment.  Even if that investment is as low as $9.

thumb down

In my experience, this kind of systems will usually send you a few pages of PDF or generic videos with outdated information that you'll be perfectly able to find online for free.

By all means, Bulletproof Profits bares little to no difference to the rest of ClickBank low-quality products I've already reviewed:

Bulletproof Profits Review - My Closing

Quite frankly, there are much better ways to make a full-time income online than putting your faith into products like this one.

At the end of the day, no magic system will allow you to earn thousands of dollars with just a few clicks on your laptop.

On the contrary, building an affiliate marketing business from scratch takes time, work, and determination.  But it's possible!

If that's what you really would like to do, I can you tons of time.

Just read my Free Guide to walk you through the process.

Now, any questions or opinions you would like to share?  Leave them in the comments section below and I'll get back to you!

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