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Thrive Membership Review – A Waste Of Money Or The Ultimate Bargain?

Let me get this one out as fast as possible - it's an awesome feeling, isn't?  I'm talking about the moment you receive an email that lets you know that your work is appreciated.  "Your website is fantastic!  So easy to navigate and it looks amazing.  How did you do that?"  Well, I'll tell you all about it in this Thrive Membership Review.

Actually, there is no secret to be revealed here:

If you're a blogger who is even just a bit familiar with Thrive Themes, you're already aware of that!

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*Article Updated June 2019*

Thrive Membership Review - The Basics

First and foremost, to get an idea of what Thrive is all about, you only need one word:


That's right, Thrive Themes offer conversion-focused WordPress themes, plugins, and tools.  

Still relatively new, the company has been helping bloggers all around the world for a couple of years now.

Founded in 2013, Thrive Themes came to life from 2 outstanding minds - Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy.

Considering Shane has an impressive background in all things marketing and Paul is a tech wizard, the result of their joined efforts shouldn't surprise you:

Above all, Thrive is not about providing you with the best-looking website (even though, according to my audience, that's not entirely true!).

But what they are aiming at is to convert your readers into subscribers and buyers lightening fast.

how to skyrocket your conversion rate

Simply said, if you're interested to turn your site into a money-making machine and a powerful source of passive income, then the Thrive Membership is exactly what you're looking for.

Because that membership will grant you access to the ultimate all-in-one toolbox for building a high-converting blog.

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What Does Thrive Membership Include?

In short, a lot!

However, this Thrive Membership review will be less than satisfactory if I only give you the short answers, right?

So, I have no intention of doing that:

For starters, each of the themes, tools, and plugins the membership offers are available for purchase separately.

That being said, we all know that buying the whole package is always a much better deal than paying for its parts individually. 

Besides, I wanted to lay my hands on everything the membership has to offer.

Before I show you what "everything" entails, here is a sneak peek:

1) Website Themes

Jumping on Thrive early on, my website is still running on one of their 10 original themes - theme Rise.

Basically, when you take advantage of the whole membership, you receive unlimited access to all of Thrive's premium themes.

thrive themes

To clarify, these website themes will work for your business regardless of your marketing strategy.

Meaning, it doesn't matter if you would like to monetize your site through affiliate sales or creating and selling your own products:

Thrive has you covered!

At the end of the day, all of the Thrive Themes have a clear focus on one thing and one thing only:

Increasing Your Conversion Rate.

Now, here is an important update the Thrive team has recently released:

Moving forward, all of the 10 original themes are no longer available.

Instead, Thrive is replacing them with a single theme builder.

Needless to say, you will be able to let your imagination run wild and come up with a website like no other!

Personally, I'll keep using Rise just because I love this theme so much.

And because Thrive will continue to support it for life for me and all of the bloggers who are using one of the original themes.

Not sure if you need a professional theme builder?  Maybe a free theme will do just as nicely?

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2) Thrive Architect

Can't imagine doing my work without this one...

Generally, Thrive Architect is a drag-and-drop plugin that will allow you to build beautiful posts and pages and customize them in any way you see fit.

For instance, every single piece of content you see on my website (including this Thrive Membership Review) was created with Thrive Architect.

Why wouldn't it be?  After all, this plugin has way more options than any other blogging tool I've seen so far.

Here, have a look for yourself:

thrive architect features example 1
thrive architect options example 2

thrive architect options example 3
thrive architect features example 4
thrive architect features example 5

By the way, it took me about an hour to cut and edit all these screenshots...

In addition, Thrive Architect comes with more than 275 landing page templates you can use to create sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar registration pages, etc.

3) Thrive Leads

Above all, Thrive Leads is my secret weapon for building my email list faster than humanly possible.

Well, it's not that much of a secret considering any other Thrive Membership review will tell you the same thing, but still... 

To sum up, Thrive Leads will spoil you with so many opt-in possibilities that you wouldn't know with which one to start first.

For instance, you'll be able to use ribbons, in-content forms, sidebar widgets, light boxes, post footers, screen fillers, scroll mats, slide-ins, etc.

Also, there is no limit regarding how many lead magnets you can have - you can place as many as you wish all over your website.

Plus, Thrive gives you the luxury of performing A/B testing on your forms.  Meaning, you'll be able to compare how each one of your opt-ins performs and focus your marketing efforts on the ones that do better than the rest.

So, adjusting your email list building strategy doesn't look that hard anymore, does it?

Thrive Leads works with all of the major email service providers.

Personally, I only trust ConvertKit for my email campaigns.

But if you're using another email autoresponder, this plugin is OK with that!

4) Thrive Ovation

Now, this is going to be a super quick Thrive Ovation review...Even though this plugin deserves so much more than a single paragraph!

By all means, Thrive Ovation is exactly what you need to add a real authority to your business.

Because this tool is all about allowing you to place testimonials within your content.

Using testimonials is one of the most effective ways to optimize your website for higher conversions.

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Picture that, a visitor is looking at your sign up form or at your own product that you're selling.  But he's not quite sure yet - shall he take the action and go for it?

The truth is, that person knows that you want to make a sale or capture his email address.  Therefore, your own marketing voice is not that trustworthy to convince him to do what you would like him to do.

However, if the visitor has the chance to hear another voice, from an ordinary person just like him, that's entirely new ball game!

thrive membership review - how thrive ovation works

In short, countless studies have shown that inserting the right testimonials at the right spot can lead to an insane increase in your conversions.

And that's what Thrive Ovation does best - giving you the opportunity to gather and manage testimonials and display them anywhere you want!

5) Thrive Ultimatum

Again, my Thrive Membership review will continue with a talk about nothing other but your conversion rate.

That being said, here is a short version of a Thrive Ultimatum review:

Believe it or not, the best way to skyrocket your conversions is to add a sense of urgency to your website's campaigns.

For instance, if you don't use phrases like "Only a few copies left", "Don't miss out", or "This offer will disappear in 6 hours", then you need to improve your marketing strategy.

When something is limited, it always looks more valuable.

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Or just get Thrive Ultimatum - this tool will do that for you.

To clarify, Thrive Ultimatum will display countdown timers, take care of your evergreen scarcity selling campaigns, and so much more!

6) Thrive Quiz Builder

Personally, I've never done a quiz on this site.  Even though I know that I should...

Because implementing a quiz is a smart and a really powerful way to engage your audience.  Moreover, it will boost your email list and your content's shares on Social Media.  Plus, it will dramatically reduce your bounce rate.

how using the thrive quiz builder will engage your audience

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Just to clarify, using the Thrive Quiz Builder doesn't require any coding experience.

On the contrary, this plugin will allow you to create a quiz with a few simple clicks.

All that you need to do is to come up with a clever idea!

7) Thrive Headline Optimizer

Until we're on the subject of your audience's attention...

Are you satisfied with your CTR (click-through-rate)?

If you're not, the first place you should look for a problem is your headlines.

According to the Thrive Headline Optimizer, your headline has a huge impact on how your content is going to perform online:

Good headlines get attention. Good headlines get clicks. Headlines determine the success or failure of your content, more than any other factor.

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Simply said, the most important part of your content strategy should always be coming up with attention-grabbing, creating curiosity, and captivating headlines.

Because if your headline is awesome, you won't have to worry about the CTR.

Even if your article is not the best piece of content online currently!

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I know, that may not be fair, but it doesn't make it any less true.

Generally, not every single blogger has a talent to create catchy headlines.

So, if you're struggling with that as well, you should let the Thrive Headline Optimizer help you.

This tool will allow you to test different headlines against each other, gather the data on which one is performing best, and improve your CTR constantly.

8) Thrive Clever Widgets

Now, it's time for my Thrive Membership Review to direct your attention to the sidebar and footer area of your website.

Believe it or not, most of the bloggers tend to underestimate the conversion power of these two, myself included.

Actually, the footer area and especially the sidebar is awesome locations that you should use for exact targeting.

Meaning, these 2 areas are the perfect place to show highly relevant offers to each individual visitor.

thrive membership review - how to use clever widgets for exact targeting

Above all, that's why Thrive Clever Widgets exists - to allow your business to function on a whole new level.

And will do that by adding your own internal links that will deliver the right message to the right audience.

To clarify, Clever Widgets will display these of your links that are most relevant to the article your reader is checking at that exact moment.

9) Thrive Comments

Once you own a website, it won't take you a long time to realize how important is to have people commenting on your content.

Firstly, it matters for your rankings - Google will push your article on its first page if tons of users are clicking and engaging with it.

Secondly, it will reduce your bounce rate - when people take the time to write you a comment, they're staying longer on your page.

Most importantly, if you learn how to interact with your audience the smart way, that audience will grow your website for you.

In its core, that's what Thrive Comments is all about:

thrive comments review

For example, if a reader comments for the first time, Thrive Comments can redirect him to a "Welcome to the community" free gift page.  Moreover, people who have commented repeatedly will be shown a social button they can use to share on Facebook.

On top of that, Thrive Comments can create post-comment actions like redirecting to an URL of your choice, showing a related post.

10) Thrive Optimize

By all means, did you know that A/B testing is the most effective way to increase your conversions?

As a matter of fact, it's not a pure coincidence that giants like Google, eBay, and Amazon run thousands of tests each year.

Whatever results your site is getting currently, performing A/B testing will improve them over time.

However, the A/B testing software is usually more than complicated and not that affordable.

Now, you don't need to worry about that anymore.  Not if you have access to Thrive Optimize.

So, if you have a WordPress website, Thrive Optimize will deliver the opportunity of A/B testing straight into your dashboard.

And will allow you to test the conversion power of your landing pages in a matter of seconds.

Thrive Membership Review - What Else Do You Get?

First and foremost, the Thrive Membership offers so much more than everything you read so far.

Take Thrive Apprentice for example - a feature that every pro-blogger will deeply appreciate if you're selling your own courses.

That being said, Thrive is also proud to present you with its own central dashboard inside WordPress.

Meaning, you'll be able to manage all of your Thrive features without even leaving your site.  Plus, you can configure their general setting at all times.

So, things like API Connections (connects your Thrive Leads with your email service provider) or Retina Icons will be in your plain sight constantly.

Inside The Members Area

Once you join the thousands of bloggers using Thrive, you'll be welcomed into the members' area.

There is a short video where Shane says a quick hi and will give you directions on how to navigate through that area.

Honestly, there is no need of too much explanation considering you can easily find the Member Navigation Menu:

navigation menu inside the members area of Thrive membership

Also, inside the members' area, you'll be able to see all the details about your Thrive account.

Including contact information, your invoices, etc.

Thrive University

Well, what do you know - there is a whole university attached to Thrive Themes!

Actually, that fact shouldn't surprise you considering the wealth of knowledge Thrive has to share.

Existing since 2016, the University is a platform that will grant you access to all of Thrive's guides, training, and courses.

To clarify, you can take advantage of all these learning resources even if haven't purchased the membership.  All that you'll have to do is create an account.

So, constant updates, tutorials, teaching series...

That's just a tiny part of everything you'll be able to learn with Thrive University.

Personally, I visit it on a daily basis to get tons of tips on building my email list faster, what's hot on the landing pages front, etc.

Also, my Thrive Membership Review just have to mention the Knowledge Base, Thrive Themes Demos, Webinar Recordings, and the Support Forum - all part of the Thrive University.

How Much Does The Thrive Membership Cost?

Now, let's talk about money, shall we?

For starters, everything the membership has to offer is invaluable in my opinion.

Not to repeat the facts you already know, but full access to the theme builder, landing pages, tools, plugins, university...

By all means, that's a bargain more and more bloggers are grabbing every single day.

And why wouldn't they?  I mean, have a look at what they have to pay:

  • Thrive Membership - $19/month (paid annually) - unlimited use of all the themes and plugins on 25 of your own sites
  • Agency Membership - $49/month (paid annually) - unlimited use of all the themes and plugins on 50 of your own and clients' websites

Above all, $19/month is more than affordable price for everything you're getting, isn't?

My Closing

Alright, online friends - time to wrap up my Thrive Membership review!

Hopefully, you'll find this article helpful if you're struggling with the conversion rate of your website.

Before I leave you, here is my Recommendation to all of you who are interested in starting a successful business online and need top-notch training for free.

Any question about Thrive?

I'll be checking the comments section below so you're welcome to ask me anything!

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