is Profit 365 a scam

Is Profit 365 A Scam Or Your Best Shot To Make $2,800/Day?

What's up, online pals?  Looking into Jamie Lewis's brand new product already?  Or better yet, collecting some additional info about it?  I guess is the latter, considering you bother to learn is Profit 365 a scam first!

Actually, that's a smart move on your part.  Tons and tons of money making systems are coming to life online almost every single day.

Truth to be told, it's getting really hard to navigate through all of them in order to find that one hidden gem of a worthy product.

Is Profit 365 going to be that perfect system?  You're about to find out!

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Profit 365 - The Basics

Product:  Profit 365


Owner:  Jamie Lewis

Price:  $34, Upsells

Cash Embrace Rank:

70 out of 100

is Profit 365 a scam

In short, Profit 365 is a system that will make you crazy commissions through the affiliate marketing model.

Using Jamie's own words, it's all about direct response marketing.

And that means what exactly, you may be wondering?

Well, Jamie insists that his brand new system will help you grow unlimited passive income streams, starting with at least $2,800/day.

Personally, I can't deny that I kind of admire him for having the courage to release such bold statements.  Then again, Mr.Lewis has 15 years of experience, being more than successful in his online ventures.

affiliate marketing to make money

So, maybe we should give him a chance and listen to what he has to say, right?

What Is Profit 365?

Above all, you could never truly know is Profit 365 a scam or not unless you learn what this product actually is in the first place.

As Jamie likes to call it, his system is the latest effort to "flip the switch" of your financial independence.  But that's just his way to make an entrance and basic introduction.  Actually, you'll need much more details than that.

First and foremost, Profit 365 is specifically designed for complete beginners.  Meaning, if you don't have the first clue about what exactly affiliate marketing is and how to make earn money with it, you don't have to worry.

what is Profit 365

Basically, the product won't let you spent months and months diving in affiliate marketing education.  Instead, you'll jump to the end of the process where you'll receive a system that has all the affiliate marketing elements already implemented in it.

Therefore, most of the work that usually an online marketer does has already been done for you.

Subsequently, what's left for you to do is to set Profit 365 in motion.

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How Does The Profit 365 Work?

Once you buy the product, you'll get to know 3 different methods to generate affiliate commissions:

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) - for sending traffic to the products you're promoting
  2. Solo Ads - to handle your swipe emails
  3. ClickBank products 

To clarify, you'll receive 40 solo ads, that are "done-for-you" and built around winning keywords for the digital products you'll be offering.  

Here, Jamie has already done the research on the most profitable niches.  As a result, he'll recommend to you which products you should focus your marketing efforts.

Usually, there are thousands of products and services that you can work with as an affiliate marketer.  However, Jamie keeps his eyes and therefore yours strictly on the ones listed on ClickBank.

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Can You Make Money With Profit 365?

In short, yes, you can.

However, there are a lot of facts that may seem like tiny details but you should definitely factor them in before jumping on Jamie's product.

Overall, what makes Profit 365 a system that is all set and is also what may complicate the process of you making an income.

But let me explain what I'm trying to say in details!

1) Solo Ads Are Not The Best Way To Generate Affiliate Sales

Personally, I've been working online for quite some time now and I have yet to touch and use any Solo Ads.

Why would I when my site is already driving organic traffic?  Makes no sense to pay for ads, right?

But I've built this business on my own, step-by-step, page-by-page.  And that's not the situation with Profit 365.

is Profit 365 a scam - using paid ads to drive traffic

That being said, it's like a good news-bad news situation for you.  Meaning, you'll skip all the hard work I've put into building a business from scratch, but you'll have to pay for advertising.

Basically, working with Solo Ads is contacting other marketers and paying them to send your marketing offers to their email list.

For comparison, I own my email list, so I can send my subscribers any promotions I want, whenever I want totally for free.  You, on the other hand, won't have this option.

2) Using Swipe Emails May Not Deliver The Results You Expect

Usually, when you own online business, you get an email service and place opt-in forms (the more, the better) on your site so the people who really like your content can subscribe.  

In other words, the readers who are willing to give you their email address in exchange for your exclusive tips and ideas are already drawn to what you have to say.  

On the contrary, when your affiliate promotions go to people who don't have any personal connection with you, it's an entirely different ball game.

Firstly, who are these individuals and how they end up on the email list of the other marketers?  What kind of offers lured them to become their subscribers?

Secondly, it's possible that what you're offering them to be completely different from what they're really interested in.

The bottom line is, you don't know how the swipe emails will work for you and if they will work at all.

Generally, the same rules apply for the Pay-Per-Click campaigns as well - no control over the results because your expected traffic is not really targeted traffic.

Profit 365 - The List

Before you get your final answer on is Profit 365 a scam, let's have an impartial look at the benefits and disadvantages of this system.

If you've been following this site, then you know that it's time for the pros and cons list.

The Pros

  1. Done-for-you system - you won't have to go through all the hustle and hard work of creating an online business yourself
  2. Fully automated product - the owner has done the most of the heavy lifting for you with premade Solo Ads
  3. No efforts on keywords research or the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing - that is taken care for you as well
  4. That owner is a real person and successful entrepreneur  - Jamie Lewis has 15 years of experience as an online marketer behind his back
  5. Legitimate business - affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to make money online
  6. There is 60-days money back guarantee

The Cons

  1. Upsells - very common practice, especially on ClickBank.  Until you test the product and start to earn profits, the best thing you can do is to avoid them
  2. Not as beginner friendly as advertised - it would be hard to achieve impressive results with no experience what's so ever
  3. To use Solo Ads and Pay-Per-Click will cost you extra money

Is Profit 365 a Scam?

As I already said, Profit 365 offers a legit business opportunity to earn an income as an affiliate marketer.

Quite frankly, no product can be called a scam if you can have your money back in case you're not satisfied with its results.

However, I disagree that is the perfect system for complete beginners.

Truth to be told, there are tons of insights, tips, and tricks about Internet marketing that you need to handle first.  

That being said, don't get hung up on the numbers Jamie Lewis is showing you inside the sales pages.  Make no mistake, this man knows what he is doing online to earn thousands of dollars year after year.

is Profit 365 a scam - expected earnings

But are the affiliate commissions he is showing coming from Profit 365 only?

Well, I guess we would never know for sure!

So far, I reviewed some of his other products.  And while Profit Injector is definitely worth the try, I can't say the same thing about Auto Chat Profits.

Even more, Profit 365 is will direct you to promote mainly products on ClickBank that belong to the "make money online" section.

By the way, too many of them are not high-quality products and that makes them not such an easy sell.

What Is The Better Way To Make Money Online If You're a Newbie?

Honestly, I don't think that I can stress this enough:

By all means, it's always better to create your own business online.  It will take you quite some time, efforts, and hard work to do that.

Be that as it may, once things start to fall in their places, you'll be behind the wheel of a money-making machine where that possibilities for online income are countless.

Most of all, you'll own it.  Subsequently, you won't have to rely on any third parties involved to see results.  After all, the whole control of how to do that business and the direction it's going will always be solely yours.

If that's exactly what you're interested to do, I can help.  Just click below and grab my Free Guide to walk you step-by-step through the whole process.

free guide on how to make money online

Or if you have 10 minutes to spare, you can read more about the platform where I learned how to do what I do - make a full-time income through affiliate marketing:

1) Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

2) How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate

My Closing

Ultimately, the whole point of this article doesn't come to whether is Profit 365 a scam or not.

Instead, what I'm aiming at is for you to decide if that's your best option to make an income online.

Again, if you have experience and you feel confident that you'll make it work, you may give it a try.  Considering there is a money back guarantee, there is nothing that you'll lose except for your time.

Otherwise, my advice is to choose the harder, but a better option of creating your own business.

So, which one of these options you feel closer to your heart?

I would love to find out, so share with me in the comments section, please!

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