Speechelo Review: The Best Text To Speech Software You Can Buy?

speechelo review is speechelo worth it

In case your videos constantly fail to convert, this Speechelo Review will help you understand where the problem might be coming from.

But first thing first, I want to make sure that I have the right people on this page:

Are you a content creator or business owner who is all over your head trying to make video marketing work?

Do you happen to be one of those individuals who are extremely uncomfortable putting even a small part of themselves out there?

Does the thought of talking to an audience even when you’re well hidden behind a screen makes you break out in a cold sweat?

Because if you don’t relate to any of that, you shouldn’t be reading any further.

But if you do, the miserable situation you’re currently in is about to be over:

Today, we’ll talk about a kick-ass software that turns text into a human speech.

We’ll discuss what is Speechelo, is Speechelo free, its price if it isn’t…

Most importantly, all the reasons why this product will keep your blood pressure down every time creating and marketing videos need to be handled.

This post contains affiliate links, you’ll find only words and no voices in my disclosure.

A Quick Look At Content Marketing Nowadays

Recently, I’ve been reading more and more about how writing to reach an audience is somewhat of an old-fashioned and outdated approach today.

As someone who has been blogging for years and is writing for a living, I can tell you that this is not true.

Using written words as a way to lure an audience in has always worked, still works, and will continue to work for years to come in my opinion.

However, I can’t help but partially agree with that statement.

While I don’t doubt that people won’t stop reading any time soon, it’s a fact that we’re all visual beings.

Therefore, as much as we may enjoy reading, we enjoy watching even more, isn’t that right?

TikTok is thriving because of that – even though the quality of the content uploaded there is questionable to say at least.

how to make amazing voiceovers easily turn text into speech

Naturally, as a business owner looking to reach its target audience in a new way, creating videos is a step you might have already taken.

Did the shy personality I’ve mentioned earlier stop you from adding your voice?

Well, it’s OK if you don’t want to do the talking, but somebody has to.

Relying solely on music to establish a connection with your viewers won’t take you very far.

Especially if you’re hoping to convert those viewers into a loyal following and paying customers.

What are you supposed to do if talking yourself is not an option, but video marketing is something you’re determined to succeed in?

Entering Speechelo:

What Is Speechelo?

Allow me to hit the ground running with this Speechelo review by telling you what the product is:

Speechelo is a software that will turn any text into a human-sounding voice.

It’s really simple to use – there are only 3 clicks required to making it work.

what is speechelo

I’ll show you how easy that is a bit later.

For now, I would like to tell you the most important facts about the program:

It goes without saying that Speechelo is based on Artificial Intelligence.

However, your viewers would never be able to tell – your videos will sound as natural as possible.

And that is because Speechelo is the only text-to-speech engine that adds inflections in the voice.

None of the Speechelo alternatives delivers the same level of a natural sound.

Amazon Polly is good, but it doesn’t come close to what Speechelo brings to the table.

To clarify, that’s not just my own opinion – it’s the popular one you’ll read in every Speechelo review Reddit you can find online.

What Does The Product Have To Offer? – The Speechelo Features

Instead of telling you how awesome the product is, I think it’s better if you have the chance to realize that on your own.

Here is everything you’ll receive once you purchase Speechelo:

  1. Software that will turn any text into speech – it’s fast and efficient.  As I’ve already mentioned, you’ll make the program work with just 3 simple clicks.
  2. Male, female, and kid’s voices are included – no matter what kind of video you would like to create with Speechelo, you’ll be able to choose the type of voice that will narrate it.
  3. 38 voices available – again, you’ll have the freedom to choose a voice that you really like and is the best fit to deliver your message.
  4. Inflections added – you already know that.  Inflection is one of the reasons why people will have a hard time realizing that your content was created through AI.
  5. Works in many languages – English is just one of them.  There are 23 more included.
  6. Different tones – Speechelo is a software that will deliver your texts in 3 different ways – normal, serious, and joyful tone.
  7. Works with any video creation software – personally, I’m using iMovie.  But Speechelo will work with Audacity, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, and the rest of the video platforms.

Speechelo Review – How Does The Product Work?

Working with Speechelo to create highly-converting and engaging videos is as easy as it can get – that much you know already.

According to the sales page, you’ll be able to come up with a 10-minute long voice over in just 10 seconds.

It turns out that’s not an exaggeration – it’s not far-fetched either.

There are 3 basic steps you’ll need to take every time you’re ready to create a video with Speechelo:

1) Paste Your Text

Hopefully, you have the text you would like to use for your video already written down.

If that’s the case, all you need to do is paste it into the product’s online text editor.

Next, the AI engine will check your text and add punctuation marks where they’re needed.

That’s necessary because it will make the speech sounds as natural as possible.

However, if you haven’t created any text yet, you can write it directly into the text bar.

2) Choose A Language And A Voice

Moving on to the fun part – selecting a language and a voice for your content.

At the time of writing this Speechelo review, there are 24 languages available to choose from.

Of course, English is the one most people go for – it will allow you to reach a worldwide audience.

But if you prefer a different language, there are 23 more options provided.

Once you’ve selected the language, it’s time to decide on which voice will spread your words around.

speechelo review how does the product work

Female, male, or a kid’s voice – it’s up to you to pick the voice that will be the best option for your video.

Nobody knows that better than you, but Speechelo will assist you while you’re trying to make a final decision by letting you preview each of the voices.

Selecting a tone is what comes next – you’ll decide if the voice-over of your video will sound formal, serious, or joyful.

In the end, you’ll take advantage of what makes Speechelo the best text-to-speech software currently – adding the “human touch”.

Breathing sounds, long pauses – yes, that’s Speechelo for you.

Adding a pause or the sound of taking a breath is what will bring the effect your video has on the audience to the next level.

3) Generate And Download Your Voice-Over

So far, most of the work is already done.

Before you complete the process, play the voice-over directly from Speechelo to make sure that you like it.

If you feel like a different voice may be a better fit, you can go back and change it.

And if you don’t, just click the download button and your brand new voice-over will be ready to be used on your video.

What Type Of Videos You Can Create With Speechelo?

Quite frankly, any type of video you can think of.

After all, who says that you need to limit your marketing strategy to producing just a certain type of video?

Sometimes, you may need to create a “how-to” type of video – a tutorial that will teach your audience how to do something.

Other times, a nice motivational video will be exactly what your viewers need to see – and you’ll be able to deliver.

Speechelo will be incredibly useful to you if you’re planning to create:

  1. Training Videos – the team behind the software has done its homework.  They’ll tell you that videos with a female narration are largely preferred by the audience. Subsequently, the product offers a variety of female voices you can use for your training or demo videos.
  2. Educational Videos – nowadays, are you searching on Google if you want to see how something is done?  I know I don’t!  That’s what YouTube is for, isn’t it?  So, if you’re thinking about uploading educational videos, Speechelo has the perfect voices to help your content sounds as natural as possible.
  3. Sales Videos – people don’t buy from individuals they don’t trust, that’s a fact.  If you want your videos to convert into sales, you’ll need a serious and trust-worthy voice.  As you already know, Speechelo has plenty of those!

Who Will Have The Best Use Of Speechelo?

Basically, anyone who doesn’t want to do a voice-over on their own.

You may be thinking:

“Why would a person go into video creation if that person is not interested in talking to the audience?”

Well, sometimes is not about desire, but rather about the possibility.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this Speechelo review, not everyone is comfortable getting himself out there.

Furthermore, even if being shy is not something you ever had to worry about, there might be other reasons that are stopping you from recording.

speechelo review who will have the best use of the product

For instance, maybe you simply don’t like your voice or you don’t like the way it sounds on a video.

Let’s keep in mind, not all of us are being blessed with great-sounding voices.

Or how about the fact that not everyone has English as a first language?  Worrying that you don’t speak good enough English is also a factor that needs to be considered.

After all, if you don’t use text-to-speech software, what other choice do you have?

While you could always hire a professional voice-over artist, they don’t come cheap.  And you’ll have to wait for days to get the finished work.

In other words, if you’re a business owner who needs a human-sounding voice attached to your videos, Speechelo is the perfect solution to your problem.

Speechelo Pricing

OK, Speechelo sure looks great and its features are probably exactly what you’re looking for, but will you be able to afford it?

Chances are, a tool like this will cost a fortune, considering the quality that offers to its users.

Actually, it doesn’t.  At least, it doesn’t right now.

Contrary to what a person would expect, Speechelo doesn’t come with recurring fees you’ll have to pay every month to keep using it.

No, you can have it for a one-time fee of $47.

There is a special discount going on at the moment and Speechelo can be yours for this highly reduced price.

Nobody knows how long this discount will be an option.

Just to be clear, this is not a scarcity tactic to influence you into placing an order fast – it’s the truth and you can see it clearly stated at the sales page of the product.

Does Speechelo Have A Free Trial?

To the best of my knowledge, there never was a free trial with Speechelo and there isn’t one right now.

With that said, we’re talking about a product you can find on the Clickbank marketplace.

Clickbank is a network that only sells products offering a money-back guarantee.

So, if you’re not happy with Speechelo after you’ve purchased it, you can always receive your investment back.

But that’s not really the point here:

Usually, programs like Speechelo always come with monthly recurring fees.  

Quite frankly, the creators of Speechelo can decide to push such a payment option at any given moment – I’ve seen this happening more times than I can count.

However, you’ll avoid the recurring fees if you get the product as soon as possible.

Buying it while it’s selling for a one-time fee will free you from the obligation of paying for it month after month.

Besides, the original price of Speechelo was $100.  Getting it for $47 means that you’ll receive it with a huge discount.

I mean, you’re saving $53, aren’t you?

Speechelo Upgrades

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as Speechelo free.

And the core product is currently selling for $47, we’ve already looked at these facts.

Are there any other variations of Speechelo you should know about?

Yes, there are a few of them, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about them:

1) Speechelo Pro

More often than not, I don’t believe in paying for upgrades.

Because most of the time, they’re designed to just rip you off without offering much of an additional value.

Speechelo Pro, though, is an exception.

While it costs a bit more than the standard version of the software, you’re getting a lot more as well:

  1. 60+ voices – that’s double the number of voices included in Speechelo Standard.  You’ll have 30 more voices to choose from when deciding on a voice-over for your video.
  2. Longer Voiceovers – Speechelo Pro will allow you to have voice-overs that are 4 times longer than usual.
  3. 40 Background Music Tracks – all 40 of them are in different genres.
  4. Commercial License – this feature will give you the opportunity to sell the voice-overs created with Speechelo to others.  Fiverr is the perfect place for that, selling a voice-over gig there will make you a good amount of money.
  5. Cash Machine Bonus – this is an eBook that will show you how and where to post your voice-over services to attract thousands of clients to your work.

To clarify, if you feel like you need this upgrade, you’ll have to purchase Speechelo Standard first.

At the time of writing this Speechelo review, the Pro version costs $47 you’ll have to pay every 3 months.

2) Speechelo Tube

By all means, the second upgrade of the product works in more than a unique way.

What Speechelo Tube does is allowing you to grab any video on YouTube, take its voice-over, and create a brand new voice-over in Speechelo.

Meaning, you can use any YouTube video to translate its voice-over into a different language.

Not a bad feature if you plan to upload videos in any other language than English, isn’t it?

It goes without saying that the upgrades are not mandatory.

The way I see it, you can get Speechelo Standard at a reduced price and it will still satisfy all of your voice-over needs.

My Closing

For the moment, I have nothing more to say in this Speechelo review.

Evidently, I like this product a lot and I think it brings a lot of value where text-to-speech software is being concerned.

I’ll let you know if there are any updates to the product.

Plus, I’ll keep you posted if there is a change in its price any time soon.

Maybe you would like to share your thoughts about Speechelo?

Or you have some questions about it?

Let me know in the comments section below and we’ll have a chat.

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