Speechelo Review: The Best Text To Speech Software You Can Buy?

speechelo review scam or legit

Video creators worldwide should read at least one Speechelo Review if their content often fails to deliver outstanding results.

As a video creator, you must aim to produce high-quality and engaging videos with a more satisfying conversion rate.

Are you constantly achieving this goal?

In case you’re not, you have to determine which aspect of your video creation strategy could use a significant improvement.

More often than not, such an aspect turns out to be the narration.

Not everyone has a great-sounding voice. If you’re not either, products like Speechelo will provide you with a long-term solution to the problem.

Today, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Speechelo:

  • What is Speechelo, and how does it work?
  • Can you take advantage of Speechelo free trial?
  • How much does Speechel cost?
  • Is Speechelo the best text-to-speech software?

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Speechelo Review – The Basics

speechelo review introduction of the product

To sum up, Speechelo is text-to-speech software that will create and add a naturally-sounding voice-over to your video.

Before I deep-dive into all the reasons why Speechelo is an invaluable tool, let’s take a look at what is going on with content marketing right now.

These days, it looks like reaching an audience by writing will soon become a thing of the past. A video format is the new content king, and words will have no choice but to move aside.

While I can not agree with that statement entirely (people will always read articles), I have to admit that it has a point:

Sooner or later, you’ll have to get into video creation – or you risk seeing your business fall behind.

But what if creating videos is the last thing you want to do?

Maybe the idea of stepping in front of the camera and showing your face to the world makes you extremely uncomfortable?

Or do you want to narrate your videos, but your voice doesn’t sound so well on recording?

Whatever the issue might be, a text-to-speech software like Speechelo will resolve it.

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Is Speechelo Legit?

Now, allow my Speechelo review to address the product’s legitimacy for a quick second.

Why should you invest in a program if there are doubts about its ability to assist you legitimately?

With that said, you can relax knowing that Speechelo is a legit software that will turn any text into speech.

One of the places where you can purchase the system is ClickBank.

ClickBank offers a money-back guarantee for a money-back guarantee for most products on its marketplace, including Speechelo.

What Is Speechelo?

what is speechelo

Speechelo is a word-to-speech voiceover software that will transform any text into a sound like a human voice. Content creators can use Speechelo to deliver realistic voiceovers to their videos from the text they choose.

By all means, the software will easily convert any text into an appealing voiceover. Working with it is a simple process:

Taking advantage of Speecehelo’s abilities to the fullest requires only three clicks on your part. That’s the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Speechelo showcases that power in all its glory:

It might be hard to believe, but the voiceovers the tool will provide you with will sound as natural as possible.

In other words, the viewers will never be able to tell that your video’s narration comes from AI, not a person’s voice.

Currently, Speechelo offers both text-to-speech male and female voices. You can choose from over thirty real-sounding voiceover styles in 25 languages.

Check Speechelo

How Does Speechelo Work?

how does speechelo work

I think it’s time for my Speechelo review to show you how the software works.

As you already know, all you need to do to let the tool operates is click three times on your laptop.

But that’s a short explanation of the working process, so let me provide you with a longer one:

According to the sales pitch, Speechelo will allow you to create a 10-minute-long voiceover in about 10 seconds.

Every time you want to turn text into a voiceover through Speechelo, you’ll have to go through three simple steps.

Here they are:

1) Upload Your Text Script

The first thing you need to do to start using Speechelo is to upload your script into the web browser.

If you have the text ready, paste it into the tool’s online text editor. The AI engine will go through that text to add exclamation points (where necessary) to make it sound more authentic and appealing.

Don’t worry if your video script is not all set yet – Speechelo will allow you to write it directly into the text bar.

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2) Select A Voice And Language

Next, you’ll choose a language and voiceover style for the particular video you want to create.

Of course, English is the top pick of a language for most creators – content with narration in English will reach a worldwide audience.

Anyhow, the Speechelo Standard Kit will offer you a selection of thirty voices – male, female, and children voices.

Feel free to preview the options before making a final decision.

Once you pick a voice, you’ll need to select a tone – serious, formal, joyful, etc. Afterward, Speechelo will allow you to add a human touch by offering you the option to add long pauses and breathing sounds.

Speechelo Pro comes with sixty voices.

3) Generate And Access Your Voiceover

It takes around 10 seconds for Speechelo to finish work on generating the voiceover.

To access that voiceover, click on the Upload button.

Before you do that, play the voiceover in Speechelo to make sure it sounds the way to envision it.

However, if you feel you can do better, go back and choose a different voiceover style.

Speechelo Features

speechelo review features of speechelo

Voiceover Generation

Quite frankly, Speechelo’s strongest feature is its ability to turn any text into a human-sounding voiceover.

Female, male, and kid’s voices are available as narration options. Let’s not forget the opportunity to add inflections, tones, pauses, and breathing sounds to these voices!

I have to mention that Speechelo Standard will limit your text scripts to 700 words.

If you want to produce videos with no text constraints, you should invest in Speechelo Pro.

The Pro edition of Speechelo will let you work with as many words as you wish.


Earlier in this Speechelo review, I mentioned that the program comes with a variety of available languages to choose from for your videos.

Over 20 different languages are available for all users of Speechelo.

As long as you’re willing to paste any text into the editor, the system will create a voiceover in any of these languages you want.


Undoubtfully, the main reason why almost every Speechelo Review Reddit recommends the product is its conversion functionalities.

Say what you will, but the software will provide you with a lot of creative freedom.

For example, you can convert your video to captions and even translate the language into subtitles.

Such a video is the kind of content you need to offer to increase email subscribers, sales, and the overall conversion rate of your business.

Again, Speechelo uses the latest developments in the Artificial Intelligence field and inserts the best of them into its product.

Speechelo works with every major video creation software, such as iMovie, Audacity, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, etc.

Who Is Speechelo For?

In my opinion, Speechelo will prove to be an invaluable tool for all content creators who don’t have great-sounding voices or don’t want to narrate their videos themselves.

So, investing in the software is a must if you’re:

  • Agency Owner
  • Online Marketer/Entrepreneur
  • Video Marketer
  • Podcaster
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Freelancer

Types Of Videos You Can Create With Speechelo

types of videos that need voiceover

Above all, you can create any video content you can think of with Speechelo. And that will open the door to incredible opportunities for you:

Why should you limit your marketing strategy to producing one type of video when you can create many different ones?

More often than not, you might need to create a “how-to” type of video – a tutorial that will teach your audience how to do something.

Other times, a nice motivational video will be exactly what your viewers need to see – and Speechelo will allow you to deliver it.

Long story short, Speechelo will be incredibly useful to you if you’re planning to create:

  • Training Videos: According to the team behind Speechelo, the worldwide audience prefers training videos with female narration. That’s why the software offers a variety of female voiceovers that will suit the needs of your training or demo videos.
  • Educational Videos: Nowadays, most people prefer to learn a new skill by watching a tutorial on YouTube. If educational videos are your forte, Speechelo has the perfect selection of voices to make them sound as natural as possible.
  • Sales Videos: Adding serious and trustworthy voiceovers will help increase your affiliate and product sales.

Speechelo Price Structure And Cost

At the time of writing this Speechelo review, the product has two versions available for purchase – Speechelo Standard and Speechelo Pro.

The standard version of Speechelo can be yours for a one-time fee of $47, while the pro version will cost you $47 you’ll have to pay every three months.

It’s worth mentioning that Speechelo Pro will provide you with four times longer voiceovers, background music tracks, a commercial license (sell your voiceovers), and Cash Machine Bonus (an eBook that will show you where to advertise your voiceover services to gain clients).

To clarify, you can’t upgrade to Speechelo Pro unless you invest in Speechelo Standard first.

Also, there is another upgrade the program offers – Speechelo Tube (one-time fee of $37)

That add-on will allow you to insert any YouTube link, grab the voiceover in the video, and create a brand new voice directly into Speechelo.

Get Speechelo Here

Standard Speechelo Vs. Speechelo Pro Vs. Speechelo Tube

  • Standard (30 voices in 23 languages)
  • Pro Version Of Speechelo (60+ different voices and no text script limitations)
  • Tube (use the narration of any YouTube video to create a new voiceover – doing so will allow you to reach a different language-speaking audience)

Speechelo Review: Common Speechelo Complaints

Fortunately, there aren’t many complaints about Speechelo.

Feel free to research queries such as Speechelo Review Reddit or Speechelo Review Trustpilot to read tons of comments about the system.

Considering the product is of high quality, most users have no reason to express dissatisfaction.

Still, certain negative comments about the software exist, and I want to offer my two cents about them:

There Is No Speechelo Free Trial

I can understand why most people hate that Speechelo doesn’t offer the standard 14-day free trial most software programs have.

But the product comes with more than the affordable price tag and money-back guarantee.

Subsequently, if the results you’ll get after using Speechelo are not satisfactory enough for you, feel free to ask for your investment back.

Speechelo Standard Has Word Count Restriction

Another complaint about Speechelo I see often is that its standard version will restrict your script to 700 words.

In case your video marketing strategy requires longer content, that number of words will not be enough to cover your needs.

While Speechelo Pro will not limit your script, it comes at a higher price.

The Voices Don’t Sound Precisely Like Human Speech

Quite frankly, I have a problem understanding the logic behind a complaint about the authenticity of the Speechelo voiceovers.

Each user of the program knows that the software uses Artificial Intelligence to turn text into speech.

It doesn’t matter how further in its development AI is nowadays – it’s still an AI!

And no AI voiceover technology can sound 100% like a human voice – at least not yet.

Speechelo Review: Speechelo Pros And Cons


  • Choices Of Voices: Male, female, and children’s voices are available inside the platform.
  • Easy To Use: Taking advantage of everything the tool has to offer doesn’t require tech skills or experience.
  • Relies On Artificial Intelligence: AI is constantly developing and delivering better results with time.
  • Increases Conversion Rate: The program will help you boost email subscriber and sales conversion rates.
  • Replaces The Need For Narration: Once you invest in Speechelo, you’ll never have to worry about narrating your videos by yourself.
  • Valuable Features: Currently, the software adds pauses and breathing sounds to videos to make them sound more natural.
  • Different Languages: Working with Speechelo will let you use many languages for your videos.
  • Affordable Price: Purchasing Speechelo will not empty your bank account entirely.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: There is a refund policy you can use if Speechelo doesn’t satisfy your needs.


  • Speechelo Standard Has Text Restrictions: As you already know, the standard version of the product will allow scripts of only 700 words.
  • You’ll Have To Upgrade To Use Everything: Spending more money on the Speechelo upgrades is the only way to use everything the tool has to offer.
  • You Can’t Test The Software For Free: Unfortunately, Speechelo doesn’t have a free trial.

Speechelo Alternatives

In my opinion, most tools that offer narration features don’t come even close to the functionalities of Speechelo.

Getting a text-to-speech software that does everything Speechelo is capable of is almost an impossible thing to achieve.

However, one might argue that there are some Speechelo alternatives that deserve at least some consideration.

Have a look at the most popular alternatives and competitors of Speechelo:

  • Synthesia
  • Azure Text-To-Speech API
  • Descript
  • Amazon Polly
  • WellSaid Studio
  • Yepic Studio

Is Speechelo A Scam?

No, Speechelo is not a scam.

Actually, the program is as far away from scams as it can get:

thumb up

Nowadays, Speechelo is one of the most popular and valuable text-to-speech tools you can use to create voiceovers for your video content.

Again, the product comes with a money-back guarantee. So, you don’t risk anything by giving Speechelo a chance.

Get Speechelo Now

Speechelo Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Speechelo Used For?

These days, content creators use Speechelo to create voiceovers for their videos.

Considering Speechelo is one of the best text-to-speech tools available, it will easily satisfy your needs as a business owner or freelancer.

Can I Use Speechelo For YouTube?

Yes, you can use Speechelo for content you plan to upload on YouTube.

Basically, YouTube doesn’t have any objections to content creators who use text-to-speech software as long as their content is original.

How Much Does Speechelo Pro Cost?

Right now, using Speechelo Pro will cost you $47 every three months.

Is There A Free Version Of Speechelo?

Unfortunately, Speechelo doesn’t offer a free trial at the moment.

Instead, the software comes with an iron cloud, a 30-day money-back guarantee you can use to receive your investment back.

My Closing

Well, I have nothing more to say in this Speechelo review.

Evidently, I like this product a lot, and I think it brings a lot of value to content creators.

I’ll let you know if there are any updates to the product.

Until then, I would like to see what your opinion is about the software.

Write it down in the comments section, and I’ll have a look as soon as possible.

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