Low Hanging System Review – Master The Dropshipping (In A Week!)

low hanging system review scam or legit

For starters, I truly hope that my Low Hanging System Review is the first piece of content that introduces you to the product.

A lot of controversial info about this program out there…

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of hype and enormous promises.

Anyway, we’ll be talking about a system that is supposed to be your shortcut to making tons of money in the dropshipping field.

You’ll learn what is the Low Hanging System (also known as Low Hanging eCommerce), is this a valuable product, should you give it a try, etc.

Most importantly, you’ll find out if this course will really lead you to own a highly-profitable dropshipping business in a matter of days.

In case kicking ass as a dropshipper is your current goal, don’t go anywhere for the next couple of minutes.

Low Hanging System Review – The Basics

Website: lowhangingsystem.com or lowhangingecom.com

Owner: Rachel Rofe

Price: Free Webinar To Start, Quite Pricy For The Full Product

Cash Embrace Says:

How Much Do You Really Need This? (The Answer Is Below)

low hanging system review introduction to the product

As I’ve already said, the Low Hanging System aims to teach you how to create a successful money-making dropshipping business fast.

Basically, this is not a brand new product.

No, it has been online for a couple of years at least.

Recently, the program went through a bit of makeover – as you can see, even the name is slightly changed.

Don’t let this confuse you:

It’s still the same product, the biggest difference being the fact that you start with a free webinar instead of buying the whole deal upfront.

Once you’re at the stage of making a purchase, how much value you’ll receive for your money, though?

That’s what matters the most, so let’s start discussing it.

What Is Low Hanging System?

The Low Hanging System is a digital online course that will walk you through the process of starting an online business.

To be more specific, we’re talking about building a print-on-demand type of business.

With that being said, a couple of clarifications are in order:

Firstly, the LHS is not just a single program – it’s more like a whole training platform.

It will provide you with more than just a simple explanation of how to start a print-on-demand business from scratch.

I mean, you’ll have access to plenty of content about the free sources of traffic you should use, best practices where your designs are being concerned, and so much more.

Secondly, it’s really important to mention that following the course won’t require you to put any money for inventory upfront.  

how to develop profitable dropshipping business in days

One less thing to worry about, right?

Lastly, everything you’ll learn thanks to the platform is based on the owner’s personal experience.

At the time of writing this Low Hanging System review, Rachel Rofe is still a very successful business owner, earning 5-figures per month.

And she promises to show you how to score the same results.

Here is what she is offering to help you do that:

What Does The Course Include?

By all means, I have to give credit where credit is due:

Rachel has done a heck of a job providing her students with a wealth of information that will guide them until they become successful online.

Applying her methods and strategies will supposedly allow you to repeat her achievements.

Again, we’re talking about building a passive income stream that will deliver for you a steady 5-figures month.

With that being said, let’s start looking into this course, shall we?

Currently, the Low Hanging System contains 27 training modules.

Each of them comes with video lessons that will walk you through your new online career.

As you already know, that will be designing physical products and selling them on the biggest platforms available (Amazon, eBay, Shopify to name a few).

Moving on to showing you how all this works out for your benefit.

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Low Hanging System Review – How Does The Product Work?

It’s quite simple actually:

All you’ll have to do is follow the instructions and apply everything you’ll manage to learn inside the course.

But if you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that I’m not a fan of the brief explanations.

So how about a detailed one?

Alright, here is a break-down of the Low Hanging System’s training:

1) Find A Good Idea

Basically, you can’t start selling before you decide what exactly you’re going to sell, right?

That’s why your first step is coming with a pretty awesome, profitable idea.

But how would you know if your idea will be profitable or not?

If you have some experience in the print-on-demand business, you must be aware of what’s selling well and what’s not.

Then again, most of the people taking Rachel’s course are complete beginners and she keeps that in mind:

For newbies who are starting this type of business for the very first time, her advice is to go with an idea that is already proven to work instead of a random one.

No worries, she’ll show you what’s selling like hotcakes!

2) Create Your First Designs

Once you are done with the first step, it’s time to get creative.

In case some of you don’t feel like creativity is their strongest suit, there is no need to panic:

Rachel will share with you tons of tricks that will help you make plenty of designs easily and in no time.

In addition, you’ll also learn how to outsource this part of the process without spending a lot in case you are unable to design yourself after all.

A word about this part of the training:

The creator will welcome you in one of her case studies – “Watch Me Get Sales”.

what is the low hanging system and how does it work case study

As you can see, she’s not holding back, not at all.

Plenty of knowledge and expertise to be acquired here in my opinion.

3) Find Profitable Keywords

Would you believe me if I tell you that most people ignore this part?

You’re not going to, considering coming up with winning keywords is such an important stage of the process.

Your keywords will describe the type of products you’re selling, that’s how the customers will be able to find them.

Don’t let the term keywords scary you – Rachel will show you exactly what you’ll need to do about them.

4) Launch Your Designs

It looks like you’re ready to start selling and it all begins with launching your designs.

Just so we’re clear, this is the moment when you’ll launch your creations on GearBubble.

Also, you’ll be in a position to get a mock-up on your designs pretty fast.

By designs, feel free to imagine mugs, hats, pillowcases, etc.

5) Launch Your Products On Amazon

GearBubble is not the only platform to sell on, we all know that.

It’s time to visit Amazon and conquer it.

Step 5 comes with a long and detailed video lesson that will show you how to do that.

Also, Rachel recommends using software that simplifies the process even more.

Regardless of how huge of a platform Amazon is, you won’t be paying extra for traffic at this stage.

6) Launch Your Products On Other Platforms

OK, by other platforms Rachel means Etsy, eBay, and any other similar site you can think of.

While launching on all these platforms will certainly take time, it’s also worth the effort according to her.

Exposing your products to a different audience will boost your chances of sales enormously.

7) Process Your Orders

Nothing complicated about that since GearBubble will do all the work for you.

Seriously, the platform will process your orders and dropship your products to your customers.

Simply said, you won’t have to deal with that part of your business.

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8) Scale Up Your Business

Honestly, I don’t think that I’ve mentioned this up until now in my Low Hanging System review:

Following the course will give you a really good chance to start making money dropshipping, sooner rather than later.

But how much money should you expect?  Is it going to be like a side income or can you get much more cash out of it?

There is no easy or simple way to approach this question.

The most obvious answer will be that the potential income depends on you.

I mean, you have to pencil in how much you have to invest in your business, how hard you’re willing to work, etc.

With that said, the final part of the course is dedicated to those of you who are determined to turn this new business into a steady money machine.

By scaling up your business Rachel means pushing it to the point where it’s going to deliver more than $10,000/month in profits.

To help you do that, she will once again share with you her personal tips, tricks, and strategies.  Plus, expect to learn from the mistakes she has made – so you won’t have to repeat them.

Who Is Rachel Rofe?

Paragraph after paragraph in this Low Hanging System review, I’ve been talking about the creator long enough without really introducing her.

Allow me to correct myself:

By all means, Rachel’s story is impressive to say at least.

who is Rachel Rofe

Starting her journey online way back in 2006, sleep must not have been very up on her priority list.

How else one could explain that Rachel is now responsible for the existence of 40 digital products and 30 Kindle Books?

On top of that, she has the status of a super affiliate.

A status that is given to anyone who earns more than $10,000/month in sales using the affiliate marketing business model.

Add a former career as a professional copywriter and may be able to see the whole deal about her.

Like I said – impressive, isn’t it?

As a result, it’s safe to conclude that her Low Hanging System is a product of a high quality that will deliver a lot of value to anyone interested in taking it.

Low Hanging System Review -Pros And Cons Of The Product


  1. A detailed and highly valuable training – an in-depth course that will teach you how to start a profitable print-on-demand online business.
  2. Easy to follow lessons – the video format will help you absorb the information fast.
  3. Practical examples, tricks, and strategies – the course is not simply a theory.  No, it’s more of a standing-over-the-shoulder training that will advance your efforts even further.
  4. Beginner-friendly – it’s suitable to complete newbies who have never built a business online before.
  5. The creator is hugely successful – Rachel Rofe has a lot of achievements to back up her words.
  6. Bonuses – and a lot of them, if I may add.  Currently, the course comes with 6 bonuses.  They are 1-year full access to Amazon and eBay integration, $100 in GearBubble credit, and exclusive 3 months to premium SpotNiches web software.
  7. Free webinar – you don’t have to pay anything upfront, you can start with free training to test the water.
  8. Money-back guarantee – if you’re not satisfied with the Low Hanging System, you can ask for your cash and you’ll receive it back 100%.


  1. There is work involved – just like building any other online business, your success and earnings won’t happen overnight.
  2. Not that affordable – once the free webinar is over, you’ll have to pay if you want to receive the full product.

Now, the cost of the product is something I would like to discuss to the last little detail in my Low Hanging System review, so here it is:

Low Hanging System Price

Generally, I can’t deny that the course is of high quality – I think that much is clear so far.

With that being said, this is the moment to mention that I’m not affiliated with this product.

Not because there is something wrong with it or because I don’t believe in its power.

But because of a couple of other reasons.

Firstly, the price: $297 is the full amount of money you’ll have to pay to grab the whole deal.  That’s not really affordable for the bigger part of the audience, is it?

These are troubled times money-wise we live in, so paying that much money won’t be possible for anyone.

Which brings me to my other reason:

Quite frankly, the Low Hanging System is good.  One could argue that it’s even great.

However, the truth is that you don’t have to pay anything at all to start a successful print on demand business.

And how do I know that?

Easy, I just gave it a try myself.  The biggest surprise below:

low hanging system review alternative ways to make money dropshipping with teespring

What you’re looking at is a screenshot of the earnings of my brand new online store at Teespring.

Wondering what do I know about print-on-demand?

Not much until recently.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know a lot even today.

Still, for the sake of providing you with a free method to make money with this kind of business, I did my homework.

I didn’t do a lot – I watched a couple of YouTube videos – plenty of them on the topic, all of them providing tons of useful information for free.

Despite my status as a complete beginner, my print-on-demand shop still made its first sale in a matter of days.

That’s the thing about Teespring – the platform does all of the marketing for you. Most importantly, you can join it for free!

The bottom line is, you can build a profitable print-on-demand business completely for free.

Do your research, do the job (it took me less than an hour to lay the foundation), and let Teespring help you earn an income!

My Closing

OK, I’m done talking in my Low Hanging System review.

A lot of work, research, and building an online store went into this article, so I hope that you’ll find it useful.

Again, as valuable as the course may be, you can cut down your expenditures and build your print-on-demand business for zero cost.

Still, the decision is up to you.

Care to share with me what that decision looks like?

Are you going to give the Low Hanging System a try?

Or maybe you’ll follow my example and trust Teespring instead?

Let me know in the comments section, I can’t wait to read your replies!


  1. I watched the webinar yesterday but wanted to discuss it with my husband before moving forward. I would like to do it and purchase the programs offered yesterday if that is still possible with the perks. Can you please let me know? Thanks!

    1. I think that it is possible:
      As far as I know, the Low Hanging System is still available for purchase.
      Let me know if you need anything else, I’ll be happy to help.

  2. Hi, this seems a good idea to me. Like the review. But i feel the free
    option is the best way to go. So i prefer Teespring.
    Thank you for all the info. Hope to hear from you soon. Blessings.

    1. Hi, Linda.
      As someone who is quite familiar with Teespring, I gotta say that you have a point.
      The Low Hanging System is a valuable platform, but it’s just one of many options currently available for the users.
      It’s what I do on this blog – presenting my readers with different options so they can take an informed decision on their own.
      Blessings right back at you!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my work, I appreciate it.

    1. That’s highly unlikely, Elaine.
      The last time I checked, the price of the whole training was around $200.
      To get the latest cost of the Low Hanging System course, just visit the official site and contact Rachel.
      She is always happy to connect with people who are interested in her product.
      If you can’t connect with her for some reason, let me know and I’ll talk to her myself.

      1. Okay can you speak with her and let me know. The official site is very vague which makes you suspicious. I emailed her and someone responded that they will forward the email to the appropriate department. Very strange.

        1. Hi again, Elaine.
          I wouldn’t read too much into the message forwarding – Rachael’s whole business is being handled by a publicity company that does this now.
          I’ve already emailed her. If I can’t connect with her personally in the next couple of days, one of her VA’s is a friend of mine, so I’ll talk to her instead.
          I’ll DM you the results and I’ll keep you posted.

          1. Can you do me regarding Rachel? I’ve been trying to get ahold of her, or anyone there, who can help me cancel…I haven’t even logged into her site yet but after I paid I got several emails with all kinds of legal stuff and confidentiality and non competes etc. none of that was mentioned in her presentation, and for a cost of…not $200, but she jacked it up to close to $1300, it should have been mentioned. Once I got sent all of her pages and pages of legal stuff I decided that I didn’t want to do it. Yet, NOONE there responds to me to get my money back. Can you help?

          2. Hi, Heather.
            I’m sorry for the inconvenience you’re going through in regard to the Low Hanging System product.
            As I clarify in the article, I’m not an affiliate of the program.
            I used to be a long time ago, but not anymore.
            Unfortunately, I don’t have any connection with Rachel or anyone on her team at this time.
            The only thing I can think of to be of any assistance to you is to try and find a way to connect with her and keep writing until you hear back.

      1. That’s kind of my recommendation as well, Krisha.
        I think that it’s obvious for anyone who reads this article carefully.

    1. Hi there.
      As far as I know, the product is available worldwide.
      Just visit the official site and you’ll find out if there is an issue getting the Low Hanging System from your location.

    1. Hey there, so sorry for the late reply!
      You can do so but it’s not required before using the product.
      The Low Hanging System offers a free Amazon integration.
      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Wow, you have given me a lot to think about. I don’t think with my current niche (travel) that this would work for me. I have to think about it, but I have another niche in the works and it will definitely work. Thanks for the great review! Gonna bookmark this until I am ready to begin.

    1. Hey, dear!
      It’s always a pleasure to welcome you back on my pages.
      So good to hear that this program might work for your next site.
      Let me know how it goes – you know where to find me!
      Talk to you soon.

  4. Great review, I have never heard of this product before, but you get my attention with this product. I really liked that you mentioned pros and cons of the product, I think that is very important for us (readers) to know. It was really helpful that you have explained what do we have to do and set up to work with it and that you warned that work has to be involved and it’s not get rich quick scheme. You mentioned that product has money back guarantee, so I just want to ask for how long I can try this product and get my money back if I don’t like it?

    1. Hey, Marius, thanks a lot.
      I’m so glad that you appreciate my review.
      The Low Hanging System is a high-quality product, I thought that my readers would benefit from knowing about it.
      To answer your question:
      As far as I’m aware, the money-back guarantee is 60 days.
      Let me know if you need any additional info.

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