Thrive Themes Review: Kick-Ass Themes & Plugins To Boost Conversions

thrive themes review

Make some room in your day, this Thrive Themes Review will require a good amount of your time!

Because what Thrive Themes are and everything they're capable of can't be explained in just a couple of minutes.

If you're already or about to become a blogger, affiliate marketer, service provider (to name a few), getting familiar with Thrive Themes is a smart move that will pay off generously.

The Thrive Themes company provides WordPress themes, plugins, tools, and resources that are in hot pursuit of one thing and one thing only:

Shooting your blog's conversion rate through the roof and turning visitors into subscribers and customers lightening fast.

Today, we'll talk about everything Thrive has to offer, what the products can do for your business, and how good exactly they are.

Don't go anywhere, you don't want to miss the bonuses!

This post contains affiliate links, my affiliate disclosure is one of the few pages I haven't built with Thrive, lol.

Thrive Themes At A First Glance

In case this is not the first time you're visiting my site, chances are you already know that I'm a huge fan of Thrive Themes.

But my appreciation of them has nothing in common with the blinded, "love at first sight" scenario.

No, it's a result of a long-term relationship with the company where I was able to test, try, and compare their products with the rest in the field.

And this whole process is what's allowing me to have in-depth, comprehensive, and unbiased look at Thrive:

Nowadays, Thrive Themes is your best option where budget-friendly, easy to customize, and highly-effective WordPress themes, page builders, and plugins are being concerned.

why I switched to thrive themes and why you should too

Now, you're probably thinking:

"All that is sweet and great, but they're not free, are they?  Given the fact that budget is one of the biggest concerns for every newbie blogger, why should I be paying for Thrive?

Especially when there are plenty of other free options out there?"

Let's start the discussion from here, shall we?

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Thrive Themes Is About So Much More Than WordPress Themes

First thing first, I'm perfectly aware of the fact that there are start-up costs and initial payments when building an online business.

Then again, spending months customizing a free website theme that is destined to be replaced is one of the biggest blogging mistakes you can make.

With that being said, I stand firmly behind the claim that investing in Thrive is a smart bet for every blogger.

To clarify, that's not just because Thrive is worth every penny.

It's about the simple fact that Thrive will provide you with so much more for so less money-wise.

We'll talk about prices and purchasing options later in this Thrive Themes review.

How about we leave the small talk for now and start looking into the details?

As I've already mentioned, the company offers a lot more than just premium WordPress themes.

While it started that way, the focus quickly shifted to the big picture:

Creating, developing, and constantly improving tools and plugins that are specifically designed to boost your blog's conversion rate and build your email list ASAP.

OK, it's about time to introduce you to all of those products, isn't it?

Thrive Themes Review - Why Thrive Is The All-In-One Toolbox For Bloggers And Marketers

Basically, I think that it would be easier for you to absorb the following information if I cut it down to small, manageable pieces.

We have a lot to cover, so let's not waste any more time!

1) Thrive Theme Builder 

thrive themes review the thrive theme builder

Up until recently, Thrive used to offer some of the best-looking, highly-customizable, and conversion-oriented WordPress themes money can buy.

For instance, some of those themes are Luxe, Pressive, and the one I'm still using on this blog - Rise.

However, none of the original Thrive Themes is available for purchase to new users any longer.

Currently, Thrive doesn't sell premium WordPress themes.

Instead, the company is proud to present the brand new Theme Builder.

Don't confuse the Thrive Theme Builder with Thrive Architect, a plugin that we'll discuss shortly.

What is the Thrive Theme Builder?

The Thrive Theme Builder is a beast that will allow you to work on an entirely new level.

You'll be able to create and customize your header, footer, sidebar, category pages, page layout, and so much more.

Also, you can use its technology to update your fonts and brand colors through your whole site.

Long story short, the Thrive Theme Builder as a tool that will let you create your own premium theme from scratch!

2) Thrive Architect

thrive architect page builder

Thrive Architect is a drag-and-drop builder you can take advantage of to build your homepage, landing pages, webinar pages, product launch pages, opt-in forms, etc.

Personally, I'm using it to create even every single blog post you can read on this website.

Quite frankly, there is a bit of learning curve that needs to take place when you start working with Thrive Architect at first.

Once you begin, though, using it becomes a child's play.

This page builder is designed with your site's speed in mind.

Ultimately, it will give you 100% control over the look of your site and it doesn't require any coding skills whatsoever.

It's worth to mention that getting it means that you'll receive a lot of Thrive Architect Templates, already customized for higher conversion.

By the way, I'll publish a separate Thrive Architect review as soon as I get the chance - that tool deserves its own piece of content!

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3) Thrive Leads

thrive themes review the thrive leads plugin

Needless to explain given its name, Thrive Leads is a plugin that will take care of your email list.

Quite frankly, this email list building tool is one of the most remarkable lead generation tools you can wish for.

No matter what you want - to grab email leads, to persuade your visitors to take a certain action, etc. - Thrive Leads will over-deliver.

By allowing you to display opt-in forms anywhere, all over your website, you'll never have to worry about your conversions again.

You can use any form of content (text, image, video, product) and insert it into your chosen opt-in.

The tool's editor will let you modify your forms in any way you like and the A/B testing tool will help you optimize them.

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4) Thrive Optimize

thrive optimize plugin

OK, this is probably one of the most important paragraphs in this Thrive Themes review.

Simply because the Thrive Optimize plugin is so essential for the success of your online business.

What the tool does is allowing you to perform A/B split testing on your content.

Meaning, you can split the traffic between two versions of the same page, and Thrive Optimize will show you which one converts better.

Make no mistake, there is no point in creating pages again and again unless you are tracking how they actually convert and which one is the obvious winner.

5) Thrive Headline Optimizer

tool to optimize your headlines

I know what you're going to say - there are free tools like CoSchedule we're already using to help us with our post titles.

Be that as it may, the Thrive Headline Optimizer is simply capable of so much more.

Because you'll able to enter multiple titles for a single article, the plugin will show all those different versions to your readers, measure the engagement, and reveal the winning headline.

Basically, this Headline Optimizer is an invaluable tool - using it will let you discover which ones of your titles are keeping the visitors longer on your page and are reducing your bounce rate.

6) More Tools And Plugins From Thrive Themes

Well, this Thrive Themes review is far from over - we have more Thrive products to discuss!

  1. Thrive Ovation - this is a testimonial managing plugin you can use to display testimonials anywhere on your site.  Adding testimonials to your product page or landing page always increases conversions thanks to the social proof and credibility provided.
  2. Thrive Ultimatum - a scarcity marketing tool that will provoke a sense of urgency among your readers by displaying deadline timers.  You do know how well such a tool works for boosting your conversion rates, right?
  3. Thrive Quiz Builder - one of the best ways to gain new email subscribers or to go viral on Social Media is by creating quizzes your audience will love to participate in.
  4. Thrive Clever Widgets - this plugin will allow you to place a widget in your sidebar that will display only in certain posts, categories, or tags.
  5. Thrive Comments - or how to turn comments into a smart strategy to increase your conversion rate even more by adding a call to action.

Why You Should Choose Thrive Themes 

Generally, for too many reasons, but that's a bit too broad, isn't it?

Aside from all of the mentioned above reasons, nothing can help you make your mind up like a detailed comparison between Thrive and their competition.

Don't get me wrong, there are other companies that get the job done on pretty much the same level as Thrive.

With that being said, let's have a look at why Thrive should be your number one choice regardless, shall we?

Thrive Theme Vs. Elegant Themes

First thing first, just because this is a Thrive Themes review, it doesn't mean that I'm going to trash Elegant Themes just to influence your purchasing decision.

On the contrary, I find most of the products Elegant Themes are offering to be kick-ass and awesome on many levels.

Even more, I used to have the Divi theme for a period of time.

elegant themes

Of course, that was until I discovered Thrive!

Here is why I made the switch:

As many of you probably know, Divi is the most popular and widely-used theme from Elegant Themes.

Similarly to the Thrive Architect plugin, Divi is a page builder you can use to design and customize your entire website.

Regardless of how powerful of a tool Divi is, that builder is way more difficult and confusing to use compared to Thrive Architect.

Therefore, not your best choice if you're a newbie blogger.

Personally, I learned how to build my blog posts with Thrive Architect in minutes - that's how easy and simple the tool is.

Again, that's just my personal opinion after having an experience with both of these tools!

2) Thrive Themes Vs. Elementor

To be honest, that's a tough one!

By all means, Elementor is just as good as Thrive Architect.

Some may argue that it's even better.

Looking at the Thrive Architect pricing, I can agree with that:

Currently, Elementor Pro is cheaper - it will only cost you $49/year.

So, if what you're looking for is just a page builder, Elementor is the better option money-wise.

Still, all you're getting is that builder.

Meanwhile, the Thrive Membership includes every single tool and plugin I've mentioned today and its price is more than affordable.

The bottom line is, your choice here will depend on what exactly you need at this particular moment. 

Thrive Themes Review - How Much Do Thrive Themes Cost?

Alright, it's time to talk about the Thrive Themes pricing and the payment options you can choose from.

In short, you can buy any of the products Thrive is offering separately if you don't need the whole Thrive Membership.

Here are the prices for a single-site license per year:

  1. Architect - $67
  2. Leads - $67
  3. Optimize (you need to use it with Architect) - the package with both of them is $127
  4. Headline Optimizer - $67
  5. Ovation - $39
  6. Ultimatum - $97
  7. Quiz Builder - $67
  8. Clever Widgets - $39
  9. Comments - $39

And what about the membership?

Let's talk about it in a separate paragraph because it's the best part of my Thrive Themes review and as such, it deserves its own space!

Why The Thrive Membership Is The Ultimate Deal For Every Blogger

Just because it is and you're about to find out why!

To sum up, if you want to take advantage of everything Thrive Themes have to offer, the smartest thing you can do is to invest in the Thrive Membership.

Firstly, because that membership will provide you with all of the products we've discussed and the Thrive University (a training site that will help you with the learning curve).

Secondly, as a member, you'll have exclusive access to all of the new tools and plugins the company is about to release.  Meaning, you'll be able to grab them long before anyone else.

Thirdly, the membership comes with tons of support and a whole community of fellow Thrive fans - tons of marketing strategies and new-founded knowledge are being shared inside Thrive University on a daily basis.

Ultimately, purchasing the membership will allow you to use everything on a total of 25 websites!

Now, here is how much Thrive Membership costs:

thrive themes review the price of the thrive membership

The Thrive Themes Membership costs $19/month.  Not a lot considering how much is offering, is it?

But it gets even better:

If you purchase it for 1 year, your total cost will be $228 and that's even cheaper than the monthly billing.

You tell me, is the Thrive Membership worth it given everything it will provide you with?

Since I'm already having it, you know what my own answer to this question would be!

My Closing

Hopefully, my Thrive Themes review is an eye-opener to the world of top-notch blog tools and plugins every marketer would be happy to have.

Above all, what you're getting as a member of Thrive is an incredible value for money.

In my opinion, if you want to build a hugely successful and high-converting website, Thrive Themes are worth considering.

But enough about me, what's your opinion about Thrive?

Is there something you don't understand about the products we've covered?

Or maybe you have a question that I've missed to cover?

Let me know in the comments section and I'll get back to you!

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  1. Interesting article have bookmarked this for the future reference, maybe because I have quite an interest in this topic. Thanks for sharing
    Jason 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh this is amazing and intense! I had no idea that there were such packages out there that could do so much for someone starting up a blog. The fact that there is a University as part of it so that you can learn how to do it is even better. I love this idea and am so glad I read your review. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Angela.
      Yeah, Thrive Themes are offering so much that when I got their package, I wasn’t sure from where to start!
      And I love that they have everything any new blogger needs collected in one place.

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