wordpress.com or wordpress.org which is better

WordPress.com or WordPress.org – Which Is Better?

Hey there, awesome bloggers!  Are you feeling pumped up?  Hope you are, I sure am.  The time is up for the final chapter of our discussion. WordPress.com or WordPress.org - the elephant in the room today!

To be completely honest, there are more like 3 elephants...

I promised you in my last post that I will trow SiteRubix in the mix as well!

In case you've missed this article, you can check it out in here.

How about we don't waste any time? Let's pin these powerful players against each other!

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SiteRubix Vs. WordPress.com

siterubix blogging platform

As I already said, SiteRubix has a huge plus - it goes together with Wealthy Affiliate.

So, you are not just grabbing a website builder.  But you'll get to learn the online business from the most wide-known and well-respected teaching program as well!

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The way I see it, SiteRubix is already the front-runner...Will WordPress.com be able to catch up?

Maybe it will, maybe it won't:

SiteRubix uses the WordPress content management system as well!

Now, let's see what each of these platforms can deliver for you:

1) Website Themes

Basically, you'll need a theme on your blog.  That goes without saying.

But I would prefer for you to have a bigger choice when installing one!

SiteRubix will give you access to almost 2500 free themes.  2446 to be exact.

In my opinion, that's a quite of an impressive number, isn't it?

Clearly, WordPress.com can't compete in here. It has around 300 themes under its belt.

Ain't that a difference worth mentioning or what?

wordpress.com or wordpress.org

2) Plugins

Honestly, both of the players are on a similar level where plugins are being concerned.

With WordPress.com you can't install third-party plugins.  The same goes for SiteRubix, but the latter comes with some essential ones already being integrated into your site.

I can't imagine this will be a surprise for you:

As a rule of thumb, the free blogging platforms always come with limitations!

3) Ads

Whether you like it or not, WordPress.com will place ads on your site.  And there is nothing you can do about it.

On top of that, you are not going to be the one who will earn from them!

In short, this is what you can expect when your blog lives on a sub-domain...

"The worst thing for a brand is to have a kind of false part of who they are exposed out there." - Lee Clow

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To the contrary:

SiteRubix is not going to push ads on you in any possible way.

Haven't started your own business online yet?

Borrow My Free Guide To Lead You On Your Way ! 

free guide on how to make money online

4) Support

Basically, the free version of WordPress doesn't offer any kind of support.  You'll have an access to the community forums.  Who knows, if you are lucky, you might be able to find some answers!

But if what you need is professional tech support, you can forget about it.  Unless you're ready to pay for it.

Again, very different picture with SiteRubix.

siterubix or wordpress.com which is better

Considering it's supported from Wealthy Affiliate, you'll be able to get as much tech-assistance as you may need.  And then some more!

In my opinion, that's what separates SiteRubix from any other free blogging platform..

WordPress.com Or SiteRubix - The Winner

Clearly, the verdict has to be in SiteRubix's favor.  Not convinced yet?

Well, just look at what else this platform can do for your business:

1) Your Own Domain

If you decide to purchase your own domain name with SR, there is no need to point DNS to your host's servers.

It will be done automatically for you!

2) Hosting

Your site will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate's servers.  Meaning: it will be monitored 24/7 and fully protected online.

Spam, viruses, hacking... no need to worry about them.

Besides, SireRubix will allow you to have 25 sites on your own domains.

Speaking of domains:

3) SSL Certificate

You can install SSL on your site for free if you have your own domain.

Just for comparison - other hosting providers will charge you for that!

Maybe you don't see the point of having an SSL Certificate?  Ask Google - they will change your mind!

Additional Thoughts On WordPress.com

Quite frankly, I think WordPress.com is a wonderful choice.

Easy to manage, will get you started fast, and a very popular free blogging platform.

wordpress.com free blogging platform

It's been delivering for years and has crowds of devoted fans!

In my opinion, it will be great for you if what you need is blog as a hobby.  A place where you can spread your voice and share your thoughts.

However, if you want to create a successful business online, WordPress.com simply can't deliver for your needs.

WordPress.com Or WordPress.org - Which Is Better?

Generally, it's easy to understand why so many aspiring bloggers are getting confused with those two. Such a similar names...

So it must be the same deal, right?  Wrong!

Actually, they don't have that much in common:

One is hosted and the other - self-hosted.

And that's one of the biggest differences between the two.  So let's start with that, shall we?

1) Hosting Options

Wordpress.com or WordPress.org which is better

In short, think of it this way:

Who is hosting your site?

If you jump on WordPress.org, it's you.

You'll get a free WordPress software to download and install on your server.

But if you choose WordPress.com, it's not you.

Here, there is no need to download the software, to pay for hosting or to worry about managing your own server.  The platform will take care of that.

2) Money Options

Hopefully, I won't be repeating myself too much by saying - one is free and the other one is not!

Let's start with the paid one:

WordPress.org is just a platform to build your site on.  To get the job done, you'll need to pay for few things first:

1) Hosting - depending on your choice, the price will be between $3 to $10/month.  

2) Domain name - around $12-$15/year.

In my opinion, BlueHost offers a pretty good deal.  All that you'll have to pay is $3,95 and the price will include a domain name for free.

Personally, I think I have the better deal.  My website is self-hosted, but I'm not paying a single cent for hosting.  Wealthy Affiliate hosts my site for free!

Now, back to WordPress.com.  Well, it's free, so you are not going to be paying for any of that!

3) Limitations

The free version of WordPress.com won't let you spread your blogging wings.

A few free plugins, a hundred something available themes.  Even the storage space is limited (3GB).

No Google Analytics - you'll have to settle for the WordPress stats tracking.

And don't get excited if ads are being displayed on your site:

You are not going to be the one to earn from them!

With WordPress.org you'll find out what the ultimate blogging freedom feels like:

Unlimited number of plugins, Premium themes, monetization options...

Basically, you'll be free to modify your website in any possible way you see fit!

4) Appearance

Here, the whole deal is wrapped around your domain name and how your business will look on the web.

For instance, if my website was on WordPress.com, it was going to be displayed as CasEmbrace.WordPress.com.  But because I'm with WordPress.org, Cash Embrace is not dragging a sub-domain behind it.

In other words, it's all about looking professional to the audience.

5) Content Ownership

This one is very simple:

If you're on WordPress.org, every single word you've ever written belongs to you.  Forever and ever!


And if you go the other way, you don't have the ownership over your own work.

Are you really gonna risk all  your content to be taken away?

6) Security

Although you're not going to like what's about to come, I believe it's too important not to be talked about.

With WordPress.com, you may wake up one day and find out that your blog has been deleted. No warnings, no heads up.

So all that you'll be able to do is to sit back and watch all your hard work go without even saying goodbye...

Will you be able to recover it? It's highly unlikely.

There are a few reasons why this may happen. The most obvious one is that your content is in violation of their Terms of service.

This nightmare scenario can never happen on WordPress.org. Not unless you upload a content that it's against the law.

My Closing

Hopefully, this post was able to answer all your questions regarding WordPress.com or WordPress.org - which is better.

At this point, your decision should be a no-brainer:

If you need a place to share your thoughts - turn to WordPress.com

In case you are interested to grow a respected business online - turn to WordPress.org.

Simple as that!

Don't forget to check My Top Recommendation for starting a business online.  You're not going to regret it!

Any comments are more than welcome!

Do you agree? If you do or even if you don't - let me know in the comments below.

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