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An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review – Should You Bother?

To start this article with “An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review” – I know, these are huge words that I’m using.

Maybe they are, maybe they are not.

I mean – you are going to witness my own experience with this program. It should be no surprise then that what I am about to say will be as honest and personal as it can get.

The bottom line is – when I’m done, you will know if Wealthy Affiliate is worthy of your time.

Driven to Build a Successful Online Business?

If you are reading this post, you must be. That’s awesome, I was too not that long ago and I still am.

The thing is, making the decision to become “The Man” is only half the battle.

When you are a complete beginner, you don’t have the first clue about how to start a business online. It’s just the way it is, we all have been there.

Now – the biggest mistake you can make at this point is trying to learn and educate yourself on your own. I lost a few months thinking that YouTube tutorials and the self – proclaimed “gurus” will do the trick.

I was wrong.

So I started to search for a platform that can give me everything I couldn’t get alone. That’s how I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Lets Start From the Beginning



– Starter Membership – $0the words wealthy affiliate

You can sign up here.

– Premium Membership –

$49/month or $359/year

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Best for: from beginners to experts

Cash Embrace Rank: 98 out of 100

A little known fact about WA – Kyle and Carson started it back at 2005. The price for Premium Membership back than was $359/year and it’s the same today, 13 years later. We all know too well what happened to the economy in this period all over the world.

Maintaining the same price for more than 10 years – I can’t speak for you, but I’m impressed.

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Before answering this question, lets talk about you for a second.

You have decided to build an online business. You’re already picturing yourself telling your boss to get lost and typing on your laptop from the beach in Ibiza.

Some pictures speak louder than a thousand of words. The one in your mind of your future life speaks of even more than a thousand.

This feeling is priceless. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last for long.

When it’s gone, the questions come in. “How to start? What should I do first? Can somebody help me?”

“Can I really do this?”
Relax – you are not going insane. It’s called a common sense. Generally, people are afraid of the unknown. They tend to get frustrated when facing unfamiliar territory.

What they do next – naturally, they will start searching for some answers.

A lot of people are talking about how much money they make online, but very few of them are actually going to teach you how you can do it too.

99% of the time they are trying to sell you a product. Not a training.

It’s not what WA does.

WA is a learning platform that will provide you with all the information and training needed for growing a successful business online.

This is easy to follow step – by – step program. You don’t need to be a “nerd”, you don’t have to know a thing about coding.

If you are consistent and don’t skip any training, WA will get you to where you need to go – having your first of many websites.

Each lesson includes video and written article as well. If there is something you don’t understand, there are plenty of people who will be happy to help. They will explain you everything in detail.

Speaking of details:

What You Can Get With Wealthy Affiliate?

The short answer – an awful lot. But you are not here for short answers.

The long one – it’s up to you. Once you join, you are automatically a standard member. As such, you will have access to 2 websites to work on and the entry – level lessons.lessons of wealthy affiliate

You will learn how to set up and monetize your website for free.

If you decide to stay a standard member, there will be some restrictions.

You won’t have access to all the training, the communication is limited and the premium learning videos will be out of your reach.

You can stay a free member for as long as you like. No one is going to hold a gun to your head.

You can still learn a lot about the basics. In my opinion tough – if you are determined to grow a successful business online, you should upgrade to Premium Membership.

It’s one of the many things I really respect and appreciate about WA – they don’t lie to you and it’s not all about money.

As soon as you roll in, you will find out what the different levels of membership have to offer. WA won’t give you false promises that you will learn everything as a free member.

The program will present you its options and will be upfront with you from the start – if you want the best training possible, there is a price to be paid.

In the end, the choice will always be yours. If you decide that you don’t want to go Premium, you won’t have to pay a dime.

How Are the Prices?

The Premium Membership costs $47/month. You will also have the option to upgrade to Yearly Membership for the price of $359 a year.

In my opinion – if you can afford it, the Yearly Membership is the best deal possible. The price per month will get reduced to $29,92.

Lets get REAL for a minute in here.

Do you want to create an online business from scratch? To be your own boss, to have control over your hours and schedule? To spent time with your family and friends whenever you like?

I can go all day long about the benefits, but in the end it all comes down to this – how much do you really want it? Are you 100% committed to your dream?

If you are – that’s fantastic!

Then you may want to agree with me that having to spend less than $1 per day investing in yourself and your success is not that big of a price to pay, is it?

OK, where was I… the Premium Membership.

What You Will Get as a Premium Member

1) Plenty of Free Websites

Yeap, you read that correct.

With WA you can build free websites on their server using the SiteRubix platform.

Free members can get 2 websites, which ain’t that bad.

Premium Members can lay their hands on 25!

2) Free Hosting

Hosting is another expenditure that you will face when starting a business online.

If you are Premium Member of WA, you won’t have to worry about that.

You will be able to host your website on their servers for free and I’m not talking only about the free blogs provided, but also about the ones you wish to buy yourself. All you will have to do is register a domain name and you are good to go!

You can build 25 websites with a domain you have bought and 25 free sites as well. Which means – you can host for free total of 50 websites.

Lets see in details what WA hosting has to offer you:

– Website Space – 30 GB

– Hosting Speed – at Amazon c.3 large

– Instant DNS Setup

– Unlimited Data Transfer

– Unlimited Domain Emails

– Bandwidth of 500K Visitors/month

And the cherry on the top?

You will get SSL and Spam Protection features – No Extra Charge!

If you have a minute and you wish to check other hosting providers, you will find out that they offer them as upsells.

3) Access to All the Training

To be completely accurate, WA offers not one type of training, but two.

You will do all the Certification Courses, but you can go through The Affiliate Bootcamp as well. This is slightly different program, created specifically for learning the affiliate marketing inside out.

The coolest thing about the Affiliate Bootcamp is that its lessons can be applied to any niche.

When I joined WA, I was doing both of the programs at the same time. Needless to say, but that way you get all the possible training there is!

4) Weekly Webinars

They are about 1 hour long and will cover different topics related to starting an online business each week. The webinars start at 2AM.

Do you live in Europe? I do and that’s perfectly fine. You don’t need to stay up late to watch the webinars. You can see them later at time that is convenient to you.

The replays can be found in the WA database under “Live Video Classes”.

5) Full Access to Jaaxy

Haven’t heard of Jaaxy yet? No worries, I got you covered.the word Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a life r when you own a website. It’s a keyword research tool and it’s a MUST if you want to get ranking on the search engines.

You may already know how important is the use of keywords when writing online. A great keyword used in a well – written article is the right path to the first page on Google.

My first post got ranked in 48 hours. My second – even faster!

Now – I may wish to believe it was because I am that good of a writer(sigh!). But because I appreciate honesty above all, I will have to admit I got ranking because of Jaaxy.

Why wouldn’t I? As a Premium Member, I can do UNLIMITED searches of keywords using this tool. And I tend to do a lot of them!

Keyword research tool is essential when creating your online content. No two opinions in here.

Get Your Own Jaaxy Here!

6) Training Classrooms

list of classrooms from an honest wealthy affiliate reviewI have a very fond memory of my high – school years. I hope you do too, because with WA you are going back to the classroom!

Even if school has never been your thing, don’t despair. Wait and see what WA’s classrooms have to offer. SEO, content writing, social media…take your pick. Or if you are like me – go through all of them!

You don’t see a reason to do that? I’ll give you one – just because as a Premium Member you can!

7) Higher Earnings for WA Affiliates

WA has an amazing affiliate program. No matter what is your niche, you can always promote the platform itself and earn commissions for your efforts.

You Can Join Wealthy Affiliate Here.

As a Premium Member you will get twice the amount a free member does.

If you chose not to promote WA, that’s perfectly fine as well. It’s not a requirement, so the choice is entirely yours.

I was going to write number 8 in here, but the next one deserves its own headline.

WA Community – Welcome Home!

Actually, to say WA feels a bit like home its an understatement. In my entire life I have never been a part of another online group that made me feel the same way.

This is what happened when I joined WA:

I got a welcome greeting in the first five minutes in. The members in my opinion are awesome people to be in contact with. Anytime I had a question, problem or I just needed someone to talk to, all I had to do is type!

When you are just starting, chances are you will have plenty of questions/problems almost every single day. God knows I did. It’s normal when you are going into something you’ve never done before.

Being in WA definitely helped a lot with the pressure. The members are always kind enough to help, most of the time in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is ask!

WA Support – Patience Is a Virtue!

There is a reason why I choose this headline. Honestly, I don’t know how these guys managed to be polite with me all this time!

When I was starting, I didn’t know the difference between a hosting and domain name. It’s embarrassing, I know!

It goes without saying that a person without any knowledge whatsoever like me spends a lot of time talking to the support. I used to freak out a lot for every little thing or problem.

Believe it or not, all my questions were answered in about an hour! Sometimes even faster than that. Everything I needed to know or didn’t understand was explained in details. Problems fixed. Screenshots provided.

I’ve been working with different online programs before WA and when I had a problem, I had to wait between 24 to 48 hours for an answer back.

For me, WA Support is as good as you can get online.

Wealthy Affilite’s Owners – Attentive And Caring

I’ve never heard of another online program where you can have a personal communication with the owners. They are very active on the man and woman holding a kidforums and do their best to pay attention to every single person.

I received a personal message from both Kyle and Carson as soon as I joined in. I’ve been able to reach them ever since.

If you become a member of WA, don’t be surprise if the owners send you a private message with video or article they think you may like.

Kyle send me one just a few days ago.

He even took the time to brain storm ideas about website names with me. Kyle, if you are reading this – I really appreciate the help, but I plan to take all the credit myself!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Most, if not everything I already know about working online, I got it from WA. But this doesn’t really answer your question, does it?

See for yourself in here.

If you are not sure yet, you can always gain information firsthand. You can register, it’s free to join. Just talk to the rest of the members, do your research from the inside.

If you don’t like what you see, you don’t have to stay. The whole experience of getting to know WA won’t cost you a single cent.

Lets see the facts:


– Free to Join

– Beginner Friendly, Easy to Understand Lessons

– Classrooms for Any Type of Online Marketing

– Active and Helpful Community

– The Same Goes for the Owners

– Free Website Hosting

– Free Keyword Researh Tool

– Awesome Support ( Big on Patience!)

– No Upsells


Well, the only con in my opinion is that you will still have to do all the work. WA is not a get – rich – quick thing. If that’s what you are searching for, you should look else where.

Not so much of a con, is it? Because if you think that you can build and grow a successful online business in a day, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that just ain’t possible.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

In my opinion, if you are a beginner, there is no better place online that will teach you everything you need to know. The training is as detailed and informative as it can get.

Not a beginner? Well, you are still reading this article, aren’t you?

Correct me if I am wrong, but for me that means that there is something missing. You probably need more education and training that you haven’t had so far.

So – Wealthy Affiliate – Should You Bother?

I think you should. In my opinion, WA is more than worth it. Everything this program puts on the table has amazing value. As a Premium Member you will pay less than $1/day and you will get the best training there is.

To be fair, there are other training programs as well. I researched most of them before I joined WA. What I find out is that Wealthy Affiliate is way ahead of its competitors.

People have their own opinion. This is just mine.

How Would You Feel About a Bonus?

Starting with WA will be a crazy adventure for you. At least it was for me.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed at the beginning and you won’t have to do this alone.

I got all the help I needed and now I would like to help you if you let me.

Here is what I can get you if you join today:

– Huge Discount. 61% to be exact.

As you already know, WA is free to join. You can stay a free member for as long as you like.

But if you decide to upgrade to Premium Membership in your first 7 days in, I can help you do this for 61% less. Not bad, huh?

– Unlimited Private and Personal access to me.

I’ll be just a message away any time you need help or you have a question.

To Claim Your Bonus, Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

My Closing

Actually, I think I said enough. Do you agree?

If you have any questions or thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate, you are welcome to share them in the comments below.

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