Top 10 Most Successful Blogs – And What You Can Learn From Them!

top 10 most successful blogs

Assemble, future masters of the blogging universe!  Today, my goal is to inject you with a massive dose of blogging inspiration.  And talking about the Top 10 Most Successful Blogs in the world will do that nicely!

To be honest, putting together a list of the most powerful brands in the blogging world is a real pleasure for so many reasons.

Hopefully, you'll share my excitement once you finish reading this article!

Why You Should Care About Who The Top 10 Most Successful Blogs Are?

Above all, "What's in it for me?", right?  Subsequently, how devoting 10 minutes of your time to this post can really benefit you?

Why you should even bother to find out more about the biggest fishes in the blogging pond?  How knowing who they are and what they do can affect your blogging journey?

First thing first, the idea here is not to make you feel bad about your own business and its current degree of success.

Chances are, your blog is years away from reaching the level the sites on this list are already at.

But hey, so is mine - we're all in the same boat!

That being said, I'm a firm believer in learning from someone else's experience and not just from my own.

the most successful blogs reveal their secrets

In case you feel the same way, let me ask you:

If you have the blueprint for the ultimate blogging success right in front of you, it wouldn't hurt to take a look, right?

The bottom line is, all of those 10 sites have found an angle that works where blogging is being concerned.  By exploiting it to the fullest of their abilities, they've managed to transform themselves into forces to be reckoned with.

Needless to say, knowing their secrets have the potential to do the same for you too!

What The Top 10 Most Successful Blogs Have In Common?

First and foremost, I would like to point out that most of the sites on the list work within different niches.  Likewise, they have a different audience.

Be that as it may, there are a couple of things those blogs have in common:

  1. They are household names in their respective fields
  2. They make thousands of dollars in revenue month after month
  3. They are brands with an enormous amount of power and influence worldwide 

To sum up, when your blog becomes one of the most successful in the world, so will your business.

Again, good for them, but what their success has to do with you and your site?

Well, here is your answer:

Nowadays, nearly 1,000 websites are being launched every single minute on the web.

With all that competition breathing down your neck, how is your business supposed to become the front-runner?

I'll say, let's look at how the big boys have done it, borrow and implement their strategies and go from there!

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Top 10 Most Successful Blogs - It's Time To Get Inspired!

Personally, I'm a huge fan of each and every one of them.  

But that's not because all of those sites write about topics that are particularly close to my heart.

Actually, the reason why I admire them has little to do with their content:

Above all, I look up to those blogs because the people behind them are smart, unique, and definitely over-achievers.

Isn't that what we wish to be ourselves as well?

Alright then, let the countdown begin:

Unique Monthly Visitors - 25,000,000

top 10 most successful blogs in the world - the HuffPost

"It's the stuff fairy tales are made off...!

Quite frankly, The HuffPost (previously known as the Huffington Post) is not a website, it's a legend.

Launched way back in 2005 by Arianna Huffington, the site's main focus was originally on American politics.  But not anymore:

Today, the HuffPost takes interest in a vast array of topics to say at least.

As a matter of fact, it has grown tremendously over the years.

Currently, the site publishes material from individual bloggers, content creators, and on occasion - even politicians!

In my opinion, Ms.Huffington is one smart lady:

She sold the HuffPost to AOL in 2011 for the mind-blowing $315 million!

However, one can argue that the guys from AOL are even smarter:

Nowadays, the estimated value of the website is over $1 billion.

And a big part of that outstanding revenue comes from sponsored advertising and other digital ads.

Moral Of the Story:

Never ever be afraid to expand your reach.  When the time is right, take a giant leap of fate and include new topics to grab tons of fresh audience.

2) TMZ

Unique Monthly Visitors - 30,000,000

tmz blog

Can't get enough of the latest celebrity scandals?

Who can?

Basically, there must have been something in the water in 2005...

I mean, it's not just the HuffPost that was launched that year, but an unexpected player came out of nowhere as well!

Now, in case you're not familiar with TMZ and what this blog does:

First and foremost, TMZ is every celebrity's biggest nightmare.

Because this site knows everything about everybody who is somebody!

Most importantly, it doesn't hold back:

When TMZ speaks, it does so in as many details as possible.  Even more, no person or topic is off-limits.

99% of the time, this site is the first to break the biggest headlines where famous people are being concerned.

Ultimately, the formula of TMZ has all the right ingredients to justify even the most demanding readers.

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that TMZ's magic powers to pull back its audience day after day have been working for years.

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Moral Of The Story:

Always put your audience first.  Give it what it wants, no matter what that is.  Be willing to go further than anyone else to grab the story while it's hot.

Unique Monthly Visitors - 25,000,000

business insider - one of the top 10 most successful blogs in the world

Well, this brand's name speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Still, let me touch on the site's topics briefly:

Generally, the Business Insider is all about analyzing business news, with a main focus on the financial industry.

To be honest, this website is probably my favorite from the list for simple, yet admirable reasons.

By all means, Business Insider is overpowering anyone else in the financial field on a daily basis.

And it does that with far fewer writers than one would expect!

In other words, the people behind Business Insider believe in quality over quantity.

Ultimately, they're so good at pulling it off because they pay very close attention to who their target audience is.

Moral Of The Story:

Know who exactly you're writing for.  Before you produce even a single piece of content, make sure that you're aware of who will be interested in reading it.

Unique Monthly Visitors - 24,000,000

mashable website

Yeah, this one was created in 2005 too...

Seriously, what's with that year?  Was the blog's fairy working over-time or what?

Anyhow, Pete Cashmore is the person responsible for the birth of Mashable.

Working from his home in Scotland, he did an outstanding job, laying the foundation of what would become an online masterpiece.

Just so you know, I'm not the only one who feels that way:

According to Time Magazine, Mashable is one of the best 25 blogs in the world.

Subsequently, I'm not giving it a spot on my list of top 10 most successful blogs by accident!

That being said, you should know that the site is the go-to place for everyone interested in tech news and Social Media.

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Moral Of The Story: 

It's never too early to spread your content on Social Media.  Even if you have just a few articles done, get them out there as fast as you can.

Unique Monthly Visitors - 23,500,000

top 10 most successful blogs in the world - the gizmodo website

First thing first, to answer your unspoken question:

No, this site doesn't exist since 2005!

Actually, it was launched earlier - in 2002.

To sum up, Gizmodo is heaven coming to earth for all of the "tech nerds" out there.  Plus, it deals with the design and a healthy dose of science fiction news.

In my opinion, the most fascinating thing about this blog is how fast it managed to grow a dedicated audience.

Meaning, Gizmodo's traffic skyrocketed pretty much from the start!

And it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

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Moral Of The Story:

Don't get lazy, drunk from your current success.  There's always room to develop your business further and increase your audience to an entirely new level.

Unique Monthly Visitors - 23,250,000

the lifehacker blog

Personally, I like to believe that if you ask the guys from LifeHacker what their site is about, the answer will be:

"Well, it's about how to do this and that and everything in between."

Sounds a bit too broad for your taste?

Maybe it is, but that's the beauty of LifeHacker.

I mean, who doesn't need help when trying to do something without the first idea how to do it?

After all, isn't solving a reader's problem the primary goal of every blog?

Ultimately, it is and LifeHacker is well aware of that fact.

On another note, this website was build in 2005 (sigh)...

Moral Of The Story:

No matter what, the needs of your audience have to be your number one priority.  When you're helping your visitors week after week, rest assured that your website will never fail.

Unique Monthly Visitors - 18,000,000

the verge - one of the top 10 most successful blogs

By all means, the Verge doesn't have the long history of the HuffPost or TMZ for example.

However, just because it's still relatively new, it doesn't mean that its place among the top 10 most successful blogs is anything less than well-deserved.

In short, this blog is a multimedia platform that covers science, technology, and art.

But that's far from being the most interesting fact about it!

Basically, what makes the Verge so awesome is that all of its content is presented with the audience's point of view in mind.

Moral Of The Story:

Put yourself into your reader's shoes.  If you want to keep your visitors engaged and satisfied, give them what they'll appreciate the most - relatable content.

Unique Monthly Visitors - 15,500,000

the daily beast blog

First of all, if you think of this site as your ultimate news source, you won't be wrong.

Generally, the Daily Beast writes about politics, pop culture, and everything else happening around the world right now.

By the way, don't you just love its name?  I most certainly do!

Looks like the creators of this blog don't lack imagination, correct?

Besides, the name is more than justified considering this blog doesn't shy away from expressing an honest opinion.

And I find this so refreshing.

Because who loves a sugar-coated content?

Moral Of The Story:

Write it as you see it.  After all, no matter who your reader is, everybody respects tough love and rough honesty when needed.

Unique Monthly Visitors - 15,000,000

techcrunch - one of the top 10 most successful blogs

Just like the Daily Beast, the TechCrunch has no problem to expose a B.S. when it sees one.

As evident from its name, this blog is focused primarily on technology.

Now, here is the place to mention this:

If what you do is creating products in this field, you'll need TechCrunch on your side.

Above all, the bigger part of the site's content comes in the form of product reviews.

So, you'll most likely break some serious sweat until you get a good one!

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Moral Of The Story:

Don't leave any stone unturned when writing a review.  Your readers are smart and you should treat them as such!

Unique Monthly Visitors - 14,500,000

perez hilton blog

Let's be honest, you're surprised that Perez Hilton is one of the top 10 most successful blogs in the world, aren't you?

Although maybe you shouldn't be:

People love to gossip, it's just the way it is!

And what better place to satisfy this hunger than a site that's devoted to revealing celebrity's secrets?

To clarify, the difference between TMZ and Perez Hilton is that the latter adds personal comments from the creator as well.

Moral Of The Story:

There's no such hing as a bad advertisement.  Scandals and controversy sell.  If you feel like you need to step on someone's toes to get the story, go for it.

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My Closing

OK, I really hope that my list of the top 10 most successful blogs has done its purpose:

Getting you more inspired and motivated than ever!

Before I leave you, here is something to think about:

Ultimately, those 10 sites know what's working for them and their audience.  Moreover, they keep exploring it day after day, month after month.

Therefore, if you want the same for your website, you better keep those 10 strategies in mind all the time!

What are your thoughts on this article?

Is there something you would like to share on the topic?

If there is, you can do so in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Successful Blogs – And What You Can Learn From Them!”

  1. Hello there,

    This is a remarkable list of top-notch websites that have their audience. Those are successful sites that have huge crew and this is one thing to remember too.
    I personally like TMZ a lot because often it tells funny stories about celebrities. Plus, I totally agree with you – there is no such thing as bad advertisement. This can skyrocket a site’s popularity in a matter of hours.

    1. Hey, so sorry for the late reply!
      They are all awesome, aren’t they?
      I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of the most successful websites currently – we can all use the inspiration, don’t we?
      Even more, there is so much to learn from such successful brands!
      Glad that you like it.
      P.S. – I read TMZ as well, it’s a guilty pleasure…

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