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Top 10 Most Successful Blogs – And What You Can Learn From Them!

Hey friends!  I have a secret to share – I knew I was gonna have an article on the top 10 most successful blogs even before I started to blog myself.

You may want to back me up on that:

When you are making your first blogging steps, you pretty much stumble and fall all the time.  It gets so frustrating sometimes that you desperately need something to keep you going.

What can be more inspiring than the websites that had managed to cross the finish line?

I’m talking about the fairly small amount of blogs that are already household names in their niches.

The ones who are earning thousands of dollars in revenue every single month.

They are standing tall, recognized as powerful brands.

Did you know that nearly 1000 websites are being created every single minute all around the world?

How is your blog supposed to become the front-runner with all that competition breathing down its neck?

I would say – we look up to the big boys.  We get to know them and we get to know them well.

They must have done something right to be where they are today.

If we are to learn – how about we learn from the best?

Top 10 Most Successful Blogs – Let The Countdown Begin!

#1 – Huffington Post

Unique monthly visitors – 25,000,000

“It’s the stuff fairy tales are made off”.

The HuffPost (previously known as the Huffington Post) is not a website.  It’s a 10 most successful blogs

It was launched way back in 2005 by Arriana Huffington.

Originally, the site’s main focus was the American politics, but that has changed quite a lot over the years.

Today, the HuffPost covers a vast array of topics to say at least.  It has grown tremendously, providing content from individual bloggers, content creators and on occasion – politicians!

Ms.Huffington is one smart lady.

She sold the HuffPost to AOL in 2011 for the mind-blowing $315 million.  Nowadays, the website is valued at over $1 billion.

The guys from AOL are smart as well.

Today, the HuffPost makes its outstanding revenue from sponsored advertising and other digital ads.

Moral of the story:

Don’t be afraid to expand your website.  Include new topics, jump high and with no fear in order to grab a new audience.

#2 – TMZ

Unique monthly visitors – 30,000,000

Who doesn’t love a big, juicy celebrity scandal?

top 10 most successful blogsIf we have to be honest, we are all guilty in here!

There must have been something in the water back in 2005.  Not only the HuffPost was launched then, but a new, unexpected player came into our lives as well.

TMZ is considered every celebrity’s biggest nightmare.  This website knows everything about everybody who is somebody.

And it’s not afraid to share with the world.

Big time.  With as many details as possible.  No topic and no person are off limits.

Most of the time, TMZ is the first to break the big headlines.

And we all appreciate it.

I gotta admit it – the formula behind TMZ has all the right ingredients to justify even the most demanding readers.

It’s not a surprise that TMZ has been working steadily all those years.   This website has the magic power to pull back its audience day after day.

And it doesn’t look like it will let go any time soon.

We are not complaining about it!

Moral of the story:

Always put your audience first.  Give them what they want, no matter what that may be.

Be willing to go further than anyone else.

And – make it as fast as possible!

#3 – Business Insider

Unique monthly visitors – 25,000,000

Business Insider’s main line of work is all about analyzing business news, focusing on the financial 10 most successful blogs

In a certain way, this website is probably my favorite on the list.  And for very simple, yet admirable reasons.

Business Insider manages to beat the bigger fishes in the financial pond.  What is so amusing about it that the website does it with far fewer writers that all of us can imagine.

The way I see it, they are firm believers in quality over quantity.  And they are so good at pulling it off!

How they do it – by simply paying a pretty close attention to who their target audience exactly is.

Moral of the story:

Know who you are writing for.  Before you produce even a single piece of content, make sure you are aware of who will be interested in reading it.

I know – this is one of the hardest things to do.

No one said blogging is easy, right?

Even more – to become crazy successful in it, you will have to break a sweat or two.

#4 – Mashable

Unique monthly visitors – 24,000,000

top 10 most successful blogsAnother website created in 2005.

Seriously – what’s with that year?  Was the website fairy working over-time or what?

Mashable came to life thanks to Pete Cashmore.  Sitting in his home in Scotland, he laid the foundation for what will become one of the best 25 blogs in the world.

That’s according to Time Magazine.

We don’t even have to take their word for it.  Mashable doesn’t really need the introduction.

This website is the go-to for everyone who is interested in tech news and social media.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, no doubt you have heard the name!

Moral of the story:

It’s never too early to spread your content on social media.  Even if your blog is hiding shy with a single post – it doesn’t matter!

Get it out there as fast as you can!

#5 – Gizmodo

Unique monthly visitors – 23,500,000top 10 most successful blogs

If you’ve been holding your breath wondering which year this website was created, you can release it now.  I already did.

Gizmodo exists since 2002.

Huh – take that, 2005!

Gizmodo is a heaven coming to the earth for all the “tech nerds” out there.  It covers design and technology, with a healthy dose of science fiction news.

This is one of those websites who managed to gain an enormous audience pretty fast.

It didn’t slow down over the years.  To the contrary – the number of readers has been growing steadily.

Moral of the story:

Don’t lay on your current success.  You can always grow and develop your website more and more.

Needless to say – even if you have a large audience already, it can always get bigger and bigger!

#6 – LifeHacker

Unique monthly visitors – 23,250,000

top 10 most successful blogsIf you ask the guys from LifeHacker what this site is all about, you may be surprised with what they are going to tell you:

“It’s about how to do this and that and everything in between.”

It sounds too broad?  Maybe it does, but that’s the beauty of LifeHacker.

Who doesn’t need help when trying to do something they don’t know how to do?

It’s what every single blog out there should be aiming at – solving a problem for its audience.

LifeHacker knows that and it’s delivering for its readers.

How could be any other way?

This website was created also in 2005 (sigh).

#7 – The Verge

Unique monthly visitors – 18,000,000

This website doesn’t have the same long history as HuffPost or TMZ for 10 most successful blogs

But just because it’s still relatively new it doesn’t mean that its spot on this list is not well-deserved.

The Verge is a multimedia platform that deals with science, technology, and art.

What’s so cool about it is that all the website’s content is presented with the audience’s point of view in mind.

Moral of the story:

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes.  To keep your visitors satisfied and engaged, give them what they need the most – relatable content.

Top 10 Most Successful Blogs – The Last 3 Below:

#8 – The Daily Beast

Unique monthly visitors – 15,500,000

top 10 most successful blogsThink of this website as your ultimate news source.

The Daily Beast will deliver on pop culture, politics and basically anything else that is happening around the world.

I really admire the creators behind this site.

Just look at the name!

I think is more than appropriate considering “The Beast” is not afraid to express an honest opinion.

I find it very refreshing.  Not too many blogs present their content without the familiar sugar-coating.

Moral of the story:

Your website, your business, your voice!  Call it like you see it.

Your readers are here for a reason. They came to read YOUR content, so you better be yourself.

There is nothing an audience appreciates more than a healthy dose of tough love and rough honesty.

#9 – TechCrunch

Unique monthly visitors – 15,000,000

Another website that has no problem to call a BS when seeing one!top 10 most successful blogs

The TechCrunch is focused on technology.

For anyone who is creating products in this field – be careful!  There is a monster in the house!

Quite frankly, is not the easiest thing in the world to get a good review on your product from this website.

They will make you sweat and cry, multiple times if they have to!

In my opinion – that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

It’s what I like to do as well if I feel that I have to!

Have a look at 30 Minute Money Methods review!

I think I did pretty well with Legit Online Jobs too!

Moral of the story:

Don’t leave any stone unturned when you are writing a review.  Your audience is not stupid.

Treat it with respect and give it what it came for!

#10 – Perez Hilton

Unique monthly visitors – 14,500,000

Are you surprised that this one is on the list?

top 10 most successful blogsYou shouldn’t be.  Even though the best days of Perez Hilton are long gone, this website still manages to pull back millions of readers every single day.

People love to gossip.  It’s human nature.

This website is determined to feed that hunger for years to come.  It has been constantly attacked by celebrities, but that doesn’t slow it down in the search of a good scandal.

Perez Hilton is similar to TMZ but adds personal comments from the creator himself.

And he definitely has a strong voice considering millions of visitors are coming to his site every single day.

Moral of the story:

There is no such a thing as bad advertisement.

If you feel like stepping on a few toes in order to deliver to your audience – go for it!

I’m not saying we all should become Perez Hilton 2.0, but we can’t deny that his methods are working!

Top 10 Most Successful Blogs – What We Should Take Away From Them

We all want to grow and establish our websites.

All the ones above have been working constantly for years to be where they are today.

They maybe be different, but there is one thing that connects them in a unique way:

Those websites are brands.

They find what is working for them and their audience and keep exploring it every single day.

And if we want to repeat their success, we should follow their examples!





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