The CB Cash Code – What Stays Hidden Behind The Curtain

cb cash code review: is cb cash code legit or a scam

Somehow, the uncertainty about the CB Cash Code increases with each day that goes by.

That’s strange, considering the system is not brand new on the market.

On the contrary, CB Cash Code has been available online for years.

Anyhow, the main question in desperate need of an answer is simple:

Does the CB Cash Code provide a legitimate way for beginners to earn online or not?

Today, I’ll share with you everything there is to know about this platform:

  • What is CB Cash Code, and how does it work?
  • Can you make money with CB Cash Code?
  • How much does CB Cash Code cost?
  • Is CB Cash Code legit or a scam?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of the product. Every fact you’ll read in this article comes from research on information available in the public domain.

The CB Cash Code Review- The Basics And First Impressions

For starters, the official website of the program is

I suggest skipping the visit:

Unfortunately, the official video presentation focuses more on an overall talk about making money online than on anything else:

It doesn’t reveal any information about the inner workings of the system.

And that doesn’t surprise me at all:

At a first glance, CB Cash Code doesn’t seem that different than the Click Wealth SystemSilk Road Effect, or Profit Genesis 2.0.

These money-making platforms are not of the highest quality, though.

Maybe the product we’ll discuss today is not either?

You’ll have an answer in a few minutes!

how to make $80,000 per month using affiliate marketing

Before we get there, another clarification is in order:

Don’t mistake CB Cash Code for the CB Passive Income.

Sure, the names are similar, but the platforms are most definitely not.

Now that I have this out of the way, let’s move on with the CB Cash Code review, shall we?

What Is CB Cash Code?

According to the creator George Patterson, CB Cash Code is a revolutionary earning system that will help you make money online fast.

He promises that you’ll be able to earn around $3,000 per day as soon as you start using it.

So, we’re talking about an income source that will bring $80,000 into your bank account on a monthly basis.

George would like you to think of the product as a plug-and-play type of program. In other words, he wants you to see it as a done-for-you system.

To clarify, working with such a platform means that most of the heavy lifting is not any of your concern. Meaning, the working process is more or less automated, and you’ll earn passive income.

And that’s one of the reasons CB Cash Code is the perfect choice for complete beginners who would like to build a profitable online business.

Ain’t that suspiciously convenient?

Up until now, George sounds just like the spokesperson of Viral Cash App, 5 Figure Day, or Ecom Cash Code, to name a few.

Be that as it may, I’m not fond of jumping to conclusions before I look at all the facts.

Hopefully, you’re not either!

Let’s investigate further then:

How Does CB Cash Code Work?

cb cash code review introduction to the product

Quite frankly, it’s impossible to find out how the product works from the sales page alone:

George brags about the capability of his system and the difference it will make for your lifestyle.

But he doesn’t stop for a second to tell you what the CB Cash Code actually does.

Instead, he is all too happy to share the history behind its birth.

No worries, I have no intention to bore you with his sad story that only exists to connect with you on an emotional level.

Creating empathy in viewers to enhance the chances of making a sale is a common marketing tactic many business owners rely on nowadays.

Since the creator has no intention to reveal what the CB Cash Code does, I’ll have to do it myself:

Basically, the program doesn’t require starting a blog, taking surveys, or dealing with bitcoin.

It’s important to mention that the platform won’t ask you to engage in any illegal activities to earn money.

No, CB Cash Code will help you make cash using the affiliate marketing business model.

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Who Will Benefit From CB Cash Code?

Now that you know the platform aims to turn ordinary people into professional affiliate marketers, the question about its target audience seems redundant.

Here is the thing, though:

Allegedly, the system will allow you to make thousands of dollars every day if you work only minutes on it.

Going back to the sales pitch, the creator mentions a time frame of 10 minutes each day.

Subsequently, it looks like George is going after newbies who have no idea how affiliate marketing works.

In other words, the product seems to benefit everyone who wants to earn tons of affiliate commissions fast.

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not going to happen.

Stay with me for a bit longer, and you’ll find out why!

Inside CB Cash Code – CB Cash Code Tools And Training

what is cb cash code and how does it work

Up until now, you’re aware that the product promises to help you earn $80,000 per month.

Looking at that amount, you most likely expect its teaching materials to be of extraordinary quality.

Unfortunately, they are not:

As soon as you become a member, you’ll find out that CB Cash Code is a collection of PDFs that don’t go over 50 pages.

See for yourself the content of these documents:

  • CB Cash Code Main Guide – an overview of affiliate marketing and getting started with ClickBank.  See how to create an account, choose the best affiliate programs to promote, refund rates, and drive traffic to your offers.
  • ClickBank Cash Pro – this eBook goes further into traffic generation.  Pay-per-click, email marketing, and keyword research are the main topics.
  • Book Plus – focuses on Social Media, mainly Facebook.
  • ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method – this one is about personal branding and increasing brand awareness on Social Media.


There is no support, none whatsoever.

So, if you buy the product and stumble upon an issue while trying to make it work, you’ll have to resolve it yourself.

Nobody will be there for you in case you need any form of assistance.

Like it or not, these are the facts!

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The CB Cash Code Cost And Price Structure

OK, let’s have a look at how much money this product is going to cost you:

Currently, you can join the platform if you’re willing to pay $37.

Depending on your geographical location, you might have to spend a bit more on VAT.

But that’s not all – the product offers two upgrades as well.

If you decide to invest in them, you’ll end up spending nearly an extra $400.

Is there a way to make all this money back?

Yes, there is – you can earn up to $240 per sale if you start promoting the CB Cash Code itself.

I Earn Such Commissions Every Month. See How Today!

how I make money online

What I Like About The CB Cash Code

  • The system teaches a legitimate business model – affiliate marketing is a common way to earn money online.
  • There is a money-back guarantee – if you’re not happy with the program, you’ll be able to collect your investment back.

What I Don’t Like About The CB Cash Code

I’m sure that won’t come as a surprise to anyone – I have a lot more to say in the cons paragraph.

Do I have any other choice when there are so many red flags around this platform?

I don’t think so!

Have a look at every single thing about CB Cash Code that is just wrong:

1) The Sales Presentation Is Misleading And Over-Hyped

the sales pitch of the cb cash code is misleading

Actually, a small portion of the sales pitch deserves your trust, in my opinion.

After all, most of everything George is telling you is either a lie or somewhat of a lie:

Firstly, he states that you’ll be using a secret website to generate the amount of money he promises. Meanwhile, he is talking about ClickBank – and that site is anything but a secret.

Secondly, the owner tries to sell you an idea rather than an actual product. He goes on and on about lavish lifestyle and financial independence, none of which will happen thanks to his system.

Lastly, he makes the whole working process sound way too easy. Yes, affiliate marketing works, but you won’t see results if you work only minutes every day.

Not to mention, you’ll never make $80,000 a month if all you do on your laptop is click 14 times!

2) The Training Is Outdated And Incomplete

First thing first, I’m not saying that earning $3,000 a month doing affiliate marketing is an impossible goal to reach.

On the contrary, many affiliates make even more than that.

However, to start earning enough to quit your day job, you’ll need a crucial ingredient – top-notch marketing and business training.

Such training is missing inside CB Cash Code.

The PDF documents you’ll find inside your members’ area will only provide you with a basic introduction to affiliate marketing.

But they won’t show you how to use the business model to build a profitable business online.

For comparison, I get my training from Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will let you start your education for free. And will give you two websites for free to get your business moving as fast as possible!

See what else the platform can do for you here.

3) The Income Proof Is Fake

During the sales video, George brags about his income a lot!

He even shares a screenshot to back up his claims:

the cb cash code review; the income proof is fake

Take a good look at that image, and tell me what you see.

Do you feel like you can trust these numbers? Because I don’t:

There is no way of knowing where the money is coming from.

Therefore, how can you be sure that the income is a direct result of using the CB Cash Code?

More importantly, let’s not forget that George has a vendor account. Meaning, he is creating and selling products, not promoting them.

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4) The Earning Disclaimer Comes From Another Product

Since we’re still on the subject of income statements, let me elaborate on it a bit further:

One of the most common signs of a scam is mishandling financial information.

And that’s what CB Cash Code does if you investigate its official page carefully.

Its own earning disclaimer will tell you that all the numbers you see come from selling another product – the eCom Profit Sniper.

Why is that happening?

In my opinion, both products share the same owner. Speaking of him:

5) George Patterson Is A Pen Name

George Patterson is a pen name

At this point of my CB Cash Code review, the creator using a fake name is something you probably already expect to read.

Well, it turns out that George Patterson doesn’t exist:

You can see that fact clearly on the official website of the product.

What does this mean?

It means that the owner of the CB Cash Code is hiding their identity.

Do you now understand why I believe that the creator is the same person who owns the eCom Profit Sniper as well?

Again, most scammy systems come up with a random name for their owners – it happens all the time!

6) There Upgrades Are Useless

Usually, an upgrade exists to add more value to the core product.

In that case, investing in upgrades might turn out to be a wise decision.

However, that’s not the situation with CB Cash Code:

Its upgrades are here to get as much money out of you as possible.

Another reason why the product is pushing them is to turn you into an affiliate.

After all, that’s the only way to try and make some of your investment back!

Of course, that would require lying to other people the same way the owner is lying to you.

7) The Testimonials Are Fake

And that surprises pretty much no one!

I mean, do you expect the testimonials to be genuine when nothing else about the product is?

I’ll have to disappoint you if you do:

the testimonials of cb cash code are fake

Heads up – this lady works as a spokesperson you can hire on Fiverr.

People can get her to say whatever they need her to say.

Once again, nothing new under the sun:

Most low-quality products use actors to do their testimonials. CB Cash Code is not an exception.

Is CB Cash Code A Scam?

No, I can’t state that the CB Cash Code is a scam.

The money-back guarantee prevents me from doing so.

With that said, I would strongly encourage you to think of the product as a scam.

thumb down

After everything you know about it so far, do I have to explain why?

Honestly, I doubt that you would need me to do that!

By the way, CB Cash Code is no longer selling on ClickBank – that speaks volumes!

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How To Start With Affiliate Marketing Instead

For starters, you don’t need the CB Cash Code or any other similar product that promises you an easy way to earn online.

There is no such thing as making thousands of dollars overnight with affiliate marketing.

Still, you can start earning more than well as an affiliate marketer.

You just need to follow a tried-and-tested blueprint first.

I have one of these for you – my guide to launching an affiliate marketing business online.

That guide will explain all the steps you need to take and walk you through the process.

So, find the time and give it a read!

My Closing

Alright, there is nothing else to say about the CB Cash Code – the facts speak for themselves.

Considering that your time is the most precious asset you’ll ever own, don’t waste it on such platforms!

Now, I would love to find out your take on it.

Do you think that the product deserves a chance?  Or maybe you share my opinion that it’s a total non-sense?

Please, let me know in the comments section, and we’ll talk more about it.

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  1. Thank you so much for this info. They actually called me with this stupid voice message and all I could think was scam. When someone says you can make thousands of dollars immediately buyer beware! Oh and for people who do make thousands of dollars it looks like a 2.99 website.

  2. Hello there! Great site!
    I have looked into a few money making sites and most of them do seem to be scams
    wealthy affiliate is the best legit one i have found
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks for this excellent review. It can be very hard for people to resist such outlandish claims but your article will a lot of people from wasting their money. The bottom line is that if someone claims that you can make thousands of dollars with very little work in a few days or weeks, you can be sure they are trying to scam you. Your recommendation is a legit training program that is worth looking into. Thank you

  4. It does appear to be another get rich program .You are right in saying scam is only in a situation when not getting as advertised. But it is usually bait and switch when these hyped up programs that get you on the upsells and backended promos to make the program to work i,e .Done for you options.It really is a case of working the program and research it before getting into any program before taking a leap of faith to purchase

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Erick!
      That’s why I’m doing my best to write about this kind of products.
      People should be fully aware of what exactly they are paying for!

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