The CB Cash Code – What Stays Hidden Behind The Curtain

the cb cash code review scam or legit

Ready to talk about the CB Cash Code?

Considering that the product is supposed to be one of Clickbank's finest, I'll say let's check it out!

When you're promised to earn more than $3,000/day with just one system, you can find a couple of minutes, right?

If nothing else, you'll know the truth behind the claims before this CB Cash Code review is even over!

The CB Cash Code - The Basics


Owner:  "George Patterson"

Price:  $37, Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

Not Recommended!

the cb cash code - introduction of the product

Quite frankly, the number of people who are trying to make money online increases by the minute nowadays.

What can you do, we can all use the extra cash, correct?

With that being said, some opportunities are far more tempting than others.

For instance, today we're looking at a program that allegedly can earn you $80,000 in a month.

And if that amount of money doesn't pick your interest, I don't know what will!

Then again, such claims sound a bit unrealistic, don't they?

I mean, even if you have zero experience working online and you don't know any better, $3,000/day still looks blown out of proportion.

So, let's take one step at the time and find out what the CB Cash Code really stands for, shall we?

What Is The CB Cash Code?

Basically, this is an online platform that exists to teach you how to make money online fast.

More specifically, how to earn an extraordinary income by doing affiliate marketing with the help of Clickbank.

Other than that, you won't really learn anything else about the product from the sales page alone.

Instead of explaining what CB Cash Code is, the creator prefers to talk about the kind of life you'll be able to afford once you get it.

To clarify, the picture he's painting for you is hard to resist - a 5-figure monthly income while working only 10 minutes a day.

Furthermore, you won't need any special skills, previous experience, or tech equipment to take advantage of the product.

can you make $80,000 per month with affiliate marketing

Just a decent Internet connection will do!

Long story short, CB Cash Code is advertised as the key to your financial freedom.

How Does The Product Work?

First and foremost, you'll never find out what the product does to earn you $80,000/month just by looking at the sales pitch.

In other words, there is no way around buying it!

But you won't have to do this since I'm about to tell you what's happening after a purchase.

Once you log into the members' area, you'll gain access to the CB Cash Code.  Right then, you'll discover that the whole system is 4 PDF files:

  1. CB Cash Code Main Guide - a basic introduction that will get you started.  Here, you'll learn how to create a Clickbank account and how to choose products to promote. Plus, there is a bit of info about affiliate marketing, refund rates, and using SEO and paid ads to drive traffic to your offers.
  2. Clickbank Cash Pro - this one is mainly focused on traffic generation.  So, there will be a talk about Pay-per-click, Pay-per-view, keyword research, and email marketing.
  3. Clickbank Book Plus - the book is all about using Social Media as a source of traffic.  The main focus falls on Facebook - how to create a Facebook page for your business is talked about the most.
  4. Clickbank Cash Code Secret Method - getting busy with personal branding.

Why Does The Product Fail To Deliver?

There are so many reasons why the CB Cash Code falls short on its promises.

To be fair, if this is a day 1 for you trying to make money online, you'll learn a bit.

However, a bit is just not good enough. 

Most importantly, what you're getting from the program will never earn you $80,000/month.

Let's have a look at why is that:

1) The Sales Page Is Misleading And Unrealistic

For starters, I have nothing against affiliate marketing - I'm constantly using it to monetize my blog.

The thing is, as awesome as this business model may be, it doesn't work the way the CB Cash Code is trying to convince you.

misleading claims from the cb cash code

In short, it will take you quite a long time until you're earning significant income with affiliate sales alone.

You'll need thousands of page views, strong affiliate campaigns, flawless landing pages, your audience's trust...

So, don't let the product fool you:

Until you become an experienced affiliate marketer, you won't be cashing in $80K/month.

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2) The Product Creates Wrong Expectations

And that's not just money-wise!

If you have a few minutes to waste, feel free to watch the sales video.

While doing so, the first thing you'll most likely notice is the promise of instant success:

Just above the presentation, you'll see that your earning process can get started in under 5 minutes and 14 clicks.

Now, you can lay the foundation of your site in 5 minutes, I won't argue with that.

But scoring thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions that fast...

Seriously, this is a clear insult to every person with common sense.

Then again, it's coming from a system that claims to make you wealthy by working 10 minutes a day, so I guess you shouldn't be surprised!

3) There Is No In-Depth Training

You're only getting 4 PDFs, remember?

With that being said, do you honestly believe they are enough to teach you how to crash affiliate marketing?

Especially to the point where you'll be making $80,000 in affiliate commissions?

Come on, I'm not that naive, are you?

To be completely fair, the CB Cash Code will introduce you to what affiliate marketing is.

However, it won't give you actionable, detailed, and professional training that will develop your marketing skills.

4) The "Training" Mainly Covers The Paid Sources Of Traffic

Since we're already talking about the product's so-called training...

Let's leave the affiliate marketing part for a second and look at the traffic section.

As I've already mentioned, the system is teaching almost exclusively the use of paid advertising.

And even when it's not, you'll be advised to search for an audience on Facebook.

Personally, I couldn't disagree more.

Because Pinterest is so much better for driving traffic in my opinion.

Besides, the point is not whether you'll bet on Social Media or Google for your traffic.

Professional training is supposed to teach you how to use both, not just how to spend money on paid ads.

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5) The Testimonials Are Fake

Quite frankly, the testimonials are my favorite part of this CB Cash Code review.

I mean, when 90% of the extremely low-quality money-making systems use paid actors from Fiverr, my job of calling them out is so much easier!

fake testimonials from the cb cash code

Hopefully, you'll agree with me:

This is one of those moments when a picture is worth more than thousands of words, isn't it?

Well, when you have to hire actors to say nice things about your product because no one else will, that says enough!

6) The Owner Is Unknown

After everything you already know about the CB Cash Code, you probably saw this one coming.

According to the website, the creator of the platform is George Patterson.

But I've spent some time looking for more information about him online with no luck.

He doesn't make an appearance in the video and there is no photo of him at the system's site.

By all means, the male voice narrating the sales pitch could belong to anyone.

Again, nothing new here - most of the creators of scam products don't disclose their identity.

7) There Are Upsells

OK, if for some reason you decide to ignore your better judgement and buy the product, chances are that you'll be paying much more than $37.

As soon as you click that "Buy Now" button, you'll be surrounded by "upgrades".

In this case, the upgrades are nothing other than upsells that offer no value whatsoever. 

The only reason they exist is that the creator of the product is trying to take as much money from you as possible.

Who Will Have The Best Use Of The CB Cash Code?

That's easy to answer - nobody!

As you can see, I won't even bother to write down the pros and cons list.

What's the point, right?

Except that the program offers a money-back guarantee, there is nothing else I would place in the pros section.

Long story short, don't fall for empty promises and over-hyped claims.

At the end of the day, CB Cash Code can't deliver on any of them.

Instead of wasting your time and money on it, pull up your sleeves and get to work.

Nowadays, it's not that difficult to start your own business online.

And you won't have to rely on shady programs to make it profitable.

If that's what you would really like to do but you don't know how, you can read my Free Guide to get you moving.

It will walk you through the necessary steps of building your business and you'll be able to start it today!

Is CB Cash Code A Scam?

Given the money-back guarantee and the fact that you'll receive some sort of product, I can't honestly call it a pure scam.

Be that as it may, I'll strongly advise you to avoid it.

thumb down

The product is over-hyped, misleading, and completely useless - quite similar to other BS systems I've reviewed:

Not to mention, it will use your data in an unethical manner - your email address will be sold to third parties.

Hey, don't say I didn't warn you once your inbox is piling up with unfamiliar offers!

My Closing

Honestly, there is nothing left to say about the CB Cash Code - the facts speak for themselves.

Considering that your time is the most precious asset you'll ever own, don't waste it on such platforms!

With that being said, I would love to find out what's your opinion about it.

Do you think that the product deserves a chance?  Or maybe you share my position that it's a total non-sense?

Please, let me know in the comments section and I'll answer all of your questions.

6 thoughts on “The CB Cash Code – What Stays Hidden Behind The Curtain”

  1. Hello there! Great site!
    I have looked into a few money making sites and most of them do seem to be scams
    wealthy affiliate is the best legit one i have found
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks for this excellent review. It can be very hard for people to resist such outlandish claims but your article will a lot of people from wasting their money. The bottom line is that if someone claims that you can make thousands of dollars with very little work in a few days or weeks, you can be sure they are trying to scam you. Your recommendation is a legit training program that is worth looking into. Thank you

  3. It does appear to be another get rich program .You are right in saying scam is only in a situation when not getting as advertised. But it is usually bait and switch when these hyped up programs that get you on the upsells and backended promos to make the program to work i,e .Done for you options.It really is a case of working the program and research it before getting into any program before taking a leap of faith to purchase

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Erick!
      That’s why I’m doing my best to write about this kind of products.
      People should be fully aware of what exactly they are paying for!

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