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Spring Profits Review: Scam Or Make $25K/Week Selling Online?

Hey everyone!  Looking for the next great earning opportunity online?  I would say yes considering you're currently reading my Spring Profits review.

After all, it's understandable.  Given the state of the economy we all have to deal with nowadays...

Makes sense that everyone is trying to find alternative ways to make an income, doesn't?

That being said, let's find out if this system will allow you to do just that, shall we?

Spring Profits Review - The Basics

Product:  Spring Profits

Owner:  Daniel Green

Price:  $37, Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

You Can Live Without It!

spring profits review - introduction

To be honest, I've said this many times before, but I'll say it again:

Generally, if a product has "Profits" as a part of its title, it's never a good sign.

Mostly because I've reviewed plenty of systems with similar titles and none of them is worthy of a second look.

However, I'm well aware of the fact that every rule has an exception.

And that's why I won't hold the name of the product against it.

On the contrary, let's give the Spring Profits a chance to prove me wrong!

What Is The Product All About?

First and foremost, the spokesperson really enjoys hearing himself talk.

Meaning, there are tons of words coming out of his mouth during the 5-minute long presentation.  But most of those words don't really say a lot regarding the nature of the product.

So, here is what you can learn about Spring Profits from the sales page alone:

According to that video, you're looking at an extraordinary system that will bring you thousands of dollars in profits every week.  Moreover, you'll achieve these magnificent results even if you invest only 10 minutes working each day.

Next, Daniel will tell you that his product has nothing in common with Binary Options, Bitcoin, or any other get-rich-quick schemes known under the sun.  As a result, you can relax - there is no way you'll lose your hard earned money considering Spring Profits is not one of the bad guys, right?

how to make money selling t-shirts online

And if that's not enough to get you really excited, the number of expected earnings will change that for sure.

To clarify, this product is promising you $4K/day or, if you like this one better, $25K/week.

These numbers got your full attention, didn't they?

Well, that's kind of the point!

Now, let's see what you'll have to do exactly in order to grab them.

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How Does Spring Profits Work?

Above all, let me start by telling you what it should be the main topic of the sales presentation:

This product is focused on teaching you how to make money online by selling T-shirts on Teespring.

For those of you who don't know - Teespring is a completely legit website, allowing its audience to sell tons of different products.

spring profits uses teespring to make money online

So far, so good, right?  It seems that we have quite a popular site where a lot of people are earning a decent income already.

Not to mention again, but according to Daniel profiting from Teespring only requires about 10-20 minutes of your time.  Also, anyone can start this lucrative business because special skills or experience are not necessary here.

Plus, the website itself will provide you with the materials and tools needed for you to do your job (the T-shirts and the printing service).

Ain't that the best deal ever or what?  Actually, it's not that simple...

And here is where my Spring Profits review will get really interesting for you:

How Does The Product Really Work

Truth to be told, not everything that Daniel claims is a complete lie.

After all, it's true that anyone can jump on Teespring considering it's free to sign up.

However, he missed quite a few details about what your steps will look like once you start using this site.

In his opinion, it will only take you 10 minutes per day to earn the big bucks, remember?

However, in reality, here is what you'll have to do before and after you build your business:

1) Do In-Depth Market Research

By all means, before you're able to sell even a single T-shirt, you'll need to know who will be interested in buying this T-shirt.

Meaning, your first step is to determine who your target audience is and where to find it.

"Without data you're just another person with an opinion." - W. Edwards Deming

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For instance, what kind of T-shirts are selling the most currently?  How old are the people buying them?  Are they male or female?  And how much money are they willing to spend on a shirt?

2) Who Is Your Biggest Competition?

Again, no business could ever have a chance to succeed unless you have a clear idea about who you're going up against.

you need to know who is your competition when starting a business

Likewise, you'll have to find out which shops are selling the same products you will.  Also, you need to be aware of what are their prices and how they go about marketing shirts.

Above all, that's the only way you'll be able to come up with a strategy that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

3) Not Everything You Earn Is Profit

To clarify, developing this business will require some sort of a budget on your part.  Let me explain:

Ultimately, you need to be very careful when you calculate and decide on your prices.  

Make no mistake, Teespring may be free to join, but it will charge you a fee for printing, packing, and shipping the T-shirts to your customers.

So, you have to keep this in mind because your profit will be the difference between your prices and these costs.

Therefore, to earn a decent income you'll have to sell a lot of T-shirts or your prices need to be higher.

But what if you're not selling that much from the start?  Well, that's why you need to have a budget.

Simply said, your budget will sustain your business until you turn the things around.

4) You Have To Work On Driving Traffic

In short, people can't buy from you if they don't know that you exist.  And they are not going to find your shop on their own.

On the contrary, if you want traffic, you'll have to drive it yourself, at least for some time.

Here, you have two options to choose from:

  1. Pay for traffic - that will increase your budget even more though.  Using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ads can become expensive.  Especially if you have no idea how to create a high-converting ads campaign
  2. Rely on organic traffic - that's always the best option for every business.  However, it requires you to create valuable content wrapped around your product.  Plus, it takes a lot of time to gain rankings from the search engines

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5) You Need To Develop Your Own Website

First and foremost, that's definitely not clear from the sales page.

To be honest, you need to be very well aware of what you're getting yourself into.  

using spring profits will require from you to develop your own website

That being said, this is the most important part of my Spring Profits review:

Basically, selling T-shirts online means that you need to have your own online store (website).  Because your new business is e-commerce in its core.

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Speaking from experience (I write product reviews on a daily basis), the training provided from products like Spring Profits is slim to none.

And your business will never become a thriving success unless you have access to professional training, knowledge, and tools to make it work.

Spring Profits Review - Why You Need To Stay Away From This Product

Generally, for too many reasons!

But you're not reading this Spring Profits review to get the summary - you'll need all of the details.

Therefore, I'll present to you all of those details one-by-one:

1) The Claims Are Ludicrous 

A brand new business that will make you $25K/week right off the bat, with only 10 minutes of work every day...No experience in Internet Marketing needed whatsoever...

Come on, really?

Personally, I'm not that naive.  Likewise, I can't imagine another person buying into this nonsense either.

Then again, looking at the gravity of this product on ClickBank proves me wrong:

Actually, there are people purchasing this product!

Obviously, they didn't bother to read a single Spring Profits review before falling in this system's trap.

2) The Testimonials Are Fake

Honestly, this is just one of many products that use paid actors from Fiverr to do the testimonials.

At this point, though, I shouldn't be surprised, right?

I mean, when you can't find even one real person to say something nice about the program you're trying to sell...

Makes sense that you'll have to pay somebody to do that for you, doesn't?

Here, this guy is trying his best to sound trust-worthy:

spring profits review - the testimonials

Until you realize that he is just doing his job:

the paid actor from fiverr doing fake testimonials for spring profits

3) Daniel Green Is a Fictional Character

In the interest of full disclosure, I can't be 100% sure of that.

However, he doesn't appear anywhere in the sales video, there is just a male voice narrating the presentation.  

And that voice could pretty much belong to anyone!

Plus, there is absolutely no information or even a single photo that proves the identity of the creator.

Again, nothing new here:

As a rule of a thumb, all of the owners of low-quality money-making products are not comfortable revealing who they really are.

If I may add, I wouldn't sign my name under a system like that either!

4) There Are Hidden Upsells

Make no mistake, products like Spring Profits will never be satisfied with just the starting price of their creation.

For instance, the price of this system is supposed to be $37.

Yeah, but that's just for starters.

Usually, if you decide to buy it, you'll be pressured to pay more for at least a couple of "add-ons" that are promising to skyrocket your new business to a whole new level.

In reality, though, those upsells do next to nothing except grabbing out of you as much money as possible.

5) Unethical Use Of Your Personal Data

Believe it or not, the upsells are not the only problem about how Spring Profits operate.

On the contrary, there are alternative ways for this product to squeeze out every single person who buys it.

Once you give your email address in order to complete your purchase, check your inbox.

spring profits will sell your personal data

When you do that, expect to see at least a couple of emails with offers you don't remember ever being interested in.

Well, that's what happens when your email address is being sold to third-parties for a price!

6) False Sense Of Urgency

Basically, that's just hilarious!

I'm talking about the opening line of the sales page:

Simply said, the spokesperson will try to make you feel special, telling you that you have exclusive access to the product.  Moreover, you're just one of the few people who have a chance to benefit from it.

You see, you better buy it quickly because the page will be removed in a day, possibly even in a couple of hours!

By all means, none of that is true.  The page is still there and anyone can visit it at all times.

Is Spring Profits a Scam?

Actually, that depends on your view of what exactly a scam is.

Given that the product has 30-day money-back guarantee, we can't really say that it's a complete scam.  Even more, you're getting something in exchange for your money.

However, that's just one way to look at it.

thumb down

Personally, I prefer to see it as a total non-sense of exaggerated claims that will lead you nowhere.

Moreover, you'll lose tons of time trying to make something work that has no chance to deliver.  At least, not at the level that has been promised to you.

The Real Way To Make Money Online

Finally, time to write down something good so this Spring Profits review won't sound as depressing as it does so far!

If you really wish to start your own business online, there is a much better way than trusting low-quality products.

On top of that, you can begin building that business completely for free!

First and foremost, give my Free Guide a serious read.  It will lay in front of you all of the facts and details about what an online business entails.

Plus, it has the exact steps I took in order to create my own business that brings me a full-time income and allows me to work from my home.

My Closing

After all, I hope that you truly enjoyed my Spring Profits review.

Just remember, always avoid systems that are promising you too much too soon.

Above all, earning tons of money instantly is not how the online business works - never have, never will!

Now, do you have any questions or opinions you would like to share on the matter?

In case the answer is yes, don't leave my comments section waiting!

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