Silk Road Effect Review: Scam Or The Secret Of $1,800/Day?

Silk Road Effect Review

Hey there, pals.  Just like most of my articles, this one will take a detailed look at a brand new money-making opportunity.  Today, my Silk Road Effect review will introduce to a product that claims to deliver nearly $2K/day in profits.

Well, the idea of cashing in that much money in 24 hours is hard to resist, isn't?

So, let's find out if that idea will become a reality for you!

Silk Road Effect Review - The Basics

Product:  Silk Road Effect


Owner:  "Steven Jenkins"

Price:  $17, Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

No Freaking Way!

Silk Road Effect review - introduction of the product

To be honest, the sales page of this system is slightly different than most of the presentations you've probably seen up until now.

Here, you get the usual talk about the best-kept secret for earning an online income.  However, with the Silk Road Effect you'll gain access to "information that has been held back from you for hundreds of centuries".

In other words, the creator of this sales video knows how to grab your attention.

That being said, will he be able to keep it to the very end?

What Exactly Is Silk Road Effect?

As I already mentioned, the way this system is being marketed online is different than most of the get-rich-quick schemes we're all fed up with.

Here, the creator is leaning heavily on the past, trying to convince you that the method behind the product has been used for centuries.

I guess that's his strategy to make the Silk Road Effect sound like a tested and proven to work program.

Above all, how hard could it be to make money reselling online, right?

For example, if you buy something for $10 and manage to sell it for $100, that's $90 in pure profit, correct?

Supposedly, that's how the owner of the system has become millionaire in less than 12 months.  

what you should never use to make money dropshipping

According to him, ever since he discovered the "secret" of making money online and implemented it into the Silk Road Effect, he has been earning $35K/month.  And now he is ready to share all of his new-founded knowledge so you could achieve the same results.

In addition, the creator promises that this business model is suitable for anyone.  Apparently, you don't need any previous experience or marketing training to become a super successful owner of an online business!

How Does The Product Work?

Before I go any further with my Silk Road Effect review, let me ask you real quick:

By all means, you still have no idea what exactly this system is in its core, have you?

Because all the talk coming from the sales page about selling, reselling, and making tons of money in the process doesn't really answer the most important question:

Basically, what exactly will you be paying for if you decide to buy this product?

what exactly is the Silk Road Effect

Actually, that's done on purpose - it's how all of the low-quality programs operate - they tell you just enough to get you really excited and start imagining a bright financial future.

Meanwhile, they completely avoid disclosing how exactly you're supposed to do that.

So, I'll have to be the one to tell you how the Silk Road Effect works:

Believe it or not, there is absolutely no secret whatsoever here!

On the contrary, this product is based on the very-well known e-commerce business model.  Meaning, you'll be earning the promised amount of cash with creating a dropshipping online business.

Silk Road Effect Review - The Training

First and foremost, here are a few essential facts that the sales page conveniently forgot to mention:

Generally, to start a dropshipping business from scratch, you'll face a couple of start up expenditures.  Just like any other online business, you'll have to pay for your own domain name and hosting service of your choice.

Although, you probably shouldn't be surprised that this information is not shared with you from the start.

Silk Road Effect review - misleading and incomplete information from the sales page

I mean, the sales presentation doesn't even tell that you'll be starting a dropshipping business!  Then, we must be crazy to think that it will disclose such a small details like your expected costs, right?

Anyhow, the creator must believe that the right place to provide you with more info is the training.  And you'll only have access to that training after you buy his product...

Makes sense from his point of view, doesn't?

The Training Is No Real Training At All

At this point, that shouldn't surprise you either!

Considering everything you know so far about this product, do you really believe that the training will make up for everything else that's wrong with the Silk Road Effect?

If you do, I'll have to disappoint you:

By all means, what you'll get as a training are just a couple of PDFs and videos.

Even more, the videos could not be really called videos - they're just slides where the spokesperson repeats the text that appears on the screen.

So, you'll receive 4 PDFs - Silk Road Effect (48 pages), Silk Road Resource Sheet (6 pages), Silk Road Cheat Sheet (3 pages), and the Silk Road Mind Map (1 page).  Plus, a total of 10 videos!  

Quite frankly, having a dropshipping business can be really profitable experience for you.  But only in case you get in-depth and professional training and education first.

And the "training" coming from the Silk Road Effect is none of that.

On the contrary, it's a poor handled info that just mentions the steps you'll need to go through to develop your new business.  What's even worse, all of that info can be find online for free by doing a simple search on Google.

Silk Road Effect Review - Why This Product Will Never Work As Advertised 

Truth to be told, for too many reasons!

That being said, let me give you the most important ones:

1) The Sales Page Is Misleading And Super-Hyped

Generally, no product will ever command a lot of trust or respect if everything about it is over-hyped and dishonest.

Here, you have exactly that:

Firstly, the sales page claims that it will make you a millionaire in a year, but it doesn't even tell you how is that going to happen.  Moreover, you'll never know what kind of business you'll be starting until you pay for the product.

Secondly, the income proof that the owner is so happy to throw in your face might be completely fabricated.  Meaning, there is no way to verify that the screenshots showing his supposed income are even real.

fake income proof from the owner of Silk Road Effect

On top of that, how you can be sure that even if the money are real, they have been earned solely from the Silk Road Effect?

2) The Identity Of The Owner Is Unknown

To clarify, within the sales presentation the spokesperson introduces himself as Steven Jenkins.

However, I'm pretty sure that the name is randomly chosen to hide the identity of the people behind this product.

Because "Steven Jenkins" is also the name used to represent the owner of other scam products where a stock photo is used to show his face to the audience.

Just think about it, if you're such a successful person who managed to become a millionaire in a short time, wouldn't you be proud to show who you really are?

So, the way I see it, the Silk Road Effect is no different than the rest of get-rich-quick schemes currently selling on ClickBank:

3) There Are Upsells

Believe it or not, you won't find a low-quality money making system that won't try to get from you as much money as possible!

And this Silk Road Effect review would never be complete unless I mention the upsells.

Currently, this BS product offers 3 of them!

In case you decide to go against your better judgement and common sense and buy them, you'll spend more than $500.

4) False Sense Of Urgency

Basically, the Silk Road Effect is putting serious efforts to convince you that their offer is exclusive.

For instance, the sales page is flooded with bits and pieces like "you'll never see this video again" or "this information is highly sensitive".

the Silk Road Effect creates a false sense of urgency

After all, you're supposed to believe that you have to buy this product now because it's not going to be available for much longer.

Needless to say, that's a pure lie - the Silk Road Effect is still on sale and everyone can find and watch the sales video at any given time!

What I Like About The Product

1) There is a 60-day money back guarantee

2) The dropshipping is a legitimate business that will allow you to make money online

What I Don't Like About The Product

Generally, everything else:

1) A completely over-hyped sales page that creates unrealistic and misleading expectations regarding the value of Silk Road Effect

2) Fake income proof

3) Unknown owner

4) Too many worthless upsells

5) Lack of any real training

6) All of its info can be found online for free

Is Silk Road Effect A Scam?

Now, we're coming to the answer of the most important question - is this system legit or not?

Well, keep in mind that there is a money back guarantee.  As a result, I can't call this product a complete scam.

thumb down

However, given everything else that you already know from this Silk Road Effect review, you can't ignore the facts.

And the facts are that if you really want to create a successful business online, you should look elsewhere!

2 Kick-Ass Alternatives For Making Money Online

Truth to be told, building a profitable dropshipping business will take some time and a lot of efforts on your part.

If that's where your heart is, I would say go for it!

In my opinion, trusting Shopify will give you the best chance for success.

After all, this platform is the industry leader where creating lucrative online shops is being concerned.  Moreover, it has a free trial so you can give it a try without any costs.  

I have all of the info that you could possibly need and you can find it here.

But if you're not totally sure that dropshipping is the right fit for you, there is always the affiliate marketing - the business model I'm using to make a full-time income from home.

Don't get me wrong, mastering it will also take time and learning curve.

That being said, I can save you a lot of that time by simply given you my proven formula.

So, read my Free Guide that explains the whole process in a nutshell and will get you started with 4 easy steps.

My Closing

It looks like my Silk Road Effect review is coming to its end!

Naturally, I would love to write much brighter and hopeful reviews, but when a product is that bad, I don't really have a choice, do I?

Before I leave you today, let me ask:

Do you have any questions regarding this system or maybe just an opinion you would like to share?

Leave them in my comments section and we can chat!

4 thoughts on “Silk Road Effect Review: Scam Or The Secret Of $1,800/Day?”

  1. Thank You Boryana,
    Wow too many scams out there! However your suggested program from your links, definitely seems to be the solution since it isn’t making any empty promises and instead offering a way to brand yourself, which is a major key to being successful online.
    Thank you again for sharing this information and I will definitely avoid silk road effect!


    1. You’re welcome, Robert!
      Yeah, the best thing you and everyone else can do is to stay as far as possible from the Silk Road Effect.
      And from any other product that is currently in my “Bad Guys” category!

  2. Glad there are posts like this one to warn people off the scammers. If this was a year a go I probably would’ve fell for it and signed up. I would definitely recommend Shopify insteaad. Good post!

    1. Hey, Scott.
      I’m afraid you wouldn’t be the only person who falls for a product like the Silk Road Effect.
      You would not believe the gravity this product has on ClickBank…
      Hopefully, more people will start to read the reviews before wasting their money on get-rich-quick schemes.
      Thank you for reading my article!

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