shopify reviews 2018

Shopify Reviews 2018

Hey there, ambitious money – makers!  Welcome to my Shopify reviews 2018.

For those of you who have no idea what Shopify is:

Shopify is eCommerce online platform where you can build your online shop from scratch.

It was created with a singular goal in mind – to provide every business owner with an easy and simple way to start an online shop.

Basically, this review is for anyone who is interested in selling products or services on the web.  If that’s your dream, you should keep reading.

Shopify is the industry leader and the number 1 choice of online shop builder.

And I’m here to tell you why you should go for it as well.

Shopify – The Basics

Website: www.shopify.comshopify reviews 2018

Price: $29/m,

You Can Try It


Cash Embrace Rank:

97 out of 100

Have you heard about how exactly Shopify came to life?

Let’s take a little detour and talk about snowboarding for a minute.

If you feel like I’m going off topic – trust me – I’m not!

Just because it was a group of snowboarders who are behind the birth of Shopify.

All they wanted to do was to find an excellent way to sell and deliver equipment to other snowboarders around the world.  It didn’t take them a long time to realize that the online marketplaces back at 2006 simply wouldn’t do.

Those snowboarders were all about the ultimate shopping experience.  When they couldn’t find it – they made it happen!

You gotta agree with me – they must have done it right.

Today, more than 600 000 online shops are being hosted on Shopify.

And they had generated BILLIONS in sales!

What Exactly Is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce website builder that will allow you to create an online shop.

shopify reviews 2018On this platform, you can design, develop and sell all kinds of goods and services to people living all around the globe.

Having trouble understanding how Shopify does its magic?

Let’s say you would like to start an online shop and sell shoes ( I know I would), but you have little to no experience in coding.

In other words – you have no idea how to do that.

Well – Shopify to the rescue!

When you start building your shop, this platform will provide you with hundreds of templates ready to be used.

All that you will have to do is pick one!

You can customize your chosen template with text, logo, images and even videos to give your brand a professional look.

When you are done, you can start selling immediately with Shopify’s built-in shopping carts.

You won’t have to pay anything from day 1. Shopify will offer you 14 – day free trial.

I think that amount of time will be enough to decide if the platform is the right fit for you.  You can play around and see firsthand everything Shopify can do for your business.

What Can You Sell On Shopify?

It may be hard to believe, but honestly – just about EVERYTHING!

I’ve seen so many gorgeous shops built on Shopify.  The products they sell cover anything between coffee, art, food, clothing and even tattoos!

You can simply look online and you will be amazed!

Or you can check  this awesome article:

Top 50 Successful Shopify Stores in 2018

No matter what kind of product is your thing – physical/digital product or service, you can list it for sale on Shopify.

Thet got you covered!

What Else Can Shopify Help You With?

Let’s make something perfectly clear:

Shopify is not just a simple online shop builder.

The people behind it have done their best to help you as much as they can with everything that you may need to grow your business.

This platform will push you to perform the best marketing possible for your store.

Here are some of the features you can lay your hands on:seo

  • SEO Features – awesome headlines, title and meta tags.  Shopify would like your eCommerce site to rank as high as possible on the search engines
  • Email Integration With MailChimp
  • Google Advertising Programs
  • How About Those Payments – you are in for a treat!

It’s like it wasn’t enough that your customers can use all the major credit cards when they check out on your store.

As a merchant, you can also use Shopify’s POS system to accept payments in the store or at any other location!

The Shopify card will be more than friendly to your business.

It will provide you with cashback responses, so you can recover lost sales.

Pros And Cons Of Using Shopify

Here comes the list!  I titled this article Shopify Reviews and that’s not an honest mistake.

There is so much to explore about this platform that I feel like I’m writing a review after review.

There is a lot of information to get familiar with, so I’ll do my best to break it down and make it easier for you to absorb.


  1. Easy To Use Website Builder

As I’ve already said, Shopify is not a rocket science.  You don’t need to know the first thing about coding.

It will take you about an hour to learn the basics.  Shopify is responsible to do the heavy lifting for you from there.

shopify reviews 2018You will be provided with tools to be able to:

  • create web pages
  • add product images and details
  • divide your products into categories
  • manage your inventory
  • keep track on your orders
  • set customer accounts

That’s necessary in order to allow your customers to have a great shopping experience.  They will be able to login to their personal accounts and sort out their personal information (address, credit card details…).

  • analyze your customer’s behavior

My advice – look at their location and how much they spend in your shop.

That way you will allow yourself to create and employ a better marketing strategy.

  • take care of staff login

If you have employees, you can choose what kind of permission level to grant them while doing their job

  • accept payments from 70 payment processors in different currencies

2. Pre – Built Templates

As I already mentioned, Shopify will offer you more than 100 themes to choose from.shopify reviews 2018

If I was building an online shop, I would wish to give it the most attractive and professional look possible.  We all aim for the best, right?

In my opinion, if you want your shop to stand out from the crowd, you might want to invest in Premium Theme.

You don’t want your business to look like anyone’s else, do you?

A Premium Theme will cost you around $150.  It may sound a lot, but it’s a one time – payment and a great investment for your shop.

But if you are just starting and you are on tight budget, a free theme will do as well.

You can always upgrade to a paid one later.

3. Shopify App Store

Shopify will offer you more than 1200 apps just for you to be able to add more and more functions to your shop.

Those are incredible tools and they will help you not only with managing marketing and sales but with administrative tasks as well.

Truth to be told – the apps are not free.  They will cost you, but I think their monthly fee will more than pay for themselves.

Every business has expenditures, not just profit.  There is no way around that.

You may think that paying for apps is a luxury that you can go without.

This might be true.  Although, there is another way to look at it.

For me, if an app can save me nerves, headaches and time, I would gladly pay for it.

Shopify will leave the choice to you.  If you don’t want to use an app, you don’t have to.

4. Mobile eCommerce

Come on – did you really think that the people behind Shopify don’t know how important mobile features are?

Well – they do know.  That’s why Shopify comes with built-in, totally free mobile eCommerce shopping cart features.

Shopify is well aware of the facts – more than 70% of the internet users are surfing online through their mobiles.

And they are buying from them as well!

Speaking of buying…

5. Abandoned Checkout Recovery

shopify reviews 2018Did you know that every 2 out of 3 potential customers don’t complete their purchases?

As far as they go is placing the desired items in the shopping cart.

Do you have any idea why that happens so often?
Simply because people get distracted!  Emails, calls, social media… – it can be a number of reasons.

Shopify is perfectly aware of the statistics.  And they came up with a solution – advanced shopping cart provider.

And that’s the coolest thing ever!  It will help you to discover who all those distracted people are and remind them to complete their purchases.

Can you imagine what this feature of Shopify alone will do for your sales?

Even more – how about the abandoned checkout cart recovery service?

With this feature, Shopify will allow you to automatically track and email all those potential, but forgetful people.

A simple reminder that their shopping is not done yet.

How cool is this tool exactly?  Your sales go up, you don’t do a thing about it!

Shopify really does all the heavy lifting for you.

6.  Back Up And Hosting Options

Your store – your website.

And every website needs to be properly taken care of.

Starting with hosting – Shopify will host your online store and will give you an unlimited amount of bandwidth.

What this means for you:

Even if you hit millions of visitors per month,  you won’t have to pay even a dollar extra than your monthly plan.

There is a lot to be said about security as well.  Shopify will provide you with a high level of that so your customer’s personal details will be fully protected.

And the best thing about it – Shopify will do all of that for you.  You won’t have to worry about a thing.

You can focus on developing your business and leave the tech things to the professionals.

7. 24/7 Support

Even with a platform as easy to use as Shopify is, there are always going to be some questions.

It’s part of every learning process.

Again – Shopify has thought about that as well.

You will be able to reach them 24/7 via phone, email and online live chat.


  1. Not Free Of Charge

Actually, this one is a no-brainer.  For a platform that offers as much as Shopify does, it’s expected that there would be a price.

In the interest of full disclosure, Shopify will charge you a fee for every sale you make.

The amount that you need to pay depends on which Shopify plan you are currently on.

  • Basic Shopify Plan – 2%
  • Shopify Plan – 1%
  • Advanced Shopify Plan – 0,5%

You may think that’s not fair to pay extra in addition to your monthly card and hand

I hate to write that down, but I have to disagree.

Just think about it:

You’ve grown your site.  The number of visitors every month is going up.

So are the sales.

The extra fee is charged just because of your sales.  What you will be paying is for the technology used to power your sales.

More visitors – more usage of bandwidth.

Do you have any idea how much power it takes to allow a million visitors to spend time in your store?

Doesn’t seem so unfair anymore, huh?

Especially when there is a simple trick to avoid the extra charge.

It’s called Shopify Payments.

If you use them to power all your transactions – no extra charge for you!

All of the fees will be completely removed.

But even if they are not:

Do you honestly have a problem to pay an extra $50 or even $100 if you generate $10,000 in sales?

I wouldn’t!

2.  Your Expenditures Will Grow Up If You Use Too Many Apps

We talked about it already.

If you would like to integrate plenty of apps, they will cost you.

But will they really?

Or maybe that’s an expenditure that’s totally justified?

Let’s figure this out, shall we?

Here is an example:

You have your eye on Freshbooks.  Of course, you would – it’s the leading accounting software.

You just need to have it integrated into your store.

That will cost you around $32/month.

What is the alternative:

  • sign up for accounting software elsewhere
  • export your sales information and import it manually into your accounting software
  • pay to a third party bookkeeper to manage your sales

Eighter way – it’s gonna cost you.

It’s an expenditure that can’t be avoided.

So which solution will you choose?

I know what my choice would be – to use Shopify’s app.

And here is why:

  • it’s fully integrated
  • I won’t have to work manually on the accounting aspect
  • it will save me time and headaches
  • I can focus on more important aspects of developing my business

How was that for a Pros and Cons list?

No matter which way you will look at it, I can see why Shopify is the Number 1 choice of online shop builder.  It’s more than impressive and the cons are not really cons, are they?

If you think that you can create and develop a successful business completely for free – that’s just not possible.

In my opinion, Shopify is more than worthy of its price.

Speaking of price:

Let’s see how much Shopify will cost you per month

  • Basic Shopify – $29
  • Shopify – $79
  • Advanced Shopify – $299

If you are on the verge of creating your very first online shop, I think the Basic Shopify Plan will do more than nicely for your start.

$29/month is what I pay to ConvertKit to manage my emails.

And I am so glad to do that.

When the product delivers big time – I am happy to pay!

Who Will Have The Best Use Of Shopify?

With everything I’ve written already – do I really need to answer that?

I’m sure you are getting the big picture in here.

Shopify will be perfect for anybody who:

  • would like to start an online shop
  • has a physical store, but would like to grow its business and sell to the worldwide audience

Important Note:

Since October 2017, Shopify has partnered with eBay.

What does this mean for you:

You can reach more than 170 million eBay buyers.

What more could you possibly want for your store?

My Closing

I wouldn’t even bother talking if Shopify is a scam or not.

To justify this question with a response would be a slap in the face for the creators of Shopify and all those 600,000 business owners who are already using it.

shopify reviews 2018I gotta be honest with you:

Writing this review today has been my pleasure.

How many platforms out there can offer you as much as Shopify does?

How many platforms are even recommended nowadays?

I have My Top Recommendation for everyone who is interested in starting a business online.

So glad that I can add one more recommendation after today.

Shopify is the absolute winner if you wish to start your own online store.

Do you have any experience with Shopify?

If there is anything you would like to share, leave it in the comments below.

















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