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20 Pro Bloggers Tricks – How To Escape Looking Like A Newbie

Hey there, blogging tribe!  How is the business doing?  Chances are, those of you who have been blogging for years are all good!  You're probably already familiar with most of the pro bloggers tricks, aren't you?

But what about the people who are just jumping into this insane journey?

I was a newbie blogger not that long ago.  And let me tell you:

If I knew back then what I know now...

A lot of wasted time and nearly nervous breakdowns could easily be avoided!

So let me try to you from that!

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You're Going To Be A Blogger.  What Now?

It's a hell of an emotional roller coaster you're currently riding on, isn't it?  All of your dreams are about to come true:

Nine to five no more, total freedom of dealing with your time and working hours.  As if you'll have that many...

Actually, you'll!  At least the first 6 months, maybe even a year.

Hey, don't hate me!  Someone has to keep your legs firm on the ground.  If that makes me the bad guy, so be it!  It's for your own good!

Because a decision made is NOT the half of battle won where blogging is being concerned.

pro bloggers tricks

You'll have to work for it.  Like a LOT!  And you'll need an education.

Don't kid yourself - you're nowhere near ready to do this completely on your own!

To avoid overwhelming you with tons of information all at once, I'll divide it as much as I can.

Pro Bloggers Tricks - Before You Start A Website

Let's make some things perfectly clear:

The steps you take before building your business are equally important to the ones you make after.  Some may argue - even more!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 
― Benjamin Franklin

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It may cause you to break a sweat or maybe five.  But you need to give your blog the best chance for success possible!

1) Hosting Service

Having an excellent hosting provider will give your business the upper hand.  Even before that business even exists!

In other words, this is not a decision you can afford to make lightly.

The best you can do in that department is BlueHost.

Being on board with BlueHost ($3.95/month) will assure that your website's needs are cover on pretty much any level imaginable.  

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And they'll even give you the domain name for FREE!

2) Domain Name

Take it from someone who went trough 3 different domain names before finding the right one:

Your domain name will be the first impression people get about your business.  Make it count!

pro bloggers tricks

Ideally, it will be the same as the name of your blog.  Fingers crossed that your desired choice is available!

Studies have shown that brand names of one or two words are performing much better than the ones with longer titles.

Just remember:

No matter what you decide to go for, it has to represent what your business is all about!

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Brand New Blogger - Your First Steps

Alright then!  Your website has a solid foundation (meaning the right hosting provider) and a kick-ass domain name.  

What happens next?  

Which are the pro bloggers tricks that will hide the fact that you're a complete newbie on the blogging scene?

1) WordPress 

Honestly, meeting WordPress face to face for the first time can be quite intimidating.  It doesn't have to be though.

Considering you're just starting, don't put tons of pressure on yourself to become an expert in a day or two.

For now, there are only 2 plugins you'll need to start your work:

1) Yoast - for SEO optimization of your posts and pages

2) EWWW Image Optimizer - for optimizing your images

2) Website Theme

If you can afford it, buy a Premium Theme as soon as possible.

Your business will never reach its full potential with a free one.  It's just the way it is.

Personally, I spent plenty of hours customizing a theme that I changed in two months anyway.

So much time wasted that I could put in use elsewhere!

In my opinion, take your pick between:

1) Elegant Themes - amazing value for money, gorgeous designs

2) Thrive Themes - focused on higher conversions and faster building of email list

paid website theme to build an email list faster

Cash Embrace is running on Rise Theme from Thrive.  One of the smartest choices of my blogging life!

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3) Legal Pages

Your website is going to become your personal money making machine, right?

As such, it goes without saying that is not just a blog, but an online business as well.

And every business needs a few legal documents:

1) Privacy Policy

2) Affiliate disclosure

The latter is in case you'll deal with an affiliate marketing.

Let's face it - you will!  It's the most common way to monetize a website.  On top of that - perfect for beginners!

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Developing Your Website

Now, where are we?

Once you've stepped on solid ground, it's time to build on it!

1) Website Structure

Let me ask you:

Do you think that a visitor will spend time on your blog if he's totally lost since the moment he lands on it?

To offer the ultimate user experience, your website has to be easy to navigate.

pro bloggers tricks

In short, you'll need to have your menus, sidebar, and categories in complete order. 

2) Pages And Posts

Ultimately, that's what you'll work on most of your time.

So how about we make sure that they're all set?

1) Pages - "About", "Home" or "Start Here", and "Contact" are highly recommended to have 

2) Posts - SEO optimized, at least 2,000 words and images are MUST!

When starting a post, do the proper keyword research first.

After all, to rank on the first page of Google is what you're going for, right?

3) Social Media Accounts

If you're not a big fan of Social Media, you'll have to get over yourself!

Your business will need to have social accounts associated with.

My Advice:

Go with the Social Networks you're planning to drive traffic from.

For Example, Pinterest is the biggest source of traffic to my site.  And that's why I don't bother to have a page on Instagram.

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4) Google Analytics

Once your content starts to pile up, some tracking on your data must be involved.

Google itself gives the tool to do that, completely for free!

So you better take full advantage of Google Analytics.

Without it, you wouldn't be able to tell where your traffic is coming from, most visited pages, bounce rate, etc.

And as a business owner, this is an information you'll just need to have!

Extra Pro Blogging Tips For Ultimate Success

Overall, this post is going to be around 2,000 words...

Yet somehow, even that much content is nowhere near enough to cover everything you could possibly do to advance your website.

But that doesn't mean that I won't keep trying!

1) The Green Padlock

For a website to be taken seriously, its visitors must feel safe and protected while visiting its pages.

You'll need to make sure the padlock (the tiny thing before your URL) is always green.

2) Add A Favicon

Just one more detail that all the professional websites have in common!

I'm talking about the small picture that appears on the left side on a website's address.

To add one, you'll need to go to your theme's customization options.

3) Choose Your Brand Colors

In my opinion, it's not a great idea if every single page of your blog is a completely different rainbow than the previous one.

Decide on the colors that will best suit your brand and stick with them.

pro bloggers tricks

Your audience will appreciate it when the reading experience is not hard on their eyeballs!

4) Awesome Posts, Easy To Digest

I don't think I can describe what I mean better than this:

No huge blocks of text!

Separate your content with headings and subheadings.  The use of italics and bold on your fonts helps to express your point as well.

And while you do so, your page will look great!

5) Faster Website

We all know this, don't we:

If a page takes more than 3,4 seconds to load, we're out if there!  Not to mention that Google will never give you the top position if your blog is taking too long to respond.

So, to avoid this here is a simple solution:

Keep the numbers of your plugins down to the absolute minimum!

6) Opt-in Forms, Immediately

I get it - if this is your day 2 as a blogger, you don't think that you've got something to offer to your readers.

That may be true, but still:

Create at least one opt-in form and start building your email list ASAP!

And just so you know, you can do so much better than "Subscribe to our newsletter"!

7) A Bit Easier With The Ads

Hopefully, I won't offend anyone by saying this:

Personally, I hate when I visit a blog with barely any content yet but overcrowded with ads...It's just my opinion at least.

Isn't it yours as well?  If it takes me about 7,8 clicks to close every single add and in the end, there isn't actually much to read, then what's the point?

8) Too Many Pop-Ups

Again, my personal opinion:

One pop-up that will really serve your purpose is just about enough!

Too much of anything is good for nothing!

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Anything more than that it's kind of annoying, don't you think?

Pro Bloggers Tricks - Top Blogging Lessons I Learned The Hard Way!

Finally, it's time to share the blogging tips I wish I knew from the start!

In short, here are some practices that did cost me a lot of time to find out about.  But knowing them have made such a huge difference!

1) The Speed Is All About Your Images

Recently, I had to go back and optimize my images all over again.  On 50+ posts...

Needless to say, it took me a long time, such a nightmare!

And the reason to do that was simple:

I thought that it's enough to just rely on an image optimizing plugin.  But it wasn't!

Considering 99% of my images wasn't compressed!!!

Take it from somebody who suffered through it:

The size of any of your images should never be bigger than 180 KB.

compress your images for faster website

From now on, I run every image through before uploading it.

This tool does magic where photos are being concerned.  And it's completely free.

After I compressed my images with Kraken, my website's speed improved tremendously!  So did my rankings on Google!

2) The Truth Is In The Headline

Actually, what I mean by truth is the click through.

This one takes a bit of time and learning curve.  No need to freak out if you are not that skillful at writing great post's titles yet!

Long story short:

It's not enough to create the best piece of content you can.  Unless you learn how to steal people's attention with a catchy headline, all your hard work will pretty much remain unseen.

To avoid that, here are some pro bloggers tricks to try out:

- stalk the biggest names in your niche.  Take notes on what headlines they're using

- the first page of Google will do just as nicely.  Browse around the posts that are currently on page 1 for the keywords you're planning to use

- BuzzSumo is a MUST!  It will show you the headlines that are getting the biggest hype online!

3) Short URL

As a newbie blogger, you're probably afraid to mess too much around WordPress.  Been there, done that!

But a few months ago, I found something interesting about how to rank higher on Google:

Always edit the permalink of the post you're writing before you hit "Publish".

Ideally, place the keyword you're targeting after your domain name.  

It will make it look shorter, cleaner, and high rankings worthy!

My Closing

Don't get me wrong:

I'm well aware of the fact that the pro bloggers tricks don't end here.

There is so much more any of us can do to improve our websites.  This post of mine can barely scratch the surface.

Still, I hope that it will help you along the way!

Alright then - any thoughts on the pro bloggers tricks you're applying yourself?

I would love to take a look, so leave them in the comments section below.

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