Niche Marketing Kit Review: The Irreplaceable Toolkit For Your Blog?

niche marketing kit review scam or legit

You’ll never regret reading this Niche Marketing Kit Review if you’re an online marketer or you’re ready to become one.

Making enough money online to quit your nine-to-five job is not as easy as it used to be.

The same goes for building a profitable online business for the first time.

It goes without saying that you’ll need all the help you can get once you begin walking the path to financial independence.

While that sounds grim and probably the last thing you want to hear, it’s also the truth.

But there is a silver lining – and a huge one, if I may add:

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson (two of the most successful marketers nowadays) have created the Niche Marketing Kit.

And that package will provide you with all the guidance and assistance you need to develop a lucrative marketing business online.

Today, I’ll cover everything you need to know about that product:

  • What is the Niche Marketing Kit, and how does it work?
  • Who is the Niche Marketing Kit for?
  • Is the program the most valuable affiliate marketing toolkit out there?
  • How much does Niche Marketing Kit cost?
  • Should you invest in the Niche Marketing Kit?

This post contains affiliate links. You’re welcome to read my affiliate disclosure.

Niche Marketing Kit Review – The Basics

First thing first, this article is not going to be simply a product review but a whole case study instead.

Considering the amount of information I have to provide you with, there is no way around that.

So, make some room in your day because what I’m trying to accomplish on this page demands it.

Now, the Niche Marketing Kit is not one of these systems that contain a couple of outdated PDFs creators offer to beginners as a get-rich-quick solution.

Once you have it, don’t expect to discover scammy programs like Profit Genesis 2.0, Viral Cash App, or 5 Figure Day, to name a few.

Thankfully, Niche Marketing Kit is a creation of Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill and not some faceless owner hiding their identity.

how to make $10,000 per month from affiliate sales

You may not know it yet, but these two people have built online presence and influence that deserve nothing but our respect and admiration:

Every year John and Dave generate an online revenue of over $1 million from affiliate sales alone.

Their program Niche Marketing Kit exists to teach you how to do the same.

What Is Niche Marketing Kit?

niche marketing kit review introduction of the product

Quite frankly, it’s extremely hard to explain what Niche Marketing Kit is in a few words, but I’ll give it a try anyway:

In a nutshell, the Niche Marketing Kit is a massive all-in-all toolbox that contains every single feature, product, and resource responsible for the incredible success of its creators.

It’s the ultimate system you need to assist you in your online marketing business.

With an estimated worth of over $10,000, Niche Marketing Kit is a bundle that will provide you with marketing strategies, tools, and products that are proven to work.

Don’t worry – you won’t have to pay that much to get the kit – its current price is much more affordable. More about that a bit later in my Niche Marketing Kit review.

For now, you may find it interesting to know that many of the items inside the program were for sale separately before.

Hopefully, you didn’t purchase anything yet:

Getting the whole system at once is the best deal a marketer can ask for, and right now is available at a cost you won’t believe!

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What Is Niche Marketing?

How about I make sure even complete beginners understand what we’re talking about here today and explain what niche marketing is real quick?

Basically, niche marketing is a strategy that has a lot to do with the effort to get the best out of a particular ad budget.

Let me explain that in English:

Instead of trying to market a product to everyone, you’ll target a specific niche where that product is supposed to perform the best.

Think of it as improving your marketing efforts and reaching much better results by influencing a target audience.

Working hard to make your product desirable to everyone is one of the most common affiliate marketing mistakes.

If you want to get familiar with a more detailed explanation, you can do so but reading this content.

Who Are John Thornhill And Dave Nicholson?

who are Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill

Well, I’m not sure how I should describe these two individuals in a way that will do them enough justice.

OK, let me see what I can do about that:

First and foremost, I’m not saying that Dave and John are the only professionals who can teach you how to multiply your affiliate sales. Other marketers know the industry insight too.

The creators of the Niche Marketing Kit are two of the top ClickBank affiliates and vendors in the world, though.

Similar to Robby Blanchard (the creator of Commission Hero and ClickBank’s number one affiliate), they are generating millions in online revenue every year.

Helping newbies and experienced marketers improve their income is what John and Dave enjoy doing the most.

Personally, one of the things I appreciate about them the most is that they always shower their students with tons of incredible bonuses.

You’ll see for yourself later on in this Niche Marketing Kit Review.

Until I’m on the subject of the creators:

Check the John Thornhill Blog when you have a minute – you’ll learn so much just by reading everything he shares with his readers!

What Do You Get Inside Niche Marketing Kit?

what is niche marketing kit and how does it work

Actually, the better question here might be what you’re not getting once you gain access to the system.

The way I see it, there isn’t an area of the online marketing business the creators don’t cover to the last little detail.

With that said, you’ll receive a total of 55 resources, tools, features, and programs that will help you succeed as a business owner online.

All the materials are divided into five categories:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. List Building
  3. Traffic Generation
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing

Now, how about we don’t waste any time in overall talk and get into the specifics instead?

In other words, it’s time to take a look at the categories up close and see everything you’ll find inside:

Website Traffic Niche Products

Here, you’re getting a total of 7 different products that work together to achieve a simple goal – skyrocketing your page views as fast as possible.

1) 45 Day Traffic Plan – Complete Traffic Generation Workshop 

Prepare to dive into over 100 high-quality training videos!

I must say that they are easy to follow and go to great depth while explaining the secrets of gaining organic traffic fast.

More importantly, that training material comes from a website traffic expert who earns a 7-figure income from his business using the same methods.

2) Permanent Access To John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions

Needless to say, this is where John will share with you all the knowledge about driving traffic he has after working online for the past ten years.

Again, his methods are tried, tested, and proven to work.

They’ll not fail you in your mission to increase your audience as much as humanly possible.

3) Traffic Generation Explosion Video Course

During this section of the program, you’ll have the chance to examine further the creator’s wisdom that spreads over 52 training videos.

These videos will cover basic and advanced techniques for driving traffic to your web pages.

Don’t worry about facing any extra expenditures:

The focus of the teaching videos falls on organic traffic and not a paid one.

Also, you’ll receive a 32-page e-book that will boost your knowledge on increasing your free traffic even more.

4) 150,000 Articles With Full Private Label Rights

5) The Google Traffic Pump System Video And e-Book Course

That’s a set of 6 training videos a 98-pages long e-book.

I won’t spoil the videos for you, but I’ll tell you that the e-book will teach you more strategies for getting massive traffic from search engines.

There is valuable information that will show you how to acquire quality backlinks, do keyword research, work with targeted leads, and similar content.

6) Permanent Access To Dave Nicholson’s Total Web Traffic

It’s time for Dave to take the stand and start talking!

And he’ll tell you quite a lot about securing multiple streams of targeted traffic to your website, blog or squeeze page.

7) Traffic Phoenix

Basically, Traffic Phoenix will show you how to use the top ten psychological factors to influence people in your niche.

Plus, you’ll learn what’s the number one mistake to avoid when starting a viral campaign.

Video Marketing Niche Products

Well, if you think that you’re getting a lot of traffic generation products, I wonder what you’ll say about the video marketing ones – you’ll grab 11 of them!

  1. Video Marketing Blueprint – Video Course Master Resale Rights Included – That’s a 6-part video course about mastering the power of video marketing. One of the parts will reveal the top-secret to explode your traffic overnight.
  2. The Ultimate Video Course Resale Rights Included – The 10-part video course will show you how to create videos for free, place products on your site, accept online payments, etc.
  3. The Video Cash Blueprint Resale Right Included – Here, you’ll get an e-book with plenty of strategies for mastering video marketing.
  4. Video Magic Private Label Rights Included – Expect to receive an interview-style e-book and audio with an expert video marketer talking about how to constantly improve your sales.
  5. Video Marketing Secrets Exposed Master Resale Rights Included – You’ll gain access to 14 lessons that will teach you about the key components of converting video, automating video submissions, etc.
  6. High-Quality Video Sales Page Templates – You don’t need me to comment on them!
  7. Massive 70 High-Quality Video Skin Pack – It’s about using a background image to make your videos stand out and includes 70 templates for further assistance.
  8. High-Quality Video Sales + Squeeze Page Template Pack – Again, the section here is self-explanatory.
  9. 100’s Of Graphic Elements With Source Files – You’ll grab a dar-and-drop graphic pack with tons of elements you can use for your videos.
  10. SEO Video Warrior e-Book + Video Course – It contains 6 modules that will show you the right concept before marketing your videos.
  11. Premium Video Sales + Squeeze Page Template Pack – Get even more templates ready to use as you see fit.

Affiliate Marketing Niche Products

Now, my Niche Marketing Kit review will introduce you to 12 affiliate marketing-based products:

  1. Permanent Access To Affiliate Ad Rotator – Find out how to secure additional affiliate commissions from high-converting ads via a single line of code.
  2. Permanent Access To ClickBank Affiliate Master – That system will allow your affiliates to promote multiple products via a single ClickBank account.
  3. Affiliate Promo Formula And Affiliate Alliance – Finally, you’ll be able to work with John personally. Also, the system contains case studies, mastermind group training, and monthly teaching modules.
  4. Affiliate Marketing Master Plan PLR Package – Get everything you need to create an e-book that will be a smashing success. For example, you’ll receive PLR rights, a sales page, a custom squeeze page, and eCover graphics.
  5. Easy Affiliate Marketing PLR Package – This package is similar to the previous one.
  6. Finding The Best Affiliate Products To Promote PLR Package – It will guide you to the most profitable affiliate programs.
  7. Finding JV Partners PLR Package – Explore which JV partners are worthy of your consideration.
  8. How To Build Effective Sales Funnels PLR Package – Develop an understanding of how important sales funnels are for your business.
  9. Affiliate Rockstart Domination Series Master Resale Rights Included – Learn how to choose the most lucrative business model.
  10. Affiliate Blogging eBook Master Resale Rights Included – Find out how to create profitable WordPress websites and earn affiliate commissions passively.
  11. The Affiliate Manager’s Handbook Master Resale Rights Included – That’s a collection of tips and ideas to help you manage your affiliates.
  12. The Affiliate Profits Blueprint Master Resale Rights Included – In other words, that’s training on how to start making money as an affiliate from the get-go.

4) List Building Niche Products

Next, in my Niche Marketing Kit review, we’ll talk about effective email marketing and building your email list.

  1. List Building Evolution Video + e-Book List Building Training – It covers the craft behind getting email subscribers, making money with a small email list, and boosting your opt-in rates in minutes.
  2. Squeeze Page Templates Master Resale Rights Included – Receive 20 list-building squeeze pages and start building your email list today.
  3. List Building Exposed Video Course Resale Rights Included – Learn how to discover what your list topic should be and see 24 ways to build your list fast.
  4. List Building Income Video Course Resale Rights Included – Watch how to create a recurring income-generating asset online.
  5. 37 List Building Quick Tips Private Label Rights Included – That’s an e-book containing 37 of the most profitable opt-in list building secrets.
  6. List Building Renegade Video Course Resale Rights Included – See how to transform your free opt-ins into paying customers.
  7. Profitable List Building Secrets PLR Package.
  8. List Building For Profits PLR Package.
  9. The Road To A 50K Mailing List PLR Package.
  10. Ace List Building Complete Course Resale Rights Included – Profit the most once you know where to sell your email list.
  11. List Phoenix – Understand how to turn subscribers into customers using just one psychological trick.

5) Social Media Niche Products

Is your mind completely blown away?

Hopefully, not yet, because my Niche Marketing Kit review is far from over!

Moving on to Social Media:

  1. Permanent Access To Like Page Builder Pro – A software will create for you a Facebook Like Page in seconds.
  2. Facebook Rock Star System Master Resale Rights Included – That’s your training on Facebook Marketing.
  3. Facebook Business Basics Private Label Rights Included – Expect a 5-day crash course that will show you how to leverage the marketing power of Facebook.
  4. Social Media Profits Master Resell Rights Included – It’s a step-by-step system for driving traffic from Social Media.
  5. Facebook Marketing Secrets – Go through this e-course to learn the latest Facebook marketing tips for increasing traffic.
  6. Facebook Coupon App Private Label Rights Included – See how to add your own coupons to your Facebook Business/Fan Page.
  7. Social Network Marketing Extreme Master Resale Rights Included – Get an e-book and 20 complimentary audio files with more insights into Social Media Marketing.
  8. Facebook Buzz Software Master Resale Rights Included – It’s software that will help you establish a strong connection with your Facebook fans.
  9. Instant Facebook Store Builder Master Resale Rights Included – Find out how to turn your Facebook page into a money-making Amazon/eBay store in minutes.
  10. Twitter Marketing Crash Course Private Label Rights Included – Master the marketing power of Twitter as well!

Internet Marketing Essential Products

Here, 4 more products are demanding your attention:

  1. Turn Your PLR Material Into Profit Pulling Machines – Receive 8 training sessions that will walk you through turning your PLR material into a source of passive income.
  2. Permanent Access To Digital Media Solutions – Watch how to compile your own product onto CD/DVD.
  3. John Thornhill’s Inner Circle – That’s John’s personal training to develop and fast track your skills further.
  4. 60 Minute Reseller – See how to take any reseller product and turn a profit fast.

Niche Marketing Kit Free Bonus Package

At the time of writing this Niche Marketing Kit review, these are the bonuses that come with the program:

  • 12 Months Of Worth Membership Website Content – You’ll grab audio, video, and PDF lessons that will provide you with an additional year of high-quality training.
  • The 10xAffiliate Formula – Listen to John revealing how to earn ten times more than what you’re currently making as an affiliate.
  • Premium Header Templates – That’s a collection of 22 superb header templates.
  • 70 Professional Popup Images – These are images ready to go through an edit.
  • Promotion Blueprint Video Training – John covers the ten steps you need to take to make sure your affiliate campaign will be successful.
  • John And Dave’s Joint Online Success Training Unlimited Access – Be the first to get every new strategy from the masters.
  • List Building PLR Package.
  • Your First Online PLR Package.

See The Niche Marketing Kit Up Close

How Much Does Niche Marketing Kit Cost?

As you already know, the estimated cost of the product is over $10,000.

What you’re not aware of yet is the cost of the bonuses you’ll receive once you become a member of the platform.

And that amount is impressive all by itself – $4,500.

So, we’re talking about a program that normally will cost you nearly $15,000.

However, you don’t have to pay that much money to grab the system – not even close!

Right now, you can gain access to the Niche Marketing Kit for only $47 if you use this link.

Yes, John and Dave are selling their incredible program at such an affordable price for a limited time.

Not to sound like your typical salesman, but I don’t know how long this deal will be an option – nobody does.

Think about everything the Niche Marketing Kit brings value-wise and take advantage of the special offer until it’s still available.

Niche Marketing Kit Price Structure

Well, you now know that the price of the core system is $47.

With that said, the platform will bring a few upgrades to your attention:

  • PRL Package – It contains 99 ready-to-go private label rights product packages. There is a downsell to this upgrade – it will allow you to get a smaller version of this product at a discounted price.
  • 99 Premier Website – Feel free to use them in any way you see fit. Again, you can purchase its downsell and receive 25 websites instead.
  • Monthly PLR Subscription – That upgrade will give you permanent access to another product of John and Dave – the Store Builder.

Let me say just one more time that paying for any of these upgrades is not at all mandatory.

You can buy only the main system, and you’ll still get more than enough resources to establish a successful marketing career online.

Do You Want To Know I Earn Such Commissions Every Month? Read Here!

how I make money online

Niche Marketing Kit Review – Pros And Cons Of The Product


  1. An outstanding product with an incredible value – I don’t think I have to explain what exactly you’re getting – you already know that!
  2. Works for all niches – Using the platform will help you build a profitable marketing business in every niche imaginable.
  3. Covers the most important areas of every online business – Well, it does!
  4. The all-in-one toolkit to advance your marketing results – You have everything you could possibly need to improve your marketing results in one place.
  5. Its creators are more than successful, with years of marketing experience – Dave and John are two of the most successful marketers in the world.
  6. More than affordable price – Paying $47 for a product with an estimated cost of $15,000 is a steal.
  7. 30-day money-back guarantee – If you’re not happy with the program, you’ll receive your investment back.
  8. Full Support – You’ll have many marketing professionals and experts to lead you on this exciting path.


  1. Tons of information – Absorbing that much info might prove challenging for some of you. Then again, you can go through the training at your own pace, so that’s not exactly a con!

Should You Buy The Niche Marketing Kit?

Quite frankly, you’re the only one who can answer that question.

However, this is my Niche Marketing Kit review and I feel entitled to express an opinion:

I think that you should definitely invest in the platform.

After all, the amount of value you’ll receive is off the charts.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be constantly facing formidable competition.

Having the guidance, assistance, and help that comes from Niche Marketing Kit might just be the upper hand you’ll need to dominate the marketing world.

Maybe you’re not sure yet that the system is the right fit for you?

In that case, I suggest reading the next paragraph:

Who Is The Niche Marketing Kit For?

Considering how easy-to-follow the lessons are, I believe the product will be suitable for both newbie and experienced marketers.

Still, affiliate marketing is a broad term. And even though the program will mostly help you conquer the world of niche marketing, you may still doubt your place in the equation.

So, if you find that you belong in any of the following categories, investing in the Niche Marketing Kit will be the right move for you:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • e-Commerce Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Content Creators
  • YouTube Creators
  • Bloggers
  • Online Business Owners (Any Type Of Business)

If you’re trying to earn online in any way, at least one of these bullet points describes you the best.

Subsequently, you know what to do right now!

Get Niche Marketing Kit Today

Is Niche Marketing Kit A Scam?

To be honest, including this paragraph is kind of an insult to the awesome work John and Dave have left behind.

With that said, let me make it perfectly clear that the product is not a scam.

On the contrary, it’s a legitimate training system any internet marketer will be happy to have.

thumb up

May I remind you – there is a money-back guarantee that comes with the program.

Meaning, there is no way for you to lose anything by giving the Niche Marketing Kit a try.

Scam Products You Should Never Purchase:

Niche Marketing Kit Review – Frequently Asked Questions About The Product

  1. In What Format Does The Niche Marketing Kit Come? – Right now, the system comes in the form of video lessons, e-books, and PDF files. Considering purchasing the product will grant you access to the members’ area, you don’t have to download anything on your computer.
  2. What Is PLR? – PLR stands for Private Label Rights. More often than not, the term comes into use regarding content that can be rebranded and resold. These days, PLR may apply to websites, templates, software, and other digital products.
  3. Is Niche Marketing Kit Legit? – Yes, the product is a legitimate educational platform. There is a money-back guarantee that comes with it, so your investment is safe at all times.
  4. Does Niche Marketing Kit Work? – Not only the system works to improve your marketing abilities, but it will surpass your expectations as well.
  5. Where Can I Download The Niche Marketing Kit For Free? – Unfortunately, the product is not available for free download. But you can get it at the discounted price of $47 by using this link.

My Closing

Alright, pals – I think that my Niche Marketing Kit review covered all there is to know about the product.

Again, this is more than a valuable program that has the potential to improve your affiliate marketing results – if you take it seriously.

If you have any questions, write them down in the comments section and I’ll answer them.

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