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Legit Online Jobs – Why You Will Not Make $9K/Month

Alright, online friends, are you impatient to find a new source of income?  We all are, aren't we?  And the rumor has it that Legit Online Jobs is the kind of product that will do that for you.

So, my idea today is to explore exactly how much truth there is in this statement.

Care to join me while I'm exposing the real nature of this system?

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Legit Online Jobs - The Basics

Website: legitonlinejobs.com

Owner: Ross Williams

Price: $34,95

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12 out of 100

legit online jobs introduction

In short, Legit Online Jobs is an online platform that will give you the chance to make a full-time income from home.  Supposedly, you'll be able to earn up to $9,000 per month using this product.

Now, does the tagline sounds super-hyped or what?  Then again, a lot of strange things tend to become a reality nowadays.  Not that I can recall in this exact moment...

Anyhow, let's give this product a chance and find out if it's one of the good non scam online jobs.

What Is Legit Online Jobs?

According to the sales page, this product has something to do with online advertising.

Also, there is a lot of talk about how all the biggest companies online are searching for people to help them with their ad campaigns.

So, if we understand correctly, you'll be helping those giant online businesses to spread their reach and you'll be paid for your efforts.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with that.  It's a legit business to promote someone else's products for a commission. 

And we all know it as affiliate marketing.  

legit work from home jobs

But let's look further and see what exactly this system has in mind.

How Does This Product Work?

As I already said, what this system will offer you to do is to post ads online.  This way, you'll be advertising products of the biggest brands nowadays.

Meaning, you'll be an affiliate marketer who will receive a commission every time you manage to generate a sell.

Now, let's explore closely what exactly your new job will look like.

1) Create an Account

Definitely, your first step doesn't require a lot of explanation.

To start earning with the platform, you'll need to have your own account first.

Once you buy the product, you'll go through a simple process of entering your email address and deciding on a password.

2) Select Companies To Work With

Here, you'll be able to choose exactly which brands you would like to represent.

That is to say, expect to see some really huge names among the possibilities.

For example, CNN, Adidas, Coca Cola, IBM...

In my opinion, the list is impressive!

how does Legit Online Jobs work

3) Start Posting

Finally, you are one step away from the expected insane commissions.

And to see them rolling in your bank account, you just have to begin the process of posting the ads online.  In addition, the more ads you post, the bigger the chance for more sales you're gonna have.

Above all, the platform insists that once you start working with them, the process will become more or less automated.

Meaning, as soon as you set up your account and post your ads on the web, you'll be making a passive income.

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Why Legit Online Jobs Doesn't Work As Advertised 

Overall, there is more than just one simple explanation of why this product can't deliver on its promise to make you $9K/month.

Therefore, I'll show all the reasons why the system is not exactly what it appears to be.

1) Misleading Sales Page

Personally, there is one particular thing that really bothers me about this product's sales page:

"Companies worldwide are desperately searching for people just like you to type up their ads and post them online".

Seriously, are those guys for real?  Do they really expect you to believe that giants like Coca Cola or Adidas are "desperate" for newbies with no experience to manage their marketing campaigns?

Don't forget, we're talking about companies that spend millions of dollars on marketing research and advertising.

So, forgive me but I'm not just buying that statement!

2) Outdated Strategies

Now, let me start by saying that what this product does look like affiliate marketing but it's not.

Remember, you're supposed to write ads and post them online.  The way I see it, there is no other place to share your ads than in forums.

To sum up, this way of doing affiliate marketing may have worked 10 years ago but it doesn't anymore.

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Nowadays, this is considered spamming.  Moreover, even if manage to post an ad or two in a forum, you won't be a part of that forum for a very long time!

how you will be spamming people on the web with Legit Online Jobs

In other words, there is no way to earn a serious amount of money by spamming forums and their users.

3) Useless Training

Here, the word "training" is used in terms of me being polite about what Legit Online Jobs has to offer.

Basically, you'll be given a few general guidelines about how to use Social Media, paid ads, and online forums to drive traffic to your ads.

Make no mistake, what the company is trying to teach you is just a drop in the ocean of online traffic.

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Meaning, you'll need much more knowledge on all the sources of free and paid traffic to work successfully as an affiliate.

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Legit Online Jobs - The List

Again, I'm including my usual pros and cons list just to be completely fair when writing this review.

However, don't expect to find a lot in the pros section!


1) Legit company

To my surprise, it turns out that Legit Online Jobs has a real phone number and address that you can see on their website.

At least, they're transparent about that!

2) Affiliate marketing is a common way to make money online

Well, for the sake of the argument, let's look at the product's line of work as affiliate marketing.

I mean, there is a distant resemblance to that, isn't there?


1) Outdated and Useless Info

Above all, none of the product's strategies to earn an income online will work in any significant way nowadays.

why Legit Online Jobs does not work as promised

2) Misleading Sales Page

On that, let me just ask you a simple question:

Do you really believe that Google (the biggest search engine in the world) is in desperate need of affiliates?

3) Hidden Upsells

Generally, all the low-quality money making products online operate in a similar way.

For starters, they show you a pretty affordable price.  Eventually, though, they will try to shake out of you as much cash as possible through upsells.

4) Owner Unknown

Actually, Ross Williams is stated to be the owner of Legit Online Jobs.

is Ross Williams the real owner of Legit Online Jobs

However, there is no proof that the man you see in the picture is the real person behind this product.

Who Will Have The Best Use Of This Product?

To be completely honest, I can't think of a single reason why any of you would benefit from using this product.

Firstly, if you try to be an affiliate even with no experience, you can join affiliate programs like Clickbank for free.

In other words, makes no sense to pay $35 for something that you're perfectly capable to do on your own.

Secondly, what Legit Online Jobs offers as a way to make money online doesn't really work.  Moreover, it's not a long-term solution to earn a steady income online.

Especially, when there is a much better way to find success with affiliate marketing.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Instead

For starters, if you're interested to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing, you'll need an online business education first.

In addition, you'll have to create your own website.  Because let's face it - posting links online will not do you any good!

Personally, I went through the same process.

If you want to do this as well, Wealthy Affiliate is the online teaching platform to help you achieve your goals.

You can start your education for free and that will include in-depth lessons on affiliate marketing, SEO, driving traffic to your website, marketing modules, etc.

No idea how to build a website?  Then no need to worry, the platform will walk you through the process and will even give you 2 websites for free!

Is Legit Online Jobs a Scam?

Honestly, this is a registered business with real contact information.

how to make money with Legit Online Jobs

However, the product that you'll receive in exchange for your money is not worth the trouble.

In my opinion, there is no need to pay for information that you can find online for free.

That being said, you can decide for yourself if Legit Online Jobs is a scam or not.

My Closing

Quite frankly, to make money online is not as easy as it used to be.

But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep trying.

With the proper education and enough efforts on your part, there won't be anything standing in your way!

Now, anything you would like to share on Legit Online Jobs?

If there is, you can leave your questions and opinions in the comments section.

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