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Learn Affiliate Marketing Tips – 13 Tricks You Don’t Want To Miss On!

Hey there, online money-makers!  Really excited about the topic I picked for you today.  Hope you are too!  No time to waste(as usual), so let's get straight to the point.  Today you will get to learn affiliate marketing tips.  And so much more!

Affiliate marketing is such a monster theme to write about.  I don't believe we could ever say enough.  Not even close.

But we can try!  That's what I'm here for.

And so are you!

This post may contain affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

In my mind, the better question is slightly different:

Why not affiliate marketing?

If any of you can come up even with a single reason, I'll be more than interested to read it.

Personally, I can't find any.

Affiliate marketing is hot.  And in my opinion, always will be.

People buy plenty of products and services online these days.  It's just the way we live.

And we love it, don't we?  It certainly makes life a lot easier on so many levels.

So don't you think that is a great idea to earn some cash in the process of all this buying and selling online?

How about the subject of making money while you sleep?

passive income

Even if those are your first affiliate steps, I bet you already know:

Affiliate marketing and passive income are basically the same thing.

If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep, you’ll work until you die – Warren Buffet

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Do you need to hear more to be completely persuaded?  No?

Good.  That's what I thought.

Let's get rolling then.

Becoming Affiliate Marketer - Where To Start

As I already said, affiliate marketing is going to be an insane source of income for your website.  Once you find out how to do it the right way.

And that will take some time.  Learning curve.  Patience.

Being your own boss is great – you get to choose which 18 hours per day you work!

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But if you are a complete beginner, you must be all over your head.

I know - I was too, not that long ago.

The good news is - you don't need to be.  

All that you need right now is to relax and take a deep breath.  Then pick a starting point and go from there.

It's how I did it.  Considering I got to enjoy affiliate sales just a few months in, I think I must have done something right!

Here are the steps, tips, and tricks I followed.  Let's see how many of them will work for you too!

Learn Affiliate Marketing Tips

Before I go any further:

I don't consider myself an expert.

To the contrary - there is so much more I need to know where affiliate marketing is being concerned. 

But I never stop learning.  I read tons of information every single day.  I test different strategies, try out new things basically all the time.

And more importantly - I got to learn from the best!

You are welcome to join the community that transformed me from ordinary girl to working online affiliate marketer.

And I got the chance to start that crazy journey FOR FREE!

Alright then - here are all the tips and tricks I've been using so far:

1) Decide On A Niche

With the risk of sounding like a big cliche, I just had to start with that.

I'm sure you've heard this many times before and I gotta say - for a very good reason.

If you want to be a successful marketer, you can't promote every single product for sale out there.

You'll need to narrow your focus down.  That's what niche is - a small segment of the market you'll be putting all your affiliate efforts in.

niche website

Word of advice:

Pick something you really like.  It's no fun building an empire wrapped around a subject you have zero interest in.

And just so you know - if you settle on a niche just because you believe it's profitable, it will show.

Your readers will smell that from a mile away.

Which is the last thing you need to happen, trust me!

2) Go For A Self - Hosted Website

No surprise about that, I'm sure!

I don't think I need to explain why you should start blogging, do I? 

Where else you will spread your affiliate wings as wide as possible other than on your own website?

But to give your baby the best chance there is money-wise, your website has to be self-hosted.

Nothing against the free blogging platforms.  They have their own advantages.  Just not this time.

Not if you are interested to have a full control of your blog.

Bluehost needs to be your Number 1 choice if you ask me.  Awesome hosting provider, amazing reputation online.

You can't go wrong with this one!

3) Let Keywords Research Become Your Second Nature

This is such an essential part of any blogger's daily tasks.  I can't stress enough the importance of using keywords the smart way.

Let me ask you:

Can you imagine how much traffic you are going to get once your posts jump on the first page of Google?

Even if you have the wildest imagination, I'm sure the numbers will surprise you.

Mine did.  I'm so pleased that currently, I have a few posts sitting proudly on the first page of the biggest search engine in the world!

How did I do that?  Pretty simple - I have Jaaxy!

Jaaxy is a keywords research tool.  It's a miracle worker if you ask me!

When looking at a potential keyword, Jaaxy shows me:

- how much traffic that keyword is getting every month

- how many other websites are competing to rank for the same keyword

- how big my SEO score is going to be if I rank with that keyword, etc.

Pretty cool, right?  Easy, useful, and FREE!

Yeah - you get to use Jaaxy for free, for life once you join Wealthy Affiliate.

Or you can just get it here and try it out!  Jaaxy has a free trial - you can test it with up to 30 keywords, free of charge!

5) Don't Underestimate The Power Of SEO

In the interest of full disclosure, keywords research is just a part of the on-page SEO you need to perform.

You wanna get some love from Google?  Then you should try harder to impress it!

I'm using Yoast WordPress Plugin.  It gets the job done more than well.

It's a free plugin, so in case you are not having it yet, now is the time to grab it!

Every time you are working on an article, Yoast will tell what exactly you need to fix as you go.

search engine optimization

Let's keep that SEO score as high as possible for the sake of your affiliate sales!

And speaking of disclosure...

6) Add An Affiliate Disclosure Page

You are an affiliate marketer, right?  Good.  Now let your visitors be aware of the fact.

 Affiliate disclosure is a document that tells your audience the truth:

If they make a purchase using any of your links, you will receive a small commission with no extra cost for them.

Not sure how you will benefit from an AD?
It will make you and your business transparent.

When you are honest about the line of work you are doing, your readers will trust you.

"All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust." - Bob Burg

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So far, I've been giving the basic rules I'm following as an affiliate marketer.  But that's not all!

In order for you to start seeing affiliate sales, we need to go deeper.  I promised that you will learn affiliate marketing tips, didn't I?

So let's get into the real deal:

7) Choose Your Products Wisely

I'm talking about the products and services you are going to work with as an affiliate.

In other words - what you'll be recommending to your readers.

Don't push your audience into buying something you wouldn't buy yourself.

Because making sales is great.  That's why you got into this business in the first place, right?

But is it worth losing your integrity and your visitors' trust for the sake of a few bucks?

It's not for me!  I don't think it will be for you either.

So keep it real and honest.  

It will pay off in time!

8) Write Valuable Content

Easier said than done, but that should always be the first thing on your mind.

People don't surf online just to kill some time.  Well, I guess some of them do, but that's not the point.

When a person types words into any search engine, that's generally because of these two reasons:

- he/she needs information about something

- she/he is looking for a solution to a problem

And if you are determined to cement your position as an affiliate marketer, you gotta give your readers what they are looking for.

problem and solution

What you blog about should never be about you.  It has to always be about them.

Make it a mental habit if you wish and don't ever forget:

Every piece of content you are putting out there has to resolve a problem or give valuable information on the subject you are writing about.

Still here?  Great!

As usual, I d the best parts to be the last!

Learn Affiliate Marketing Tips - My Ninja Tricks

The best affiliate decision I've ever made was this:

Don't just settle for what everyone else is doing.  Be bold.  Have the courage to try new strategies on a daily basis.

And it's been working well for me so far!

Hopefully, it will for you as well.

#1 Trick - Go In A Slightly Different Direction

When I was just starting, I was determined to do what the biggest names in my niche were doing.

I thought:

They've made it, right?  So I should keep an eye on them and just repeat the process.

Let me tell you:

That's it's not a bad advice.  But you shouldn't lay on it forever.

At least I think so and here is why:

If I was writing about what everyone else was as well, how could I ever stand  out from the crowd?

different ways

Now - don't get me wrong:

I didn't invent a whole new way to do affiliate marketing.

What I did was to go after not so popular products.

That way, I was able to produce a content not too many other bloggers were aiming at.

And it worked!

The posts that I have on page 1 of Google right now are exactly the posts I did on fairly unknown products and services.

And guess what:

Those are also the articles that are bringing me the most traffic.

And affiliate sales for that matter!

It makes sense when you think about it:

It's better to be the first result for a product that gets 30 searches per month that to be the 50th result for a product that is getting 1000 searches.

Just because people rarely read beyond the first couple of results on Google!

#2 Trick - Master The Creation Of Landing Pages

You really want to pay attention to this one!

I did learn that lesson the hard way!

In my first blogging days, I used to hear a lot about landing pages.  I didn't understand their purpose at the time, so I dismissed the whole idea instantly.

Huge mistake!

A great landing page is a MUST for your business.  And for all those affiliate sells you are dreaming about!

Imagine this scenario: 

You go to buy yourself some new shoes.  As you step into the store, here is what happens:

- the salesman literally pushes you to a random pair and it's already looking towards your purse( where your credit card is)

- you are welcomed with a smile, probably been offered a refreshment and just then the same salesman takes his time to walk you around so you can have a look

In which case you are more likely to make a purchase?

Yeah - that's right!  The second one of course.

It's called warming up your potential clients.

Exactly the same rule applies to your landing pages.  Learn how to come up with gorgeous ones and you'll be already a few steps ahead of your competition.

landing page monkey

Landing Page Monkey is an excellent choice.  Amazing value, so easy to use, insanely affordable!

I don't think you'll be disappointed with this one.  Especially if you are just starting out.

Landing Page Monkey will walk you through the whole process by the hand.  I have a whole article devoted on this product.  You can find it here.

#3 Trick - Conquer Pinterest

I doubt that I'm telling you something that you don't already know:

Pinterest is the real blogging deal.

Why are so many bloggers heading that way?

Because Pinterest's users are not just readers.  They also happen to be buyers as well!

At least according to the statistics:

More than 83% of the people on Pinterest have made a purchase at some point in time.

Which is exactly what you need as an affiliate, right?

If you have no idea yet how to drive traffic with Pinterest, feel free to check my post about it.

My very first affiliate sale came from Pinterest.  And the one after that, and the one after that...

#4 Trick - Do NOT Ignore Your Email List

Another mistake of mine that you shouldn't be repeating!

Every experienced marketer will basically tell you the same thing:

It's all about your email list.

And the reason for that is a no-brainer:

When you build a list, you own it!

learn affiliate marketing tips

You'll have a direct connection with your audience.

And that's something nobody can take away from you!

Email marketing also happens to be the oldest and still most successful form of marketing to date.

It's the first thing they teach you in every copywriting course.  I should know - I went through one of those!

I'm trusting Convertkit with handling all my email campaigns.  Those guys are awesome!

I went with different email service providers before them and I wasn't really impressed. But Convertkit definitely know what they are doing!

You can create as many forms as you like.  And much more than that!

I just can't recommend Convertkit enough.  All the compliments they are getting right now are totally justified. 

Learn Affiliate Marketing Tips - Extra Bonus Trick

And on the top of that - my favorite one!

Always perform A/B testing on your headlines.

What I mean by that:

Play around with different strategies when you are creating your titles.

Take your time and keep your eyes open to what works and what doesn't.

This is an important tip to remember with even bigger reason behind it:

Google pays attention to the CTR your articles are getting.  The more hits your posts receive, the better ranking for your website!

And all that has a really simple explanation:

When people are clicking a lot on your article, that tells Google that your work is being searched for and your content is found helpful.

Naturally, Google will move your post closer and closer to the top results.

And that's exactly where you need to be in order to increase your affiliate sales.

Your title should always:

- make clear what your post is about

- create curiosity 

- grab your reader's attention and refuse to let it go!

My Closing

Honestly, everything I've written so far is just a tiny part of what you need to learn as an affiliate marketer.

Being an affiliate is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  And things are changing all the time.

So you need to be up to date and to work on improving your skills constantly.

It's what I do as well.  I'm finding out new tricks and tips regularly and I think that's great.

Because it gives me so much material to present to you.  Be sure that I'll be coming back with many posts just like this one!

In case you feel lost and need an extra help:

Check My Top Recommendation for starting your own successful affiliate business online.

Are you using any of those tips yourself?  Or maybe you have your own?

If you are willing to share any thoughts about it, I'll be happy to reply.

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