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Landing Page Monkey – Your Shortcut To Roaring Conversations

It looks like it's time to talk about conversion rate, bloggers!  After all, is there even a single one of you who doesn't care about that?  I know I do and that's why I'm spending a lot of time working on my landing pages.  If you share this sentiment, you most likely will enjoy this review on Landing Page Monkey.

Quite frankly, building an email list fast is a top priority for the majority of bloggers.

Needless to say, having high-converting landing pages is a MUST!

At least, it should be if you're determined to make money blogging.

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*Article last updated April 2019*

Landing Page Monkey - The Basics

Product: Landing Page Monkey


Owner: Promote Labs

Price: $1 for the first 7 days, $97 annual price

Cash Embrace Says:

You Can Do Better

landing page monkey - the basics

In short, this product will allow you to create top-notch landing pages that will convert no matter the type of business you're having.

According to the sales page, there is no doubt that you'll score impressive results way faster than expected.

Even more, the guys from promise that LPM is the perfect choice for complete beginners.

Simply said, if you're just starting your online business and have no idea how to deal with landing pages, this program is supposedly your life-saver.

Well, let's find out how truthful exactly that statement is!

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What Is Landing Page Monkey?

Now, this is a landing page building platform you can use to create great-looking and high-converting landing pages.

Above all, this product is being marketed as the go-to, all-in-one place where landing pages are being concerned.

So far, more than 16,000 online marketers are trusting it to advance their businesses.  And they have their reasons.

By all means, using LPM has tons of advantages that simply can't be ignored.

For instance, the software doesn't require any technical skills or coding experience on your part.  Plus, it's entirely web-based which means that there is literally nothing to install.

However, not everything about LPM is as perfect as the sales page makes it sound.  More on this a bit later.

how to create landing pages that convert in sales

First, how about we see what this product has to offer?

What Are The Benefits of Landing Page Monkey?

Honestly, this software is capable of doing quite a lot.  Even more, the way it works is slightly different than what you probably expect.

That being said, let's look at how LandingPage Monkey will benefit your business:

1) No Limitations

Meaning, the product won't cut you off if you hit a certain number of pages.

On the contrary, you can build every day, all the time if that's what you want.

In other words, there are no limitations regarding the number of pages you'll create and host using this software.

To clarify, there is no limit on your subscribers and page views either.

2) Video Backgrounds

Truth to be told, this is one of the most impressive LPM's features.

Generally, using an image as a background of your landing page is not a bad solution.

However, I think you'll agree with me that having a video instead is way cooler.

First and foremost, LPM will work with all the video hosts:

video hosts that will work for landing page monkey

The software will allow you to pick a layout, change font styles and colors, add animations and so much more.

Also, it will provide you with advanced features - autoplay, audio mute, auto-looping, and setting the starting points of YouTube videos.

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3) Fast Implementation

As I already said in this Landing Page Monkey review, the product works differently than the rest of the page builders.

There is no drag-and-drop feature.

Instead, LPM works through "point-and-click".

For example, when you log into your secure dashboard, each section will ask you a question.  And each one of your answers will set up a body text, button, video, animation, etc.

Power-Packed Features Of The Software

Now, everything you read so far is just a small part of what Landing Page Monkey is able to deliver.

To fully realize this software's potential, let's look at its power-packed features:

1) Fully Responsive

When you create a landing page with this program, it will be completely responsive.

So, no matter what device your visitors are using (laptop, tablet, or mobile), your work will be seen on all of them.

2) Free Hosting

Here, a bit of explanation is definitely required!

Basically, LPM will give you a choice:

You can host the finished pages on your own website or LPM will host them on its servers with no extra charge.

In my opinion, this feature is great for everyone who is working online mainly through landing pages alone.

3) 1 Click Clone Page Feature

Generally, this is very useful in case you need plenty of landing pages fast.  Or you've found a style that is translating into awesome results and would like to replicate it.

the one click clone feature of landing page monkey

The 1 click clone page feature will allow you to do that, saving you a lot of time in the process.

4) Import/Export Options

Personally, I think that you'll appreciate this feature in case you don't work on your own.

If you have partners, workers, or affiliates, you'll be able to back up, export, and simply give pages to them.

Plus, you can add templates to your dashboard from other users with a couple of clicks.

5) Conversions And Statistics Built In

Needless to say, you'll never truly know how your landing page is performing unless you have access to its stats.

And the conversions and stats built-in feature take care of all that.

Simply said, you'll be able to see which of your landing pages are getting the most impressions and the best results.

6) Works With Most Of The Autoresponders

Quite frankly, LPM is doing a good job with the integration of the major email service providers.

email service providers

On top of that, you can still take advantage of the custom coded forms no matter which email platform you're using.

What I Like About Landing Page Monkey

1) Beginner friendly software, suitable for advanced marketers as well

2) Easy and simple to use, will get you started fast

3) Works in any browser and it's fully responsive

4) The power packed features offer quite a lot

5) Main focus on creating landing pages with video backgrounds which are proved to convert really well

6) Works with a lot of the email service providers

What I Don't Like About Landing Page Monkey

First and foremost, I'm not affiliated with this product.  And I have my reasons for that which I'll share with you right now.

Truth to be told, the majority of Landing Page Monkey reviews online are not mentioning essential facts that you need to be aware of.

Well, I won't follow their example!

So, here is everything that I don't appreciate about this platform:

1) Not All Of The Major Email Service Providers Are Integrated

Personally, I could never use this software even if I wanted to.  And one of the reasons why is because of my email service.

Just like thousands of other bloggers, my email campaigns are handled by ConvertKit.

Considering that's the leading email autoresponder nowadays, I can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's not on the LPM's list.

2) Video Background May Not Be Such a Good Idea

Again, no one is denying that videos look awesome not just on landing pages but on any other page of your website.

However, it's not a smart decision to have them on every single piece of your content.

why video background will slow down your website

It's not a secret that using too many videos could potentially slow down your site big time.

Given the fact that site speed has a major influence on your Google rankings, I'll pass on the video backgrounds.

3) The Free Hosting Option Is a No-No

So far, you already know that LPM will give you the option to host your landing pages for free.

Although that may look generous at first glance, maybe you should reconsider.

Because what happens if one day you decide that you no longer wish to use this software?

Like it or not, you'll have to move all your landing pages to a different host.

And that could be a major hassle.  Even more, you could potentially lose all of the pages.

If you think about all the time and work that go into creating them, I wouldn't risk it!

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4) The Free Trial Is Completely Useless

OK, you're not going to like this part, but you need to know about it.

By all means, Landing Page Monkey is marketed as a product that offers 7-day free trial.  Meaning, your credit card won't be charged for the first week of using this product.

However, you fail to cancel within these 7 days, your card will be automatically charged with the annual price.

To be honest, that's not what bothers me the most.

On the contrary, what I find the most disturbing here is that if you choose to no longer use LPM after the free trial is over, you'll lose all of the landing pages created so far.

Then, is there a point to have a free trial if the only choice you'll have is to pay the annual price in the end?

Speaking of the price...

5) The Landing Page Pricing Is Not That Affordable

Currently, the annual price for using this product is $97.

In my opinion, that's a way too expensive for a page builder.

Just for comparison, I use Thrive Architect that holds a price of $47/year and offers way more than LPM does.  And that's not just because of its price.

Landing Page Monkey Vs. Thrive Architect

Before this review is over, how about we look at your alternative options?

For example, my personal choice of a page builder is Thrive Architect.

Basically, everything that LPM is offering you, Thrive does as well.

why Thrive Architect is a better option than Landing Page Monkey

Although, the main difference here is that Thrive will provide your landing pages with so much more:

  1. Countdown/countdown evergreen
  2. Content reveal
  3. Table of contents
  4. Disqus comments/Facebook comments
  5. Post grid
  6. Progress bar
  7. Star rating
  8. Testimonials
  9. Guarantee box
  10. Toggle
  11. Click-to-tweet

To be honest, that's just a small part of all Thrive Architect's features.

The bottom line is, there are better options for your landing pages than LPM.

And considering how important a landing page is for your business, you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best.

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My Closing

Make no mistake, a professional, high-converting landing page has the ability to skyrocket your online business.

Therefore, you should choose carefully when deciding on your page builder.

As I already pointed out, in my opinion, you can do so much better than Landing Page Monkey.

Now, in case you're having a hard time developing a successful online business, you can always explore my Top Recommended Program.

This online platform taught me everything there is to know about creating an affiliate marketing based business and anyone can join it for free.

Any questions or opinions regarding Landing Page Monkey?

You can leave them in the comments section below.

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