is writing to wealth a scam

Is Writing To Wealth A Scam Or Easy $325/Writing Gig?

Where to begin...For a start, I would like to believe that the majority of you are really fond of the idea of making money as a freelancer.  Because if you're not, all my efforts in answering is Writing to Wealth a scam or not will be in vain.

But if you are, that's awesome!  It will justify my decision to expand this website's horizons.

So far, Cash Embrace's main focus is on blogging and affiliate marketing as a source of income.  But I think there is room to squeeze the freelance writing as well, right?

This post may contain affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.

Writing To Wealth - The Basics


Owner: if only I knew...

Price:  it depends, let's settle for $34

Cash Embrace Rank:

55 out of 100

writing to wealth review

Basically, Writing to Wealth is a website that will give you the chance to grab well-paid writing gigs.

So lucrative that you'll be able to earn anywhere between $100 and $325 for a single job.  On top of that, there is no experience required on your part.

And that's about all the information you can get out of the sales page.

It's not enough for me...As it shouldn't be enough for you either!

Let's dig deeper then.

What Exactly Is Writing To Wealth?

Still baffled by the amount of money promised in the previous paragraph?  Well, you're not alone.  We're in this kind of state together!

But if there is one thing I know for sure from my experience of working online, that is to always give a product a chance to proves itself.

So, what do we know so far?

Apparently, Writing to Wealth works as an online database of writing jobs available.  You can choose between writing articles or blog posts.

And all that you'll need to secure them is to pay $34.  After that, let the crazy earning begin!

Not convinced yet?  Again - we're in this together!  Moving on...

is writing to wealth a scam

How Does Writing To Wealth Work?

According to the sales page, there are 3 steps that you'll have to take:

1) Join the program to get instant access

2) Browse among the 1,000 jobs being offered

3) Claim the job you like, submit your work and the money are yours!

is writing to wealth a scam

In short, it looks like something that a monkey can handle for a profit.  OK, not literally, but you're getting my point!

Because of that, you should really try to read between the lines.  But there is no way you'll ever be able to do that just by looking at the photo above.

Yeah, the way I see it, it's time to pull the curtains and show you what happens once you buy the product!

Making Money Online Is Not a Daydreaming!  You Need To Take Action And Make It Happen!

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Is Writing To Wealth a Scam - What Happens After You Buy The Product

Honestly, you can really find what this product is all about only after you purchase it.

A Quick Heads-Up:

Believe it or not, you're getting a discount if you stay on the page long enough.  The price of the product will become $12!

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Once you buy the product, you'll be pleasantly surprised:

There is a members area and a handful of useful sections to guide you.

Personally, I thought that after a purchase is being made, you'll be left to deal on your own devices.  But that wasn't the case!

Inside The Members Area

Well, what can I say about the Members area?  Let's put it this way:

It's kind of a good news-bad news situation...I'll get back to this in a minute.

Now, how about I show you what it looks like on the inside?

jobs available on writing to wealth

1) "Getting Started" Guide

Basically, this is a step-by-step guide of 38 pages.  

To be honest, this eBook covers essential topics that I believe will be useful to you.

However, I find some of the information to be pretty outdated.  So you'll need to take it with a grain of salt!

2) "Articles And Tips" Section

Again - cool section, valuable tips.  At least, some of them I might add!

What I mean by that:

In order to further your knowledge, at the end of each article, you'll find a list of websites for advanced information.  But some of them are nowhere to be found.

Because they are no longer functioning!

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3) "Writing Contests" Section

Finally, a section that I don't have any reason to complain about!

Here, you'll find lists of writing, books, and poetry contests.  If you decide to enter them, you'll have the chance to win some awesome prizes.

4) "Write For Magazines" Section

And we're coming back to the ground...

Whether I consider this section helpful or not, it doesn't matter much:

Plenty of the links provided will lead you to a 404 page!

5) Writing Jobs Database

OK, here is the deal:

This one is HUGE!  As a matter of fact, more than can be expected!

You'll find a vast array of writing opportunities in here.  On top of that, this section is well-maintained and completely up-to-date.

So Writing to Wealth manages to deliver on this promise big time!

6) "Other Ways To Earn" Section

Generally, I wouldn't bother to spend any time in this section.

The majority of the products listed are of a very low quality. If I may dare to say - some are a pure "get-rich-quick schemes".

is writing to wealth a scam

In short, you'll be better off without them!

I guess Writing to Wealth is affiliated with this products.  Not a cool decision... 

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7) Writing To Wealth's Bonuses

By all means, this section is supposed to give you more opportunities to make money on the web.

But the products they recommend are, what's the word I'm looking for..., cute!

bonuses from writing to wealth

And yeah, by cute I mean totally useless!

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Writing To Wealth - The Pros And Cons List

To be honest, this product is confusing on so many levels!

It has an amazing database but recommends low-quality money making products...Some useful sections are included, but broken links exist...

Probably you are not going to make $100 for an article, but then again - Writing To Wealth costs only 12 bucks with the discount...

So to help you see the facts clearly, here comes the List!

The Pros

1) A giant database, thousands of writing jobs available

2) Step-by-step guide included

3) Useful tips on writing articles

4) The pretty cool section on writing contests

5) It will you a lot of time on research

6) More than affordable - you can grab the discount and buy the product for $12!

The Cons

1) Tons of outdated information 

2) Poorly maintained product - a lot of broken links included

3) Recommends low-quality products for making money online

4) No information on the owner

And there you have it...all the information you need to make a decision:

Are the huge database and useful sections worth your 12 bucks?  Or maybe you are put off by the affiliate links leading you to get-rich-quick schemes?

In my opinion, use your best judgment to form an opinion before purchasing this product!

Writing To Wealth - My Thoughts On The Product

As I already said, my opinion on this product is all over the place.

On one side, it will be great for absolute beginners.  The size of the database is impressive, there is a guidance included plus useful sections.  Not to forget that you can have the Writing to Wealth for just $12.

However, the sales page is misleading.  I really doubt that you'll able to make the amount of money that is being promised to you.  Especially if you don't know the first thing about content marketing and writing for the web.

So, to decide whether or not to buy this product will come down to your level of experience.

Is Writing To Wealth a Scam?

In short, no - it's not!

Likewise, you're getting a product for your money.  Although the sales page screams of hype, we can't deny that there is a value provided by Writing to Wealth.

The bottom line is:

If you avoid the recommended money making products at all cost and get the discount, you'll be able to make a profit from Writing to Wealth.

But you'll need to adjust your expectations about the amount of that profit!

Is There a Better Alternative?

Actually, there is!

Let's get real for a moment, shall we?

It's not an easy task to make a living as a freelancer.  Especially if you don't have any experience or access to a proper training.

And even if you do:

Why should you choose to make some sort of extra income writing for somebody else when you can develop skills and write for yourself?

I'm talking about building a whole online business based on your writing.

It's how I make my money online.  I got the right education and less than a year later I got to leave the 9-5 and work for myself.

If that's what you want as well, just click and borrow My Free Guide to lead you.

my free guide

You'll find out where to learn the online business inside out, how to receive the necessary tools and you'll become a part of a community that will help you on every step of the way.

OK then!  In case you have any questions or thoughts on the subject "Is Writing to Wealth a Scam?", drop them in the comments section.

I would love to read them!

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