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Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam? – Same Empty Promises, Different Name

Hey online friends!  It looks like many of you really need some answers, so right now I’m typing as fast as I can.  Is Writing Jobs Online a scam – that’s the question that keeps popping up in my email every now and then.

I aim to please.  At least I’m trying hard!

So – I did my research just like I always do.  With a great pleasure, I would like to inform you that I found more than I was looking for initially.

Good or bad – see for yourself!

Writing Jobs Online – The Basics

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A $1/7-day trial, 47/month afterwardis writing jobs online a scam


Glen Anderson (maybe, maybe not!)

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If you came across a platform like Writing Jobs Online ( WJO), you are probably a freelance writer.  Maybe you would like to become one?  At least you must be looking for a way to earn money from your writing skills, right?

No matter which scenario best describes your case, we can agree that what you need is a legitimate writing opportunity.

WJO is one of those.  At least that’s what they are saying.

From my own experience, I can say this – you can’t trust everything you read online.

Not every salesman has your best interest at heart.

I doubt that you will be surprised when I tell you that most of them couldn’t care less about anything other than your money.

Is WJO going to be an exception from the general, way too familiar and painful rule?

You are about to find out!

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam – Let the Dissection Begin!

WJO is a website that stands tall behind an enormous headline:

You will be able to make tons of money from writing articles.  The platform will connect you with their “partners” – companies that can’t wait to pay you for every writing piece you are going to deliver.

I gotta admit – they did a good job with this photo:is writing jobs online a scam

It’s colorful, eye-catching and looks full of potential.

In other words – it’s everything that a sales photo is supposed to be.

And Writing Jobs Online knows that.

It’s a technic I’ve seen too many times being used from another scam products:

“Let’s throw some sand in their eyes (photo of plenty wide known brands), so they won’t dig to see what’s underneath the surface”.

Sounds familiar?

If you’ve been ripped off a few times, I bet it does!

Wooh… I think I might be going a bit too fast with expressing my opinion.  What can I do – it’s so much fun!

But I’ll get back to this in a minute.

First – let’s be fair and give WJO the chance to say what they have to say.

How Does Writing Jobs Online Works?

Well – it doesn’t!  But I promised that I’ll be good so… Here is what WJO has in mind:

  • 1. You start your trial – $1/day for the first 7 days

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a trial supposed to be free of charge?  I thought that’s why it’s called a trial – so you can have the chance to see if this program will work well for you.

Hey – maybe it’s just me!  Maybe I was left with the wrong impression.

Damn all those worthy, legit platforms that did let me get to know them without anything in return!  They spoiled me so bad that I now feel stupid for expecting the same thing from Writing Jobs Online!

Anyway, let’s move on…

  • 2.  After the trial is over, they will charge you $47/month.  No worries, you will be already submitting your work!

What did you expect?

They will provide with a job worth thousands of dollars, so you will have to pay them commision. is writing jobs online a scam

If you are wondering who is at fault here – it has to be me again!

I mean – I consider myself an educated person.  I thought I knew what a freelancer meant:is writing jobs online a scam

A person who is working for himself.  Who doesn’t get a fixed salary?  Whose amount of payment depends on the opportunities he/she is able to secure.

It’s not how the things are done in WJO’s land.  There, you are getting paid per hour, no matter what!

What happens if for some reason you don’t get any gig for a whole month?  You will still have to pay $47/month.

But hey – that’s could never happen!  WJO are sure of it and so should you!

  • 3. Make a plenty of money, so you won’t mind those tiny $47/month

is writing jobs online a scam

I mean – if you are keeping yourself busy, you will be able to make up to $5,000 per month.  That’s what they are promising you.

Now – be a decent person and gladly pay to the platform that got you this awesome gig in the first place, would you?

Doesn’t sound like the hardest thing to do, does it?  It’s more like 1,2,3 easy steps to your financial freedom…

What are you waiting for?  Get in ASAP!

Actually – not so fast.

Not if you would like to hear what else I have to say about Writing Jobs Online.

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam – Well…

If you’ve been following Cash Embrace, you know that scam is a word I don’t use lightly.  Even if a product is not that good, I’ve been trying hard to find something about it that will be worthy of your attention and money.

With Writing Jobs Online, all my efforts and goodwill led me to a dead end.

I can’t close my eyes and ignore those facts:

#1. You are not supposed to be paying for work

Normally, you don’t have to be charged for writing articles.  Just go on Google and do a quick research.

You will find plenty of freelancing writing opportunities, all of which you can do for free.

There is a Freelancer for example.  I had a very positive personal experience with that website.

Oh, and by the way – Freelancer didn’t ask me for any money to start using their services.  Just a thought.

How about Fiverr?

If you haven’t heard of this website, you are missing a lot!  You can earn money by doing almost every kind of job known under the sun.

And guess what – Fiverr won’t ask you for $47/month either…

#2. WJO won’t provide you with any information that it’s not already out there

This website is not going to introduce you to a hot new, unknown job opportunity.

Everything they have to offer you can find on your own.  All you need is an internet connection and some free time.

The jobs they are boosting about happen to be the same jobs you can stumble upon with a few clicks on your laptop.

And you can do that without having to pay any monthly commission whatsoever.

It’s just a list of names!  No training, not really.

No help to get you started.

The best they can do obviously is pointing you to the websites who are hiring writers!

#3. Did I mention their earning calculator?

I don’t think I did.  What a hit and miss on my part!  Let me correct myself.

Writing Jobs Online is helpful enough to provide you with an earning calculator.  You will be able to find out exactly how much you are going to make.

Honestly – this is such a big insult to your intelligence.

In my opinion – if the effort wasn’t that pathetic,  I would find it amusing and pretty funny.

It’s a freelancing job, people!  Unless you have the ability to predict the future, there is no way to know what kind of gigs you are going to get and how much you will be paid.

Everyone who is trying to convince you otherwise is obviously lying to your face.

#4. Writing Jobs Online Makes It Sounds So Easy…

You saw the photo above – this platform expect you to believe that getting a well-paid writing job is a piece of cake.  1,2,3 steps and it’s so on, right?

Take it from somebody who has been there – it’s not that simple.

Let’s go back for a second and take a look again at the screenshot of all the partners.

There are pretty big names in that photo.

Do you really believe that Fox or CNN will hire you just like that?

If you have never done this before, nobody knows what you are capable of doing.

You haven’t built a name yet to speak for itself.

Even if you manage to submit your work, do you have any idea how many other writers you will be competing with?

Let me tell you – a lot!  Most of them already have an experience, portfolio, previous articles to show off.

I’m not saying that freelance writing is an impossible thing to do.

To the contrary – many people are doing it and are able to make an extra or even a full-time income with it.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them.

But you need to know that it won’t happen instantly.  It will take you time and efforts to get there.

#5. About the owner…

Glen Anderson – we can’t be really sure that he even exists.

What you may be interested to know is that the same person owns Photography Jobs Online and Gaming Jobs Online.

Whoever that individual may be, it looks like he/she is all about throwing all kind of jobs online in your face.

The same woman appears in all 3 sales videos.

Is that on purpose or Mr.Anderson is short on staff?

I guess we will never know!

It Can’t Be All Bad.  Can It?

To be completely honest, I did find one thing about Writing Jobs Online that might be able to change your mind after everything I presented so far.

The writing jobs online a scam

I don’t think that the people talking are actors being hired to say nice things.  It may be hard to believe, but they look real to me.

Their general opinion is that WJO is great writing opportunity.  And they are grateful for it.

And that is the sole reason why I added an affiliate link to this review.

I don’t believe in promoting products I don’t consider good enough.  But those people do, so who you should be listening to?

The only good answer I can give in here is this – it’s up to you.

You should decide for yourself if paying every month to be able to earn as a freelancer is something you really want to do.

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam? – My Closing

I don’t recommend this platform.

Yeah – there is a money back guarantee if you are not happy with it.  So even if you decide to try it, it doesn’t look like you will lose anything other than your time.

And time is the most precious asset that we have. 

Because of that, I believe you shouldn’t go with WJO.

Why would you when there are better ways to earn from your writing?

You can build your own business online.  If you create a website, you will get to write all day long if that’s what you want!

And you will still make a nice income.

The most successful blogs are earning thousands of dollars every single month.  You won’t make that much when you start, but if you work hard and you are consistent, you just might be able to get there as well!

Ready to give that a try?  I can help you if you have no idea where to start:

Have a look at my guide for starting a successful business online.

It’s FREE, so anyone can grab it and I won’t ask for $47/month, lol!

Did you enjoy this post?  I hope I satisfied your curiosity about is Writing Jobs Online a SCAM.

Any thought you would like to share?  You can leave them in the comments below.








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