is Writing Jobs Online a scam

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam? – Same Empty Promises, Different Name

So, it looks like many of you really need answers...Trust me, I'm typing as fast as I can!  Today, I'll shed some light on a question that keeps popping up in my email - is Writing Jobs Online a scam or not.

Quite frankly, you may be familiar with the power of the written word online already.  

That being said, being a content creator can be a really lucrative side hustle and even a full-time job.

But is Writing Jobs Online the best place to get you started?

Writing Jobs Online - The Basics

Product: Writing Jobs Online

Owner: Glen Anderson (maybe, maybe not!)

Price: $1 the first 7 days, 47/month afterward

Cash Embrace Says:

Not Recommended

is writing jobs online a scam

To sum up, Writing Jobs Online is a website that offers well-paid writing opportunities.  Currently, their database is filled with more than 1,000 writing gigs, including e-books, articles, and blog posts.

According to their sales page, you'll be able to land a job and enjoy flexible working hours from every place in the world.  Even more, as soon as you start with this platform, your writing employment is guaranteed. 

If you're a freelance writer or you would like to become one, all that sounds more than promising, doesn't?

However, from personal experience, I can tell you this much:

online writing jobs

Above all, you can't trust everything you read online.

Because not every salesman has your best interest at heart.

But let's give this product the chance to explain itself, shall we?

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam? - Let The Dissection Begin!

First of all, this is the website's main promise:

You'll be able to make an attractive income from writing articles.  The platform will connect you with their partners - companies that are willing to pay you well for every writing piece you are going to deliver.

By the way, you can see all of those partners here:

the partners of Writing Jobs Online

Honestly, they did an excellent job with that photo - it's colorful, eye-catching, and looks full of potential.  

And that's everything a sales photo should be, right?

In other words, Writing Jobs Online is using a very common technique, quite popular among the scam products online:

"Let's throw some sand into the audience's eyes (screenshot of the biggest brands in the world) and no one will dig to see what's underneath the surface."

Does this ring any bells to you?

If you've been ripped off online at least once, I bet it does!

However, maybe I'm going a bit too fast, so I'll get back to this in a minute.

Before I do that, it's only fair to give this platform the chance to say what it has to say.

How Does This Product Work?

Actually, it doesn't.  But I promised that I will be on my best behavior...

So, is Writing Jobs Online a scam or not - to get the full answer to that question, let's look at how this product works!

1) Start Your Trial

As I already mentioned, this trial will cost you $1/day, but just for the first 7 days.

Personally, when I hear about a  trial, I imagine that it would be free of charge.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that how it's supposed to be?

Normally, for a trial to be called a trial, it has to allow the potential clients to try out a product or service for free.  Subsequently, they'll decide if they would like to buy it on their own free will.

Meaning, their purchasing decision will not be influenced in any possible way.

Obviously, Writing Jobs Online doesn't see it the same way!

2) When The Trial Is Over, Your Credit Card Will Be Charged

No worries, though!

Because at this point you'll be submitting your work.  Chances are, you'll be getting paid as well.

In other words, Writing Jobs Online will lay in front of you all these lucrative writing gigs.  It's only normal to pay them a commission considering you're making money already, isn't?

Speaking of money, have a look at the numbers the product is promising you:

how much money you can make with Writing Jobs Online

And what will happen if for some reason you don't get hired for a month?

Well, you'll still have to pay the $47 fee!

3) Make Money From Your Writing

According to Writing Jobs Online, there is no way you wouldn't be able to find writing opportunities and earn from them.

Even more, this is how they see what your experience with their platform will look like:

how Writing Jobs Online work

To clarify, the system claims that if you keep yourself busy, you'll make up to $5,000 per month.

Looking at these numbers, it's only fair to pay the platform that got you this awesome gig, isn't?

Actually, not so fast!  At least, not before you know all the facts.

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam? - The Troubling Signs

Quite frankly, a lot is required to be able to call a product or service a scam.

For instance, you'll have to pay for something but get nothing in exchange for your money.

Let's see what's the reality with Writing Jobs Online!

1) You're Not Supposed To Be Paying For Work

Generally, a legit working opportunity won't ask you for money before you're even hired.

With rare exceptions, even if there's a commission, that fee has to be paid after you start to make money, not before.

why you shouldn't be paying for freelance writing jobs

Especially when we talk about freelance writing jobs!

I mean, what about Freelancer or Upwork?  Personally, I had a very positive experience with both of them.

And yes, they have paid plans as well, but the free ones are delivering just as nicely!

Moreover, there is always Fiverr as well...

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2) The Information Provided From The Platform Can Be Found For Free Online

Honestly, I'm not against paying for products and services.  On the contrary, I'm investing in my education and development all the time.

However, I'm all for that only if what I'm paying for is exclusive.  Meaning, I won't stumble upon it on YouTube or through a simple search on Google.

That being said, if you expect the info coming from Writing Jobs Online to be the hottest job opportunity, you'll be disappointed.

Everything they have to offer, you'll be perfectly capable to discover on your own.  As long as you have an internet connection and some free time, you're all set.

By all means, this platform doesn't provide any real training on how to become a successful freelancer.  The best it can do is to send you a list of the websites that are hiring writers!

3) The Earning Calculator Is A Joke

Actually, I don't think that I've mentioned it up until now.  That's a hit and miss on my part, so allow me to correct myself!

Currently, Writing Jobs Online is helpful enough to present you with an earning calculator.  So, you'll be able to learn how much you'll make before you even start.

How awesome is that, huh?

is Writing Jobs Online a scam - their earning calculator is unrealistic

At the same time, it's an enormous insult to your intelligence.

Unless the product has the ability to predict the future, there's no way to know what writing gigs you'll secure (if any) and how much you'll earn from them.

Then again, I'm not surprised:

The majority of scam products online are quick to offer earning calculators for your convenience!

4) They Make It Look So Easy

Remember the photo above, right?

According to Writing Jobs Online, getting a well-paid job can be achieved in 3 simple steps.

In reality, though, it's a bit more complicated than that.

When you're just starting, you have no experience whatsoever.  Likewise, you haven't built a name that will speak for itself yet.

Therefore, do you really believe that Fox or CNN will hire you just like that?

Even if you manage to submit your work, why should they choose a writer with no body of work?  Especially, considering you'll be up against much more experienced and well-known professionals than you are?

Now, I'm not saying that finding success as a freelance writer is an impossible thing to do.

But you'll have to adjust your expectations and know that it won't happen instantly.

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5) Who Is The Owner?

Basically, you're supposed to believe that Writing Jobs Online comes from the mind of Glen Anderson.

Although, don't expect him to make an appearance or to show his face in anything related to the product.

who is the owner of Writing Jobs Online

However, you should know that the same name is listed as the creator of Photography Jobs Online and Gaming Jobs Online.  

Both of which have just about the same quality as Writing Jobs Online.

Seriously, the main difference between these 3 systems is the first word if you ask me!

6) The Testimonials Are Not To Be Trusted

To sum up, the low-quality online products can't seem to find a real person who would be willing to sign his or her name under a system like that.

As a result, they tend to hire actors from Fiverr or download random pictures of random people from free sites like Pixabay.

Unfortunately, Writing Jobs Online follows the practice as well.

Given everything said about this product so far, you shouldn't be surprised!

Is Writing Jobs Online a Scam?

Well, how about I let you be the judge of that?

Usually, I always add a paragraph of the product's pros and cons when writing a review.

Here, I don't see any good reason why I should waste your time with that.

thumb down

When a product is this bad, what choice do I have?

That being said, you can decide for yourself if Writing Jobs Online is legit enough to deserve your money.

The Better Way To Make Money From Your Writing

Actually, it's pretty simple.  Not to mention, free of charge to start!

If you love to write and would like to earn your living with it, why not do it for yourself?

Nowadays, anyone can start a website in a matter of minutes.  

So, you can create your own online business, write tons of articles, and get paid for your efforts.

And even though it will take time and learning curve, that's an excellent way to make money online.

Not to mention, the earning possibilities are countless!

This online teaching platform is the place that taught me how to create my business.  By the way, in a difference of Writing Jobs Online, you don't have to pay anything upfront in order to use it!

Plus, if you want the see immediately what the process will look like, just read my Free Guide.

My Closing

Apparently, it goes without saying that I don't recommend this product.

In my opinion, you're better off without it!

However, if any of you have a different experience with Writing Jobs Online, I would love to read about it.

But if you don't, my comments section is open for your thoughts all the same.

Feel free to share anything you would like and I'll get back to you!

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