is Private Cash Sites a scam

Is Private Cash Sites a Scam Or Your Single Step To $1K/Day?

Still sleeping, online pals?  Well, wake up and smell the coffee!  Considering that time is money, how about we don't waste any?  Especially when we have important business to attend to - answering the question is Private Cash Sites a scam or not!

Relatively new on the market, this money-making system is luring tons of clients on a daily basis currently.

Before you become one of them as well, maybe you should learn what you're getting yourself into first!

Private Cash Sites - The Basics

Product: Private Cash Sites

Owner: It's complicated

Price: $37, Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

Stay Away!

is Private Cash Sites a scam

In short, Private Cash Sites is a system that claims to make you more than $1K/day in profits.  Supposedly, using it is suitable for anyone, no matter the level of experience.

So, you can start cashing in a lot of money day by day even if you've never worked online up until now?

That's what they say!

However, I'm a firm believer in "Trust but verify".  Since you bothered to find out the truth regarding Is Private Cash Sites a scam or not, I guess so are you!

Let's see what this program is really capable of, shall we?

What Exactly Is Private Cash Sites?

Generally, that's almost impossible to answer if you rely only on the sales page.

I mean, the spokesperson is one of those people who talk a lot without really saying anything at all.  Then again, there is always a strategy behind those types of presentations...  But I'll get back to this in a minute.

By all means, this is what you'll discover about the product:

According to the sales video, Private Cash Sites has nothing to do with "get-rich-quick" schemes, pyramids, or spam for that matter.  Even more, this program is completely different than anything else you've seen online so far.

why Private Cash Sites will not make money online

This is supposed to be the one platform that would never ever disappoint you and won't betray your expectations!

Eventually, you'll find out that this system will use the affiliate marketing model in order to generate you the impressive commissions being promised.

Now, affiliate marketing is a completely legit way to make money online.  It's what I and thousands of others do to earn our living.

That being said, is the fact that Private Cash Sites uses this business model enough to gain our trust?

Personally, I don't think so.  And neither should you!

So, let's look further...

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  • Is Private Cash Sites a Scam? - Let's See How It Works

    Quite frankly, you'll be able to steal a glimpse about how this product work from the sales page alone.

    Above all, the idea being sold here is that you'll receive a whole done-for-you system that will allow you to duplicate the owner's results.

    By the way, they look like that:

    commissions being promised from Private Cash Sites

    Honestly, I'm not buying any of that.  I mean, do you?

    No matter how you may want to look at the photo above, there's no way to be sure where those numbers are coming from and are they really from affiliate sales.  Most importantly, are they even real?

    Truth to be told, I can jump on Canva and create "an income proof" like this one in a couple of minutes.  But that isn't gonna make it true, is it?

    Anyhow, let's see what kind of miracle system your $37 will be paying for:

    • 2,3 landing pages that you'll have to use to promote products or services (mainly money-making systems listed on ClickBank, but other affiliate networks will do as well)
    • A couple of training videos on how to set up these landing pages 

    Once you grab all that, you'll make your first affiliate sale in a matter of hours.

    By all means, that's what the sales video wants you to believe.

    And I'm about to tell you why that ain't gonna happen!

    Why Private Cash Sites Doesn't Work As Advertised 

    Actually, it doesn't work at all...

    Make no mistake about it, affiliate marketing is perfectly capable of earning you thousands of dollars in revenue each month.

    However, the process is not as easy, simple, and fast as Private Cash Sites is trying to convince you.

    is Private Cash Sites a scam

    On the contrary, it's a long journey that will require a lot of work and patience from you until you're able to see results.

    Back to the topic of this article.  Let me show you everything that's wrong with this product:

    1) You Can't Make Your First Affiliate Sale In 1 Hour

    In my opinion, one of the reasons why people are buying this product (and many are doing so!) is the promise of almost instant online income.

    If that's your first attempt to make money on the web, you have no experience whatsoever yet.  Likewise, you have no idea what to expect and how fast things are normally happening.

    Therefore, it's easy to fall for products that are telling you what you would like to hear, right?

    However, Private Cash Sites is building within its customers entirely unrealistic and over-hyped expectations about how affiliate marketing works.  Not to mention, completely wrong!

    Have a look for yourself:

    how affiliate marketing works according to Private Cash Sites

    As you can see, the difference is crucial.  

    To sum up, there is no way for you to make any amount of cash online the way this product is claiming that you will.

    Like it or not, you'll have to learn how to become an affiliate marketer first!

    2) The "Done-For-You" System Of Private Cash Sites Will Never Do Well Online

    Generally, when the majority of people visit Google first to check is Private Cash Sites a scam or legit, that's most likely because of these 2 reasons:

    1. Listening to the sales video, they feel like this product is too good to be true
    2. They're disturbed from the thought of "done-for-you" system

    Let's be honest, what does "done-for-you" even mean?

    How could somebody create a product that will deliver on all its customer's needs without even knowing who these people are and what kind of business they're interested in?

    That's why the best all of the low-quality systems can do are always landing pages.  And they never work!

    why Private Cash Sites doesn't work

    Firstly, all of the people buying Private Cash Sites will end up with identical landing pages.  Trust me, Google doesn't like when that's all you have to show for and you won't see any decent ranking.

    Secondly, the search engines don't appreciate thin landing pages that are mainly used to deliver affiliate sales to its owners.

    Meaning, except for promoting a product, they don't offer any value to the audience whatsoever.

    Is Private Cash Sites a Scam - More Troubling Signs

    Believe it or not, there are more problems with this product that you need to be aware of.

    So, it's not enough that Private Cash Sites is as unrealistic as it can get.  Moreover, there are a couple of facts that I find even more disturbing.

    1) The Sales Video Is Practically a Middleman For Another Product

    If you watch the presentation, you'll be told that all you need to do is to submit your email address and then you'll be redirected to another product.

    Wait, what?

    Yeah, that was my initial reaction as well.

    Truth to be told, I've reviewed tons of money-making systems so far, most of them completely worthless.  

    With that being said, Private Cash Sites left me speechless.

    I mean, what kind of service is that?  And how profitable it could be if the best that can do for you is to redirect you to another sales page?

    Questions that I'm pretty sure will stay unanswered...

    2) Private Cash Sites Is The New Name Of an Old Product

    In short, this product is a way too similar to another one that already exists.  

    By all means, we can't ignore the fact that both of the sales pages are almost completely identical.

    Does this look familiar to you?

    is Private Cash Sites a scam

    Well, at least they changed the color of the button...

    Honestly, I'm pretty sure that Private Cash Sites and Steal My System is the same thing.

    According to Google, Steal My System has hundreds of negative reviews.  Subsequently, the owner rebranded it a bit and now he's trying to pass it as a fresh new product.  Desperately hoping that we wouldn't notice!

    Until we're on the subject of the owner...

    3) You'll Never Know Who Is Behind Private Cash Sites

    Now, if we assume that Steal My System and Private Cash Sites is the same product (and it really is!), then let's try to learn who owns it.

    Firstly, the sales video of Steal My System says that the name of the creator is Steve.

    Secondly, Private Cash Sites claims that the owner is a lady called Felicity.

    So, which one is it - guy or girl, Steve or Felicity?

    As a matter of fact, it's none of them if you ask me.  Because all of the scam systems use a random name to hide the identity of their owner.

    4) The Testimonials Are Fake as Well

    To be completely honest, I'm kind of tired from spending so much time on Fiverr.

    Considering all of those non-sense products hire actors from this website to do their testimonials...

    the testimonials of Private Cash Sites are fake

    And Private Cash Sites is no exception whatsoever.

    Above all, after everything you got to read about this product, you can't be surprised that it uses actors to pretend to be its customers, can you?

    5) Be Prepared For Upsells

    Let's say that for some reason you decide to give this product a try.

    For starters, don't expect that $37 is all you'll have to pay.

    From my experience, I can guarantee that you'll face at least 3 upsells until you manage to get what you're paying for.

    It's a common practice within products like Private Cash Sites to try and squeeze out of you as much cash as possible.

    In The End, Is Private Cash Sites a Scam?

    Finally, let's answer this question already!

    Basically, even if this product is not a complete scam (you'll get something for your money), it's coming pretty close to be called one.

    A fake owner, fake testimonials, fake everything - what else would you call it?

    thumb down

    The way I see it, this program is no different than the rest of the products that won't deliver on any of their promises:

    1. Bulletproof Profits
    2. Easy Retired Millionaire
    3. Auto Chat Profits

    And all the others that you can find in my "Bad Guys" category!

    The Real, Honest Way To Make Money Online

    Generally, just because the web is stuffed with BS systems like Private Cash Sites that doesn't mean that you can't make money online.

    On the contrary, the possibility to work on your own terms is real.

    For instance, this is how I earn my income online and so do thousands of others:

    First and foremost, you'll need to create your own website.  Then, get the best possible education you can find - SEO, driving traffic, affiliate marketing, etc.

    In case you need help, have a look at the online platform that got me all that here.  Or read my Free Guide to walk you through the process!

    My Closing

    Long story short, run as far away as possible from Private Cash Sites!

    Actually, don't even bother to look into it - it will only waste your time and money.  And you don't want that, right?

    If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share, I'll be more than happy to have a word.

    Just leave them in the comments section and I'll get back to you!

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