is job killer a scam

Is Job Killer A Scam Or Effortless $347 Every Day?

Prepare yourself, online friends!  I may be kind of late to the party, but I'm planning to make up for it.  And I'm gonna do that by answering a complicated question - is Job Killer a Scam?

If you decide to check this product online, let me tell you:

It's will take you quite some time!  Considering the online space is swamped with reviews about it...

Even more - it's hard to find two opinions that come close to being similar.

Oh, goodie!  There is nothing that I love more than the challenge of finding the truth underneath a pile of information.

In case that's your thing too, stick around.  Let the exploring begin!

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Day Job Killer - The Basics

Not to be confusing or anything - that's the product's full name.  But I rather just call it Job Killer - it's shorter, cleaner.  And it has a special ring to it!


Owner: Not exactly sure

Price: $47+Upsells

Cash Embrace Rank:

25 out of 100

day job killer

So, here is a system that is not exactly shy with its promises:

You'll be able to make around $347/day, not too many efforts, all on autopilot...

Therefore, your nine-to-five job will become redundant.

In short, all your hopes and dreams about financial security are about to come true.  Just imagine what this kind of freedom would look like!

I, for once, will stay at home for a few days and let myself go with a full Tarantino marathon.  But hey, that's just me!

Whatever may get your motors running, how about we find out first if Job Killer is able to deliver on our expectations?

is job killer a scam

What Is Day Job Killer?

Before I dive in to address is Job Killer a scam, we'll need to have a look at what this program actually is.

According to the sales page, the Day Job Killer is a teaching program, focused on showing you the secrets of selling digital products online.

And to do that, you'll be provided with training and software tools.  To be exact, there are eight of them and they look like this: 

software tools from the day job killer

First thing first:

Don't get overwhelmed, would you?  I'm well aware that you can't get any idea about what those tools are or how they work just by looking at them.

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That's why I'll discuss them in details a bit further in this review.  Until then, let's look at the training first.

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Day Job Killer - Summary Of The Training

Honestly, I was surprised by the training provided by this product.

In difference of other money-making systems online, with Job Killer, you'll get much more than a brief introduction to the topic.

The main training contains 50 videos, a vast array of information about selling eBooks, software, apps, and WordPress items.

However, the teaching part of Job Killer doesn't end with them.  Actually, there is quite more to be expected!

Without further ado, let's get to it!

Training Videos

As I already said, there are 50 in total.

Generally, even if you're a complete beginner, there is no need to worry about it!

Here is what you're getting out from the videos alone:

1) Overview

To start, you'll be introduced to the 4 steps of product marketing:

- deciding on a niche

- creating a sales letter

- developing a product

- driving traffic to your offer

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2) Introduction

In other words, getting to know info marketing.

Think of this one as an understanding of why the product marketing can be an amazing and really lucrative way to make money online.

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At this point, you'll learn that the most important step of earning a living online is to take action.  That's why you'll be asked to set the goals you'll be aiming to achieve.

3) Choosing Your Niche

Now, you'll find out which are the most profitable niches on ClickBank and JVZoo with the help of CB5000 software.

Job Killer will lead you to understand the importance of focusing on a single niche for maximum results.

You'll receive a case study of the 3 of the niches that could make thousands of dollars in profit each day.

Also, the creator will give you his personal recommendation of a niche.  According to him, that's a niche you're already familiar with.  So you won't have a hard time creating a product on it.

4) Creating A Product

Right here, your first digital product will come to life!

The program will lead you through JV partnering, outsourcing, and automation.  Plus, you'll receive the case studies Chris has used to create his best-selling products.

5) Your Sales Letter

Once your product is done, you can move on to the creation of your sales letter.

There is no need to panic if you're not familiar with copywriting.

is job killer a scam

Chris holds the record for most sales on both JVZoo and ClickBank.  Including more than 15 number 1 launches.  So you can rest assured that the information provided will pretty much cover everything a high-converting sales letter should be.

6) Getting Traffic

No traffic, no sales - we all know that, right?

Job Killer will present to you the 3 main sources of traffic for digital products:

Affiliates, email marketing, and paid traffic.

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On top of that, the creator will lead you to specific places to get traffic and affiliates for your product.

7) Advance Section

By now, you should have the basic knowledge of how product marketing works.

But why should you settle for basic when Job Killer has more to offer?

Like advice on branding and product names, funnels and upsells, affiliate promotions and contests, JV partnerships, etc.

8) Additional Features

Yeah, told you so - the training is doing its best to deserve our respect.

Therefore, Chris will let you in on his personal techniques and strategies:

- Launch Case Study - how he made $170,000 in 1 day and broke the "highest gravity ever" record

- Copywriting, Email, and Solo Ads Case studies - his secrets on the perfect sales letter, successful marketing and solo adds campaigns

- PPC, $500/day Case Study - how 3 keywords made him a consistent $500/day with Google AdWords

- $500K Secret Subniche Case Study, and many more!


Again, not quite done yet!

The creator of Job Killer is adding a personal touch to its program.  Not to mention that the bonus features are more than newbie-friendly:

- everything you have to know about the automation of the product

- personal access to Chris - you'll be able to ask him any question you can think of

- more secret files, PDFs and reports

- future upgrades and training

Is Job Killer a Scam? - Not So Fast!  Time To Check The Tools

As promised, now we'll have a look at what the 8 software tools can do for you:

1) CB5000 - includes 1600+ products, from 100+ niches that make thousands of dollars per day.

2) JV Valley - 1600 software tools you can choose from to license and resell 

3) Software Generator - to create your first of many software tools

4) 1 Click Copy - to build a high-converting sales script 

is job killer a scam

5) All Copywriter Addon - to transform any sales letter into a template for your product

- All Designer - to create sales letters in minutes

6) Slide Maker Software - to create slide-based sales and training videos

7) Email Nemesis - all about your email campaigns 

8) Keywordaveli - to find out profitable buyers keywords

Job Killer System - Attention, Please!

If there is one thing I always aim for in a review, that would be a complete and non-sugar coated honesty.

So in the interest of full disclosure, there is something very important you need to know before buying this product.

Let's say you're already completely sold on the idea of Job Killer.  You can't wait to grab it and you're on the sales page as we speak.

Beware, people!  Before you'll ever be able to make any amount of money with this product, you'll have to purchase Jeff's 6 Figure Business System.

Because that's where the Job Killer's website will lead you first!

Therefore, the price of it just jumped to the roof!!!

Day Job Killer - The List

Can't get over the previous news yet?

Still, let's try to look at the product's Pros and Cons!


1) In-depth training, perfect for beginners

2) Plenty of bonus materials

3) A personal connection with the creator of the product

4) Done-for-you, automated process

5) No previous experience required

6) 60-day money-back guarantee

money back guarantee from job killer


1) Misleading sales page

2) Have to buy another product before you'll be given the chance to earn money with this one

3) Because of that, the price will become much bigger than $47!

Who Will Benefit From Day Job Killer?

Honestly, this is what I think about the product:

In order to make it work, you'll have to spend quite a lot of money first.

Much more than you've previously anticipated!

Likewise - Day Job Killer is NOT for you if all you're ready to pay is $47.

But if you're sitting on a pile of cash, then you can try to achieve the same results as Chris has!

Is Job Killer A Scam?

There is a reason why my ranking of this product is low.

Although I have to agree that the training is impressive, I don't appreciate products that are not upfront with its buyers.

To be lead to believe that you're buying one product and then to be asked to buy another product in order to take what you've already paid for...

Yeah, I guess that falls into the definition of a scam!

I mean - the money-back guarantee is a nice touch, but definitely not enough.

It's kind of sad when you think about it:

Such training, meant to stay unseen and unused...

Is There An Alternative?

You bet your a... there is!  And much better, if I may add!

There is an online platform that doesn't deceive its audience.  What better proof there could possibly be than the fact that anyone can join it for FREE?

I owe everything to this program - being able to leave my 9-5 job and to blog for a living!

In case you need more information, you can read all about it (plus testimonials!) here

Anything you would like to share on Day Job Killer?  My comments section will be waiting!

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