Instant Cash Solution Review: No Fast Money, Just A Scam!

instant cash solution review scam or legit

Not that I'm bragging, but this Instant Cash Solution Review is going to be entertaining!

When the first thing you see on a sales page is the cheesy "Become Your Own CEO", you know that you're in for an amusing experience.

It's a good thing that you're sparing a minute to check the reviews of the system you're interested in.

That's the only way to protect yourself from scams and even find a suitable and trusted way to make money online.

So, don't rush with the Instant Cash Solution sign up just yet.

Instead, you might want to read everything I have to say about this product first!

Instant Cash Solution Review - The Basics

Product: Instant Cash Solution

Owner: Rich Meyer (Supposedly)

Price: $100-$300 (Depends On Your Chosen Membership)

Cash Embrace Says:

Hilarious, And Not In A Good Way!

instant cash solution review - introduction of the product

For starters, the way Instant Cash Solution is marketed online is quite fascinating in my opinion.

There is no target demographic this money-making system is particularly aiming at.

No, it's presented as the easiest and most simple to use product that will allow everyone from all walks of life to earn cash fast.

And when they say everyone, they mean everyone:

Allegedly, you'll be making more than $1,000/week and it doesn't matter if you're a college student, stay-at-home mom, retiree, etc.

OK, that surely sounds promising if you're a newbie in the online business world.

But I've been working online for a while now and to me, it sounds like the program is telling you exactly what you would like to hear.

Is the truth somewhere in the middle?  

Let's find out!

What Is Instant Cash Solution?

Up until now, you already know that the product is supposed to be an excellent way to earn an online income.

Here are some details about it to get a better idea:

Firstly, this is a "done-for-you" system.  Meaning, you don't have to worry about starting a business from scratch since you'll be using an already existing blueprint.

Secondly, you don't need to have any special skills or tech background to take advantage of it.  Just a laptop and an internet connection will do!

Lastly, you can keep your day job if you would like - Instant Cash Solution (ICS) will require less than 30 minutes of your time a day.

Again, if that's not a mind-blowing work from home opportunity, I don't know what is, right?

Not so fast, folks!

how to make $1,000/week in affiliate sales

How Does The Product Work?

Hopefully, you're still with me because this Instant Cash Solution review is about to get into the good stuff!

According to the sales pitch, your day-to-day working activity can be best described as "copy-and-paste".

Allow me to elaborate further on that by showing you the steps you'll go through to start earning with the product:

  • Buy A Membership Of Your Choice

Currently, ICS offers 3 types of membership - Bronze ($100), Silver ($200), and Gold Package ($300).

Each of these packages comes with its own perks.

For example, you'll receive a done-for-you website, training, and marketing materials to help you with your promotions.

But the number of your earnings will depend on the type of membership you're going to purchase.

The higher the membership, the more money you'll be making, got it?

  • Copy And Paste Ads

Once you decide on a package, you're on your way to earn an income.

Instant Cash Solution will supply for you pre-written ads and you'll be posting them on your website, Social Media and classified ads sites.

how does instant cash solution work

To clarify, each of those pre-written ads will include your unique affiliate link.

When your ads gain exposure, people who are interested will be able to complete a purchase thanks to your marketing efforts.

  • Make Money

So, you have your ads and you're posting them like a crazy person as we speak.

What happens when a member of your audience buys any of the offers?

Well, you'll be making $100-$300 per single sale, depending on your membership.

And that's how you can use ISC to earn cash online!

It's as easy as it can get, do you agree?

Be that as it may, I'm about to reveal to you why trusting this product is not such a good idea after all!

Instant Cash Solution Review - Why The Product Doesn't Work

Actually, in a way ICS does work and it might be able to make you some money.

But that's just a tiny piece of a bigger and not so pleasant picture.

I'll get back to this a bit later.

For now, let me show you all of the reasons why Instant Cash Solution is a really bad choice of an income's source:

1) The Company Doesn't Sell Any Real Product Except The Membership Itself

First of all, you already know that you'll be posting ads online, right?

We haven't discussed what those ads will be about, though...

Basically, the ads you'll be spreading on the web as much as you can are promoting the product itself.

May I have your undivided attention, this is the real juice of my Instant Cash Solution review:

Above all, the only thing that can make you money from is selling the system to new customers.

Meaning, you'll be literally recruiting people to purchase a membership from you the way you purchased it from somebody else.

Think about it, there is no other product/service that Instant Cash Solution is offering, is there?

2) The Way Instant Cash Solution Operates Resembles a Pyramid Scheme

Alright, it might not be a pyramid scheme as we all know it, but it certainly works just like a Multi-Level Marketing company.

Let's have a look at the Gold Package for a quick second:

golden package from instant cash solution

At first glance, it looks pretty standard, doesn't it?

Personally, if I didn't know any better, I might not be able to spot anything fishy about it.

But I do know better and I'll tell you what is not acknowledged on the screenshot above:

That's the only kind of membership that's in your best interest to buy.

Because if you go for the Bronze and your recruit purchases the Gold, you'll still be making only $100 (the maximum payout for your package).

In other words, you'll be pushed by the company and your common sense to buy the most expensive membership from the start.

As a result, you'll be praying that the people you recruit we'll be going for the Gold as well, so you'll be earning $300 instead of $100/sale.

And it goes on and on and on...

3) Posting Tons Of Ads Is Considered a SPAM

Now, let's imagine that you decide to give this product a try.

Remember, to be able to earn anything at all, you'll have to post pre-written ads online.

Where exactly are you planning to do that?

If you post only on your done-for-you site, don't expect mind-blowing results.

Firstly, it's not like you'll be starting a blog the right way - writing high-quality content, implementing SEO, etc.

So, your site will never rank on Google and therefore you won't see tons of free traffic to your offers.

Secondly, if you use Social Media, you won't be doing it for a very long time.

There are rules against this kind of behavior - every spam policy will tell you that.

Lastly, if you post your ads on forums constantly, you'll be pretty much kicked out before the day is even over.

Nobody appreciates spam, so there isn't much you can do about it, correct?

What I Like About The Product

This is going to be the shortest paragraph in my Instant Cash Solution review:

Nothing whatsoever!

Ultimately, there are so many better ways to use affiliate marketing nowadays:

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What I Don't Like About The Product

Generally, everything about it:

  • It's a Mix Between Pyramid Scheme and MLM

Dressed as a legit money-making opportunity, Instant Cash Solutions is nothing but a recruiting BS system.

You have to try and sell the same outdated business model you, unfortunately, bought yourself.

Considering ICS doesn't provide any real value, don't expect tons of gratitude from your recruits!

  • Unless You Pay, You Can't Play

Another huge red flag about the product is that you'll have to invest a good amount of money in order to use it.

Everyone knows, the best affiliate programs to work with are free to join!

  • Owner Unknown

According to the official website, the creator of the System is Rich Meyer.

Are we supposed to believe that's him?

who is Rich Meyer

Honestly, no respected and successful online marketer will choose such a photo to present himself to the world.

The way I see it, it could be anyone behind these glasses!

  • Not a Decent Way To Make Money Online

Again, you don't have to spam every online forum and Social Media platform under the sun to be able to earn on the web.

As I already said, there are much better and more lucrative ways to make an online income in 2020.

Need Help With Starting a Successful Online Business?  Read My Free Guide!

Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam?

Officially, no - there is a money-back guarantee that is supposed to make you feel protected.

With that being said, I don't recommend this product.

Even more, I would strongly advise you to stay away from it.

thumb down

No matter how you want to look at it, it's not a great system to earn money online.

There are just too many things that are wrong with Instant Cash Solution.

Long story short, don't waste your time and money on a system that is not a smart investment in the long run.

My Closing

So far, you're aware of the most important facts about our topic today.

I can only hope that my Instant Cash Solution review will protect you from making the wrong purchasing decision.

To conclude, this is not the type of system you can trust to deliver decent online income month after month for you.

How do you feel about sharing your opinion now?

Do you think that you'll be able to make money with ICS after all?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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