Instant Cash Solution Review: No Fast Money, Just A Scam!

instant cash solution review scam or legit

This Instant Cash Solution Review will dissect an online platform that claims to make $500-$1,500 for its members each week.

If you’re a beginner struggling to find a way to earn online, such a claim must seem outrageous.

But it’s not really:

Currently, there are many legitimate ways to make a solid income from home.

Will Instant Cash Solution prove itself to be one of those ways?

Today, I’ll provide you with detailed answers about:

  • What is Instant Cash Solution?
  • How does Instant Cash Solution Work?
  • Can you make money with Instant Cash Solution?
  • Is Instant Cash Solution legit or a scam?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate for the product. The facts you’ll read in this article come from research and information available in the public domain.

Instant Cash Solution Review – The Basics

instant cash solution review introduction of the product

When the first thing you see on a sales page is “Become Your Own SEO”, you better get ready for an amusing experience.

Chances are, your amusement may be short-lived, though:

Learning how to make money using a “simple copy and paste system” is the second part of the marketing pitch.

A copy-paste program doesn’t breed tons of confidence in the earning ability of the product, in my opinion.

At the same time, the creator swears that you’ll see rock-solid results in no time.

And allegedly, he has more than enough proof to back his statement up.

Now, what could that proof possibly be? Is it reliable enough to convince you to give the program a chance?

There is only one way to find out – by taking a closer look at every aspect of the system.

So, let’s do that when this Instant Cash Solution review continues!

What Is Instant Cash Solution?

For starters, I have to admit that the way the product markets itself is quite fascinating:

No matter how hard you look, you won’t see a specific target demographic Instant Cash Solution is aiming to attract.

Instead, the system is trying to appeal to people from all walks of life.

As long as they’re searching for ways to earn online fast, the platform is more than willing to accommodate them.

In other words, anyone can join Instant Cash Solution – college students, stay-at-home moms, senior citizens, etc.

With that said, let me provide you with the essential information about it:

Firstly, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge about launching a business. Since the product is a done-for-you system at its core, all you need to do is follow the existing business blueprint.

Secondly, Instant Cash Solution doesn’t require any special skills or tech background from its members. Access to the Internet and a laptop are the only necessities to make it work.

Lastly, there is no need to quit your current nine-to-five job. Considering the platform will never take more than 30 minutes of your time each day, you can profit from it on the side.

All that sounds great, so let’s find out how much of it is true, shall we?

How Does The Product Work?

OK, this is one of the most important paragraphs of my Instant Cash Solution review, so I need your undivided attention!

Looking at the official page, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that your daily activities with the product don’t require more than copy and paste.

what is instant cash solution and how does it work

Basically, the platform will allow you to earn online by using its pre-made advertisement campaigns and launching your own Pay-Per-Click campaign on Social Media.

It all goes back to utilizing the business model of affiliate marketing to make money.

Many experienced marketers rely on PPC campaigns to earn a full-time income from affiliate commissions alone.

With that said, let’s take a look at your working process once you decide to become a member.

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1) Purchase One Of The Available Memberships

Currently, Instant Cash Solution offers three types of membership – Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

I’ll tell you all about their prices a bit later.

For now, I can inform you that each of the packages comes with its own perks.

Still, they have certain things in common.

No matter what membership you’ll choose, you’ll receive:

  • Pre-built landing page
  • Web Hosting
  • Promotional materials

Keep in mind – your expected earnings depend on the membership you’ll purchase.

Meaning, the higher the membership, the more money you’ll make.

2) Start Copying And Pasting Ads Online

Once you decide on a membership package, the earning process can begin.

You’ll be posting pre-made ads on your web page, Social Media, and classified ads sites.

Since each ad will contain your affiliate link, you have to promote it heavily.

When a member of your audience completes a purchase through your link, you’ll earn your first affiliate commission.

3) Make Money

Let’s imagine that you’re posting ads online like a crazy person as we speak.

Sooner or later, you’re supposed to score a sale.

But how much will you earn when that happens?

Depending on your membership, you’ll make between $100-$300 per single affiliate sale.

Instant Cash Solution pays its members via PayPal.

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Inside Instant Cash Solution – Available Tools And Resources

In my opinion, now is as good a time as any to discuss the platform’s tools and resources.

You can see some of them below:

  • Capture pages
  • Image ads
  • Banner ads
  • Video marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Craigslist marketing

It’s not a lot, I know.

And there is a reason for that!

Instant Cash Solution Prices And Compensation Plans

Alright, let’s talk about prices and the cost to hold a membership at this online platform.

At the time of writing this Instant Cash Solution review, you have to pay $29 to join the system.

But that’s just for a start.

As soon as you pay that fee, you’ll need to pick one of the available memberships:

instant cash solution prices and compensation plans

Each package comes with unique features.

Of course, the most expensive ones provide more perks to their members.

For example, purchasing the Gold or Platinum membership will send you on a free vacation.

Before you decide that any of these packages are worth it, you might want to read the rest of this article!

What I Like About Instant Cash Solution

Quite frankly, there isn’t much I can place in this section.

If I have to point out something positive about the program, it would be that it uses the affiliate marketing business model.

You already know that affiliate marketing provides legitimate ways to make money online.

Why that’s the only fact that finds its way into the pros section?

Here is why:

What I Don’t Like About Instant Cash Solution

From the general vibe of this article, you probably feel that I’m not the system’s biggest fan.

Instant Cash Solution is one of those platforms that what you see has very little to do with what you get.

Most beginners tend to overlook the fatal flaws of this earning program.

Right now, I’ll share with you all the reasons why you can’t afford to do the same:

1) The Company Doesn’t Sell Any Products, Just The Memberships Themselves

First and foremost, let’s go back to the beginning of this Instant Cash Solution review:

Early on, I told you that making money with the platform requires nothing more than copy and paste activities.

With that said, are you wondering what you are supposed to copy and paste?

I’ll tell you what:

Every single ad you’ll ever post online would be a promotion of the platform itself.

Meaning, the only way to profit from this system is by marketing it to new members.

You’ll have to recruit people that will purchase a membership package from you the way you did it from somebody else.

The system doesn’t sell any other products or services other than the memberships.

Doesn’t this smell a bit like a pyramid scheme?

Speaking of pyramid schemes:

2) Instant Cash Solution And The Pyramid Schemes Work In A Similar Way

Chances are, you might think that the product simply uses the principle of revenue sharing.

After a close inspection, though, you’ll realize that’s not the case.

Just think about it:

You can’t start earning anything unless you purchase one of the memberships.

The thing is, the amount of money you can make is limited by the package you’ll buy.

So, if you want to earn more, you have to keep upgrading your membership.

Even though you might not want to do that (there is no real product to sell), you’ll have to – it’s the only way to make more money with the platform.

Isn’t that how a pyramid scheme operates?

3) The Platform Is A Bad Investment

Well, that much is clear by now, but let me go a bit further into the details!

Allow me to do a quick case study of the Gold Package:

instant cash solution review: the gold package

It looks kind of standard, and you probably don’t see anything wrong with it.

​Maybe that’s because the Gold Membership is the only one that is worth buying.

Above all, if you invest in the Bronze membership, you’ll never earn over $100 per recruit – that’s the maximum payout of the package.

So, if a person you introduced to the platform decides to go for the Gold membership, you won’t receive the payout of the Gold package.

Since you’re holding a Bronze one, $100 it is!

Then, what’s the point of purchasing any other packages than the Gold one?

There is none, and that’s what Instant Cash Solution is counting on:

It won’t take you long to realize that the only way to increase your income is by constantly upgrading your membership.

4) Posting Ads Is An Outdated And Spammy Marketing Technique

Here is an idea:

Let’s imagine that you’ll decide to ignore this Instant Cash Solution review, and you’ll become a member.

More power to you, but how is the posting of ads going?

If I have to guess, it’s not going so well.

After all, your done-for-you web page doesn’t have any unique and original content. Therefore, you won’t see any organic traffic to your offers.

Next, you’re promoting the same pre-written ads every other member is trying to sell. Needless to say, your conversion rate must be non-existent.

But hey, the platform will train you to post your ads on Craigslist and Facebook! That would help you find success, right?

While you might score a sale on Craiglist (I doubt it), you’ll have to pay extra every time you post an ad.

And I’m not so sure what results you’ll see on Facebook:

Most Social Media platforms have strict rules against posting such material simply because it looks spammy.

5) There Is No Valuable Business And Marketing Training

Personally, that’s one of the facts about Instant Cash Solution that bothers me the most.

I mean, the best the training can do is to tell you how to post duplicate ads on Social Media?

Seriously, you have to buy a membership to hear that?

Nowadays, earning online is nothing out of the ordinary – thousands of people are doing it.

With that said, professional marketers work really hard and constantly improve their skills to increase their affiliate income.

More importantly, they learn how to be affiliate marketers from other business professionals and not from systems like Instant Cash Solution!

6) The Creator Is Unknown

According to the official website, the name of the creator is Rich Meyer.

Allegedly, that’s him:

who is Rich Meyer

How can we be sure, though?

There could be anyone hiding behind those sunglasses.

Furthermore, no respected marketer will choose to introduce himself to the world through such a photo.

Long story short, there is no valid proof that the owner of Instant Cash Solution is who he says he is.

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7) There Is No Support Or Refund

Believe it or not, Instant Cash Solution doesn’t offer any professional support.

In case you face any problem with the system, it looks like you’ll have to handle it yourself.

What is more troubling, though, is that the platform has no refund policy.

Meaning, once you invest in it, there is no way to receive any of that investment back.

Do I even have to tell you that this is completely unacceptable?

Considering there is no free trial either, the legitimacy of Instant Cash Solution is questionable at best.

Who Will Have The Best Use Of Instant Cash Solution?

In my opinion, nobody.

By all means, this platform exists to make money for its owner and not for its members.

There is just too much wrong with it to be taken seriously.

I get why many newbie marketers find it tempting:

At a first glance, Instant Cash Solution seems like a high-quality system that will allow you to make money fast.

Once you start paying attention to the details, though, the whole picture starts going through a dramatic change.

And now in a good way!

I Make Such Affiliate Commissions Every Month! See How You Can Do The Same Here!

how I make money online

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam?

Honestly, I believe that it is, and I have the facts on my side to back that up.

Firstly, the company doesn’t offer any products or services other than the memberships themselves. It’s all about recruiting the next member with no real value to deliver.

Secondly, that platform teaches outdated earning techniques that don’t work anymore. Posting ads online is not a reliable way to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

thumb down

Thirdly, the whole structure of Instant Cash Solution is way too similar to a pyramid scheme. After all, recruiting more members is the only way to earn.

Lastly, there is no money-back guarantee, so you won’t be able to receive your investment back.

Other Scam Platforms To Avoid:

Can You Make Money With Instant Cash Solution?

Quite frankly, it’s possible to earn some sort of income if you decide to join the platform.

But that’s not the point.

No, the point is that you’ll have to invest way too much while hoping to make enough to receive your investment back.

What’s even worse – you’ll have to lie to the people you’re hoping to recruit.

Once they start doing it themselves and realize the real value of the system, don’t expect tons of gratitude!

How To Make Money Online Instead

At its core, Instant Cash Solution is a platform that allegedly teaches people how to start a business online.

Now that you know the quality of the product, I doubt that you would trust it to help you become a business owner.

With that said, why not do it yourself?

You don’t need Instant Cash Solution to launch a business – there is much more valuable free information to walk you through the process.

For example, you can find such information inside my Free Guide To Building A Profitable Business.

That guide contains all the steps I took when I was building this business.

The steps are easy to follow and will explain the working process in a way that is suitable for complete beginners.

My Closing

So far, you’re aware of the most important facts about our topic today.

I can only hope that my Instant Cash Solution review will protect you from making the wrong purchasing decision.

To conclude, this is not the type of system you can trust to deliver decent online income month after month for you.

How do you feel about it, though?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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