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How To Join Pinterest Group Boards – The Magic Revealed!

Hi to all Pinterest fanatics!  We're going to discuss a very important topic today - how to join Pinterest group boards.  Not a clue what I'm talking about?  

As a huge fan of Pinterest myself, I refuse to accept that!

Although, if these are your first blogging days, I guess I can understand the confusion.

And I'm here to clear it up!

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A Few Words On Pinterest And Group Boards

There is a confession coming your way:

I just love Pinterest!  It's hard and painful for me to imagine doing what I'm doing without it.

Because Pinterest is an insane source of traffic to my website.  The platform has my back on everything from increasing audience to boosting affiliate sales.

pinterest for business

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What's not to love, right?

To be honest, the day I felt that love exploding was also the day I discovered the group boards.

“Life is much more fun if you live it in the spirit of play and collaboration, working with instead of against others.”

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Basically, this is the first thing I want you to take away from this article:

To be a member of a group board on Pinterest is a MUST!  Especially if you are the owner of a brand new account.

Because that's the fastest way to grow and expand your reach!

What Is a Group Board?

A group board on Pinterest is a platform where a number of bloggers pin each other's content.

If these are your first days on Pinterest, let me ask you:

How would you get people to see your posts?  What would you have to do to receive any page views at all?  Not to mention clicks and s?

Nobody knows you yet.  You don't have any authority on Pinterest to lure users to engage with your content.

Any ideas?  Do your best and try to come up with some if you wish.

how to join pinterest group boards

But in the end, there is only one answer - group boards.

Because having the chance to get your work in front of thousands of followers is how your presence on Pinterest will grow.

And how you'll gain followers.  Traffic.  Sales.

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How To Join Pinterest Group Boards

Oh, boy...That's a tough one!  Make no mistake:

The process is not as easy as you may think.

You can't just corner the owner of the first group board you see, screaming "Let me in!"  It doesn't work that way!

how to join pinterest group boards

I'm not saying that to discourage you.  My intention is for you to be prepared.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

1) Find a Group Board

This is the first step you'll need to focus on.  Now, there are a few ways you can do this:

- Become a total creeper and stalk the big pinners from your niche.  Spend some time exploring their profiles and the group boards they belong to.  Bookmark the pages of the groups you would like to join.

- Search away with Pinterest.  Type the keywords that best describe your website.  Then select the board's section in the results and look around.

- Go straight to the source.  It's called Pingroupie.

Filter the suggestions and narrow the search to the options relevant to your business.

2) Choose Your Group Boards

I know for a fact that choosing the right board to join is one of the most important decision you'll have to make.

You can't just jump on every board you're able to find.  

It has to make sense for your business!  Otherwise, you'll hurt your Pinterest profile in an enormous way.

For example:

If you blog about making money online, you shouldn't try to join a group board that focuses on yoga and fitness.  Even if that board has more than 50K followers.

how to join pinterest group boards

Your content doesn't belong in there.  Likewise - it will get lost among yoga articles and won't deliver any traffic to your website.

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3) Check The Numbers

So - you found a board that is a match made in heaven for your business.  What now? 

Just because a particular board contains pins similar to your, that doesn't mean that you have to join it no matter what.

There are specific details that make a group board desirable to be joined:

- a number of pinners who collaborate in this board - not too many are what you're looking for.

- followers - the more, the merrier!

- the number of repins - you need a board with active followers who will engage with your content.

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How To Contact The Group Board

Well, you're not going to contact the board itself, but the owner.

Considering this is your final step, I won't let you to screw it up!

There is a right and wrong way to approach the group's owner.  How about I lay out for you the Do's and Don'ts of doing that?

1) The Do's

Let me tell you - the people who have group boards are getting hundreds, maybe even thousands of requests on a daily basis.

So don't rush, be patient and polite!

how to write an email to join a group board on pinterest

Basically, every group board has specific rules.  Read carefully what is expected from you to make the contact.

And do what they are telling you to do!  There is no way around that.

Usually, you're supposed to follow the owner on Pinterest and write him an email.

Ask to be let in the group nicely, don't forget to leave your website's URL and the URL of your Pinterest account in that email.

Being grateful for his time and wishing the owner to have a nice day is a nice touch!

2) The Don'ts

Definitely, the list here is much more important!

If you are not careful, you may get your account suspended!!!

Yeah - you read that right!  So - you should never:

- try to contact the owner directly on Pinterest.  

Don't comment or leave your email address in the board group itself.  After the recent updates on Pinterest, this is considered spamming!

- cheat the rules

In case you're not supposed to pin more than once a day, don't be smarty pants and try to go around that.

If you don't follow the rules of the group, you'll get kicked out!

What To Do After You Are IN

Hold on a second, would you?

We are not completely done with getting answers on how to join Pinterest group boards.

Because your work on growing your business doesn't stop once you are in.

To the contrary - there are some tips that will help you to make the best of being on a group board:

1) Be Consistent.

Don't go lazy and relaxed just because you think that the hard part is over.  

It's time to get some work done!

According to the group's rules, pin as much as you're allowed to.  Let your gorgeous pins do their magic!

2) Team Work, Baby!

You are not in that group board just to dump your own pins.

Pinterest group boards are all about collaboration, helping each other to grow.  And don't you ever forget that!

So the work of other pinners too.

Pinterest just love that!  I mean - who doesn't appreciate a team player?

3) Diverse Your Pinning Strategy

To be honest, there is no right and wrong way to pin on Pinterest.

No matter what you prefer - manual or automate pinning, you gotta find what works best for your business.

That being said, I can't ignore the fact that automation definitely has its advantages.

Personally, I pin manually every single day.  Pinterest wants to see its users being active on the platform.

But I use Tailwind as well.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Tailwind knows when the Pinterest users interested in my content are most active online.  And creates a smart schedule that uploads my pins at exactly that time!

The perks of using Tailwind are more than I can describe in just a few words.  On top of that, Tailwind has a free trial for a month, so jump in if you haven't already!

For more on the topic, you can read this article as well.

My Closing

Here is the deal, people:

Pinterest likes to join its algorithm quite a lot, we all know that.

And even though group boards may not be as powerful as they used to, they are still your best shot to grow fast you're just starting.

Love them, hate them - at the end of the day, you're going to need them!

Hopefully, every one of you will find a great match within my own personal list provided.

In case you haven't started a business yet:

Give a chance to My Top Recommendation to do that!

What's your take on this article?  Do you have any tips on how to join Pinterest group boards?

That's what my comments section is for!

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