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How To Get More Social Shares – The Craft Behind Web Popularity

Hey you all, social butterflies!  I'm kidding...sort of, kind of!  Because if being popular is not your number one priority, it should be for your website.  So today my whole focus will fall on how to get more social shares.

Are you one of those bloggers that are completely obsessed with their blog's social accounts?

Come on - don't leave me hanging!  It can't be just me...

OK - maybe not obsessed, but pretty invested in?  Does this sound more healthy for you?

Whatever the case may be, let me tell you:

To care about the amount of social love your website is getting is not such a bad thing.  Not bad at all!

And I'm here to show you why!

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The Importance Of Social Media

Not every single person walking on the planet is a fan of Social Media.

Does this sound strange to you?  Perhaps it does - it's 2018 after all!

Then again, everyone has the right to choose for themselves.

Although I totally agree with that, I gotta tell you:

It's a completely different ball game where the success of your blog is being concerned.

Because when you own a business, you need to take it out there as much as possible.

I mean - to be on the first page of Google is the ultimate dream, right?

But I don't think that it's a smart decision to rely on a single source of traffic.

google or social media as a source of traffic

So - Social Media has just become much more attractive, hasn't it?

And it will be even more as soon as you get the best social sharing tool.

​How To Choose The Right Social Plugin

Once you decide to upload a social sharing plugin, the nightmare begins!

Currently, there are hundreds of available options in WordPress.

My Advice:

Don't do what I did!  

Testing a plugin after plugin, having troubles to decide which one should I get.

how to get more social shares

I wasted so much time on that, it's not even funny!

And that was because I didn't know what to look for.  Most of all - what to avoid.

Let me give you the answers ready, so you won't waste precious minutes just like I did!

What You Do NOT Need From a Social Sharing Tool

I doubt that you'll be completely oblivious to what I'm about to tell you!

Most of the social plugins won't cover all your website's needs.  Especially if you are exploring the free ones.

Have a look the 4 most common issues you don't want to deal with:

1) Too Small, Easy To Miss Buttons

I've been visiting so many websites where the social buttons are tiny and hard to be found.

As a business owner, your job is to make the sharing of your content a piece of cake, not mission impossible!

From my personal experience I can tell you that:

If I can't locate the buttons in a matter of seconds, I won't bother to look for them.

Therefore, I won't share the content.  No matter how awesome it is!

how to get more social shares

2) The Plugin Displays the Wrong Image Or No Image At All

Yeah, that happened to me too, on more than a few occasions.

Some plugins really enjoyed to go insane on me:

They will automatically use my featured image.

What happens if you didn't set a featured image?

Then, that particular plugin will grab "whatever" from your website and show it instead.


3) Ugly Buttons

Yakes!  I just hate when I see a beautiful website with not that attractive social icons.

You know what I'm talking about, don't you?  I bet you witnessed similar situations as well.

If you have invested in gorgeous premium theme, you may wish to keep your design a top-notch, right?

4) Your Plugin Doesn't Optimize Your Post's Description

In my opinion, that's the biggest problem of all!

Do you know what happens when you share your article on Social Media?

No matter which channel you go for, that media will pull out information from your web page.  And if don't control the way your post is displayed, you're gonna have a problem.

Because so many plugins will show some paragraph from your content.  But not the specific description you so carefully optimized.

Naturally, readers don't click on anything that doesn't tell them what exactly they're getting out of it.

So if your plugin messes with your description, you'll have an angry audience who eventually will decide to spend its time elsewhere.

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And you can't let that to happen!

How To Get More Social Shares - Introducing Social Warfare Pro

It took me a long time to find this one. In the end, all my waiting was justified!

Social Warfare Pro took care of all the headaches.

Starting with my posts descriptions.

This plugin will show you the recommended size your photo should be.  For Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin, all you'll need is a standard description:

Not the same situation when it comes down to Twitter and Pinterest.

how to optimize description with social warfare

Just because you'll be able to make a great use of those hashtags!

Considering that Pinterest is more search engine than social media, Social Warfare Pro will help you big time with your SEO.

What Else Can Social Warfare Do For You

How does complete customization sound to you?

It's not only that you can control which icons you want to appear and in what order.

With this plugin, you can control pretty much everything!

1) The Buttons

You can play around with them in any way you see fit.  SW will allow you to decide:

- if you want to show the number of shares you've already gotten.  There is also an option to set the number of minimum shares you need to get before the total number will be displayed. 

- where your buttons will appear - above, below, on the left or the right side of your content.  Plus there are floating buttons as well!

- the style - you can choose on the shape and the color of your icons

Most importantly, Social Warfare Pro will give you the Image Hover Pin Button.

how to get more social shares

And that is priceless:

Your readers will be able to images leading to your posts directly from your website.

That option alone will increase your Pinterest traffic in a way you can't even begin to imagine!

Click To Grab The Free PDF Of Group Boards In Every Niche You Can Join Today!

my pinterest group boards

2) The Advanced Features 

With all the competition out there, I guess you wouldn't mind some extra weapons on your disposal, would you?

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Extra help you need - extra help you'll get with Social Warfare:

- Social Meta Tags - Twitter will appreciate that!

- Yummly Display Control - pretty useful in case you write about food and recipes.

- Frame Buster - no content pirates will ever frame your work with this one.

- Bitly Link Shortening - there is no need to comment in here, is there?

- Analytics Tracking - the same rule applies as well!

- Share Recovery - you won't lose your share counts in case of changed permalink 

Let me ask you:

Did Social Warfare Pro just show you how to get more social shares or what?

My Closing

In interest of full disclosure, Social Warfare is not your only option to get tons of love from Social Media.

Then again, you gotta admit - it's pretty damn good one to be ignored!

And with its price of $29/year, what else is there to say?

I know - the support is worth mentioning as well.

All my emails were answered in a matter of 24 hours.

So there you have it!

You wanted to know how to get more social shares - my answer is Social Warfare Pro.

Any thoughts on Social Warfare?  I'll wait for them, so don't skip the comments section below!

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