how to do keyword research for beginners

How To Do Keyword Research For Beginners The Smart Way

Hey, never sleeping bloggers!  Any luck with rankings yet?  If not, don’t sweat it – luck has nothing to do with it.  What you actually need is knowledge.  And that’s what you’ll get considering the talk of the day is how to do keyword research for beginners.

Some not so fond memories are torturing my mind right now… This is what happened to me when I discovered what needs to be done about proper keyword research:

Troubles breathing, panic attacks, nearly a nervous breakdown.  Yeap – that should cover it!

OK – maybe I’m overreacting a bit.  But enough with going down the memory lane.

The bottom line is:

There is no need to let yourself be completely overwhelmed.  The learning curve doesn’t have to be your biggest nightmare.

All that you’ll need is to break down the process into small, manageable pieces.   Some decent education won’t hurt either.

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Now that we are past the introduction, how about we get rolling?

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How To Do Keyword Research For Beginners – The First Steps


For the purpose of what we’re about to do today, let’s agree on some points first:

We are going to need an example.  To walk you through the process, I’ll be using the same keywords in this whole tutorial.

Think, think, think…I know!  How would you feel about “weight loss”?

Although I’m pretty sure you’ve been hearing these ones to death, I still kind of like them.

Hope you don’t mind!

1) Google Instant


You’re a proud owner of a brand new website.  Sitting in front of your laptop, you’re about to write your first post about weight loss.

How do you start to narrow down your choices of a keyword to target?

The first step is actually pretty basic.  It’s called Google Instant.

how to do keyword research for beginnersJust go on Google and type “weight l”, then stop there.  You can forget about pressing Enter.

Underneath the search bar, Google will be kind enough to show you half a dozen searches.

These are all related searches that people have been performing online.

Ain’t Google cool?

But back to your research:

As far as I know, “weight loss” is a highly competitive keyword.  Your chances to get a decent ranking, especially if your website is brand new, are slim to none.

The best thing you can do is to concentrate on the related searches.  Write them down.

Moving on to your next step:


2) The Alphabet Soup


I hear you – it’s kind of a strange name.  But what I’m about to show you is a pretty effective technique, so – no judgment!

Grabbing the “weight loss” again!

Here is what you’re gonna do:

Type the words and add a random letter.  For some reason, I’ve decided to be “t”.

how to do keyword research for beginners


See where I’m going with this?  Plenty of related terms about weight loss are coming your way.  Write them down as well.

So far, the number of keywords you can potentially choose from is boiling up to 20.

Not bad, but we are not done yet:

3) One More Look At Google


Isn’t it time to press the Enter button on “weight loss” already?  I think it is.

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page.  What I’m getting on mine looks like that:

searches related to weight loss

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that all of those are more keywords people have been searching for on Google.

Your next step?  Yeah, yeah – write these down again!

I promise – that’s it with the writing down portion of this program.

What do we have so far?  If you combine all the results you’ve gotten from Step 1,2 and 3 – 20, 30 keywords we can explore.

Enough material to work with.  Next?

To successfully find the best keyword to target, from now on you’re going to need a keyword research tool.

Keyword Research Tool – Do I Really Need One?


You do.  Simple as that.

All we’ve done so far with the Google Instant and the Alphabet soup is great.  Unfortunately, that’s nowhere near enough.

Not in case what you’re aiming for is to get your posts on the first page of the search engines.

And that’s not the easiest thing to do.

That being said – it’s not impossible.

But you can’t do this on your own.  You’ll need a tool.

We are not talking about a tool that will give you general suggestions of what might work well for you.

I’m talking about a tool that will show you the specific numbers.

The one I’m using is called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy – Or What Gets My Content On The First Page Of Google


To be able to understand how Jaaxy works, I’ll run “weight loss” through it.  After seeing the results, you’ll see how Jaaxy can bring an enormous value to your blogging table.

A little background first:

Basically, Jaaxy is a keyword research tool.  It collects data from the 3 biggest search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

For much more detailed information about it, I have a whole 2,000 words review on it:

Keywords Research Tool – Why Jaaxy Is My Winner

As soon as you try a keyword on Jaaxy, here is what results you’ll get:

  • AVG – the average number of searches this keyword receives per month
  • Traffic – the number of visitors you’ll receive per month if your content ranks on the first page of Google
  • QSR – your competition – or how many other websites will fight you to rank under the same word
  • KQI – shows if the particular word you’re thinking to use is a smart choice
  • SEO – just remember – the higher the number, the better

These are the general guidelines you need to know.  Let’s see them in action, shall we?


keyword results from Jaaxy


What are these results telling you?

That you would be crazy to target “weight loss” as a keyword.  At least that’s the feeling I’m getting in here!

I mean – with 219 other websites going for the same keyword and SEO of only 66…

I wouldn’t do it.  Especially when you can make a much smarter choice!

Introducing The Low – Hanging Fruit


If you are a total newbie into the blogging world, probably you’ve never heard these words before.

But they are a very common term used between bloggers.

Think of the low-hanging fruit as a hidden gem where keywords are being concerned.

With a bit more digging, you can always find a phrase that has a low competition and a fantastic SEO score.

It’s what Jaaxy does best.

Have you noticed the related section in the photo above?

This section is Jaaxy’s way to show you related to your keyword searches that might have a much better chance.

How about the brainstorm column?

The bottom line is:

Even if your desired keyword won’t work well for your rankings, Jaaxy will lead you until you find the perfect one.

And I’ll prove it to you!

Finding The Low – Hanging Fruit With Jaaxy

Going back to the photo I already used.  The related section to be more specific.

Which one should we try on first?

How about “diets for weight loss”?

how to do keyword research for beginners


Score!  Big time, isn’t it?

Do you see what I see on this screenshot?

If you go for “detox diets for weight loss”, you’ll compete with only 45 websites and your SEO will be 96.  Pretty cool, huh?

But if you decide to target “vegan diets for weight loss”, then the competition is even lower – 38!

How awesome is that?

And this is how you get to find the low-hanging fruit with Jaaxy!

Why The Low-hanging Fruit?


Do you want to be a small fish in a big pond or big fish in a small pond?

If you’ve been blogging for years and you’ve achieved high ranking already, you don’t need to worry about that.

But what’s the situation when you’re just starting?

Here is the best strategy to succeed in my opinion:

It’s much better to rank higher for a keyword that gets 30 searches per month than to not rank at all for a keyword that gets 1,000 hits.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Not Convinced Yet That Jaaxy Totally Works?


Well – it does, but there is no harm in seeing it with your own eyes, right?

I don’t usually like to do this, because it looks like bragging, but in this case – it will make my point crystal clear.

Here is a screenshot from the first page of Google.  The search performed is for the keywords Slogan Seller Review.

slogan seller review example


As you can see, my post is on the first page of Google, position 4.

Not bad considering Cash Embrace is just a few months old!

And that’s all thanks to Jaaxy.  Well – and me, of course!

Click here and get your own Jaaxy now.

There is a free trial – you can perform 30 keyword searches without any cost.

Personally, I’m using Jaaxy all the time, no limits.

And you will too if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate – the program that is My Top Recommendation!

Which is also completely FREE to join!

My Closing


To conquer the first page of the biggest search engines is a very hard thing to achieve.

And it requires a constant development and education on every blogger’s part.

A lot of hard work and consistency if I may add.

But the job gets easier when you have an efficient tool on your side.

We can all use all the help we can get when performing our keywords research, don’t we?

What are your thoughts on today’s topic?  Do you have any tips and tricks up your sleeve?

Share them in the comments section below!









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