Gold Opinions Review: Scam Or Your Quickest $50/Survey?

Gold Opinions review

It's time to talk about extra income ideas, online friends! More specifically, how to make money online with paid surveys.  And that's what we're going to discuss in my Gold Opinions review.

Nowadays, completing surveys online in order to supplement your monthly income is quite a popular practice, isn't?

So, how about we take a close look at one particular option that seems as attractive as it can get?

Gold Opinions Review - The Basics

Product Name:  Gold Opinions


Owner:  "Paul Parker"

Cash Embrace Says:

Definitely Not Recommended

gold opinions review - introduction of the product

Above all, this product presents itself as much different than any other site that deals with surveys.

Because it will allow you to make up to $50/survey!

In other words, you're supposed to be able to earn more than $1,000 every month.

Well, it's not so much about just an extra income, is it?

Meaning, if you really commit your time and efforts to Gold Opinions, you probably won't even need your 9-5 job anymore, right?

Personally, I'm always suspicious of such promises and if I have to guess, so are you.

Then, let's find out what the real deal is, shall we?

What Is Gold Opinions?

First and foremost, Gold Opinions is advertised as an online survey portal where you can make an impressive profit for sharing your opinion.

The spokesperson claims that as a consumer you're the only person that can help any successful company to adjust and improve its products.  And that's not far from the truth.

After all, getting feedback is an essential part of every company's work, isn't?

Next, the sales video continues by occasionally mentioning that Gold Opinions have paid more than $8 million to its members so far.

Wait, what?  That much?  Is that even possible?

Well, you'll find out soon enough in this Gold Opinions review!

make money with surveys

What Does The Membership Include?

Basically, there are 2 types of surveys this site will allow you to earn from.

For your convenience, they are separated in categories:

  • Premium Surveys - the kind of surveys that pay really well.  Currently, there are more than 100 of them
  • Surveys Per Country - usually, it's difficult to find lucrative surveys if you don't reside in the USA.  So, this section is completely devoted to helping the Non-US members earn as well

So far, everything sounds pretty good, right?  Maybe even too good to be true?

If that's what your intuition is telling you, well done!

Obviously, you're capable of sensing low-quality money making program when you see one.

And I'm about to justify this statement by revealing the whole truth!

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Gold Opinions Review - Reasons

Generally, there are a couple of red flags surrounding this website.  Likewise, none of them should be ignored.

That being said, let me share with you why the sales pitch of Gold Opinions can't be trusted:

1) The Product Is Not Even A Survey Site

By all means, the whole sales presentation is completely misleading.

If you bother to watch it, you'll be led to believe that you'll take the surveys on Gold Opinions itself.

However, that's purely impossible.

Gold Opinions review - fake claims from the sales page

Because in reality, the product is just a middleman.  Meaning, once you become a member, you'll be redirected to sign up with other sites that offer the surveys.

Subsequently, your commissions for the completed surveys will be paid by those sites, not by Gold Opinions itself.

In other words, this product has no way of knowing how much you'll be able to earn.  Let alone, that you'll make more than $50/survey.

After all, Gold Opinions has zero control over your earnings whatsoever!

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2) The Legitimate Surveys Are 100% Free!

First and foremost, when a product is asking you to pay for something that's supposed to be free, that's your queue to run away fast!

According to Wikipedia, the legit paid surveys are FREE OF CHARGE!

Then, why is Gold Opinions asking for money?

To clarify, becoming a member of it will cost you $1 for the first 7 days.  Afterward, your credit card will be charged for $27 every month.

Here, the only explanation the sales page could come up with is this one:

Ultimately, the product doesn't make any commissions directly from you but it does provide you with a service.  Therefore, the fee of $27 goes for the maintaining of their site.

Now, allow my Gold Opinions review to translate that for you:

By all means, that's how the people behind this product are making money for something that you can find online for free!

Well, that and the fact that their site is an affiliate of every single survey site they refer you to!

3) Gold Opinions Is A Copycat Product

Or, to be more accurate, its design and sales page is almost completely identical to a couple of other ClickBank products.

Seriously, this is not something that you get to see every day...

Make no mistake, these are supposed to be different sites selling totally different products or services.

Yet somehow, aren't the similarities a bit too many to go unnoticed?

the sales page of Gold Opinions

And now have a look at the sales page of Writing Jobs Online:

Writing Jobs Online sales page

Next, may I present to you Gaming Jobs Online:

the sales page of Gaming Jobs Online

Fine, she's wearing a different outfit here...

Still, am I crazy or all of the sales pages above are being created from the same person?

Then again, all 3 of these sites are pointing a different name as their owner.

In my opinion, they all belong to one person and one person only.  It's just that he is hiding his identity behind different alias.

By the way, these 3 products are not the only ones - there are at least 3 more with similar sale pages currently listed on ClickBank.

Also, the line "8,000,000 is the amount our happy members have been paid to date" appears on most of them...

4) The Testimonials Are Fake

Well, considering the name of the owner is fake, are you really surprised that the testimonials are not genuine either?

Personally, I'm not.

For instance, let's have a look at this guy whose name is supposed to be "Joshua Curtis":

Gold Opinions review - the testimonials are fake

By all means, "Joshua" is more than happy with using the product, right?

However, I'm 100%convinced that the actual man on the photo above has nothing to do with Gold Opinions.

Because his picture can be currently found on Pexels, Dreamstime, and a couple of other sites that offer free images!

5) Unethical Use Of Logos

If you visit the sales page of the product, you'll notice its proud credentials.

To clarify, Gold Opinions claims that has been featured on some of the biggest news sites we are all familiar with.

Some of them are, Yahoo News, and

Actually, you'll never find the system on any of these website's pages.

Believe it or not, its owner is just using their authority and the power of their brands to make his product trustworthy.

Gold Opinions Review - The Pros And Cons

Finally, it's time for my favorite part - my likes and dislikes of the product.

Above all, you must be curious about what I'm going to place in the pros section considering the quality of the program, aren't you?

The Pros

1) There is a 60-day money back guarantee

See, I found something...

The Cons

1) A paid service - the legit survey sites are free to use, but not this one

2) Not a real survey site - it's just your connection to the sites that will actually pay for your opinion

3) Unrealistic and super-hyped sales page - it's nearly impossible to make $50 for completing a single survey

4) Clone product - as I already mentioned earlier in this Gold Opinions review, the site is too similar to other low-quality money making systems

5) No real information about the owner - his identity stays hidden to the audience

6) Fake testimonials - free to download images are used to create them

7) Wrongful use of the authority and popularity of big news sites

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Is Gold Opinions A Scam?

Quite frankly, it depends on what you would like to call a scam.

On one hand, you have a money back guarantee, so you can always receive your payment back if you're not satisfied with the product.  

And let's face it, you'll get something for your money...

thumb down

However, on another hand, the quality of Gold Opinions does not justify the amount of cash required in order to use it.

In my opinion, it doesn't justify any amount of money!

A Better Option To Make Money Online

For starters, why should you settle for relying on just one product to increase your income?

Generally, that's not a good idea, is it?

Not when you can create a whole online business and earn from as many products as you would like!

Nowadays, starting a business on the web is not as difficult as you may think.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of affiliate marketing.  And if you're as well, I can help you get rolling today.

So, take your time and read all the details in My Free Guide for starting a successful business online.

It will show you what does it take to lay the foundation of online business and will literally walk you through the 4-step process.

My Closing

Honestly, I really hope that you enjoyed this Gold Opinions review.

Also, I believe that all of your questions regarding this product should have their answers now.

But in case they don't, you can always ask them in the comment section below.

And I'll be happy to read anything you have to say!

6 thoughts on “Gold Opinions Review: Scam Or Your Quickest $50/Survey?”

  1. Hi, I am working in survey sites for last three months. I am looking for the correct way of doing survey task successfully. I am pleased to read your articles. I have lot of gaps that i can overcome by following your guidences. I am working in dailyonlinesurvey too.

    1. Thanks, Kamal.
      Good to know that you’re doing your research and work only with decent survey sites.
      As long as you keep avoiding Gold Opinions, you’re all good with your survey activities.
      Best of luck!

  2. Thanks for your insights into this product. You make some important points in exposing this as a scam. But I guess some people will get sucked in wanting to make quick money.

    1. They wouldn’t if they take the time to read the reviews first, Rowena.
      I really hope that my review will reach as many people as possible so they wouldn’t waste their time and money.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion.

  3. You’ve done some great research here, I’ve always suspected that Gold Opinions, and many other websites like it, are completely misleading in what they are selling so its good to have it confirmed! Thanks for the information.

    1. You are welcome, Emily.
      Yeah, Gold Opinions is a big No-No as a source of an extra income.
      If you want to make money taking surveys, you should look elsewhere.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article!

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