How To Drive Traffic With Pinterest – Simple Steps To Get You Noticed!

how to drive traffic with pinterest - pinterest tips for beginner bloggers

"How come you're not even trying to drive traffic with Pinterest?"

Sounds familiar?

If you're anything like me 2 years ago, how the get traffic from Pinterest is not your top priority as a website owner.

No matter how hard your blogger friends are trying to convince you that it should be!

Well, that's what happens when you don't really understand that Pinterest is a search engine.

And as such, it has an enormous potential to bring thousands of page views even to a brand new site.

In my case, lesson learned - the hard way, if I may add.

But my history doesn't have to be yours, so let's see what we can do about that!

This post may contain affiliate links, this is my disclosure.

Pinterest At A First Glance

Generally, if you're not familiar with Pinterest, it won't be hard for you to realize where the previous me is coming from.

I mean, when you visit the platform for the very first time, chances are that you'll be left with this sort of impression:

"It looks like Social Media where women exchange recipes, pregnancy tips, and DIY projects.  Definitely not something that could greatly benefit my online business".

Am I close?

The thing is, my first reaction to Pinterest wasn't entirely wrong.

Because it's a fact that some blog niches are enjoying much bigger success on the platform than others.

how to drive traffic with pinterest

For instance, content creators who blog about food, design, DIY, parenting, gardening, and sewing will be able to build a massive presence on Pinterest faster than the rest of us.

Does this mean that if your niche is not mentioned above you shouldn't even try?

No, it doesn't - take it from somebody who has been there!

What Is Pinterest?

For starters, to learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, you need to understand what the platform actually is.

With that being said, Pinterest is a search engine.  As such, it uses an algorithm to display content for all of its users.

On that note, Pinterest works similar to Google.  Likewise, if you want your content to be found on both of them, you'll have to rank it first.

However, this is the key difference between the two:

Pinterest is a visual search engine.  Its whole Smart Feed contains images (pins) people create to attract an audience.

So, if you want to drive traffic with Pinterest, you'll need to use an image, text (to let the users know what your pin is about), and attach the URL of a blog post.

In simple terms, that's how Pinterest for bloggers work to increase their traffic generation.

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Is Pinterest Still Good For Business In 2020?

Let's go back to my early hesitation toward the idea of Pinterest for a minute.

You may be surprised, but the number of people who feel the same way is insane from what I can see online.

Personally, I believe that's mainly because all of those bloggers are misinformed.

To clarify, they still look at Pinterest as the ultimate online space for female domination.

While I won't argue that such a statement has merit, that's doesn't define the platform as a whole.

is pinterest still a good platform to market your online business

According to the statistics, 40% of the USA dads have been using Pinterest as well in 2019.  And that trend is expected to keep growing in 2020.

But that's not the big picture, this is:

  1. 320 million active users log into Pinterest every month.
  2. Almost 90% of them spend time on the platform to plan a purchase.
  3. Only 28% of the marketers worldwide are working to drive traffic with Pinterest (plenty of room for you).

Long story short, if you're a newbie blogger who still doubts the marketing power of Pinterest, you're just wasting valuable time.

Meanwhile, you should also be aware of the fact that the platform went under some major changes in the last couple of years.

Since going public, getting thousands of page views daily is harder than it used to be.

At the same time, this doesn't mean that the only option you're left with is to buy Pinterest traffic through paid advertising.

Regardless of the new situation, there are certain things you can do to give your blog the best shot for Pinterest traffic.

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How To Drive Traffic With Pinterest

Basically, there is a lot of new stuff going on Pinterest right now, so many things to keep in mind constantly.

As this article unfolds, we'll discuss them one by one.

For now, let's start with the fundamentals that don't change no matter how many times the algorithm does!

1) Sign Up For Pinterest Business Account

There are different opinions about should you convert an existing personal account or just create a new business one.

Depending on who you're asking, you'll hear strong arguments on both sides.

In my opinion, it's better to start a brand new Pinterest business account from scratch.

drive traffic with pinterest - the first step is to sign up for pinterest business account

If you've been using the platform personally, you probably have pinned content that may or may not be related to your business.

What's the point to spend ages cleaning that up and confusing Pinterest once you start to pin your new targeted content?

So, in case this is day 1 for you on Pinterest, these are steps that you'll absolutely need to take:

  1. Start fresh with a new Pinterest Business Account - this way, you'll be able to see how your content is performing thanks to Pinterest Analytics.  Plus, Pinterest looks differently at content users and content creators.  Using a business account will let the platform know in which category you belong to.
  2. Claim your website - your website is your business, so claiming it on Pinterest is non-negotiable.
  3. Apply for Rich Pins - they will pull out essential data from each blog post you'll ever pin.

2) Optimize Your Profile With Keywords

Now that the basic set up is done, the real work begins.

I know that you must be impatient to start pinning, but don't expect to see page views tomorrow if you skip the next step today.

And that step is optimizing your profile the best way you can for maximum exposure.

Pinterest is a search engine, remember?

Therefore, your profile is the first place where you'll need to add related keywords.

This is Pinterest SEO 101, pals, and it starts with your name and description.

You won't have much room - Pinterest doesn't allow too many characters, so choose your keywords wisely.

OK, using your personal name and photo vs. your business's ones:

That is up to you - both will work as long as you don't forget the keywords.

3) Create Well-Keyworded Pinterest Boards

Above all, your own Pinterest Boards will have a huge impact on whether you'll be able to drive traffic with Pinterest or not.

Make no mistake, that's how important they are and you can't afford to underestimate this fact.

Even more, how well your pins will perform depend on the quality of the boards they are pinned to.

With that said, how should you decide on a name for your boards?

I'll give you an example of how I'm choosing the names of my own boards.

Here is what happens when I type "make money" in the search bar:

how to choose a name for your pinterest boards example

What this screenshot is telling you?

It's one thing that these are searches Pinterest users have been performing on the platform.

More importantly, most of them will make awesome names for my boards.

Just repeat the process with relative keywords for your business and you'll find out how to name your own boards.

4) Create Gorgeous Pins

Basically, the quality of your pins will hugely affect your ability to drive traffic with Pinterest.

The users tend to scroll down through the smart feed pretty fast, so your pins have to be outstanding.

Meaning, your graphics better be eye-catching, provoking curiosity, and problem-solvers.

Don't get intimidated by that, practice makes perfect after all!

There are a couple of places that will allow you to create pins for free, Canva being the most popular one.

Pinterest would very much like your pins to be 1:2 ration.  Previously, the recommended size was 600:900 pixels.

But I found out that 1000:1500 work so much better!

Recommended Pining Practices That Will Help You To Drive Traffic With Pinterest

So far, you've done a good job optimizing your Pinterest profile.

Keywords exist within your name and description, your Pinterest boards are well keyworded as well, and you have some awesome pins all done and ready to go.

Now, how should you proceed?  What kind of pinning strategy you must implement to get people on your website?

Quite frankly, there is no secret magic formula here.

That being said, what brings success to one pinner might not deliver the same results for you too.

I can't speak for everybody else, but I can share with you what works really well for me and what practices you should follow after the recent Pinterest's updates.

1) Pinterest Wants Fresh Content Daily

In a perfect world, you'll be able to publish a brand new article every day.

However, that best-case scenario is impossible to achieve for most of the bloggers - who has that kind of time, right?

Then, how are you supposed to deliver fresh content to Pinterest every single day?

how to drive traffic with pinterest - pin fresh content daily

Here is the deal - you can, as long as you pin new pins every day.

To clarify, by "fresh content" Pinterest means a new image and new pin description - even if they lead to an old article.

Keep in mind, this is the most recent change on the platform and it looks like Pinterest is really serious about it.

Therefore, you should take it seriously too!

2) Be Careful With Duplicate Pins

Our work on Pinterest was so much easier when we could pin the same pin to the same board pretty much every week...

Unfortunately, that's no longer an option.

Right now, following such a practice can get your account banned before you have time to blink.

To avoid this happening to you, don't pin the same pin to the same board for at least 4-6 months.

Pinning the same URL is perfectly fine as long as there is a new image that goes along with it.

3) Don't Pin Too Much

Previously, there was no carved in a stone rule about how many pins you're allowed to pin per day.

And there isn't one now...  Sort of!

With that being said, the current recommendation is that you shouldn't pin more than 50 pins every 24 hours.

pinning too much is not a recommended practice on pinterest

Personally, that's not a huge problem for me - I've never pinned that much before anyway.

It's hard for Pinterest to distribute all of your pins on the platform if you upload too many every day.

Just to be clear, this recommended practice is coming from Tailwind and not directly from Pinterest.

Considering Tailwind is the only automation pinning tool that's officially approved from Pinterest, I'll say that it's not a bad idea to listen to its team.

4) Use Tailwind To Automate Your Pinning Sessions

If you've researched other articles about how to drive traffic with Pinterest, you've probably stumbled upon a really big argument: manual vs. automated pinning.

Time and again, Pinterest will be the first to tell you that it doesn't care whether you're pinning manually or through Tailwind.

While my own pining strategy is based on 80% manual pinning, I still can't imagine doing my Pinterest work without Tailwind.

Firstly, because the tool gives me tons of awesome options to clearly see how my pins and boards are performing - Boards Insights, Pin Inspector, and so many more.

By the way, these are much more accurate than the Pinterest Analytics in my experience!

Secondly, Tailwind has just added extra options for its users that will help you protect your account from being banned for spamming.

For instance, the tool will warn you if you're over-pining the same image, it will keep your pins from being pinned way too often through the set 2-day interval option, etc.

Most importantly, Tailwind will pin your work at a time when most users are being active at the platform thanks to its Smart Schedule.

And if you live in Europe just like I do, you won't have to stay up all night to pin at the most appropriate time - the tool will do it for you.

Tailwind offers a free trial, and if you're not used it already, I honestly believe that you should give it a try.

5) Group Boards Are Not That Important Anymore

By all means, when you're just starting on Pinterest, you'll need to gain as much exposure on the platform as you possibly can.

Therefore, the most common advice you'll hear from fellow pinners is to join group boards.

That's what I did as well in my early days on Pinterest.

Back then, it worked fine - my pins were interacted with by far more people than they would have if I was pinning them only to my own boards.

In some ways, contributing to relevant high-quality group boards is still a smart choice.

However, just until your own boards become strong on their own.

Since a few updates ago, Pinterest is not that supportive of the idea of group boards anymore.

So, if you want to drive traffic with Pinterest, I think you should work to improve your personal boards than wasting time joining the group ones.

Even more, I'll share with you my own experience:

Gradually, I evaluated all of the group boards I was a part of and I slowly left all of them.

As a result, my Pinterest traffic spiked soon thereafter and that's not a coincidence in my opinion.

Still, if you feel like joining group boards is necessary for your account, you can give PinGroupie a try.

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My Closing

Hopefully, my view about how to drive traffic with Pinterest will help guide you in the right direction.

It's not a secret that the platform is changing constantly.

To keep you up to date, I'll do my best to refresh this article every time there is something new and important going on.

Before I leave you today, a quick question:

How are you doing on Pinterest?  Is there anything else that you need to know to increase the page views you're getting from the platform?

Ask me anything and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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    1. Hey, dear, it’s a pleasure to have you on my blog!
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    1. Thank you so much, Dina. I know – Pinterest can be quite intimidating at first.

      It takes some time to explore all its abilities to the fullest.
      I would love to do another article on Group Boards. A bit too busy right now, but I’ll try my best!

  3. Excellent post, I guess I need to get busy on . Like you, I am very unsure about how to use it. Thanks for the excellent advice, Deanna

  4. This is exactly how I feel about Pinterest. I’m so intimidated by it, but you’ve helped clarify how to use it and what it’s used for so I feel a little less anxious about diving into marketing with Pinterest.

    Do I have to create a separate photo for Pinterest than I have as my post’s featured image? It seems that Pinterest is very visual and I’m not sure my featured images would really be appealing like, say, a picture of gorgeous earrings. I’m in the internet marketing/work from home niche.

    1. Hey Aria, glad that you stopped by.
      I’m afraid that you do – a good photo is everything on Pinterest.
      Especially considering you are in the work from home niche.

  5. fantastic article. I learned so much about Pinterest and even went to change my account and profile just like you said. Can’t wait for your next article to come out.

  6. Wow! I have been looking everywhere for full review of Pinterest! I am so glad to have found your site.
    I want to get traffic numbers like yours…how long did it take? How do you get people to your pins like that?

    1. Hey Irma, thanks for taking the time to comment on my article.
      It’s very hard to get to the first page of Google. That’s why Pinterest is so attractive as a source of traffic.
      Honestly – I got my numbers in about 2 months. It takes a hard work and there is a lot to learn.
      If you need some extra help, just let me know.
      I’ll be adding many more posts like this one.

  7. That explains a lot….thanks I’m afraid to say I am one of the misinformed and uneducated types when it comes to pinterest. this post has given me some very useful information to use thanks.

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