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20 Pro Bloggers Tricks – How To Escape Looking Like A Newbie

Hey there, blogging tribe!  How is the business doing?  Chances are, those of you who have been blogging for years are all good!  You’re probably already familiar with most of the pro bloggers tricks, aren’t you? But what about the people who are just jumping into this insane journey? I was a newbie blogger not that long […]

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how to do keyword research for beginners

How To Do Keyword Research For Beginners The Smart Way

Hey, never sleeping bloggers!  Any luck with rankings yet?  If not, don’t sweat it – luck has nothing to do with it.  What you actually need is knowledge.  And that’s what you’ll get considering the talk of the day is how to do keyword research for beginners. Some not so fond memories are torturing my […]

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blogging tips for newbies

5 Blogging Tips For Newbies – What You Need To Stay Away From!

Hey there, wannabe bloggers!  Ready to take on this crazy journey called blogging?  If you are, that’s awesome!  And I’m going to help you out with my list of blogging tips for newbies. I love blogging!  I’ve been doing it for a couple of months now and having so much fun with it. There is no going […]

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web hosting services

Web Hosting Services In 2018 (Reviews)

Hey you all, awesome bloggers!  Finally, today we’ll close the last chapter on our previous discussion about web hosting services.  So far, we’ve covered the best free options.  Now, time to move on to the paid ones! Personally, I have a lot of fond memories from the day I picked my web hosting provider.  Still feels […]

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keywords research tool

Keywords Research Tool – Why Jaaxy Is My Winner

What’s up, online pals?  Here is the deal – I feel the need to do some heavy lifting today.  As a result, my choice of topic for this post is non-other than a keywords research tool. In other words, I hope that you are ready – I’m bringing out the big guns! Oh, and one more thing: Better […]

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Hey there, awesome bloggers!  Are you feeling pumped up?  Hope you are, I sure am.  The time is up for the final chapter of our discussion. or – the elephant in the room today! To be completely honest, there are more like 3 elephants… I promised you in my last post that I will trow […]

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