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my first blog income report

My First Blog Income Report – How I Made $130 As A Newbie Blogger!

Alright, people!  Forgive the lack of originality, would you?  I mean – I bet you’ve been reading tons of articles just like my first blog income report. But there is a reason to finally write a report of my own.  And a very good one if I may add: “Hey there, I love your blog!  I just […]

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how to get more social shares

How To Get More Social Shares – The Craft Behind Web Popularity

Hey you all, social butterflies!  I’m kidding…sort of, kind of!  Because if being popular is not your number one priority, it should be for your website.  So today my whole focus will fall on how to get more social shares. Are you one of those bloggers that are completely obsessed with their blog’s social accounts? Come on […]

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top blogging tools

13 Top Blogging Tools That Will Notably Advance Your Website

Hey you all, hard-working bloggers!  Brace yourself – this article is going to be HUGE!  I can only hope you have some free time on your hands.  Because let’s be honest – covering the top blogging tools is not something anyone can do in a minute or two! Ever since I started this website, I got […]

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your blog is failure

Your Blog Is Failure – 5 Doomed Practices That May Have Caused It

Hey there, almighty bloggers!  Please don’t hate me because of that title!  Your blog is failure sounds like a horrible thing to say.  But if you feel like you are heading that way, we have to do something about it.  Immediately. Trust me – it’s for your own good. If I may ask – why […]

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top 10 most successful blogs

Top 10 Most Successful Blogs – And What You Can Learn From Them!

Hey friends!  I have a secret to share – I knew I was gonna have an article on the top 10 most successful blogs even before I started to blog myself. You may want to back me up on that: When you are making your first blogging steps, you pretty much stumble and fall all […]

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How To Drive Traffic For Your Website – 10 Proven Ways That Work!

Hey there, almighty bloggers!  Is my headline today hot or what?  I think it is, considering how to drive traffic for your website is a thought number 1 in every blogger’s mind. We all want as many visitors as we can get. I think you will agree with me on that: More visitors – more potential […]

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