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checklist for starting a blog

Checklist For Starting a Blog: 15 Steps To Secure Your Success

Alright, alright, alright, future bloggers to be!  You’re just gonna love this one.  Considering how many people have been asking me to write this article in the last couple of months, I feel confident to say that.  So, the ultimate checklist for starting a blog is finally ready! Now, let me prepare you before we start: My […]

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blogging for beginners

Blogging For Beginners: 7 Insights I Wish I Knew Earlier

Hey, awesome bloggers-to-be!  Apparently, some of my readers are missing the time when I was writing more on blogging for beginners.  Well, your wish is my command!   Today, I’m gonna share with you a lot of my own blogging experience.  Despite all the hours and learning curve I’ve put in my first 6 months of blogging, […]

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my first blog income report

My First Blog Income Report – How I Made $130 As A Newbie Blogger!

Alright, people!  Forgive the lack of originality, would you?  I mean – I bet you’ve been reading tons of articles just like my first blog income report. But there is a reason to finally write a report of my own.  And a very good one if I may add: “Hey there, I love your blog!  I just […]

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how to get more social shares

How To Get More Social Shares – The Craft Behind Web Popularity

Hey you all, social butterflies!  I’m kidding…sort of, kind of!  Because if being popular is not your number one priority, it should be for your website.  So today my whole focus will fall on how to get more social shares. Are you one of those bloggers that are completely obsessed with their blog’s social accounts? Come on […]

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thrive membership review

Thrive Membership Review – A Waste Of Money Or The Ultimate Bargain?

Let me get this one out as fast as possible – it’s an awesome feeling, isn’t?  I’m talking about the moment you receive an email that lets you know that your work is appreciated.  “Your website is fantastic!  So easy to navigate and it looks amazing.  How did you do that?”  Well, I’ll tell you […]

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top blogging tools that will notably advance your website

13 Top Blogging Tools That Will Notably Advance Your Website

First thing first, online friends, I truly hope that you have a bit more time than just 5 minutes to spare.  Because covering the top blogging tools that will help you to make money online is not something I should rush. And neither should you! Above all, when you’re developing a blog, you’re developing an online business. Therefore, […]

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