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Cash Formula Review: Scam Or A Rare Chance To Earn $5K/Day?

Hey there, everyone!  As we do most of the time on this website, we'll talk about an opportunity to make money online again.  And my Cash Formula review has an awful a lot to say on this topic.

Currently, there are tons of products online that are promising huge profits without too much work.  As a result, more and more people are getting confused, unable to decide which ones are worthy and which ones are not.

But after reading this article you'll know in which category Cash Formula belongs to!

Cash Formula Review - The Basics

Product:  Cash Formula


Owner:  Michael Grant

Price:  $37, upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

Run Away, Fast!

cash formula review - introduction of the product

In short, Cash Formula is a money-making product that supposedly is going to over-deliver for your financial situation.

To clarify, we're talking about an expected income of more than $5,000 per day!

Now, it's only natural to raise an eyebrow when you hear such claims - it's what I do as well.  Every single time!

Plus, the name of the product itself doesn't inspire a lot of trust either, does it?

All that being said, let's find out what's the real deal with this program.

What Is The Cash Formula?

Truth to be told, it's not that easy to explain!  Especially, if the only info you have access to is the one provided from the sales page.

Firstly, this is supposed to be one-of-a-kind, more than an exclusive program that has already made 52 of its members millionaires in a short period of time.

Secondly, the product is completely automated for your convenience.  Meaning, this is a done-for-you system in its core.

Lastly, the big commissions you're waiting for will become a reality thanks to an Internet Marketing loophole the owner is using to the best of his advantage.

Sounds promising, right?

Well, not so fast!

how to make money online with affiliate marketing if you're a newbie blogger

In my opinion, all these facts are a bit too vague to be trusted.  Likewise, you need to know the whole story before you flash out your credit card.

How Does The Product Work?

Believe it or not, I'm having a hard time writing this Cash Formula review!

And that happens every time a spokesperson goes to great lengths to dance around the topic without saying anything at all!

As a result, I had to dig deeper - and I did!

First and foremost, Michael claims that the basics of this product are coming from a group of Ukranian marketers who discovered the precious loophole online.  Moreover, Cash Formula is so profitable today thanks to the super-secret lines of code those marketers produced.

the backstory of Cash Formula

Finally, there is a quick mention of what you'll have to do to cash in $100,000 per month:

Above all, the money promised are going to be affiliate commissions.

So, it turns out that the Cash Formula is using affiliate marketing to make all of its members rich.

Now, tons of people online are earning a nice extra and even a full-time income as an affiliate marketers, myself included.  Even more, some bloggers are earning 6-figure income per month as an affiliates.

Therefore, Michael is not really lying, right?

Actually, he is.  And I'm going to prove it to you!

Cash Formula Review - Why This System Will Never Work

Basically, I don't know where to start!

I mean, there are so many things wrong with the way Cash Formula is advertised...Not to mention, with the system on its own.

Let's take a look at each of them one by one, shall we?

1) No "Done-For-You" System Will Ever Make You $5K In A Day

Seriously, I can't imagine that there will be even a single person who would believe such a BS.

Then again, looking at the gravity of this product on ClickBank, I see clearly that there is.  Sadly, not just one!

But if you have no experience and you need money fast, mistakes are going to happen I guess.

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Now, using the affiliate marketing business model can be profitable, no doubt about that.

However, only in case you do it the right way!

And trying to earn from "done-for-you" system is definitely not the right way.

To clarify, this kind of systems is usually a generic website that is more of a landing page than a real blog.

Tell me, how exactly you'll make $5,000 on your first day when you have no clue how to be an affiliate marketer?

Generally, it takes a lot of time to master the craft of affiliate sales.  Similarly, you'll need a professional blogging and marketing training.  Plus, the best blogging tools available!

Make no mistake, you won't get any of that from the Cash Formula!

2) The Sales Page Is Ridiculous 

First and foremost, you really need to watch that sales video - it's quite entertaining!

For instance, Michael's opening line has only one purpose - to make you feel really special.  He claims that if you're having access to that presentation, it must be only because you've been invited from one of his personal friends.

In reality, though, anyone with an account on ClickBank can watch that video, no restrictions whatsoever.

Next, the sales page is trying really hard to make it sound like the Cash Formula is the most wanted product in the world.  So, Michael can't really allow too many people to buy his system anymore - that would draw too much attention, folks!

false claims from the cash formula

Wow, watching this sales video is like being a part of the "Hunger Games" and the "Avengers", both at the same time...

And I won't even bother to mention the whole sob story of health and financial problems that Michael supposedly experienced before he started to use his wonder system!

3) There Are Hidden Upsells

Above all, if there is a product that can make you $5K in less than 24 hours, do you really believe that you'll be able to grab it for $37?

Hate to be the one to break it to you, but that just ain't gonna happen!

No matter how hard Michael is trying to convince you that he is offering his miracle program that cheap from the goodness of his heart...

By all means, the scam products online have quite an affordable starting price.  But that's just the warm-up.

As soon as you purchase the product, expect at least 3 upsells to come knocking on your virtual door.

At the end of the day, when a product is that bad, it will try to steal away from you as much money as possible.

The way I see it, Cash Formula is not that much different than the rest of low-quality products ClickBank is offering:

4) The Testimonials Are Paid For

Honestly, I really wish that my Cash Formula review wouldn't have to mention Fiverr once again.  A girl can dream, right?

Unfortunately, no such luck:

All of the people talking on camera during the sales pitch are offering their services on Fiverr.

cash formula review - fake testimonials

Needless to say, anyone can hire them to record testimonials for less than $5!

the actress from fiverr doing the testimonials

5) Who Is Michael Green?

Personally, I have no idea.

However, considering this is a Cash Formula review, let's have a look at who the real owner is.

According to the sales video, this is Michael Green:

Michael Green, the supposed owner of cash formula

Well, then it must be his twin brother whose image is currently sitting on a website that offers free photos:

proof that the owner of cash formula uses fakes name

Actually, no - it's just the same photo of the same person!

In other words, the owner of Cash Formula is hiding his identity.  

Definitely not very successfully...

6) Bonuses?

You're just gonna love this...

So, if you put in the effort and watch the sales video to its end, you'll hear Michael telling you that he'll give you $997 as a bonus just because you're signing up today.

Unbelievable, right?

Now, if anyone really receives this money, I promise that I'll completely rewrite this Cash Formula review until its glowing with recommendations.

However, I'm pretty sure that will never happen!

What I Like About The Product

1) There is a 60-day money back guarantee 

What I Don't Like About The Product

Basically, everything else...

1) Unrealistic and over-hyped sales page - no beginner could ever make $5,000 in less than 24 hours

2) A low-quality money-making program - no real training, the best you'll get is an outdated introduction to affiliate marketing or YouTube videos you can find for free online

3) The testimonials are delivered from paid actors from Fiverr

4) No info on the real owner - the photo he's using to prove his identity is fake

5) Hidden upsells - there is no way Cash Formula will be satisfied with only $37 of your hard earned money

6) Pure lies about bonuses - no one will give you nearly $1K just for signing up

Is Cash Formula A Scam?

Well, it all depends on how you choose to look at it.

On one hand, there is a money-back guarantee.  Likewise, we can't really call it a pure scam considering you'll be able to get your money back.

thumb down

Although, on another hand, this product will never work as promised.  Even more, it would never work at all!

As a result, it may not be a total scam, but you should stay away from it for your own good.

How To Make Money Online Then?

Quite frankly, when something is too good to be true, you know that it shouldn't be trusted.

For instance, when I started to work online more than a year ago, I didn't waste any of my time with products like the Cash formula.

Simply because I knew that it will take a lot of time, efforts, and learning curve to earn real money on the web.

And it wasn't easy and it definitely took more than 24 hours to see results...

That being said, today I'm making a full-time income blogging from home.

How did I do that?

Actually, I just got the best marketing training there is and I've built my online business while going through it.

So, if that's what you really would like to do as well, you can start by taking the time to read My Free Guide.

It will introduce you to the process of building a successful business online.  Plus, it will walk you through the exact steps I took myself to make it happen.

My Closing

Up until now, I believe that my Cash Formula review told you everything there is to know about this product.

Again, don't fall for big words and empty promises that will lead you nowhere.

Instead, take the time and create your own business so you would never have to work for somebody else.

Any questions on this topic?

In case you have some, leave them in the comments section below and I'll answer them as soon as I can.

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