Cash Formula Review: Scam Or A Rare Chance To Earn $5K/Day?

cash formula review scam or legit

There is something almost poetical about today’s topic and my Cash Formula Review will tell you all about it!

When you learn that a money-making system has turned 52 ordinary people in millionaires in a matter of 90 days, you know that you should pay attention.

After all, how many online platforms can say the same thing?

But is the confidence in the spokesperson’s voice enough to win your trust?

Even more, can you be absolutely sure that this program is a wonderful legit opportunity to make money online?

Is getting this free cash flow formula going to be the best decision you’ll ever make?

These are valid questions and I’ll answer all of them in the next couple of minutes!

Table of Contents1 Cash Formula Review – The Basics2 What Is The Cash Formula?3 How Does The Product Work?4 How Does The Product Really Work?5 What I Like About Cash Formula6 What I Don’t Like About Cash Formula7 Is Cash Formula A Scam?8 The Right Way To Make Money Online9 My Closing

Cash Formula Review – The Basics

Product:  Cash Formula


Owner:  Michael Grant (Allegedly)

Price:  $37, Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

Smart Sales Pitch, Not So Smart Product

cash formula review introduction of the product

For starters, the sales video won’t allow you to look into the cash formula accounting.

Even if you’re big on patience and you watch it to its very end, you won’t see a cash formula balance sheet or a cash flow statement either.

So, let me save you some time and tell you straight away what makes this product special:

The promise of earning $5,000 until the end of the day.

Kind of a huge promise, isn’t it?

While it’s certainly hard to wrap your mind around it, earning such amount of money in 24 hours is not impossible nowadays.

With that said, let’s get this Cash Formula review really going and discover what’s real and what isn’t about the system.

Here we go:

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What Is The Cash Formula?

Truth to be told, it’s not that easy to explain!  Especially, if the only info you have access to is the one provided from the sales page.

But I’ll give it a try anyway:

Firstly, this is supposed to be one-of-a-kind, more than an exclusive program that already has earned almost $5,000,000 for its members.

Secondly, the product is completely automated for your convenience.  Meaning, this is a done-for-you system in its core.

Lastly, the big commissions you’re aiming at will be coming through an Internet Marketing loophole the owner is using to the best of his advantage.

Sounds promising, right?

Be that as it may, the explanation you’re getting so far is too vague to be trusted 100%.

how to make $5,000/day with affiliate marketing

So, let’s dig deeper before you begin typing the numbers on the top of your credit card!

How Does The Product Work?

In my opinion, to fully understand what kind of product we’re discussing in this Cash Formula review, I’ll have to provide you with much more information.

Starting with the way the system allegedly works:

What’s really getting on my nerves is that the spokesperson goes to great lengths to dance around the subject without pressing it through the whole pitch.

We’ll ignore that (for now) and we’ll focus on how his Cash Formula does what it does:

According to Michael, the origins of the program are coming from the brilliant minds of a couple of Ukrainian marketers.

what is cash formula and how does it work

Those marketers are the ones to discover the previously mentioned loophole way back in 2010.

It’s worth to mention that Cash Formula is as profitable as it is thanks to the secret lines of code the Ukrainian professionals came up with.

Moving on to what really matters – and that is how the product will earn you as much as $100,000 in a month:

Well, the money will come in the form of affiliate commissions.

Meaning, Cash Formula is using affiliate marketing to make its members incredibly rich.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that earning such an amount from affiliate sales is not out of a question – plenty of people are doing it.

However, just because affiliate marketing has the potential to make you wealthy, it doesn’t mean that it will happen the way Michael suggests you try.

Here is what I have in mind when stating that:

How Does The Product Really Work?

Unfortunately, nothing like you’re told through the sales presentation!

You see, there is a huge difference between what you’re lead to believe that you’ll get if you buy the product and what you’ll actually receive in the end.

Because what Cash Formula turns out to be is nothing more than a set of eBooks that will show you the basics of promoting Amazon as a newbie marketer and selling your own products on Amazon FBA.

While you’re trying to supress your disappointment, I’ll reveal what your $37 are buying:

  • Access to Azassociate WordPress theme
  • 4 eBooks – Cash Formula Guide, Amazon Affiliate Essentials, Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, and Fulfillment By Amazon FBA Guide

This is it – nothing more, nothing less!

With that being said, let me show you how you’re supposed to make this product work for those of you who are still having high hopes for Cash Formula:

  1. Sign up for a hosting service – and that means that you’ll have to start a blog.
  2. Get Mangools KWFinder – a premium keyword research tool.
  3. Purchase EasyAzon – a WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates.
  4. Grab JungleScout – Amazon product research tool.
  5. Pay for QuuuPromote – a Social Media promotion tool.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

Actually, it will if you keep reading this Cash Formula review!

What I Like About Cash Formula

Other than the fact that is based on affiliate marketing (a legit business model), nothing really!

I mean, what’s there to like?

There are just too many alarming signs, all of which I’ll discuss in detail below:

What I Don’t Like About Cash Formula

A deceiving sales pitch, plenty of miscalculated statements, promises that simply don’t add up…

Take your pick!

How about I show you everything that’s wrong with this system so I’ll be able to convince you to stay away from now on?

1) The Sales Video Delivers Lie After Lie

I mean, is there another way to look at a sales presentation that was clearly constructed to tell you what you would like to hear?

There are no Ukrainian marketers, there is no secret loophole discovered in 2010… Unless by loophole Michael means the Amazon Associates Program.

May I remind you, that program exists since 1996!

Next, you’re told that you’ll be making $5,000 in a day – automatically, thanks to a “done-for-you” system, and just with a couple of clicks.

In reality, though, that’s not how being an affiliate marketer works.

Yes, you can make affiliate sales even without a lot of traffic, but it won’t be $5K in 24 hours, I can guarantee that!

Also, how come Michael forgets to mention that you’ll need to start your own blog, learn to do keyword research, and gain important marketing skills?

To sum up, the whole sales video doesn’t state a single line that can be trusted!

2) The Quality Of The Product Is Non-Existent

Quite frankly, the info you’ll discover inside the 4 eBooks you’re paying for is not worth a cent.

Wondering why is that?

Well, all of that info can be found online for free.

Nowadays, you can learn tons about doing affiliate marketing or working with Amazon FBA if you just Google these terms.

Most importantly, the product doesn’t provide any sort of valuable training that will deliver exclusive data or insight secrets about starting an online business.

If that’s what you were hoping for, you’ll be left empty-handed!

Start Professional Online Business Training For Free Here

3) The Income Proof Is Fake

No doubt about it.

Considering we’ve just talked about the low quality of Cash Formula, do you really believe that such a product will earn you $5,000/day?

Having said that, can you honestly trust a screenshot that is trying to convince you otherwise?

fake income proof from cash formula

Looking at the photo, you can’t see where the money is coming from into the bank account.  Moreover, there is no way of knowing what the money has been paid for!

Plus, I can create the same “income proof” in a matter of minutes – and it still won’t be valid!

4) The Testimonials Are Fake As Well

If you think for a second that the people admiring the product on camera are real customers, let me tell you – they’re not.

On the contrary, all of them have profiles on Fiverr.

Because that’s what they do – they’re getting paid to do testimonials for a commission.

cash formula review the testimonials are fake

Even you can have them say whatever you would like them to say – if you’re willing to pay the price!

The lack of genuine testimonials is just one more red flag that speaks volumes about the quality of the system.

4) There Are Upsells

First and foremost, let’s talk for a second about all of the expenses you’ll have if you decide to try the program.

Contrary to what Michael is telling you, your credit card won’t be used to cover the $37 only.

No, paying for web hosting, keyword tool, and the rest of the tools required to make Cash Formula work will add another $250 to the asking price.

On top of that, the product comes with upsells on its own – prepare for at least 3 of them that will cost you much more than expected.

Now, I would like to take a moment from this Cash Formula review to explain why those upsells exist:

It’s a common theme among the low-quality money-making programs to offer upsells.

That’s not because someone behind the scenes cares to provide you with extra value.

No, the only reason such upsells are happening is that the people creating similar products are well-aware of the fact that their programs don’t work.

Therefore, they know that you won’t become a loyal customer and you won’t be buying anything else from them.

So, they’ll try to take as much money as possible until they have you on the page!

Up until now, I’ve reviewed plenty of low-quality money-making systems, you can read their full reviews below so you would know what else you need to avoid:

5) Michael Green Is A Pen Name

Another thing the scam products have in common is that the names of their owners are almost always fake.

And our Michael Green here is not an exception!

As you can see, his photo has been downloaded from a website that provides free images:

cash formula review the name of the owner is fake

One would think that whoever created the Cash Formula should have tried to cover their tracks a bit better than that.

Fortunately for us, that’s not the case and the truth is easy to be revealed!

Is Cash Formula A Scam?

Well, it all depends on how you want to look at it.

I mean, there is a money-back guarantee.  Likewise, we can’t really call it a pure scam considering you’ll be able to get your money back.

Still, keep in mind that the product is selling on ClickBank – and that network doesn’t have the best track record where a money-back guarantee is being concerned.

thumb down

The bottom line is, Cash Formula is a non-sense of a system.

Too much hype, barely (if any value).

When you add the upsells, the fake testimonials, the fake identity of the owner…

Personally, I would never invest in such a program and I strongly recommend that you don’t do it either.

At this point in my Cash Formula review, there is no need to mention that I’m not affiliated with the product, is there?

The Right Way To Make Money Online

Quite frankly, you don’t need Cash Formula or any other “done-for-you” system to help you earn online.

Instead, what you need is to pull up your sleeves and get the work done yourself.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to start an online business for as little as $15 ( the cost of a domain name for a year).

If that’s something you’re seriously considering but you don’t know where to start, here is an idea:

Why don’t you give this Free Guide a read?

I’ve put together for you what the process looks like, the necessary steps you’ll need to take, what to expect, etc.

My guide won’t bore you with useless info.

On the contrary, I’ve done my best to explain everything you’ll need to do in a way that is easy to understand if you’re a beginner.

Hopefully, it will be of huge help to you!

My Closing

Up until now, I believe that my Cash Formula review told you everything there is to know about this product.

Even if the program somehow improves over time (which I don’t see happening), I’ll update the article regularly to reflect the changes.

Until then, don’t fall for big words and empty promises that will lead you nowhere.

Instead, take the time and create your own business so you would never have to work for somebody else.

With that being said, do you have any questions on this topic?

Is there anything that you don’t quite understand about what Cash Formula is or how does it work?

If the answer is yes, ask me anything in the comments section below and I won’t leave you hanging!


  1. What used to lure me into an online business, were the testimonials from individuals. This was before I learned about actors paid to make claims of income from different programs.
    My question is this, are any of these testimonials real? Are these people really making big bucks? You gave a couple of examples, but is that representative of all customers
    I’m going with your recommendation to affiliate marketing.
    I’ve seen enough of this to know to turn away from it.
    Thanks for the honest and unbiased review.

    1. Hi, Nathaniel, it’s a pleasure having you on my blog.
      Now, on your question:
      Unfortunately, too many money-making programs are not to be trusted nowadays and the fact that they’re using actors to do the testimonials is a big reason for that.
      The best advice I can give you is to always check the reviews online before investing in a system.
      Especially if that system is promising you lots of money in no time and with barely any work.
      Hope that helps!
      Feel free to reach out if you need to know anything else.

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