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5 Blogging Tips For Newbies – What You Need To Stay Away From!

Hey there, wannabe bloggers!  Ready to take on this crazy journey called blogging?  If you are, that's awesome!  And I'm going to help you out with my list of blogging tips for newbies.

I love blogging!  I've been doing it for a couple of months now and having so much fun with it.

There is no going back for me.  As it will be the case with the most of you.

But to be completely honest, it took some time for me to get to the good parts.

So let's make sure your own blogging history will be written with fewer heartaches and pain than mine was!

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​Before We Start:

Have you done a little bit of research before jumping into the deep blogging waters?

Typed "Blogging for beginners" on Google yet?  Then you must be overwhelmed with the tons of results filling your laptop screen.

Here is the deal:

No matter how prepared you think you are, you'll make mistakes.  It's just the way blogging (and life for that matter) works.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Albert Einstein

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When I think about the ones that I feels like I tried to hit, but missed so many times!

man pours coffee in a cup

And I got a professional platform behind my back to walk me throw the process!  Who knows what would have happened if I didn't!

Feel free to check the place that was (and still is) my life savior where building a successful business online is being concerned:

What I'm trying to say is this:

I can't speak for anyone who went through the same experience.  But I'll do my best to help you avoid the mistakes that did cost me a great deal of time and broken nerves!

Blogging Tips For Newbies - What You Shouldn't Be Doing

There is so much that can be written on this subject.  It's not my intention to make you go crazy, so I'll keep it as short and lean as possible.

And I'll post updates every now and then! 

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The chit-chat is over!  Time to get some work done!

Everyone is usually so eager to tell you what to do in your first blogging months.  How about I tell you what NOT to do?

Just decide for yourself which of those you would like to avoid as well.

blogging tips for newbies

1) Don't Bother With a Free Hosting

One of the few blogging traps I was able to avoid...  But there are so many people who are still falling for this one!

When you're starting a blog, choosing a web hosting service is one of the first decisions you'll face.

And I'm here to make sure that you'll not mess it up!

You are building a business.  You wanna be successful?  

Then a Free Blogging Platform is not for you.

Has anyone ever told you that you can create a money-making business with zero investment?

Hate to be the one to break it to you, but that's a lie!

Bluehost is pretty good.  Every second blogger will tell you that.

This hosting provider will cost you only $3,95/month.  And it will deliver big time for your website.

Personally, I'm having even a better deal:

I'm not paying a single cent for hosting!

And you can find out how in here.

Making Money Online Is Not a Daydreaming!  You Need To Take Action And Make It Happen!

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2) Stop Obsessing With Your Blog Design 

Did I ever tell you that I lost 10 whole days just playing with my blog's design?

When I think about how mad I was at myself for all these hours completely lost...

I wanted my website to look as professional as possible.  And eye-catching, pretty, awesome...

You get the picture.  How about you get one more?

Spending hours on the design in your early blogging days is the most stupid thing you could possibly do.

99% of the bloggers start with a free theme.  Guess what - I did too.

So I've wasted all this countless hours customizing a theme that I wasn't going to use for a really long time anyway!

Because if you are determined to bring your business to the next level, you'll need a Premium Theme.

A paid theme will give your blog the look and functions a free one could never do.

Simple as that.

I'm using the Rise Theme from Thrive Themes.  

And I don't see myself changing it any time soon.

3) Relax About Being The Next Best-Selling Author

Isn't that something that we all are scared of...

The thought of writing for a huge audience can be quite intimidating. To be able to express your opinion in a decent way...

Not everyone is comfortable with trying to accomplish that.

blogging tips for newbies

Sounds familiar?

If it does, there is only one thing I have to say in here:

Forget about it!  You'll have plenty of hiccups in your blogging future, so how about you don't let the fear of writing to be one of them?

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 
― Paulo Coelho

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Your readers won't expect from you to be the next Steven King.  

What they'll need from you is to communicate with them just the way you do with your friends.

Simple, clean, lean.

Like I said - relax about your writing skills.  You'll get better with time!

4) Don't Forget The Photos!

People are visual creatures.  It's just the way we are built.

Who can argue with that?  

Just look at Instagram and Pinterest.  Why do you think these platforms are so popular?

In my opinion, it's because they are all about visual content.

What about YouTube?  Don't you prefer to watch a tutorial than to read about it?  I know I do!

My point is:

Don't underestimate the power of a well-used photo within your content.

blogging tips for newbies

And don't worry if your budget won't allow you stock photography just yet.

I'm a big fan of Pixabay.   Let's not forget about Unsplash either!

None of them will cost you anything.

5) Not Paying Attention To "What Is It For ME?"

Guilty as charged!  At least I used to be!

Probably you've heard this at some point in time.  I know I did and somehow, I still missed it in my early work:

That's the question that is always on your reader's mind every time they are looking for something online.

So with every piece of content you're getting out there,  you need to have the answer.

Your posts should always give a solution to the problem your audience is having.

Stop thinking about writing as something you are doing for yourself.  

It's not about you, it's about them!

Keep this in mind and your readers will appreciate your work.

Give them what they need and they'll keep coming back to you!

My Closing

Truth to be told, we can spend the whole day talking about this topic.

There is so much you need to learn when you are just starting.  And time is never enough!

If I can put today's discussion in just a few words:

Always know who you are writing for, respect your audience and don't get overwhelmed!

Not sure how to make money from your website?  Here is an idea:

And on that note, I'm off!  But if you would like to share your own blogging tips for newbies, I'll be more than happy to read them.

That's what the comments section is for!

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