how to write blog posts that sell

How To Write Blog Posts That Sell – Tips That Won’t Fail You!

Easier said than done!  That much should be obvious by now if you've been blogging for a while.  Not to discourage you though - there is a way to produce blog posts that sell.

When I started this website, I used to read a lot about content marketing.  How to write articles for SEO, social media engagement, etc.  My mind was literally blown away.

OK - maybe not literally, but you get the picture!

However, there wasn't that much useful material about content that actually converts in sales.  And yeah - I did stumble upon a great advice here and there.

Not all of it though went as deep as I believe it needed to be.

What I'll try to do today is to correct that as much as I can!

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Blog Posts As a Business Tool

How many of you will recognize themselves in the following:

You came up with a hot topic, did a total of 3 minutes of research and you're already deep into your second paragraph?

Not even one?  If that's the case - great!  It looks like you are much better than I was in my first blogging days!

In my defense - it's understandable:

The super excitement of a newbie blogger is a pretty powerful emotion.

excitement of a newbie blogger

But as you develop yourself further and further, the common sense gets over and you manage to keep your emotions intact.

At least that's the way it should be if you are a blogger with a purpose.

And that purpose is to make a living based on your online business.

That was my goal from the start.  So to make it perfectly clear, this article will mainly cover one specific aspect of the content marketing:

How to write profitable blog posts that will convert in affiliate sales.

​The Do's and Don'ts of Affiliate Marketing

Honestly, I don't remember visiting a single website that doesn't do affiliate marketing in some shape or form.

There must be a reason for that, right?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to make money online.

Even more - it's can be an unbelievable source of a passive income.

But only if you learn how to do it right.

Undoubtedly, that will take some time and learning curve.

blog posts that sell

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Here is an idea how to speed up the process:

How about I feed you the bullet points otherwise known as the mistakes I made on the way so far?

At least you'll start with knowing what NOT to do!

Phase 1 - Hit Publish.  Wait For It.

It may sound crazy, but that was my expectations after I published my first post:

"I did a good job with this article, right?  The product is good, my affiliate link shines every single time I mention it.  I'll check again in a couple of days and those affiliate commissions will be there..."

Isn't that hilarious? 

It is, but there was a silver lining:

In less than 2 weeks time I knew that it wasn't gonna work that way.

Moving on...

Phase 2 - Take a Step Back.  Drive Traffic.

Before that first month was over, I made a drastic turn.

I came up with a strategy:

Publish a high - quality content as often as possible.  Build an audience.  Do my best to drive traffic.

how to write blog posts that sell

Fast forward 2 months and things slowly started to lighten up.

I made my first affiliate sale.  And then a few more.

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my free guide

Needless to say, this course of direction was a much smarter decision.

It was working good.  Just not good enough.

Moving on once again:

Phase 3 - Now We Are Talking!

Don't get me wrong:

Phase 2 wasn't that bad.  But I couldn't stay in it forever.

Do I even need to spill it out why?

When you refuse to settle for less than the best...the best tends to track you down.     

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And that meant that I'll have to regroup all my efforts once again.

The thing is - when you are at Phase 3, the picture becomes clearer and clearer with every day that goes by.

You are gaining wisdom.  Knowledge.  Experience.

So did I.  Thanks to that, it didn't take me that long to realize what needs to be done next.

Writing the right kind of posts.

How To Write Blog Posts That Sell - It's All About Your Customer

I believe that what you are about to read will be of a great value for your business.

One of the most precious and useful lessons I learned from Wealthy Affiliate:

You can't sell anything online to anybody unless you get to know who this person is first.

The most important thing you need to know about your customers is on what stage of their purchase cycle they currently are.

It's called Customer Purchase Cycle and it looks like this:

customer purchase cycle

Meaning - your customer is either:

- researching a product he is interested in

- making a decision about the product he wants to buy

- buying the product as we speak

Now - I'm perfectly aware of the fact that there is no way you can virtually enter your customer's head and read his thoughts.

What you can do is writing the types of posts that match each stage of your audience's purchase cycle.

Not a bad advice, huh?  Wealthy Affiliate knows how the make money online game is played.  And so much more!

The Type of Articles You Need To Focus On

Let's cut to the chase!

There are 3 types of posts that convert really well no matter the level of purchase cycle your audience is:

- reviews

- comparison lists

- tutorials

To gain a full idea of how all of them work, I'll explore each of the categories one by one.

1) Reviews

Literally, every person with common sense does a research before buying the product he is interested in.

Just remember - your reviews should always:

- be informative, truthful and opinionated.  Show the cons together with the pros of the product.  Share your personal experience.

- help with a problem and/or answer the questions your readers might have.

- contain around 2,000 words.  Google will reward you for it.

Speaking of rankings:

Never underestimate the importance of the keyword research!

Reviews are perfect for:

All the people who are still at the first level of their purchase cycle - research.

By giving them all the information they're looking for, you are directing them to the next stage - making a decision.

Comparison Lists

So you got your reader a step closer to your final goal (affiliate sale).

He is deep in thought already:

"Should I buy or should I not?  And how am I supposed to decide when there are plenty of products that can satisfy my need?"

stage two of the purchase cycle

That's the next question you need to answer for your audience.

Here come the list posts!

I bet you've seen tons of articles that look like that:

(Product) Vs. (Product).

Do yourself a favor and produce plenty of those as well.

By comparing one product to another, you'll push your reader to make a final decision.  Therefore - to reach the final stage of the cycle.


Finally - your affiliate commissions are just around the corner!

After publishing all those blog posts that sell, isn't time to see the cash?

Almost there!

And I'm saying that from my own personal experience:

I like a product, I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it.  If there was just this final push...

There is actually - it's called a tutorial.

As soon as I get to see how my desired product exactly works and how will benefit me, this is it!

By rule of the nature, people are visual.

Don't just tell them what a product is all about - show them!

They see, they buy - you are done!

It's a win-win situation for everyone included in the process.

Blog Posts That Sell - Extra Makeover

You know already how the elements of the purchase cycle work.

But a few additional tips won't hurt, right?

1) Catchy headline is a MUST!

To read your awesome content, the reader have to click on it first, agree?

2) Make the topic clear as soon as possible.

People are busy, let them now quickly what to expect from your post.

3) Not a history lesson!

Talk to them as you normally do in your close environment.

4) Huge blocks of text?  No, thank you...

Make it easy on the eyes, would you?

5) Include a call to action.

You do write with a purpose, don't you?

My Closing

Truth to be told, there are probably hundred different ways to improve your blog posts.

As you grow more and more as blogger, your writing will constantly evolve. 

But no matter what new techniques you get a hold of, just remember:

None of them will get you affiliate sales unless you stick to the customer's purchase cycle as well!

Before you try to make a sale, you need to know who you are selling to.

How about you?

Do you have any tips to share about coming up with blog posts that sell?

I would love if you share them in the comments below!

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