Auto Chat Profits review

Auto Chat Profits Review: A Scam Or The Easiest $423/Day Ever?

Alright, awesome online marketers!  I always feel super-duper excited when a brand new product comes to life on the web.  In this Auto Chat Profits review, you'll get to know one of the hottest new releases currently online.

Fast and easy $420/day, done for you system, 14 clicks, the power of automation...

Whoa, ain't all of that sound like something you'll be crazy to ignore or what?

Let's find out!

Auto Chat Profits - The Basics


Owner: No fricking idea

Price: $37, Upsells

Cash Embrace Rank:

10 out of 100

Auto Chat Profits review

At a first glance, this product looks delicious, doesn't?

Considering it barely requires any of your time and promises a great amount of money per day with no efforts on your part...

To be honest, it's easy to see why the wannabe marketers are fascinated by it.

If there is a system that is able to provide a short-cut to financial freedom and independence, why shouldn't you take advantage of it, right?

On paper, all that makes perfect sense.  However, way too often in life an idea and reality have nothing in common, don't you agree?

auto chat profits review

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What Is Auto Chat Profits?

First and foremost, this product is a software program that relies on a robot technology to achieve affiliate marketing sales.

Above all, it's all about providing a done-for-you affiliate based website that will be set up and ready to go in just 6 minutes and 14 clicks.

what is Auto Chat Profits

So, think of it as the perfect solution for complete beginners and all the people who've tried, but failed to make money online so far.

Mind-blowing, isn't?

How Does The Auto Chat Profit Work?

In short, to start using this product you'll have to go through a simple process.

Truth to be told, that's probably the one thing that I completely agree on with the sales page - it will get you going fast!

1) Grab Your "Free" License 

Actually, I kind of admire the marketing strategy implemented within the sales video.

It's a clever game of words that you can easily fall for if you're not paying attention!

free license to use a software from Auto Chat Profits

To clarify, the spokesperson claims that they're giving you a free license to profit from their system and the $37 required are actually for your website's hosting.

Considering it's a common fact that the web hosting providers really do cost money every month, who can argue with that?

2) Become a Partner

Here, don't be confused by fancy words wrapped with a nice bow, would you?

Once you get your license and have access to the platform, the Auto Chat Profits will call you their partner.  How about I translate that for you?

When you make your first sale, your "partners" will receive a small portion of your earnings.

Meaning, you'll be charged a commission for every single product you manage to sell.

Actually, the sales video does mention that "win-win" situation for both parties involved - they "only" make money when you make money.

3) Get Your Website

Now, time for the product's magic to make an appearance!

Auto Chat Profits will give you done-for-you website

As promised, the software will build a "done-for-you" website in record time.  By all means, the process is no different than the way any other pre-built websites start their line of work:

a) Register an account on ClickBank

b) Place your ClickBank's nickname into the software

c) Choose a domain name for your website

d) Sign up with an email service

e) Connect your email service to the software

4) Sell Products

Finally, we're coming to the really juicy moment!

And that's not because of the sale's part where you'll be offering products on the ClickBank's market!

Actually, it's about the way your future sales will be made - artificial intelligence.

To clarify, the chatbot is a computer program that conducts a conversation with human users.

In other words, a tool that will talk to your potential buyers, provide answers to their questions, and lead them to the products they're looking for.

Once a visitor purchases any of the products your site is selling, you'll earn an affiliate commission.

So far, nothing wrong with this product, right?

After all, the way it works is nothing other than an affiliate marketing.

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Why The Auto Chat Profits Won't Work

Now, I'm not saying that the product won't work at all, I'm saying that it won't work the way the sales page wants you to believe it will.

And there are plenty of reasons for that:

1) Your "Done-For-You" Website Is Not Exactly Your Own

If there's one thing that I would like you to always remember from this Auto Chat Profits review, that would be the fact that you don't own your website.

Firstly, when you're choosing your domain name, you're doing so from a list suggested by the system.  Even more, when you're registering it the way you've been told, it doesn't become your own.

Meaning, you'll have zero control over "your" site and "your" business for that matter.

Secondly, if this product disappears from the web (which happens a lot with most of the low-quality money making systems), so will your website and everything you've been working for.

Lastly, what if the system doesn't renew your domain name?  Considering that domain names have to be renewed every year if yours isn't, it's game over for you.

When you work with done-for-you websites, your destiny is completely into the owner's hands, not your own.  So, it's not a smart solution for building a long-term successful business online.

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2) The Digital Products On ClickBank Are Not an Easy Sell

By all means, that's just me being polite!

To be completely honest, it's not a secret that ClickBank doesn't offer too many systems that are worth paying for.

On the contrary, about 70% of the digital products on their marketplace are more or less a very low quality.

You can see for yourself, I have reviews on most of them and they all belong to my "Bad Guys" category:

And it goes on and on and on...

Ultimately, you'll have a very hard time selling any of them.  Therefore, don't expect to make any real money in affiliate commissions.

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3) Auto Chat Profits Is Not a Good Teacher

According to their website, the product is perfect for complete beginners because everything is done-for-you.

However, if you're just starting to work online, how would know what to do to really develop your business?

For example, what Auto Profits suggest as a source of traffic is paying for solo ads.

Personally, I think that's ridiculous - paid traffic is just one of the many options you can go for.  Not to mention, definitely not the best one.

What about driving organic traffic that won't cost you money?

My point is, if you expect a high level of business education from this product, you should look elsewhere.

4) The Sales Proof Is Not To Be Trusted

Quite frankly, misleading and unrealistic numbers are always the fastest road to recognize when somebody online is trying to fool you.

Above all, there is no way you'll be able to make this kind of money in a couple of days without any experience:

Auto Chat Profits review

Moreover, I'm pretty sure that the people behind the product are not using their affiliate, but their vendor's account to throw those numbers in your face.

And who could be able to say exactly how many systems similar to this one they are spreading online?

Wait, I can give you an idea:

The sales page is almost completely identical to at least 3 more low-quality money making products, including Five Minute Profit Sites.

Apparently, they all belong to the same owner who is trying to milk this business model as much as possible.

Speaking of the owner...

5) Owner Unknown

Generally, if a real face doesn't show to represent its brand, that's always a troubling sign.

After all, if the product is as good as the sales page makes it sound, shouldn't somebody stand upfront to collect the deserved applause?

Well, as much as you may look, you won't be able to find for sure who the creator of Auto Chat Profits actually is.

Remember, the only thing we know for a fact is that the same person is behind a couple of similar products and none of them work as advertised!

Auto Chat Profits Review - The List

As usual, here is where you'll get to see all the pros and cons of the product.

In my opinion, this always helps to make a fully informed purchasing decision.


1) If you're already experienced in driving organic traffic to a site, you may be able to earn a certain amount of cash.

2) There is 60-days money back guarantee.


1) Over-hyped and misleading earning potential - even if you manage to secure a sale or two, your income statement will never measure up to the promised numbers.

2) No real business education - the bright idea to use solo ads for attracting visitors to your site is just a small piece of all the traffic options.

3) Lack of transparency - we don't know and we may never know who the owner really is

4) Your website is not your own - you might wake up one morning and realize that your business is gone and there's nothing you can do about it.

5) Hidden upsells - the $37 required for the hosting are just the start.  Once you log into your members' area, expect to meet a total of 3 upsells on your way.

Auto Chat Profits review - the upsells

Is Auto Chat Profit a Scam?

Basically, because you'll receive a product for your money, this system doesn't qualify to be called a complete scam.

However, considering the quality, it's safe to say that Auto Chat Profit is not a suitable solution to make a consistent income online.

That being said, you should avoid this product no matter how tempting the sales page makes it sound.

The Real Way To Make Money From a Website

In my opinion, no person in the right state of mind will fall for a product like Auto Chat Profits.

Come on, 6 minutes, 14 clicks and suddenly you'll be swimming in cash...

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it!

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

To sum up, if you want to be able to make real money, you'll have to go through a process that takes a lot of time, patience, and efforts.

Firstly, create your own website.  Secondly, get the right education - SEO, driving traffic, keyword research, sales funnels, affiliate marketing, etc.

And if you need help with all that, here is where you can get it:

My Top Recommendation for starting a successful business online

My Closing

Hopefully, my Auto Chat Profits review managed to convince you that this product doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

As I already said, there are better options to help you boost your income or build a whole online business.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

I'll be glad to read anything you have to say in the comments section.

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