Auto Chat Profits Review: A Scam Or The Easiest $423/Day Ever?

auto chat profits review scam or legit

Chances are, you'll find this Auto Chat Profits Review amusing on too many levels.

Writing it that way was not my original intention.

But I always let the nature of the product to dictate the vibe of my content.

And what a product Auto Chat Profits turns out to be!

Allegedly, this system will earn you +$400/day using nothing else but the power of automation.

Does this sound like a legit and trustworthy way to make money online?

Or maybe you see the word "scam" written all over it?

Let's talk about that, shall we?

Auto Chat Profits Review - The Basics

Product: Auto Chat Profits


Owner: Unidentified 

Price: Free Trial, $7/Month After The Trial Is Over, Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

It Won't Justify Your Expectations

auto chat profits review introduction of the product

Originally, Auto Chat Profits was launched is September 2018.

At the time, the product was the hottest new release on the market.

Quite frankly, the reasons why are easy to understand:

The program is advertised as time-efficient, requires 14 clicks to be set in motion, and it works to build you a passive income on autopilot.

Who wouldn't want a piece of that, right?

Especially considering Auto Chat Profits went through a major makeover recently and now it's supposed to be in its best shape ever.

Is it really, though?

What Is Auto Chat Profits?

In short, Auto Chat Profits (ACP) is a software program that uses robot technology to allow its customers to make money online fast.

To clarify, buying the product will provide you with a done-for-you website you'll be able to profit from even if you have no work online experience.

You can set your new website up in just 14 clicks and in less than 6 minutes.

Once you're finished with the basic set-up, all that is left for you to do is to unleash the system.

May I remind you, the sales page claims that you'll be making more than $420 every 24 hours in affiliate commissions.

So, we're talking about software that relies on the affiliate marketing business model to earn you an income.

how to make $423 per day with affiliate marketing

With that being said, affiliate marketing is a legit and quite popular way to make money online nowadays.

However, does this mean that it's a good idea to invest in ACP?

Let's dig deeper before we answer that question!

How Does Auto Chat Profits Work?

OK, it's time to dissect in detail how this supposedly revolutionary system gets the job done.

Here are the steps you'll need to take to make money with Auto Chat Profits:

  1. Sign up for the free trial
  2. Create an account on ClickBank - you can do that for free as well
  3. Choose a name for your newly created website - considering it's pre-built, you won't have to think for a very long time
  4. Pick an email service to work with - that's necessary because collecting emails will play a huge role in the earning process

Basically, the preparation process I've just described looks like that:

what is auto chat profits and how does it work

That wasn't so hard, was it?  How about we concentrate on the most important section here - the "what to do next" part?

Well, this is the moment when my Auto Chat Profits review is about to become quite amusing as I've promised you earlier.

Remember when I told you that the product is all about robot technology?

As a result, this is how your website will turn into a money-making machine:

Firstly, an automated chat-bot will hold the conversation with your site's visitors, answering any question they may have.

Secondly, that chat-bot collects the email address of the reader.

Thirdly, based on the answers the readers have provided, the product will start to send them related offers they most likely will be interested in.

All of those offers will have your unique affiliate link attached.

Lastly, when a person buys any of the suggested offers, you'll be making a commission.

Long story short, the way to earn with ACP is by promoting ClickBank products and earning an income from affiliate sales.

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What I Like About The Product

Actually, I don't like it much.

Up until now, the product may look like an awesome opportunity to make money fast and without tons of work involved, right?

All the talk about artificial intelligence, chat-bots, affiliate commissions made on autopilot...  Fancy and delicious, isn't it?

And when you add the fact that there is a money-back guarantee, training and 24/7 support provided, what more could a person want?

the money-back guarantee of auto chat profits

Be that as it may, there are a lot of factors that influenced my opinion of the system in a negative way.

You'll see them in the next paragraph of this Auto Chat Profits review.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, yes, this is what I like about the program:

  1. It uses affiliate marketing to does its job - and that business model provides a legit way to make money online.
  2. There is a free trial.
  3. A money-back guarantee is included.

What I Don't Like About The Product

Yeah, I have so much more to say here!

Quite frankly, I would be surprised if you're not aware of the fact that there is no such thing as quick profits without any work.

No matter how good a sales pitch may be, I bet that you do know better than to fall for empty promises.

With that being said, here are the reasons why Auto Chat Profits is all hype and no real value whatsoever:

1) The Sales Page Is Misleading

For starters, let's try to imagine that the product really does work.  Likewise, there is a possibility for you to make money using it.

Do you really believe that it will be that much?

auto chat profits review the sales page is misleading

I mean, $420/day, coming consistently into your bank account, achieved with nothing else than artificial intelligence?

More importantly, with almost no time or effort invested on your part?

What the people behind Auto Chat Profits want you to believe is that their product is literally giving away free money.

Ask yourself, why would they do that?

Why would someone sell a product that costs only $7/month after its free trial is over if that product is capable of making $400/day?

Shouldn't the price of such a valuable product be much higher than 7 bucks?

In my opinion, it should be.  But that's what they count on:

Creating a sales pitch that makes it look like the product is doing you a favor is impossible to say no to.

And when they add over-hyped numbers like $400/day, your purchasing decision is already a done deal, isn't it?

2) The Training Is Useless

Earlier in this Auto Chat Profits review, I mentioned that the product will provide you with a training.

After all, your website may be "done-for-you", but you'll still need to learn how to make it work, right?

According to the sales presentation, the training is entirely focused on teaching you how to drive traffic to your blog.

Considering your site is not producing any original and valuable content, it will never rank on Google.

As a result, you can forget about using free ways to attract visitors to your blog.

The only other option you're left with is the paid traffic and ACP will show you how to work with solo ads.

OK, but that will cost you a lot of money every month - a fact that the product conveniently failed to mention!

3) The Income Proof Is Fake

If you have a minute to waste, you can always pay a visit to the official website of the product.

Once you do that, it won't take you long to find the income proof showing what happens after you start using ACP.

That income proof looks like this:

the income proof of auto chat profits is fake

By all means, that screenshot is supposed to prove how invaluable the program is and how well your affiliate offers will convert.

None of that is true, though!

Firstly, there is no way of knowing how those sales were made.  For instance, we can't be sure if they're coming from selling a single product or multiple ones, is this an account of a vendor or an affiliate, etc.

Secondly, Auto Chat Profits is going to promote products that are currently available in the marketplace of ClickBank.

Let me tell you, too many of them are almost impossible to sell!

Mostly because the majority of those money-making systems are extremely low-quality products or pure scams.

Feel free to read my reviews on some of them:

Above all, promoting crappy products just because they pay huge commissions is one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes you can make.

Ultimately, such a promotional strategy won't help you to build a successful business online.

Speaking of your business...

4) You Don't Own Your Business

You're probably wondering, how is that even possible?

Well, it's not only possible - it's a fact.

That's always the issue when you're paying to receive a whole online business that has been "done-for-you".

Let me explain what kind of situation you're going to face when purchasing products like Auto Chat Profits.

When you're choosing a domain name for your "pre-built" website, that name is coming from a list suggested by the system.

However, registering an online business this way doesn't make it automatically your own.

Instead, you're leaving the faith of your business in the product's hands.

As a result, if ACP disappears one day (that happens quite often with such programs), so will your business and everything you've worked for.

By the way, what if the product doesn't renew your domain name?

There is nothing you'll be able to do about it because you'll be in a position where you don't have any control over the business that is supposed to be your own.

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5) The Owner Is Unknown

Basically, you're lead to believe that the creator of the product is a lady called Samantha Smith.

Now, may I challenge you to try and find who she really is?

I did extensive research while working on this Auto Chat Profits review.

Still, I wasn't able to find any piece of trusted information that connects the name with ACP.

In other words, Samantha Smith as an owner of the system simply doesn't exist.

On that note, here is something else you might find interesting:

During the sales video, you'll be introduced to "Jenny":

who is Samantha Smith and the success coach Jenny

She is presented as someone who will guide you on the way toward success.

Unfortunately, that's another lie.

A simple Google image search will show you that the photo you see above is a stock image anyone can purchase online.

Plus, I just have to mention that Auto Chat Profits is almost identical to another product called Five Minute Profit Sites.

So, what that means is that the possibility both of them to be created from the same person is pretty high!

6) There Are Upsells

Up until now, you've learned that the software is totally useless.

But if this is your first try to earn online, you may feel like the product doesn't work because you can't make it work.

Naturally, your next step is to look for help, right?

And help is on the way, in the form of 3 upsells:

  1. Faster Profits - $197
  2. Double Your Profit Sites - $187
  3. Traffic Tsunami - $97

Let me save you some time and wasted cash and go straight to the point:

None of those upsells are going to help you.

No product's upgrade is going to work if the product itself doesn't work as it's supposed to.

The only reason the upsells exist is to get out of you as much money as possible.

Auto Chat Profits Review - Pros And Cons List


  1. Using affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money online
  2. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee


  1. An over-hyped product that could never deliver on its promises
  2. Creates false expectations of fast income without tons of work
  3. Buying the software is pointless considering you won't be able to earn a decent income while using it
  4. No valuable training provided - the one you'll have access to will only push you to pay even more for solo ads
  5. A complete lack of transparency - the owner is unknown 
  6. Fake income proofs are being presented to influence your perception of the product
  7. Your business is not really your own - you can lose it at any given time
  8. Upsells that don't add any value to the core product

Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?

Quite frankly, it's not right to call a product a scam if there is a money-back guarantee involved.

In that sense, Auto Chat Profits is not a scam.

However, that doesn't make it worthy of your consideration, not even close!

thumb down

Nowadays, there are much better ways to make money on the web.

For instance, you don't need a lot of cash to start your own business online.

As long as you can afford to invest around $15 to buy your own domain name, there is no reason why you shouldn't give it try.

If that's something you would like to do but you need guidance, I'll encourage you to read my Free Guide.

I've outlined the steps I took when I created this business, feel free to use them as your blueprint!

My Closing

Hopefully, my Auto Chat Profits review managed to convince you that this product doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

To be honest, systems like this shouldn't be allowed to exist online in my opinion.

With that being said, it's time to give the word to you:

What do you think about ACP?  Is there something about it that you consider valuable or helpful?

Tell me your opinion in the comments section and we can discuss the topic further!

2 thoughts on “Auto Chat Profits Review: A Scam Or The Easiest $423/Day Ever?”

  1. Many thanks for providing with you review for the Auto chats profit – it is so well laid, concise and very easy to follow. My buddy was asking me about this the other day and I wanted to research it online. You mention that you don’t own the website – can you attain ownership of it in the future after a period of time? Also the solo adds can be expensive with a poor return on investment from my previous experiences

    1. Hi, David, thanks for the question.
      Unfortunately, you will never have full ownership of your website with Auto Chato Profits.
      It’s just the way this product works.
      Hopefully, this answers your question.

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