Affiliate Titan X Review – Your Affiliate Commissions On Fire?

affiliate titan x review scam or legit

One look at the headline and you know that my Affiliate Titan X Review will be all about affiliate marketing.

If you’re a newbie in the field, chances are you’re all over your head.

And that’s understandable:

While affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, the business model is anything but simple.

Mastering it takes time, effort, and skill.

However, some marketers start earning affiliate commissions way faster than others.

You might be wondering – what’s their secret?

Well, I can think of one – they’re using high-quality tools that help them boost the number of their affiliate sales.

Affiliate Titan X happens to be such a tool.

Today, I’ll tell you all about it:

  • What is Affiliate Titan X?
  • Is The Titan X tool any good?
  • Will you make more money if you rely on Titan Affiliate?
  • Is Affiliate Titan X a scam or legit?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate for this product. The information in this article comes from in-depth research, and it’s available in the public domain.

A Quick Word About Affiliate Marketing

Basically, this will be a quick explanation, and I’m doing it to make sure the beginners reading understand the business model.

To sum up, affiliate marketing is a process where you promote and recommend other people’s products/services to an audience.

When a reader completes a purchase through your unique affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to create and sell your own products.

That’s just one of the many advantages that make affiliate marketing a favorite way to earn online for thousands of people.

Even more, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways for newbie bloggers to monetize their websites.

Not to mention, the business model allows anyone using it to build a passive income stream.

how to skyrocket your affiliate sales overnight

Now, all that sounds great.

But how do you go from making an affiliate sale here and there to earning a full-time income from affiliate commissions alone?

There is no easy or simple answer to that question.

Implementing the most advanced affiliate marketing hacks will scale the odds in your favor tremendously.

Most of the time, though, having access to high-quality affiliate marketing tools will make a bigger impact.

Why You Need Tools To Make More Affiliate Sales

Quite frankly, the answer to that question is more than obvious if you think about it.

Here is what I have in mind:

Let’s say that you own a blog and you are ready to monetize it.

You’re spending a lot of time promoting your articles. They’re well-written and helpful, so your audience seems to enjoy them.

Still, the sales you’re getting (if you have any at all at that early stage) are nowhere near close to what you would like them to be.

Naturally, you start thinking about what you might be doing wrong.

Probably, there is nothing wrong with your affiliate marketing strategy.

Unless you’re making some of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be earning more.

With that said, take a look at the situation from a different angle:

Are the products you’re promoting the same ones much more established bloggers in your niche are recommending as well?

Because if they are, you’re going against a formidable competition you can’t beat just yet.

And that would explain the current condition of your affiliate earnings.

Now, what can you do to turn the tables on sooner rather than later?

Well, you can look into the best affiliate marketing tools that are tested and proven to work!

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Affiliate Titan X Review- The Basics

affiliate titan x review introduction to the product

OK, this is the first thing you need to know about Affiliate Titan X:

It’s not just one tool but an 8-in-1 toolbox – a total of eight different tools that work together to achieve the desired results.

Each of these tools has its own purpose.

But you shouldn’t unleash them on their own.

Instead, let the tools operate as they’re supposed to – as a well-oiled machine that will help you boost your affiliate income.

Also, investing in this platform will not get you only the tools but a detailed description of how they work.

Yes, Affiliate Titan X comes with training – a set of PDF files that will show you what to do with the product.

What Is Affiliate Titan X?

Since you already know that the system contains eight affiliate marketing tools, let’s concentrate on the details.

Widely seen as a unique affiliate marketing platform, Affiliate Titan X is quite different than most similar products.

In my opinion, what helps the program stands out on the market is that it’s more than newbie-friendly.

Thanks to its click-and-drag interface, working with it becomes a child’s play.

As a result, even complete beginners would be able to manage it.

Long story short, setting up an affiliate marketing campaign through Affiliate Titan X would be as easy as it can get.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that having the product will reduce the need to buy any additional tools.

When you have eight that work more than well, why would you invest in anything else?

About The Creator Of Affiliate Titan X

Before I start exploring the product further in this Affiliate Titan X review, I would like to introduce you to its creator.

Chris X is the name of the man behind the platform.

Most people who have experience in the affiliate marketing field are familiar with his work.

Currently, Chris X is one of the biggest vendors on JVZoo, and that didn’t happen by accident.

Over the years, Chris and his team of developers have released over 15 digital products online.

From what I can see, most of them have generated quite positive feedback.

For example, the Video Titan product alone has sold more than 5,000 units up until now.

Chris’s T-Shirt Titan system is even more successful – it has over 8,000 clients.

To sum up, the man understands the world of marketing and knows how to sell products to the audience.

It’s a good thing he is sharing his knowledge inside the Affiliate Titan X then!

Affiliate Titan X Review – How Does The Product Work?

what is affiliate titan x and how does it work

Alright, you already know that buying the system will get you not one product but eight of them.

So, to fully understand how they work, you’ll need to take a look at each of them separately.

We’ll get to that in a minute. But first, here is an overall explanation of how Affiliate Titan X operates:

Above all, the platform is a crash course that aims to help you succeed as an affiliate marketer.

A big part of that course is the training eBook (35-pages long).

Some of the questions the eBook will answer for you are:

  • Which niches are the most profitable today, and how to pick the right one for you?
  • How to build professional landing pages that will easily convert?
  • What kind of products is best to sell these days?

With that said, the wait is over – it’s time to see inside the platform:

Inside Affiliate Titan X – Programs And Features

Since we have a total of eight products to discuss, let’s get to it, shall we?

Here are their names, what they do, and how you should be using them:

1) Warrior 50

If you ask me, Warrior 50 is the first program you have to dive into as soon as you get the product.

Chances are, you’ve heard about this feature before:

It’s the most well-known network affiliate marketers worldwide are using.

The way it works is simple:

By analyzing the market constantly, the program will show you the best products to promote today.

In other words, what Warrior 50 does is letting you know which products are paying the highest affiliate commissions currently.

Warrior 50 contains the most profitable WarriorPlus releases and is getting updated daily.

2) King Of The Zon

Are you planning to do affiliate marketing on Amazon?

Then, you’ll greatly appreciate the King Of The Zon:

This feature will reveal to you the top 200 highest-paying affiliate programs on Amazon.

Say what you will, but this tool alone will save you so much time!

Just like Warrior 50, King Of The Zon gets updated every day.

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3) King Of The Zoo

Basically, King Of The Zoo is similar to the previous feature.

However, it works with JVZoo instead of Amazon.

Using King Of The Zoo will help you discover the top 200 products to make the most money on JVZoo.

The list of these products is getting updates twice a day.

4) Auto Affiliate Ads

auto affiliate ads

Next, my Affiliate Titan X review will introduce you to a program that is all about ClickBank.

Auto Affiliate Ads will provide you with over 2,000 banners.

These banners will work only for ClickBank products.

All you need to do to take advantage of them is to adjust them for your campaigns.

5) Launch Pulse

Having Launch Pulse at your disposal will not allow you to miss the newest and hottest products to promote.

Keep in mind – this feature will help you get ahead of your competitors.

Launch Pulse contains the top 100 products with a 6-figure income potential that will launch the following month.

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6) CB 250 Database

CB 250 Database is a feature that focuses again on ClickBank.

It has the names of the top 250 affiliate programs on ClickBank currently.

Again, expect updates every single day.

7) 1 Click Affiliate

To sum up, 1 Click Affiliate is software to provide you with templates for your landing pages.

All the templates you’re going to receive are tested and proven to convert.

As a result, you’ll have a better chance of success with your target audience.

Those templates have already been tested and proven to convert.

8) Rapid Video Ranker

Rapid Video Ranker is an editing program you can use to create slideshow-based videos.

You can add voiceovers if you want.

Plus, the feature comes with royalty-free music.

What I like about the program is that it will allow you to create videos in less than a minute.

And that’s helpful when you’re aiming at growing a large following on YouTube fast.

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Affiliate Titan X Additional Features

Aside from the eight products we’ve already discussed, the platform will provide you with three more training systems.

Here they are:

  • Google SEO System – an 8-page guide about using SEO to advance your affiliate marketing business.
  • YouTube SEO System – a guide that will teach you how to further your business with the help of YouTube.
  • Email Marketing System – training that will show you how to build and monetize your email list.

How To Use Affiliate Titan X?

So, you now know what the platform can do for your affiliate business.

I doubt that you need any further explanation about how you should be using it.

Still, let’s do a quick overview of the best practices when you’re working with Affiliate Titan X:

  1. Choose A Profitable Affiliate Program – you’ll need Warrior 50, King Of The Zon, and King Of The Zoo for that.
  2. Create An Affiliate Campaign – use 1 Click Affiliate to help you.
  3. Drive Traffic To Your Offers – use the Rapid Video Ranker to create your videos.

How Much Does Affiliate Titan X Cost?

At the time of writing this Affiliate Titan X review, the price of the system is $7.

By all means, that cost is pretty affordable.

According to Chris X, though, it might be a limited offer.

Meaning, there is no guarantee that the cost won’t increase any time soon.

Affiliate Titan X Review – Pros And Cons Of The Product


  1. The ultimate all-in-one toolbox for affiliate marketers
  2. Eight products, bonus features, and training in a single program
  3. Tons of valuable and exclusive information collected in one place
  4. No additional tools required
  5. You can create an affiliate campaign in minutes and a few clicks
  6. Simple and easy to use
  7. Works on both PC and Mac
  8. The owner (Chris X) is a wide-known and very well respected marketer online
  9. It costs only $7, so it’s pretty cheap
  10. 30-day money-back guarantee


  1. Some users may find the program overwhelming if they have no marketing experience

Is Affiliate Titan X A Scam?

No, Affiliate Titan X is not a scam.

On the contrary, it’s one of the most popular and highly effective tools for affiliate marketers.

You’re getting eights products instead of one, and the price is non-expensive, to say at least.

thumb up

Also, you’ll receive bonus features and training that explains how to work with the program.

And let’s not forget that Chris X is one of the most prominent names in the affiliate marketing industry.

Plus, there is a money-back guarantee, so your investment will always be safe!

Scam Systems To Avoid:

How I Make Money Online

Well, I mostly do affiliate marketing on this website.

If you would like to earn a full-time income as an affiliate marketer, you can do so even without previous experience.

Launching your online business has to be your first step.

What if you don’t know how to do that?

Then, take a minute to read my Free Guide To Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business.

That guide outlines the steps you’ll need to take to build your business from scratch.

My Closing

Basically, this program brings a lot of value to the table – there is no doubt about that.

With its more than affordable price, Affiliate Titan X is quite a bargain.

Now, what’s your opinion about the product after reading my Affiliate Titan X review?

Is there something more you would like to know about it?

Ask me anything in the comments section, and I’ll answer all of your questions.


  1. Great article! I’ve never heard of this platform before, but it does seem to be a good one. Affiliate marketing seems to be the way to go now a days!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article.

    I had not even heard of this platform before.

    Is it like Wealthy Affiliate where you build your website from there or is it more made for promoting a site that you already have?


    1. Thank you for your comment.
      No – Affiliate Titan X works differently from Wealthy Affiliate.
      It’s more like software – 8 of them to be exact, all aiming to increase your affiliate sales.

  3. This is a very helpful article for a newbie in affiliate marketing like me. I will surely give this product a shot and looks like it will make me equipped on this new journey I am facing at! Thanks and will check back here for sure!

  4. Hi, it is interesting to see what ATX provides. And for only $7 I think it is a lot.

    What I wonder is, which niches can you use the ATX program for. Is it just the MMO niche and affiliate marketing or can products be found that are helpful in any niche?

    I’d also be interested to see one of these rapid rank videos, do you have an example?

    All in all a nice product, I think but I’d like to see some more examples 🙂 You introduce 4 parts of the program what are the other 4 ?

    1. Hey Stefan. I’m pretty sure the product will work just as nicely in any other niche.
      My God – I forgot the video!
      I’ll update the post as soon as possible.

  5. I wonder if there are upsells as this doesn’t feel quite right to me
    I’m sticking with Wealthy Affiliate as this truly is the best platform and I am so glad you have your link on the right inside this article
    All the best

    1. Hey Vicki.
      To answer your question – yes, there is upsell with ATX.
      But you don’t need to go for it.
      In my opinion, the $7 product will do just as nicely.
      And yeah – Wealthy Affiliate will always be the number 1 choice!

    2. Hey, Vicki – yes, there are upsells, but you don’t need to go for them. Not unless you want to.
      Great choice about Wealthy Affiliate – I’m on board as well!

  6. Awesome info here. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate gives the greatest experience to all seeking to make money online. However this product being reviewed seems awesome and I think I will buying into it sooner.

    1. Glad you feel that way!
      I couldn’t agree more about Wealthy Affiliate.
      Affiliate Titan X is worth the look as well!

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