Affiliate Titan X Review – Your Affiliate Commissions On Fire?

affiliate titan x review

Alright, affiliate marketing it is today!  But we won't dwell too much into its fundamentals...  No, this Affiliate Titan X Review is all about increasing your affiliate sales and commissions fast.

You may be surprised, but there is a common misconception that too many newbie bloggers like to believe:

All of the 6-figure affiliate marketers got to where they are today only thanks to hard work and tons of effort.

And while that's not entirely wrong, there is something else that is helping those bloggers to achieve this level of success:

They use the best and most advanced affiliate marketing tools to skyrocket their online businesses.

This post may contain affiliate links, feel free to read my disclosure.

A Quick Glance At Affiliate Marketing

Basically, this will be a pretty fast explanation, just to make sure that even the complete beginners know what we're talking about.

In short, affiliate marketing is a process where the affiliate is promoting other people's products/services to an audience.

When a person buys a product through the affiliate's unique link, the marketer will receive a commission for his promotional work.

To clarify, as an affiliate, you don't have to create and sell your own products!

Above all, affiliate marketing is a completely legit business model to make money online nowadays.

Even more, it's the most common way for newbie bloggers to start monetizing their websites.

how to double your affiliate sales

Sounds great, doesn't it?  Probably like something that will allow you to earn a massive online income sooner rather than later?

I won't argue that you'll be able to make affiliate sales pretty much as soon as you start a blog.

However, turning those affiliate sales into a full-time income...

Well, let's just say that this will take you much longer than you expect!

Most importantly, you'll need plenty of help to get there.

Why You Need Tools To Be Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Actually, the answer to that question is more than obvious when you think about it.

Let's say that you've launched your blog, have some quality content, and you're ready to monetize it.

You're doing the best that you can to promote your articles and the audience seems to enjoy them.

Still, the sales that you're getting (if you're making any at all at that early stage) are nowhere close to what you've imagined them to be.

And now you're asking yourself where did you go wrong.

Honestly, you might not be doing anything wrong with your affiliate marketing strategy.

That being said, here is an angle that you probably haven't thought about yet:

The products you're promoting are most likely the same products the rest of the bloggers within your niche are promoting.

Likewise, you have a lot of competition and that makes scoring affiliate sales way harder.

Now, what can you do to get in front of all that competition?  Is there any way to increase the odds in your favor?

Yeah, there is - that's where the affiliate marketing tools come in!

Affiliate Titan X Review- The Basics

Product:  Affiliate Titan X

Owner:  Chris X

Price:  One-time fee of $7

Cash Embrace Says:

The Best Secret Weapon For Any Affiliate Marketer!

affiliate titan x review - introduction to the tool

Quite frankly, to say that Affiliate Titan X is a marketing tool is not exactly a correct statement.

At least, it's not the whole truth and certainly not the best way to describe the product.

Because this is not just a single, ordinary tool.

On the contrary, it's the ultimate all-in-one toolbox every serious affiliate marketer needs to have at her/his disposal.

Most importantly, it's the one thing that will allow you to steal all of the affiliate sales underneath your competition's nose!

What Is Affiliate Titan X?

As I've already said, this is very different than what you would normally expect from an affiliate marketing program.

Above all, Affiliate Titan X doesn't contain just 1 tool - it will give you 8 of them!

what is affiliate titan x

Meaning, you're not just buying a single product to advance your marketing efforts.

Instead, you're getting 8 different products that join forces together to achieve the ultimate goal - exploding your affiliate sales.

But that's not all Affiliate Titan X will do for you:

The product will provide you with easy to use a click-and-drag platform you'll get to know inside out in no time.

In other words, having ATX will reduce your need to buy any additional marketing tools big time!

How Does The Product Work?

Well, you already know that we're not talking about just one product, but eight of them.

Therefore, to fully understand how the program works, we'll have to look at each one of them separately.

We'll to that in the next section of this Affiliate Titan X review.

For now, let me give you the overall explanation:

The platform is somewhat of a crash course that will help you find success as an affiliate marketer.  It comes in the form of an e-book that is 35-pages long.

So, here are some of the questions the product will show you the answers to:

  1. Which are the most profitable niches currently and how to find the right one for you?
  2. How to build professional landing pages that will convert well?
  3. What kind of products is the best selling today?

Now, let's look at the features and see how each one will advance your affiliate marketing journey!

Affiliate Titan X Review - The Programs

As I've already mentioned, we have 8 products to discuss.

Here are their names, what they do, and how you should be using them:

1) Warrior 50

affiliate titan x review - the warrior 50 feature

In my opinion, Warrior 50 is the first program you need to be looking into.

This feature will show you the best products to promote right now.

Meaning, you'll find out which products are paying the highest affiliate commissions.

Warrior 50 is pre-loaded with the most profitable WarriorPlus releases and it's updated daily.

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2) King Of The Zon

The King Of The Zon will be perfect for you if you're planning to do affiliate marketing with Amazon.

It contains more than 200 of the Amazon's highest-paying affiliate programs.

Just like Warrior 50, this program gets updated every day.

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3) King Of The Zoo

Quite similar to King Of The Zon, this one has almost the same functions.

Instead of Amazon as a source of income, though, King Of The Zoo is focused on JVZoo.

So, this program will show you at least 200 products that are your best shot to make money with JVZoo.

And the list of profitable products is being updated twice every day.

4) Auto Affiliate Ads

auto affiliate ads feature

Next, my Affiliate Titan X review will introduce you to a program that is all about ClickBank.

The Auto Affiliate Ads will provide you with 2,000 banners that are specifically designed for this affiliate network.

All that you'll need to do is to adjust them for your campaigns.

5) Launch Pulse

Having Launch Pulse will make sure that you're always aware of the newest and hottest products to promote.

This way, you'll be constantly one step ahead of your competitors.

The product will show you the top 100 products with a 6-figure income potential that will be released the following month.

6) CB 250 Database

affiliate titan x review - the cb 250 database feature

Obviously, we're not done talking about ClickBank yet!

CB 250 Database is filled with the names of the top 250 affiliate programs on ClickBank.

Again, this one gets updated daily as well.

7) 1 Click Affiliate

In short, 1 Click Affiliate is a software that will provide you with templates for your landing pages.

Those templates have already been tested and proven to convert.

As a result, your landing pages will have a better chance of success with your target audience.

For more tools that convert readers into customers, read my article on Thrive Membership.

8) Rapid Video Ranker

Now, this product is an editing program you can use to create slideshow-based videos.

It will allow you to add voiceovers and it comes with royalty-free music.

To clarify, this feature is all about making the best of YouTube.

Considering your videos will be ready in less than a minute, you'll be able to grow a following pretty fast.

Additional Features

Aside from the 8 products included in the program, you'll also receive 3 more training systems.

  1. Google SEO System - an 8-page guide on how to use SEO to advance your affiliate marketing business.
  2. YouTube SEO System - similar to the first one, but focuses on YouTube Instead
  3. Email Marketing System - training on how to build and profit from your email list.

How To Use Affiliate Titan X?

OK, right now, you know about the products and how to use them.

May I remind you, Affiliate Titan X comes with a 35-page long e-book with detailed instructions of use.

However, here is a quick overview of the best practices:

  1. Choose a profitable program - use all three of Warrior 50, King Of The Zon, and King Of The Zoo.
  2. Create your affiliate campaign - with 1 Click Affiliate.
  3. Start driving traffic with your video content - use the Rapid Video Ranker to create it first.

By all means, this is the fastest and easiest way to set the product in motion today.

Pros And Cons Of The Product


  1. The ultimate all-in-one toolbox for affiliate marketers
  2. 8 products, bonus features, and training in a single program
  3. Tons of useful and exclusive information collected in one place
  4. No additional tools required
  5. You can create an affiliate campaign in minutes and a few clicks
  6. Simple and easy to use
  7. Works on both PC and Mac
  8. The owner (Chris X) is wide-known and very well respected marketer online
  9. It costs only $7, so it's pretty cheap
  10. 30-day money-back guarantee


  1. Some users may find the program overwhelming if they have no marketing experience

Who Is The Owner Of Affiliate Titan X?

Well, this Affiliate Titan X review would never be complete unless there are a couple of words on the author.

First thing first, Chris X is very popular among the people who are quite familiar with affiliate marketing.

Having a solid background and years of experience working online will do that for you...

Over the years, he has created more than 15 products.

You can say that most of them are pretty successful:

I mean, his "Video Titan" has sold around 5,000 units to this day.

And his "T-Shirt Titan" is doing even better - 8,000 sales and counting!

Is Affiliate Titan X A Scam?

Not sure about you, but I find this question a bit hilarious.

Considering the number of products, features, and bonuses you're getting, it's kind of hard to talk about scamming here.

thumb up

Also, let's not forget that the product costs only $7 and it comes with a full money-back guarantee.

That being said, you can find the answer to that question on your own, right?

My Closing

Basically, this program brings a lot of value on the table, there is no doubt about that.

With its more than affordable price, Affiliate Titan X is quite a bargain, don't you agree?

Now, what's your opinion on today's topic?

Is there something more you would like to know about it?

Ask me anything in the comments section and I'll answer all of your questions.

19 thoughts on “Affiliate Titan X Review – Your Affiliate Commissions On Fire?”

  1. Great article! I’ve never heard of this platform before, but it does seem to be a good one. Affiliate marketing seems to be the way to go now a days!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article.

    I had not even heard of this platform before.

    Is it like Wealthy Affiliate where you build your website from there or is it more made for promoting a site that you already have?


    1. Thank you for your comment.
      No – Affiliate Titan X works differently from Wealthy Affiliate.
      It’s more like software – 8 of them to be exact, all aiming to increase your affiliate sales.

  3. This is a very helpful article for a newbie in affiliate marketing like me. I will surely give this product a shot and looks like it will make me equipped on this new journey I am facing at! Thanks and will check back here for sure!

  4. Hi, it is interesting to see what ATX provides. And for only $7 I think it is a lot.

    What I wonder is, which niches can you use the ATX program for. Is it just the MMO niche and affiliate marketing or can products be found that are helpful in any niche?

    I’d also be interested to see one of these rapid rank videos, do you have an example?

    All in all a nice product, I think but I’d like to see some more examples 🙂 You introduce 4 parts of the program what are the other 4 ?

    1. Hey Stefan. I’m pretty sure the product will work just as nicely in any other niche.
      My God – I forgot the video!
      I’ll update the post as soon as possible.

  5. I wonder if there are upsells as this doesn’t feel quite right to me
    I’m sticking with Wealthy Affiliate as this truly is the best platform and I am so glad you have your link on the right inside this article
    All the best

    1. Hey Vicki.
      To answer your question – yes, there is upsell with ATX.
      But you don’t need to go for it.
      In my opinion, the $7 product will do just as nicely.
      And yeah – Wealthy Affiliate will always be the number 1 choice!

    2. Hey, Vicki – yes, there are upsells, but you don’t need to go for them. Not unless you want to.
      Great choice about Wealthy Affiliate – I’m on board as well!

  6. Awesome info here. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate gives the greatest experience to all seeking to make money online. However this product being reviewed seems awesome and I think I will buying into it sooner.

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