7 minutes daily profits review

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review: Scam Or $500/Day With No Work?

A brand new release commands a brand new article, doesn't?  Today, we'll talk a lot about a product that is fresh out of the online oven.  And my 7 Minutes Daily Profits review has all the juicy details for you!

Considering this system has just been launched, there is not that much info about it yet.

For all intents and purposes, I'm going to change that!

7 Minutes Daily Profits - The Basics

Website: 7minsdailyprofits.online

Owner: "Vince Howard"

Price: $9, Upsells

Cash Embrace Says:

Don't Even Think About Buying It!

7 minutes daily profits review - the basics

In short, this product is all about allowing you to score an impressive online income with barely any time or efforts spent.

More specifically, it's a money-making software that supposedly is already providing for more than 1,500 people.

Personally, I'm always skeptical when a program has "minutes", "profits", or "clicks" as a part of its title.

Then again, innocent until proven guilty, right?

What Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits?

Above all, this product is being marketed as software that you can receive for free.  

Well, that's not entirely true, but more on this a bit later.

Firstly, the system is beginner-friendly and can be used by pretty much everyone.  Meaning, you don't need any technical skills or previous marketing experience in order to make it work.

Secondly, it takes only 7 Minutes per day to deliver you more than $500 in profits.  How about that, huh?

Lastly, you'll make that outstanding daily income through affiliate commissions.  Likewise, the product uses the affiliate marketing business model.

Here, I'll agree that it's possible to score that amount of cash as an affiliate marketer.  Basically, that's how I earn my living online as well.

how to make money online with affiliate marketing

That being said, let's see if 7 Minutes is capable to back these statements up.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review - How Does The Product Work

First and foremost, the way this product works has nothing to do with earning money through bitcoin, forex, or paid surveys.  Furthermore, it's proceeding differently from pyramid schemes and MLM as well.

Once you're told that, the salesperson goes on and on, showing his skills in delivering a good piece of copywriting material.

Meaning, about 90% of the information streaming from the sales page has nothing to do with how 7 minutes actually operates.

Why The Sales Video Is So Vague

By all means, "Vince" is taking his sweet time making sure that he'll connect emotionally with his potential customers.

And how he is achieving that?  Actually, it's pretty simple:

  • Telling a sad story describing an awful personal experience

Truth to be told, there is no better way to make a personal connection with your audience than provoking this audience's empathy.  Therefore, "Vince" is doing his best to convince you how his family was struggling financially, living paycheck to paycheck.

personal statements from the sales page of 7 minutes daily profits

  • Taking a stand as a victim of scams

Hey, the owner lost all of his family's savings, a total of 10,000 dollars to scams online.  As a result, he created a product that will never do that to you because he knows how that feels.

By the way, that's exactly what you need to hear in order to trust him, right?

  • Promising that the product is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme

Again, "Vince" for the win - your common sense can relax knowing that the owner is a stand-up guy.  After all, he is honest enough to tell you that his product won't make you an instant millionaire overnight!

At the same time, the system is heavily advertised as a secret software that will make your first $500 at the very same day you start using it.

Of course, there is no such a thing as earning millions in no time, but cashing in $500 in 24 hours is certainly possible, correct?

Why The Sales Video Is Staying Vague To Its End

Because "Vince" is determined to make sure that he has you!

In order to do that, he spends even more time describing everything that you don't need to be able to profit from 7 minutes:

  1. Obviously, you don't have to create your own products.  
  2. You won't have to deal with creating your own website or sweating over its design
  3. On top of everything, it's not necessary for you to understand how to use a computer - the whole money-making process requires just a few clicks!

Personally, after being completely sure that this is a product like no other, I would expect to finally see how the product works, right?

Actually, wrong again!

Instead, the owner is jumping on telling you how you can have his magic software totally for free.

fake claims that the software of 7 minutes daily profits is free of charge

Evidently, the $9 that you'll have to pay to grab the product are simply hosting fees for the software.

Well, when you think about it that way...Makes sense, doesn't?

With all being said so far, you still have no idea how this system works.  And you'll not get one from the sales page.

But you'll get one from me!

The Truth About How The Product Works

Finally, it's time for you to get some real answers from this 7 minutes daily profits review!

Now, I had to do some serious digging to find out how this system is going to make you the promised income.  Moreover, what exactly you'll receive by buying this software.

In short, this is what you're getting out from 7 minutes:

A single software that will create a "done-for-you" generic website.  Make no mistake, if you think of your new site as a landing page, you are not further from the truth.

Also, expect short info on what affiliate marketing is and how to start a business based on it.

This is it, people!  If you're disappointed, you have the full right to be:

Above all, there is no training or tools provided that will teach you how to use the "done-for-you" page.  

Once you pay for 7 minutes, you'll be left to deal on your own devices.

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Everything Wrong With This Product Revealed In My 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

Normally, at this point of writing a product review, I tend to show the pros and cons of buying the particular system.

However, I'm not going to do this today considering there are barely any pros.

Instead, I'll introduce to you all the reasons why purchasing 7 minutes will be a really bad judgment call on your part.

Not to mention, a total waste of your money and time!

1) There No Such a Thing As Making An Online Income In 24 Hours If You're a Newbie

Generally, it's so sad that 7 minutes has nearly 70% gravity on ClickBank.

Currently, too many people are falling in its trap, believing in empty promises that could never work.

At the end of the day, the simple truth is that there is no way for you to make $500 fast if you have no experience in working online.

why you will not make $500/day with 7 minutes daily profits

Yes, affiliate marketing rocks.  Even more, you could be earning a full-time income as an affiliate marketer.

But that will never happen for you from day one.

On the contrary, it takes a lot of time to see any real results from your affiliate marketing efforts.  Most importantly, you'll need to gain the right education, knowledge, and tools to achieve an impressive level of affiliate success.

And you won't find any of that with 7 minutes daily profits.

2) The "Done-For-You" Sites Are a Waste Of Web Space

To clarify, when you're getting a "done-for-you" product of any kind, don't kind yourself thinking that is specifically created just for you.

That's not how the low-quality system works.

Basically, the magic software here pops up tons of landing pages that carry no real weight online.

Because what you'll be getting will be exactly the same as what everybody else buying this product will receive.  As a result, all of the product's customers are now proud owners of completely identical sites.

7 minutes daily profits will provide you with duplicate websites

Guess what, Google is not a big fan of those ones!

Speaking of Google...

Earlier, "Vince" promised that you won't have to deal with all the hassle that usually goes into developing a website.  

That being said, you're not supposed to build a body of high-quality content, right?

Well, no original, fresh content means no rankings.  Likewise, no rankings mean no organic traffic to your affiliate offers.

Then, how exactly you'll be making $500 per day when there are no people visiting your site?

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3) Vince Howard Does Not Exist

Actually, I'm sure that there are tons of people with that name.

However, none of them has anything to do with the person we're talking about in this 7 minutes daily profits review.

So, this is the family photo appearing on the product's sales video:

7 Minutes Daily Profits review - fake photo of the owner and his family

Correct me if I'm delusional, but isn't the photo completely identical to this one that I've just downloaded from Dreamstime.com?

image available online that proves that the owner of 7 minutes daily profits is fake

Well, the sob family story is going down the drain now...

Needless to say, the owner of 7 minutes, whoever that may be, has never been featured on the Huffington Post or Forbes.

I mean, when you have to use stock photography to support your story, the trust in the product you're selling is completely gone.

Not that there was any in the first place, but still...

4) The Testimonials Are Done By Paid Actors

Again, enough with using actors from Fiverr, please!

But hey, when you're using a fake photo of your family, then it's only normal to use fake testimonials as well, right?

And that's exactly what's going on here.

To clarify, each and every one of the people talking on the sales page is currently offering services of recording testimonials on Fiverr.

5) There Are Upsells

At this point, I don't think that you should be surprised by anything negative that I have to say regarding this product.

So, for the sake of my 7 minutes daily profits review to be absolutely complete, I can't forget the upsells.

If you bother to watch the whole sales presentation, you'll get to experience a really entertaining moment.

I'm talking about the part when "Vince" is trying to convince you that he'll give you his precious product for free.  

Ain't he a generous man or what?

some of the fake claims of 7 minutes daily profits

Although, a bit later he will casually mention that you'll have to pay the tiny amount of $9 that will cover the hosting expenses of the software.

In reality, what 7 minutes will try to squeeze out of you will be much more than $9.

Above all, that's how all of the scam products operate:

Firstly, they will offer you a product almost for free ($9, come on!).  Once they have your full attention, they'll suggest an upgrade (upsell) that will allow you to earn even more money.  And so on and on and on...

Chances are if you purchase all of the available upsells, the price of 7 minutes could jump to hundreds of dollars.

Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits a Scam?

Basically, that depends on what you would like to call a scam.

To be totally fair, you're getting some sort of a product.  Plus, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Is those facts enough to consider 7 minutes a legit system?

thumb down

Maybe, but that doesn't change the truth:

By all means, you'll never receive what the sales page is promising you.  Meaning, you won't be making $500/day thanks to this software.

How To Make Money Online Then?

Since we've already established the fact that 7 minutes is a big no-no, here comes the good news:

Actually, you can make real money online with affiliate marketing.  Even with no experience or skills, you can start your affiliate journey today.

Personally, when I started, I had no idea what affiliate marketing is.  Let alone, how to use it in order to earn online.

Less than a year later, I make a full-time income as an affiliate.

If that's what you would like to do as well, all you need to begin is to read my Free Guide.

Basically, the guide dissects the whole process in a couple of steps.  So, just borrow my proven formula and you're good to go.

My Closing

Honestly, I truly hope that my 7 minutes daily profits review satisfied your curiosity regarding this product.

Quite frankly, if it was that easy to earn tons of cash online, everyone would be doing it.

Unfortunately, that's not the case.  And everyone who is trying to convince you otherwise is clearly lying to you.

Now, anything you would like to share or ask on this topic?

Please do in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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