30 Minute Money Methods – What A Joke!

30 minute money methods review scam or legit

This 30 Minute Money Methods review will discuss an online platform that allegedly delivers tons of cash in 30 minutes to all its users.

Actually, that’s obvious just by looking at the product’s name.

What is not clear yet is how well the system works.

More importantly, will you legitimately earn thousands of dollars by using it.

Doing some quick math will tell you that 30 Minute Money Methods promises to make you over $1,000 in a day.

After all, if you’ll be earning $500 multiple times a day, the total amount of your profits will surpass the $1K mark in no time.

Before you start seeing dollar signs everywhere, let’s discover how trustworthy the system is.

Today, I’ll tell you all about:

  • What is 30 Minute Money Methods?
  • Does The Product Really Work?
  • Are All 30 Minute Money Methods Review Online Wrong?
  • Is 30 Minute Money Methods Legit Or A Scam?

Around ten minutes of your time is what it will take to get the answers to these questions.

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate of 30 MMM. The information in this article is a product of research and reflects facts available in the public domain.

30 Minute Money Methods Review – The Basics

For starters, you can find the product at its official website www.30minutemoneymethods.com.

Interestingly enough, the system is not one of the hottest launches right now:

It exists since 2017.

Shelly West is the name of the owner. You’ll find out all the juicy details about her later on.

With that said, a quick clarification is in order:

Don’t mistake 30 Minute Money Methods with Money Press Method.

While the names are similar, these are two entirely different systems.

So, there won’t be any discussion today about does the Money Press Method work.

I’ll probably publish a Money Press Method review eventually, but it’s not going to happen today!

make money online: make $500 per day with no work

Anyway, let’s keep the focus on our topic, shall we?

What Is 30 Minute Money Methods?

As you already know, 30 MMM is an online platform that allows its members to earn cash in 30 minutes.

These days, many systems promise the same thing.

What helps this one to stand out from the crowd?

In my opinion, what makes 30 MMM different is the claim that you’ll score $500 repeatedly within a single day.

30 minute money methods review introduction of the product

But that’s not the only factor that adds to the hype around the program:

Another huge advantage is the fact that the platform is the perfect choice for complete beginners. Meaning, you don’t need any previous online experience to make it work.

Moreover, profiting from 30 Minute Money Methods doesn’t require a lot of effort or time spent.

No, you’ll have to deal with it for half an hour each day.

Of course, all that is according to Shelly.

But should you trust her? Or is everything she is telling you a bit too good to be true?

There is no room for guessing in this 30 Minute Money Methods review, so let’s start unraveling the mystery:

How Does The Product Work?

If you ask me, don’t bother watching the sales video. It’s way too long, and it doesn’t provide plenty of facts about 30 Minute Money Methods.

During that sales presentation, Shelly mentions the secret website just enough times to make sure that it picks your interest.

To clarify, the secret website she is shoving down our faces is the same one she uses to make her own money.

Allegedly, once she discovered it, she was able to earn over $2,000 the first day and nearly $50,000 by the end of the month.

However, that’s about it – she doesn’t say anything else that would give you a better idea about that site.

Instead, Shelly goes on and on about her struggles as a single mom of two and how hard their lives were for the longest time.

We got it – she discovered the secret website, and all her financial worries were gone for good.

Telling a story everyone can relate to is a common marketing tactic business owners often use to connect with their audience.

That makes the selling process way easier than it would be otherwise.

Don’t fall for it.

Most of the time, such stories are simply not true or way exaggerated.

OK, how about we take a look at what Shelly’s mysterious website is capable of doing?

Inside 30 Minute Money Methods Members’ Area

First and foremost, the only way to find out more about Shelly’s site is to become a member of 30 MMM.

Meaning, you have to join the platform, and that comes at a price. I’ll tell you more about the product’s cost later in this 30 Minute Money Methods review.

For now, let’s see what the creator’s big money-making secret is at last.

Since I have an insight look, there is no need for you to purchase the system.

And you’ll be more than glad that I’m preventing you from buying it once you see what the system contains:

Unfortunately, there is no secret website.

What you’ll receive as a member is an access to 4 different money-making methods.

Here they are:

what is 30 minute money methods and how does it work

I guess Shelly will try to weasel her way out of her own deception by telling you that she is providing not one but a total of four secret websites.

Considering I know what these websites are, she will have to try harder!

By all means, these are the four secret ways the creator is using to earn thousands of dollars each month:

  • Get Paid To Play Games Online
  • Start Working As A Freelancer
  • Sell Stock Photography
  • Make Money Doing Voice Overs

You tell me – what about any of these earning opportunities screams of a secret even remotely?

Believe it or not, it gets worse:

While you might be expecting detailed training about each of the methods, there isn’t going to be one.

No, what you’ll get are PDFs containing links to other sites that will allow you to earn from the mentioned methods.

A Word About The Creator’s “Little-Known” Methods To Make Money Online

Some of you might be thinking:

“OK, it’s not nice that Shelly is lying about her methods, but they still work”.

Well, they do, so let’s discuss that for a minute:

1) Get Paid To Play Video Games

These days, many websites will allow you to earn extra money by playing video games.

There is nothing wrong with this side hustle idea – it’s a legitimate way to earn a bit of extra cash.

With that said, proceed with caution while you’re looking through the sites offering such earning opportunities:

Basically, many of them are scams.

One that comes to mind is the Appcoiner – reading this review will explain why you should avoid it at all costs.

2) Freelancing

Currently, there are tons of ways to make a living as a freelancer.

I’m doing it thanks to the work I produce for this website.

Anyone can start working as a freelancer on a part-time or full-time basis.

Websites like Freelancer or UpWork will help you find a well-paying work-from-home gig.

And if you want something with bigger and constant income potential, you can build your own business online.

Quite frankly, the possibilities for freelance jobs are countless.

3) Sell Stock Photography

Selling high-quality images online is also a legitimate way to earn.

Depending on your photography skills and where you’re selling them, your income will vary.

It may be hard to believe, but some freelance photographers make up to $100,000 per year.

Keep in mind, though – each of those people has spent years working hard on polishing their skills.

More importantly, I doubt any of them has ever worked for the site Shelly is suggesting.

If your love for the camera is undeniable, try to sell your images on the highest-paying photography websites.

4) Voice-Over Jobs

Working as a voice-over actor is a lucrative opportunity.

Feel free to visit my Work-From-Home Jobs category to read all about it.

Professional voice-over artists earn as much as $100 per recording.

However, becoming a pro at voice-acting jobs takes time, hard work, and effort.

Certainly, it takes more than clicking the link Shelly has provided for you!

What I Like About 30 Minute Money Methods

Chances are, you’re feeling the vibe of my 30 Minute Money Methods review, and you understand that I don’t like this product a lot.

Actually, I don’t like it at all.

Still, if I have to think of something positive about the system, that would be it:

  1. It’s Possible To Make Money With The Platform – the earning methods the creator is suggesting might earn you some cash.
  2. It Promotes Legitimate Ways To Earn Online – all four money-making ideas Shelly is offering you are legit.

What I Don’t Like About 30 Minute Money Methods

I have much more to say here.

There are so many red flags about this system.

And I’ll break each of them down:

1) The Sales Page Is Over-Hyped And Unrealistic

Let’s face it, Shelly is trying to sell you a product that makes money fast, with no effort, and without fail.

Kudos to her for doing her best to sound as convincing as possible!

30 minute money methods review: the sales page contains unrealistic claims

But we see right through her desperate attempt to market a program that pretty much doesn’t exist.

Because there is no such thing as earning lots of money with a couple of clicks on your computer.

While there are many legitimate ways to earn online, none of them will work if you don’t try hard to make them work.

Basically, the creator is selling the idea of trouble-free financial life and not a real product capable of achieving it.

Similar Programs With Unrealistic Income Claims:

2) The Comments On The Sales Page Are Fabricated

When you visit the official page of the product, you’ll notice plenty of comments.

It looks like satisfied customers can’t wait to share their excitement with the product and how helpful it turned out to be.

At a first glance, it seems there is nothing out of the ordinary about them.

However, quick investigation work on my part confirms that all comments are fake.

How do I know that?

Well, if you try to leave a comment of your own, the page will refresh and it will bring you to the checkout page.

What does this mean?

Simply said, it means the comments are pre-made and published by the people behind the system to make it look credible.

3) The Income Proof Is Fake

During the sale presentation, Shelly is bragging about the amount of money she was able to earn thanks to 30 Minute Money Methods.

She fills the screen with an image that shows some staggering numbers to you.

Unfortunately, that income proof is as fake as the comments she is leaving on the page while impersonating happy customers.

Just look at this thing:

the income proof of 30 minute money methods is fake

Does it look valid to you?

If everything is right about her earnings, why does she needs to blur all the info about them?

You can’t see where the money is coming from. So, how can anyone be sure that 30 MMM is responsible for that income?

3) There Are Upsells

Up until now in this 30 Minute Money Methods review, I haven’t said anything about the product’s cost.

At the time of writing this article, you can join the system for $37.

At least, that’s what it looks like at first.

While you can become a member for this amount, prepare yourself to spend much more.

The thing about products like 30 MMM is that they also come with plenty of upsells.

Usually, an upsell has to be an add-on that increases the value of the core product.

Here, though, the “time-sensitive” upgrades exist for the sole purpose of gaining as much money from you as possible.

Since the main program is of such low quality, how valuable do you expect the upsells to be?

4) The Testimonials Are Fake

Let me ask you – does this surprise you?

I mean, the comments, income proof, and the whole sales pitch are nothing but non-sense.

Therefore, the fact that the testimonials are fake is pretty much a given.

Personally, it doesn’t cease to amaze me how low-quality products keep using actors from Fiverr to deliver their testimonials.

After all, discovering such a deception only takes a minute.

In my opinion, Shelly hopes that no one would bother to check.

5) Shelly West Is A Fictional Character

During this whole 30 Minute Money Methods review, I keep mentioning the creator of the product.

According to the official site, her name is Shelly West.

who is Shelly West

Through the sales presentation, you can hear her life story and personal details.

But you will not find a photo of her and any other proof that such persona exists.

There is just a female voice narrating the sales presentation. That voice could belong to anybody.

So, what do we have here?

Honestly, I believe that Shelly West is not the owner of 30 MMM. And I’ll keep saying that since there is no proof to the contrary.

How Much Does 30 Minute Money Methods Cost?

You already know that the price of the product is $37 + the upsells.

If you decide the purchase everything, it will cost you hundreds of dollars.

I wouldn’t that do if I were you.

Firstly, because 30 MMM is of extremely low quality. The earning methods may bring you some cash, but it won’t be $500 multiples times a day.

Secondly, all the info you’ll find inside the members’ area is available online for free. Why should you pay for it when you can discover it on your own?

Thirdly, there is no high-quality business training to teach you how to make money online for the long haul. See where you can start such training for free here.

Ultimately, you can learn much more about earning online from doing simple research.

For example, I earn consistent affiliate sales like those every month:

how I make money online

To find out how you can do the same, all you need to do is read my free guide to starting an online business.

It contains a couple of simple steps you can take to create a source of passive income for years to come.

Is 30 Minute Money Methods A Scam?

Yes, it is.

Normally, I wouldn’t go as far as calling a low-quality product a scam as long as there is a money-back guarantee.

However, I can’t say for sure if there is such a guarantee right now.

When the product had its launch, it was available for sale on ClickBank.

But it doesn’t look like it’s there anymore.

ClickBank is cleaning house at the moment, so it’s not surprising that the network doesn’t allow 30 MMM on its marketplace any longer.

thumb down

Long story short, don’t bother with this system at all.

I’m pretty sure that if you invest in it, you’ll live to regret it.

Other Scam Products To Avoid:

My Closing

Above all, I hope that you find my 30 Minute Money Methods review is a valuable read.

Remember, the only people who will make money from this product are the owner and the affiliates promoting it.

Spare yourself a headache or two and look the other way when you hear the program’s name.

You don’t need to sign up for something that will sell your email address to a third party for profit, do you?

Now, what do you think about 30 Minute Money Methods?

Share your opinion with me, and we will discuss the system further.


  1. As soon as I read the headline about making 500 dollars in 30 minutes I doubted the legitimacy of the company of the product itself. It is hard to conceive why people would do such harm to others in financial terms. Greed is everywhere and we need to take care of it(starting from our desire for easy money and stopping at the greed of the online scammers). As I see more and more scams I start to see a pattern(The secret method of making money online, hard life before, now driving a Lambo, staying with sexy girls on a yacht,etc.).The worst part about scams is that people want to avoid hard work and get caught in these fantasies. We have to see the longterm results and by that, I mean building a sustainable online business.

    1. Hey, Sebastian.
      I don’t think that I can put it into words better than you just did.
      Yeah, the scams are everywhere and more and more people are falling into their traps on a daily basis.
      As content creators, the best we can do is warn our audience which products should never be trusted.
      Thank you for your detail comment and deep insights into this problem!

  2. Hi Boryana!
    This is great, I think we need more people like yourself calling out these fly-by-night marketing scammers.

    Seems like more and more, people are crawling out of the woodwork looking to rob anonymous strangers of their hard-earned money, all the while doing it under the guise of helping people.

    As someone who is desperate to get out of the 9 to 5 grind, I’m learning that the level of commitment required to make money online is a lot more than sending someone 35 bucks and expecting to get $600,000 back.It’s sad that people feel it’s okay to take advantage of others like this.

    Keep up the good work, we need more social warriors like yourself to shut down these liars and thieves!


    1. Wow, Bobby, thank you so much for your kind words!
      It feels good to know that all my hard work and efforts are appreciated.
      The thing is, 30 Minute Money Methods is just one of the hundreds, maybe even a thousand scam products that are making a lot of noise online currently.
      And their big promises for tons of money in no time are finding a market – so many people are buying such low-quality BS programs.
      I’m trying hard, but there is just not enough time in the day to expose them all.
      The best I can do is to keep trying, right?
      Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment on my article.

  3. Hi Boby,
    I visited your website and it was really good! It is so hard to believe the things people try to sell!! Making $$$ in 30 minutes? What a scam!! Good article!

    1. Hey, Donna. Thanks for stopping by!
      Yeah, hard to believe but products that promise that kind of money in no time do exist.
      I’m doing everything in my power to expose as many of them as I can.

  4. Thank you for the article. There are so many different programs online and it can be hard to figure out which ones are legit.
    I always fall back on the mantra, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. 🙂
    Thank you for doing the research for us so we don’t have to sift through all of these different programs and know if we see the ones you mentioned in the article to steer clear of them.

    1. You are so welcome, Nancy!
      It’s a big part of my job and I plan to make it even bigger as I go.
      The people online should have the full information before making a decision whether or not to buy any particular product.
      And “products” like 30 Minute Money Methods have to be avoided at all cost.
      I’ll keep spreading the word!

  5. Hi,

    Great review!

    Articles like these are really helpful. It can help us avoid those heartless scammers.

    I totally agree that if the offer is too good to be true, then most likely it is Not True..

    There is no such thing as getting rich in just 30 minutes…. hahaha.

    Thank you for the review.


    1. You’re welcome, Joyce.
      Low-quality products like this one are all over the web. I’m trying hard, but there is just not enough time to expose all of them!
      It would be so much easier if they didn’t exist. Unfortunately, that’s not the case nowadays.

  6. Love, love, love this insight! I myself have “fallen” for scams like this a few times. The sad part is you don’t know what you are actually getting until AFTER you pay the money. Thank you for exposing this one!!

    1. You are welcome, Matt.
      Like I said in my title – MMM is such a joke.
      Lets keep our readers safe online.

  7. I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s quite interesting to hear from someone who has actually tried one of these get-rich-quick schemes. I usually try to avoid these although I’m always curious to know how the scam actually works. So this was a great read for me. I’m just sometimes worried that I may fall for a more subtle scam. Do you think there is anything I could do to avoid being scammed?

    1. Hey Sammy.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post.
      Sure there is something you can do.
      If the product you are thinking about buying promises you the stars without any real information to back that up, you should run in the opposite direction.
      Hope that helps and sorry for the late reply.

  8. Wow, thank you for being so blatantly honest with this review. Usually people who review these types of systems praise the hell out of them just to make a quick buck, so it’s good to see that it’s coming from a genuine person with all our best interests at heart. It does look like MMM is a big fat scam and I’ll be staying away from it. Thanks for the help!

  9. I enjoy bumping into stuff like this. Great job with the post.
    This just shows how bad the money hunger is. And how some people are going to do anything to feed their greed.

    1. Thanks a lot, Ivan.
      Yeah, some people will do anything for money.
      I’m trying to spread the word, so more people wouldn’t waste their money on something like that.

  10. Thank you so much, Sylus.
    We should spread the word so less people would fall for empty promises like the ones from MMM.

  11. Very informative thanks! I’ve heard of lots of scamming methods with get rich quick headers, MMM just want the subscription payments, good top recommendations though WA has very good reviews and a lot of happy customers.

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