3 Step Method Review: Scam Or Easy $10K/Month In Affiliate Sales?

3 step method review scam or legit

This 3 Step Method Review of mine will give you an insight into one of the latest money-making systems available online.

When an earning platform claims to help you make cash in three simple steps, you better be sure that it’s legit before you buy it.

If a product doesn’t allow you to earn a decent income legitimately, investing in it will only waste your time.

With that said, there is no need for you to do any research – I already did that.

And today, I’ll share with you everything there is to know about this system:

  • What is the 3 Step Method?
  • How does the 3 Step Method work?
  • Can you make money with the 3 Step Method?
  • Is the 3 Step Method legit or a scam?
  • Will you only waste your money if you decide to join it?

Disclaimer: I’m not an affiliate for the 3 Step Method. The information you’re about to read is research on facts available in the public domain.

3 Step Method Review – The Basics

For starters, the official website of the product I’m covering today is www.3stepmethod.com.

Unfortunately, visiting that website will plant more questions than answers in your mind.

There is barely any info about what kind of system the 3 Step Method is and what it does.

That is not by accident:

Sooner rather than later, curiosity will prevail, and you’ll provide your email address just to see what’s inside.

Well, the good news about this is that you don’t have to pay anything yet. More about that a bit later.

Now, I can easily introduce you to the marketing pitch behind the program:

According to the sales page, the 3 Step System is an online training platform that will teach you how to create a passive income stream in the easiest way possible.

how to make $10,000 per month from affiliate sales

To clarify, passive income is a cash source that will allow you to start making money without actively working.

Here, the amount of money you’ll be aiming at is hard to resist:

Allegedly, using the product will deliver at least $10,000 into your bank account in the first month alone.

Yeah, that much money will prompt most people to investigate further, so let’s do that when my 3 Step Method review continues!

What Is The 3 Step Method?

Maybe I should get this paragraph going by telling you that the system is selling at the marketplace of ClickBank.

While ClickBank is a legitimate affiliate network, it’s an open secret that many of its e-business products available for purchase are of low quality.

But let’s not pass any judgment that early on and focus on today’s topic:

As you already know, the 3 Step Method is an earning platform claiming to teach you how to start making a full-time income online.

Anyone can take advantage of everything the product offers since using it doesn’t require any previous experience.

Moreover, there are no restrictions regarding your age, current occupation, or geographical location.

Since you only need access to the Internet, you can join the 3 Step System from anywhere in the world.

Next, it’s worth mentioning that the program presents itself as a fast opportunity to earn online:

You’ll only have to spend less than an hour each day.

Most importantly, this money-making idea will help you earn online passively.

To sum up, you’re looking at a chance to create a profitable online business, and building it doesn’t seem to involve tons of hard work and effort.

How Does The Product Work?

what is the 3 step method and how does it work

OK, it’s time to find out how the 3 Step Method System will help you earn over $10,000 a month.

Again, don’t bother visiting the official website – the sale page barely contains any information at all.

The only way to learn more about the system is to provide your email address.

Once you do that, you’ll gain access to another web page where you’ll be able to watch the video presentation.

A nice-looking man introduces himself as the owner of the program.

Unfortunately, his explanation of the way the 3 Step Method works is vague at best.

Instead of giving you facts and details, he goes on and on about why you should invest in his platform.

For example, he’ll tell you that:

  • Your earnings from the 3 Step Method will never go down the 10K mark – and these earnings will be passive.
  • You won’t have to work hard – the team behind the product will complete most of the tasks.
  • Only 20 minutes a day is the time you’ll need to devote to the program.

In other words, he’s sharing information we already know.

Inside The 3 Step Method

As soon as I realized that the sales video is useless, I had to take the situation into my own hands.

And now my 3 Step Method review will tell you about the inner workings of the product:

To sum up, this is an online training platform that will teach you how to create digital assets.

By creating digital assets, what the creator means is creating a website.

According to the team behind the product, your journey to $10K/month will begin once you go through the following three steps:

  1. Decide on a niche – the team will advise you to pick one as fast as possible. I believe that choosing your niche is quite important, and you should do some research before making a final decision.
  2. Create your digital asset – the conversation is finally getting interesting.  Not only you’ll build a website, but you’ll find out why a blog is the best way to go – so you’ll be able to monetize it with affiliate marketing.
  3. Make your commissions – your sales will be at least $10,000/month. If you doubt that, there are screenshots included to convince you otherwise.

Long story short, the 3 Step Method will teach you how to make money online through product creation and affiliate marketing.

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How Much Does The 3 Step Method Cost?

Currently, the price of the product is $37.

Feel free to think of this price as a start-up cost, though.

Because once you sign up to become a member, the team will draw your attention to a couple of upgrades you can get as well.

Yes, upgrades are another way to talk about upsells without calling them that!

Anyway, you’ll have the chance to purchase any of the following upsells:

  • $97 – an upsell that will allegedly triple your earnings
  • $47 – an upsell that will give you access to the owner’s secret of making 6-figures per year
  • $147 – an upsell that will create the website for you

What I Like About The 3 Step Method

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot to write down in this paragraph.

I’m not a fan of the product, not even close.

Still, there are two aspects about the program I can present as advantages:

  1. The platform teaches product creation and affiliate marketing – both are legitimate business models to make money online.
  2. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee – that guarantee will allow you to ask for your investment back and receive it.

What I Don’t Like About The 3 Step Method

Generally, this paragraph is where my 3 Step Method review will do most of the heavy lifting.

There is so much to cover about why this product is as ridiculous as it can get!

I mean, did you believe that you’ll make $10,000/month when this promise is coming from people who don’t even bother to tell you upfront what their product does?

1) The Sales Page Creates Unrealistic Expectations

3 step method review the product creates unrealistic income expectations

If you have some experience working online, then you already know:

It takes much longer than 20 minutes a day to build a profitable business. Actually, it takes longer just to prepare that business for a launch.

Sure, you can buy a domain name and maybe even pick a website theme in less than half an hour.

But developing a business to the point where it will replace your full-time job requires much more effort.

Trying to make you believe otherwise is a common tactic all low-quality money-making systems rely on nowadays.

Considering they’re targeting beginners, they’re hoping that the newbies simply don’t know better yet.

And most of the time, they’re right about that.

2) The Product Projects A Wrong Idea About How Affiliate Marketing Works

I love affiliate marketing – earning affiliate commissions is how I mostly monetize this blog.

After using this business model for a few years, I can tell you this much:

The product’s income claim creates expectations no beginner would be able to fulfill.

Earning $10,000 a month from affiliate sales alone when your blog is brand new is just not going to happen.

Have a look at my first blog income report – I was earning between $100-$200 a month in my early blogging days.

That’s the thing about affiliate marketing – it works, but you have to be patient.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that your earnings will depend on many factors.

For example, your promotional strategy, how much traffic you’re driving, monetization methods, etc.

Speaking of blog traffic:

3) There Is No In-Depth Training

When a product makes such bold claims as the 3 Step Method does, you expect its training to be outstanding.

However, that’s not the case.

While the system will introduce you to product creation and affiliate marketing, it doesn’t go deep into teaching you about these business models.

All information you’ll find inside the members’ area is basic and outdated.

Honestly, you can learn much more by doing research online!

Then, what’s the point of paying $37 for training when some platforms will start teaching you the art of online business for free?

4) The Owner Hides His Identity

Let me ask you:

If you ever create a kick-ass system that will allow people to make tons of money with no effort, wouldn’t you wish to let the world know about it?

Will you hide your identity when you have so much to be proud of?

Personally, I wouldn’t.

So I’m wondering why the owner of the 3 Step Method doesn’t want us to know who he really is.

After all, his system is allegedly the magical solution that will resolve the financial troubles of thousands of people worldwide.

During the sales presentation, this man introduces himself as the owner of the program.

As you can see, that couldn’t be further from the truth:

3 step method review the creator uses false identity

​Hiring an actor to pretend to be someone he isn’t is not how you build trust in the value of your product.

By all means, it’s safe to say that we would never know who is the creator of the 3 Step Method.

5) The Testimonials Are Fake

At this point of my 3 Step Method review, does this even surprise you?

I saw it coming from miles away:

Whoever the owner might be, he is paying an actor to take his place in the video presentation.

Therefore, doing the same with the testimonials is a natural move for a product like this one.

Basically, when no real customer has the desire to praise your program, what other choice do you have?

Renting actors from Fiverr to film your testimonials is the only way you can go!

6) There Are Upsells

Since I already told you about their prices, I won’t do that again here.

Instead, I would like you to think about why upsells exist in the first place.

Usually, an upgrade adds to the value of the core product.

But considering the low quality of the 3 Step Method, what value could the upsells possibly deliver?

Well, they don’t exist to add any value – they’re here to get as much money out of you as possible.

3 Step Method Review – Pros And Cons Of The Product


  1. It’s possible to earn some money – but don’t expect the amount to be $10,000.


  1. An over-hyped program – it comes with big claims but fails to deliver on any of them.
  2. No real training – they tell you what to do, but they don’t bother to teach you how to do it.
  3. The onwer is unknown – there is no information about the creator of the product.
  4. Fake testimonials – actors from Fiverr pretend to be satisfied members.
  5. Upsells – they are just as useless as the main product.
  6. You have to provide your data to learn more about the system – such information should have been available upfront.

Is 3 Step Method A Scam?

I would strongly encourage you to think of it as one.

Yes, there is a money-back guarantee.

And because of that, I can’t call the product a total scam.

However, it does operate as one.

thumb down

Basically, the system is making an income promise with no intention or possibility to deliver.

In my opinion, investing in it will only waste your time and money.

Other Scam Systems To Avoid:

How I Make Passive Income

Quite frankly, you don’t need the 3 Step Method if what you’re looking for is help to start a business online.

Why would you invest in low-quality programs that will decrease your income instead of increasing it?

There is no reason to do that, is there?

Now, if you want to launch an online business, but you don’t know how to do that, I would suggest reading my Free Guide.

This guide is perfect for beginners and contains easy-to-follow steps anyone would be able to manage.

If there is something about it you don’t get, contact me, and I’ll be happy to assist you.

My Closing

Hopefully, this 3 Step Method review cleared the air and helped you make your mind up about the platform.

I’ll do my best to keep updating it with more information in the future.

Do you have any questions about the product?

Is there anything you would like to share about it?

Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. This is great for affiliate marketers that are just starting out like my self. When reading about several different services and what they offer can sometimes start to get jumbled up and then there are really confused.
    I love the fact that you are blunt and to the point and not beating around the bush about the 3 step method. It is explained in detail about why it could almost be a scam if it wasn’t for the money-back guarantee on ClickBank.
    Thank you for such an awesome article.

    1. Lol, Alisha, that’s so nice of you to say!
      I appreciate your kind words and the time you’ve given to my article.
      So glad that you find it helpful.
      Best of luck moving forward as an affiliate marketer!

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