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13 Top Blogging Tools That Will Notably Advance Your Website

Hey you all, hard-working bloggers!  Brace yourself - this article is going to be HUGE!  I can only hope you have some free time on your hands.  Because let's be honest - covering the top blogging tools is not something anyone can do in a minute or two!

Ever since I started this website, I got asked about the resources I'm using on more than a few occasions.  It's not that I left those questions hanging, but I didn't go as deep as I would like to when I talked about it.

Hey - no judgment!  I was busy, working hard to produce more and more content.

You know how it is when you are a brand new blogger, don't you?

top blogging tools

Time is never enough!

But as my content was piling up - so were the questions!

So I decided that today is the day to finally get you the answers!

This post may contain affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.

 Creating Your Website

I've spent some time wondering what is the best way to lay all this content in front of you.

Too much information all at once can be overwhelming, I know.

So I thought that it would be easier for both parts involved if I write down every single tool and resource I'm using to run my website.

For your convenience, I'll try to be as organized as possible!

#1 - Getting Familiar With Blogging

Honestly, I don't think you should be surprised that I'm starting with that.

Every single pro blogger out there has been an amateur at one point in time.

How do they get to where there are today?

Well, the answer is as simple and obvious as you can imagine:

They got a decent education first.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom -  George Washington Carver

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The website platform that introduced me to the "A" and "B" of the blogging world is called Wealthy Affiliate.

I can't recommend it enough.  

wealthy affiliate as a top blogging tools

This place walked me through the process by hand and has been leading me ever since.

If you want to blog for a living, but have no idea how to do that, Wealthy Affiliate is the right answer.

There are about 200,000 members in WA as we speak.  And the number is growing each day.

And for a very good reason!

See for yourself.  You can sign and have a look around, even if you are just curious.

It's FREE to join!

#2 - Website Builder/Hosting

Here is the deal:

Once you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you'll be given automatically 2 websites.  And again - both of them are FREE!

WA is awesome like that...

I started by building this blog on SiteRubix.

siterubix powered by wealthy affiliate

This platform has a lot to impress you with:

A) It took me less than 5 minutes to create Cash Embrace

B) Any tech problem I had was resolved.  Fast, efficient, no headaches.  All that thanks to the unbelievable Support Team SiteRubix provides

C) They host my website.  Drumroll, please:

Again - For Free!

Basically, I have no expenses on hosting whatsoever.  

On the top of that, SiteRubix is busy optimizing my site with these tools:

- SiteSpeed - yeah - it's all about your site's speed

- SiteProtection - it keeps all the spammers away!

- SiteSSL - you know I'm talking about security, right?

#3 -Keyword Research Tool

I'm sure no argument can be made on that:

Doing the proper keyword research is what will get you on the first page of Google.

And that's where you need to be, right?  

It will drive tons of free, organic traffic to your website.  And that means enormous possibilities for making sales.

Being a part of Wealthy Affiliate will give you an access to Jaaxy.

That's the keywords research tool I'm using.  And as a Premium Member, I get to use it for Free, for LIFE!

Jaaxy offers a free trial, so - be my guest:

OK then - now that we covered the basics, let's get into the big stuff!

Top Blogging Tools - What I Need To Run My Online Business

I promised that I'll go easy on you, so I'll divide all the information in a few separate sections.

The thing is - once you have the bare bones of your website, then the hard work begins!

It's not just you need to create a high-quality valuable content.

You'll wish to step up your game and to look as professional as possible.

A kind of a natural feeling, isn't it?

To do your best, so you would become the pro blogger you were born to be!

In my desire to do exactly that, these are the steps that I made:

Website Theme

Who hasn't started with a free theme?

It makes sense - you are not earning any money yet, so not too much cash to spare, right?

I used the free version of Astra for a few months.  And that was fine.  

But just for a while...And here is why:

The free themes are good to start with.  But sooner or later, you may want to invest in a premium one.

There's no such thing as a free lunch -  Milton Friedman

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Having a paid theme running your website is a bargain you don't want to turn your back on.

The money you'll invest will pay for themselves.

Just think about how much time you'll and how gorgeous your website will look!

That's the truth, pals!  No matter if we like it or not:

A paid theme will deliver for your website in a way that a free one could never do!

I'm using Thrive Themes.  In my opinion, they are the best choice there is right now on the market.

top blogging tools

Thrive Themes is focused on one thing and one thing only:

Getting you an insane level of conversations!

I'm talking about exploding your email list with new subscribers on a daily basis.

And they have plenty of magic tools you'll be able to use to achieve that.

Cash Embrace has the whole package.  You wanna get one for yourself?

You can explore all Thrive Themes has to offer:

And while we are on the subject of email subscribers...

 Email Service Provider

convertkit email provider

All my email campaigns are handled by ConvertKit.

And let me tell you - those guys are awesome!

Automations, sequences, unlimited forms...

You name it - they got it!

ConvertKit is the real deal if you've already stepped into the big blogging game.

Important note:

If you are just starting out, you may want to wait a bit before jumping on the ConvertKit train and riding on it.

This email service provider is not free.  So I believe you should take your time and gain some serious blogging power before coming to enjoy it.

Then again, ConvertKit offers a free trial, so there you go:

OK - let's see... Where are we?

There is an old saying, an all-time favorite of mine:

God is in the details!

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It's not just the big tools that help me to do what I do every single day.

There are plenty of other resources that make my work real pleasure even in the moments that otherwise could be unbearable:

Extra Top Blogging Tools To Give Your Website The Upper Hand

Before I lay them out in front of you, I need to clear something up:

Those tools are working perfectly for MY website.

I can't guarantee that they will be the best fit for yours as well.

I guess it all depends on what you're aiming to achieve and the marketing strategy you've decided to imply. 

Be that as it may, I can't find a reason why you shouldn't have a look!

At least you'll get the chance to compare your tools to mine.

Who knows?

Maybe there'll be a hidden gem in here that could potentially become of a great use for your website!

#1 - Google Analytics

I know, I know - how unoriginal of me!

Who DOESN'T use Google Analytics?

I'm sure you do as well, but I still felt obligated to mention it.

Google Analytics is a MUST! 

How could you possibly see your website's performance without it?

What about your audience's behavior, your top visited pages, the bounce rate?

#2 - Search Console

Exactly the same situation in here!

Personally, I think I'm even more addicted to this one...

Using the Google Search Console will make you more likable in Google's eyes.  

It will help the biggest search engine to better understand how your site is working.

And there are also these awesome features:

Fetch as Google, crawl errors, number of backlinks to your blog, etc.

In other words - get on it ASAP! 

#3 - Thirsty Affiliates

This one is for all the affiliate marketers out there!

And if I have to guess, that is probably 99% of you.  Am I close?

thirsty affiliates plugin

Thirsty Affiliates is a plugin that will cloak your affiliate links.

Let me ask you:

Are your links still looking like that:


Really?  Spammy much?

Come on - you can do better!  It's what Thirsty Affiliates is for!

#4 - Yoast Plugin

Hun, you can't avoid SEO.  You know that, right?

Not if you want to see some decent rankings!

That's what Yoast plugin is for.

It takes care of your article while you are writing it.

It will show you what you need to work on regarding content optimization and readability.

Gotta turn all those bullets green!

#4 - Canva

Let the pinning begin!

Ops...I might be going a bit too fast.  Again!

Canva is a graphic design tool.  It's where I'm creating all my pins for Pinterest.

But Canva can offer you so much more!

If you have a minute, you can head to this article and read all about it!

#5 - Social Warfare Plugin

It took me a long time to find this one...

After downloading and then deleting a dozen social sharing plugins, I finally met Social Warfare.

You may think all the plugins for social media are not that different.  Maybe you are right. 

Except for Social Warfare.

top blogging tools

It's not just that has a really cool design.  

What gets this plugin to stand out from the crowd is this:

You need it if you are interested to drive traffic from Pinterest.

I'm using the Pro version.  Care to guess what it does?

When you hover on any of my images, the "" button will magically appear.

And that means that every single reader will be able to my photos(like the pin above) straight from my post.

Without ever leaving my site and log in on Pinterest.

I bet it's all clear now, isn't it?

It costs me exactly $29/year.  A crazy price for all that it does in my opinion!

#6 - Tailwind

I love Pinterest!  Not that it's not obvious at this point..

But who can blame me?

Pinterest is the biggest source of traffic to my website.

So what's not to love?

I get a massive amount of visitors thanks to this platform.  Not that I'm bragging...

And one of top blogging tools that help me do that is Tailwind.

Tailwind makes my pinning days so much easier.

It's all about automation.  I still pin manually every single day, but I trust Tailwind to help with the process.

And it does!  Big time, if I may add!

tailwind app

Tailwind knows my the users of Pinterest the way I simply never could.

I wrote a whole article about Pinterest Tips and Tricks.  You can read more on the subject in there. 

Not on Tailwind yet?  What are you waiting for?

#7 - Milo Tree

And last, but not at least...Here it comes Milo Tree!

This one is responsible for the little cute slide-in that pops up when people are visiting my site.

It offers them the possibility to follow me on Pinterest.

You can use it the same way for Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The number of my followers is growing each day and Milo Tree has a lot to do with that!

Thanks a lot!

And by the way, I'm paying $9/month for the help!

I think it's a bargain.  What do you say?

You can grab a piece of Milo Tree as well:

Let me see - I think this is it for now.

I'm pretty sure I may forgotten a tool or two.

But I'll keep updating this post for your convenience, I promise!

Haven't started your online business yet?  Here is My Top Recommendation for you.  It's how I launched mine!

I'll do you one better - you can borrow the idea today!

See how I make money online.  It's more like a passive income if anyone is interested...

What are the tools that you are using?  Care to share them with me?

Any comments are more than appreciated!

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