top blogging tools that will notably advance your website

13 Top Blogging Tools That Will Notably Advance Your Website

First thing first, online friends, I truly hope that you have a bit more time than just 5 minutes to spare.  Because covering the top blogging tools that will help you to make money online is not something I should rush.

And neither should you!

Above all, when you're developing a blog, you're developing an online business.

Therefore, certain aspects of that business like the tools you're going to use deserve your undivided attention!

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*Article Last Updated May 2019*

How Leveraging The Top Blogging Tools Affects Your Business

Quite frankly, in so many ways!

Firstly, when you're starting a business from scratch, you'll have to put your heart, soul, sweat, and tears in order to make it work.

Secondly, if you're determined to see it blossom, compromising with the quality of your content is not an option.  Meaning, you want nothing but the best for the sake of a satisfied audience, don't you?

Ultimately, building and maintaining a highly successful website commands ONE main ingredient that could never be missing - time.

Truth to be told, laying the foundation of a blog is quite an intimidating and stressful experience for the majority of newbie bloggers.  Mostly because there is so much to do and time is never enough!

tools and resources to make money blogging

How To Choose Your Blogging Tools?

By all means, there are hundreds, even thousands of tools that could be beneficial to your business.  

As a result, how are you supposed to decide on which ones are the perfect fit for your website?

Well, a big part of that decision depends on where you are currently with your blog and what are your long-term goals.

For example, there are beginner bloggers who are at the start of their journey.  Usually, they blindly follow the most successful websites in their niche and just use the tools they're using.  

Next, there are people who have been blogging for a while.  Meaning, they already got to try out different tools and know which ones are working for them.  Plus, which ones to get next in order to develop their business further.

Then, there are entrepreneurs - bloggers who look at their websites differently than the rest.  Likewise, they know that this is going to be the business that will deliver them a full-time income for years to come.

top blogging tools for entrepreneurs

Therefore, they're ready to sacrifice eat, sleep, and social life to build a successful online career from day one.  Moreover, they're willing to invest in courses, premium tools, and basically anything that will help them to achieve their goals faster.

Personally, I belong to the last category.  Hopefully, you do too!

If you do, I feel confident that what's about to come will help you a great deal on more than one level!

That being said, you shouldn't have to gamble with your most important asset.  Not when the entire success of your business is on the line.

And not when there is help available - it's what the blogging tools are for!

Top Blogging Tools - 13 Resources That Will Make You A Successful Blogger

Now, I have no desire to overwhelm you, so I'll try to keep all of the info as short and easy to absorb as possible.

Also, even if most of you have your websites operating already, I'll start from the very beginning.

This way, my list of top blogging tools will be able to help the people who haven't started a blog yet as well. 

1) Online Blogging And Marketing Courses

In my opinion, if you have no blogging background whatsoever, you may want to invest in professional training and education.

The thing is, it's not a great idea to walk through this brand new and intimidating experience on your own.

Above all, a high-quality online course will save you tons of time and will protect you from making the most common newbie blogger mistakes.

wealthy affiliate as a top blogging tools

If you want to blog for a living, but have no idea how to do it, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be - I just can't recommend it enough!

With more than 2 million members, WA will provide you with all of the help and support you could possibly need.  

Most importantly, it's FREE to join - you can create a free account here.

  • Digital Marketing Career Blueprint - coming from Seth Hymes, this course will won't fail to deliver for you.  As evident from its title, the training is mainly focused on mastering digital marketing.
  • ClickBank University - for pro bloggers only!  To clarify, this course is for those of you who are ready to create and sell your own digital products online.

2) Website Building And Hosting

Speaking of Wealthy Affiliate...

Basically, when you become a member, you'll automatically receive not 1, but 2 FREE websites.

Needless to say, that's what I got as well.  As a result, the site you're currently on came to life through the building platform of SiteRubix.

siterubix powered by wealthy affiliate

By all means, SiteRubix does an impressive job where creating a website is being concerned.

For example, it will take you less than 5 minutes to build your blog.  Moreover, the support will be there for you in case you run into any kind of tech problem.

Ultimately, if you create your website through SiteRubix and as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it will be hosted for FREE.

In other words, you can scratch out the hosting from your list of blogging expenses for life!

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3) Keyword Research Tool

Generally, doing proper keyword research is a big part of the on-page SEO you'll need to perform as a blogger.

Not to mention, it's what has a huge effect on your rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

After all, you wouldn't say no to tons of organic traffic to your site, would you?

Considering the possibilities of affiliate sales that traffic will deliver...

That being said, you'll need a pretty good research tool to help you choose the most profitable keywords to target.

Personally, I use and recommend Jaaxy.

So far, Jaaxy has helped me to place most of my articles on the first page of Google.

And will do the same for your content as well!

Jaaxy offers a free trial.  More importantly, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you'll have free, unlimited access to Jaaxy for life.

4) Website Theme

Up until now, the top blogging tools we're talking about will take care of laying a solid ground for your business.

Next, it's time to create a high-quality, valuable content that will help your readers solve their problems.

Meanwhile, isn't a great idea to look professional from early on?

Hate to be the one to say it, but it's kind of hard to achieve that look with a free website theme.

I know, if you're not making any money blogging yet, it doesn't make sense to invest in a premium theme, does it?

Still, I honestly believe that you should grab a paid theme as soon as possible.

Basically, it will save you the time of customizing a free theme that sooner or later you will let go in exchange for a professional one.

But most importantly, a premium theme will give you options and possibilities that a free one could never do!

On that note, my own choice is Thrive Themes.  

why Thrive Themes are my favorite from the top blogging tools

Truth to be told, I was seriously considering Elegant Themes, but one of my main goals is to build my email list faster and to skyrocket my conversion rate.

And that's what Thrive Themes specializes in!

For all the info on everything Thrive has to offer, you can check my review on Thrive Membership.

5) Email Service Provider

Until we're on the topic of building an email list...

To be honest, my first email provider was MailChimp.  If I have to guess, probably many of you are still using it as well.

Overall, it's not a bad idea for a start - it will handle your first 2,000 subscribers for free.

However, I left MailChimp long before I hit that number.

Quite frankly, my decision may look insane to you.  However, I have my reasons.

First and foremost, no disrespect to MailChimp whatsoever, it's a decent email provider in my opinion.

Be that as it may, decent was not good enough for me.

As a result, I'm currently using ConvertKit and I'm pretty sure that I will for as long as I blog for a living.

Simply because I believe that ConvertKit is the best email provider money can buy.

So, I don't mind paying considering the value I'm provided with - automation, broadcasts, sequences, etc.

Also, ConvertKit has a free trial so you can see for yourself everything it has to offer.

Don't Have A Business Yet?  Read My Free Guide To Help You Start One

Extra Top Blogging Tools To Give Your Website The Upper Hand

Before I continue, allow me to clear something up:

Above all, some of the tools I'm about to share with you are working perfectly for MY website.

That being said, I can't guarantee that they will do the same for yours as well.

Every blog is different.  Similarly, your business goals and marketing strategies most likely are not the same as mine.

Still, it won't hurt to compare your top blogging tools to mine, right?

Who knows, you may find a hidden gem that has the potential to become a great asset to your website!

1) Google Analytics

Honestly, it's safe to say that placing Google Analytics on this list is not very original on my part.

After all, is there a single blogger who doesn't use it?

why using Google Analytics is a must for every blogger

Chances are, there isn't, but I still feel obligated to mention it.

Because having a Google Analytics account to track your website's performance is a must!

Ultimately, you need to be aware of your audience's behavior, what your readers are interested in the most, which of your landing pages are doing great, etc.

2) Google Search Console

Just like Google Analytics, having access to the data coming from your Search Console is essential for your online business.

In case you're not convinced, let me try to change your mind:

First and foremost, the whole idea of using the Search Console is to help Google understand better how your website is working.

Not to mention, its features are pretty useful for you as well!

For instance, you would like to know where your backlinks are coming from or do the Google bot has any trouble accessing your content, wouldn't you?

3) Thirsty Affiliates

Now, how many of you are using affiliate marketing to monetize your website?

To be honest, I believe that it's each and every one of you!

So, when you're implementing your affiliate links within your content, do you leave them naked?  Meaning, do they look exactly the same as when you've received them?

If the answer is yes, that's not a great idea.

top blogging tools for affiliate marketers

Firstly, links that are not cloaked look spammy and definitely not attractive.

Secondly, Google won't appreciate it if your website presents itself as a place focused mainly on scoring affiliate sales.

Therefore, you need a plugin that will cloak your affiliate links.

The one I'm using is Thirsty Affiliates and it's doing an amazing job with organizing and managing my links.

4) Yoast SEO

Generally, Yoast is considered the best plugin to help you with your SEO.

In my opinion, it's not perfect and you should take all of its suggestions with a grain of salt.

That being said, it's still your best option for SEO optimization of your posts and pages.

Plus, it has a free version so it won't cost you a thing to install and use it on your blog.

4) WP-Optimize

Again, one more free WordPress plugin that makes my work easier and takes care of my website.

wp-optimize plugin

WP-Optimize will delete your revisions, trashed post, unapproved comments, spams...

Basically, anything you don't need that could potentially slow down your blog.

5) Canva

OK, if you're working closely with Pinterest, Canva has to be on your list of top blogging tools.

To clarify, this is free to use design tool that will allow you to create graphics from scratch.  Most importantly, pins that you'll use to build your Pinterest account.

For the fool scoop on Canva, feel free to check my tutorial on it.

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6) Tailwind

Apparently, we're not done talking about Pinterest tips and tricks...

Therefore, we need to have a word on Tailwind.

First and foremost, if you're not using Tailwind yet, you're missing a lot!

top blogging tools - tailwind app

Because this tool will automate your pinning sessions, upload your pins at the best time possible, and save you a lot of time.

Make no mistake, it should not completely replace your manual pinning.

Instead, let it do the job while you're sleeping!

7) Milo Tree

Finally, the last, but not least of my top blogging tools is Milo Tree.

So, if you want a slide-in that will prompt your readers to follow you on Social Media, that's the plugin to get.

It doesn't matter if you're focusing your efforts to grow on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter - Milo Tree works for all of them!

And one of the most attractive facts about it is that it costs only $9/month.

My Closing

Generally, online pals, this is it regarding the top blogging tools to advance your business.

Again, if you haven't started one yet, my Free Guide will walk you through the 4 steps process.

Now, any questions or opinions on today's topic?

Needless to say, you can leave them in the comments section below.

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